Lars Skoglund

Hellbeast Lars Skoglund
Crime: Child Pornography

Lars Skoglund is no angel. In 2010 the 43-year-old unemployed Swedish man was suspected of molesting his sibling’s kids. Note I say suspected because he was not found guilty of those crimes in a court of law. Now I’m not going to say he was in actuality guilty because I do not know, but he certainly gave good reason for suspicion.

During the police investigation into the child molestation the police had searched his home, seized his computer and uncovered lots and lots and lots of child porn. As I say, Lars Skoglund is no angel.

The child pornography this creep collected included images and films depicting children being raped by adults in every conceivable way. During many of these horrific assaults the helpless little victims were tied up. Those poor babies.

Lars Skoglund did not create the child pornography. In none of these photos or films was he depicted raping a child. But what Lars Skoglund did do was collect the child porn and distribute it. And this is where the case got headlines.

Lars Skoglund, being a chronically unemployed perv in Borlänge, spent his useless life on the Internet (surprise!) and targeted women on the dating site He approached dozens of women and started to chat all friendly-like with them at first about normal everyday stuff.

Lars, being a creepy perv, gradually introduced various perversions into the dialogue, and a whole pile of these pathetic females had no problem with that. First he talked about sex, then sex with feces, then sex with animals and ultimately sex with children.

Lars the POS Skoglund also claimed that he had sex with his underage niece. (Innocent of molesting his sibling’s kids, eh?)

Did these women respond normally and contact authorities about his confession? Nope. They just lapped it up and asked for more.

These bitches who continued to converse privately with this POS perv began to receive child porn images and movies from him — the ones of children being tied up and raped by adults. He wrote to them about how excited he got looking at this filth and now he’d like to rape and beat little kids.

And did any of those bitches turn this sick bastard in? Hell no. A lot of them got into the swing of things and began sending pictures of their own children to Lars Skoglund the perv.

These women began sharing his fantasies of sex with children. Nevermind that a lot of them were married with children and grandchildren of their own.

And since it was a dating site that they met on, Lars Skoglund the filthy bastard would hook up with some of these women in real life for sex. Ewwww. Apparently those pathetic bitches had no issue with having sex with someone who professes a strong desire to beat and rape little kids. Check out Lars Skoglund’s picture — those women had no standards at all!

So how did this perv and his happy harem get caught? In 2010 someone overheard a conversation between Lars and one of the hell bitches. Lars had been boasting about molesting his sibling’s children and the eavesdropper called the authorities. Finally — somebody doing the right thing!

That’s when the police swooped in and seized Lars Skoglund’s computer. They soon uncovered Lars Skoglund’s ring of perversion through his computer files.

Police determined that about 50 people were involved in this child porn ring. Fifty! And this included a married couple in their 50’s. Unhappily half of the suspects had to be excluded from prosecution due to lack of proper identification, or because their involvement had passed the statute of limitations — a whopping 2 years for possession of child porn. I guess Sweden doesn’t consider child pornography to be a serious crime.

Lars Skoglund was arrested in September 2010. He was in possession of 1181 photos and 40 movies of child porn.

So who was left to prosecute besides Lars Skoglund? Police charged 23 women ranging in ages 38 to 70. One was a 48-year-old pastor!

These 23 hell bitches were charged with child pornography offenses. They did not know each other, indeed they did not know of each other. The only connection they had was Lars Skoglund — and of course their propensity for child porn.

The accused women had a variety of excuses — all but one claimed they had had no sexual interest in children at all nor in the pictures and movies Lars had sent them. Many claimed that they felt threatened by Lars and did not dare to refuse to receive the child porn. Many said they only chatted with him because they were lonely or bored or depressed (oh yeah, watching babies being raped is a real pick-me-up). Several said it was just role-playing and fantasy they were sharing with Lars Skoglund. And then a bunch of the women claimed to have blocked out, repressed or forgotten everything they had shared with him.

Pathetic, all of them. Sick and twisted too. Gutless whiners.

All of these hellbeasts were found guilty in a court of law — a Swedish court of law, which apparently has a kinder and gentler attitude concerning women in general and child pornography specifically.

