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Larry Robert DollinsCrime: Possession of Child Porn
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Larry Robert Collins loves porn. And by that I mean he LOVES porn. He would spend four to five hours a day, every day, viewing it. Porn is his friend (his words).

I am sure he’s not the only person out there with such dedication to this particular pastime, although one would have to have a great deal of stamina to put in the time Larry Robert Collins did. Four to five hours a day. Every day. Wow. Ewww, but wow.

The fact that Larry Robert Collins loves pornography is, as we all know, not nasty enough to get onto this site. Not even marathon porn viewing is sufficiently sinful to relegate someone to hell, at least not in my book. Debbie can “do” Dallas as long as Dallas is willing and over the age of consent.

The problem Larry Robert Collins has is that his love of pornography extended beyond merely viewing it. He decided to involve himself in a creative capacity, and risk the well-being of a teenaged girl in the process.

By the way, did I mention that Larry Robert Collins was a pastor? Yup, Pastor Collins of the Church of Nazarene in Guildford, British Columbia. And I’m sure the church would very much want me to point out that Pastor Collins is now an ex-pastor. They tossed his pervy ass to the curb as soon as they discovered what he’d been cooking up on his computer.

It seems that Larry Robert Collins encountered a certain teenaged girl at a church function and developed a “fascination” for her. Now he didn’t touch her, not then, not ever. He didn’t even approach her in an untoward fashion that I know of. I’m sure he acted exactly as a pastor should act in public because nobody had an inkling what he was plotting to do in private.

Larry Robert Collins, all stoked with his creative juices flowing, got onto his computer and found this young girl’s Facebook profile. And behold, there were pictures of the girl posted there that he used with great creativity. He maketh for the multitudes a video, verily a pornographic video, with sexually explicit scenes involving bondage and rape. And to this he added the girl’s photos, and a bunch of sick text inviting viewers to rape her. The police won’t say exactly what the text said, but characterized it as “harsh.” Methinks that may be an understatement. Regardless, it was an invitation to rape a child.

And when his masterpiece was done, how to distribute it to the multitudes? Why, through the internet and Facebook of course.

So what did Larry Robert Collins, the pervy pastor, do? He created online accounts impersonating the young girl and encouraged people to visit a web link to see the video. Collins also posted her name and her home town. That’s right, the pervert actually wanted this innocent young girl to be tracked down and raped by those who watched the video.

“It’s just so wrong on so many levels,” Constable Rosiane Racine of the BC Integrated Child Exploitation Unit.

To me it’s beyond wrong. It’s evil and depraved and sick.

Can I get an amen?

Why, for f*ck’s sake? I just ask myself why, and there’s no real answer. Did he think she would come to him afterward, all traumatized and battered, and he could be all comforting and wise and consoling? I dunno, maybe. Or maybe he would try to elicit details of her rape so he could have a new fantasy to jerk off to. I dunno. And he’s not telling, damn him.

Anyway, people did watch the video and, happily for the young girl, they turned it over to the authorities where she lives. In June 2008 the BC Integrated Child Exploitation Unit began investigating our pervy pal Collins, and after a wee interrogation, he ‘fessed up to his transgressions.

Can I get an amen?

The young girl is safe and sound with her family, although shaken up by the events.

Larry Robert Collins was convicted for possession of child pornography. He was sentenced to 15 months in jail, to be followed by three years of probation. An additional charge of distribution of child pornography was stayed by Crown Counsel. Why? I dunno. I think they should have slapped every charge they could on his ass to teach him to go forth and sin no more.

“In his judgment, the judge highlighted the true heinous nature of this crime and expressed that such crimes should not be tolerated,” Constable Rosiane Racine said. She added the BC Integrated Child Exploitation Unit, made up of eight special constables, sees few cases like this.

“We see disturbing things on a daily basis in our work but this one is different in the way it’s specific to a person and encouraging people to just do this kind of stuff to a young person.”

So Larry Robert Collins went up in front of the parole board, wanting to get out. In his application for full parole, Collins said he should be considered for release because he understood his offence, turned himself in to police and participated in a sex-offender group while on bail. He said he planned to live with his family and hoped to find a job.

The parole board said no. Hallelujah.

In a psychological assessment completed for the court, Larry Robert Collins admitted he created four or five additional homemade videos involving bondage and rape scenes, using various female models from the Internet.

“During the interview, the psychologist found you to be vague in your communication style and you tended to avoid specific descriptions of your behaviour, especially surrounding your use of pornography,” noted the parole board.

The psychologist assessed Larry Robert Collins as a moderate risk for sexual recidivism.

Corrections Canada called him a “model inmate,” adding that he was enrolled in a sex-offender program running from May to August 2010.

The parole board denied Collins’ bid for parole partly because he hadn’t completed the program yet, plus concerns about his lengthy porn addiction and his ability to lead a double life for years.

So Larry Robert Collins sits in prison, for now. He’ll be getting out soon enough, picking up the pieces and getting on with his life. But not as a pastor.

And his victim? She will perpetually be looking over her shoulder, fearful that that damned video is circulating somewhere on the internet, perpetually inviting its viewers to track her down and rape her. That’s a slice of hell she never deserved.

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4 Responses to Larry Robert Collins

  1. bengalpuss29 says:

    Why would a priest post the face of a young girl onto a naked women depicted performing bondage post it on the web and face book, with her name and the town she’s from inviting men to come and rape her. Now theres a lot of sick fuck’s out their in internet land and all it needed was one to actually follow through with this stupid bastards suggestion. Damn right he was refused parole, that young girl could have been raped or worse murdered all because he was a sick fuck. And what is it with priests and paedaphilia there seem to be a lot of priests that are sick child molesters, im not saying they all are but there does seem to be quite a few. I do hope that he never gets to stand in that pulpit again, and im sure god will sort him out on judgement day.

  2. Netherwarper says:

    It baffles me that an old man even knew how to use PhotoShop or video editing that well. Poor girl. He was smart enough to change an entire XXX porn video into one featuring her face, but didn’t think to maybe get TorBrowser or etc to hide his TRACEABLE URL! what a tool

  3. Bengalpuss says:

    You get an amen now. Amen!!!!!

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