Lars Skoglund was sentenced to (drumroll please) 1 year imprisonment for aggravated child pornography offenses. One year. One single year. Of that he will serve no more than 8 months due to the “two-thirds rule” that applies to all prison sentences.

The 23 women were sentenced to (another drumroll please) fines and probation. Even the ones who produced their own child porn to send back to Lars Skoglund. Fines of $375 and up to $2691. Wow, a real deterrent that.

The court found that most of these women were “psychologically unstable” and that Skoglund had “taken advantage of the women’s poor psychological states and longing for human contact.”

“If Lars Skoglund had not led their conversations onto the subject of child sex, most of these women would probably never have come into contact with child pornography,” the court found.

Wow. Even though the women had been functioning members of society regardless of their “poor psychological states.” Even though several of these women requested more child porn from Lars and contributed child porn of their own making. Even though the women looked at and kept the child porn on their computers — some for years. The court made it sound like these bitches were the victims of Lars Skoglund!

There was no proof that Lars Skoglund threatened these women. There is plenty of proof in the form of thousands of emails that these women fueled the talk of child rape fantasies. And there is more proof in the form of photos that these women were willing and able to abuse children themselves.

To hell with the lot of them! And since the justice meted out to them is so very slight, they are deserving of some public censure.

These are the Swedish pedophiles:

Soren Lars Skoglund ((1968-04-20) of Borlänge

Ann-Louise Abidi (1949-06-08) of Mellerud

Erika Ahrens (1965-09-09) of Klavreström

Rodhe Marianne Andersson (1950-10-20) of Nordmaling

Rosmari Laila Andersson (1949-12-02) of Robertsfors

Helen Eva Axelsson (1963-09-12) of Ludvika

Irene Elizabeth Baltaci Aronsson (1965-10-06) of Trollhattan

Yvonne Margaret Engel Fire (1961-02-22) of Norberg

Kristina Barbro Engvall (1947-04-29) of Upplands Vasby

Elizabeth Margareta Holm (1956-06-03) of Hofors

Mrs Anita Sylvia Jakobsson (1972-05-06) of Tidaholm

Ann-Kristin Karlsson, Doris (1967-07-30) of Älvsbyn

Monika Linden Siv Nilsson (1940-11-03) of Älvängen

Christina Ingrid Melin (1958-06-03) of Borlange

Annika Linnea Mörtzell (1953-07-05) of Grängesberg

Helene Berit Nilsson (1963-07-18) of Rottne (former pastor)

Carina Eva Nordin (1962-01-25) of Sandviken

Alexandra Eva Karolina Olsson (1973-01-15) of Sala

Rose-Marie Inger Persson (1955-02-03) of Getinge

Eva Christina Schrewelius (1960-02-22) of Eskilstuna

Elisabeth Maria Christina Sohlberg (1971-03-11) of Åkersberga

Iris Christina Sword (1948-03-12) of Hedemora

Annelie Madeleine Tranehag Romo (1965-05-16) of Visby

Pia Helen Östgård (1967-02-04) of Tullinge

May each and every one of them rot.

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6 Responses to Lars Skoglund

  1. Trace says:

    Skeevy bastard.

  2. moodymagic says:

    how sick!The woman just as disgusting!!!

  3. scrappy says:

    Extremely heartbroken at the generosity of the punishment. Sweden has always seemed so progressive to me (in a humane and positive way) it seems incomprehensible that child pornography is viewed with such a cavalier attitude.

    Evil exists not because of those who do evil, but because of those who do little to stop it…

  4. Athena says:

    Wow every single one of those dirty rotten “women” besides, what, 2 of them, were older than him & most of them at an age where they more than likely not only had children but grandchildren. I couldn’t imagine any of my grandmothers ever ever ever condoning, much less participating in this kind of filth. Side note- Sweden, you suck.

  5. Hopeless Pedantic says:

    I’m too lazy to verify this (or want such search terms on my browser history), but I’d read that up into the 70’s in Sweden, there was child porn you could take out from the library. I have no idea what this means nor wish to, but perhaps that accounts for the “meh” attitudes?

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