Landrum David Robbins

Landrum Robbins
Crime: Pedophile

Know what I hate more than pedophiles? Pedophiles who blame the victim. Landrum David Robbins of West Virginia is one such beast. In his twisted brain, he actually believes that his young victim came onto him in a sexual manner. She seduced him, he claimed, several times.

It’s sickening when you realize the victim was only 8 years old, and his girlfriend’s daughter. Gawd, I hate pedophiles.

Landrum Robbins began assaulting the young girl sexually when her mom was away from home for an extended period due to a difficult pregnancy. He was left in charge of the victim, and the poor girl had no safe haven from his disgusting, perverted demands.

The abuse started in 2010, when the family lived in the Sherrard area. When the family moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in March 2010, the sexual assaults continued. Finally, the girl “couldn’t handle it anymore” and told her mother what Landrum Robbins was doing to her. Good for her, having the bravery to open up and expose the POS pedophile!

The sexual abuse was first reported to a South Carolina child advocacy centre, and then the state police.

The young victim, then 9 years old, spent time in foster care in that state, and eventually moved back to West Virginia to live with other family members. How horrible for her — she bravely disclosed the sexual abuse she’d been enduring and SHE was the one to lose her family! That is so vastly unfair, but probably the best way to ensure her safety.

Even when the victim moved to West Virginia, the South Carolina state police continued with their investigation. Good for them!

When police asked Landrum Robbins about the accusation, he initially denied having done anything wrong. Of course the pedo perv denied it. They all do.

West Virginia State Police picked up the investigation and arrested Landrum Robbins in April 2014. He was charged with 10 counts of sexual abuse by a guardian.

The hellbeast had changed his tune during questioning — instead of claiming innocence, he told the police that the victim had approached him sexually several times.

Landrum Robbins in courtLandrum Robbins went to trial in 2015 at Marshall County Circuit Court. His defense was that the victim was a liar. His attorney, Mark Gainer, claimed the girl made up the story because she wasn’t happy about moving to South Carolina.

β€œIt’s quite often someone that claims to be a victim of a crime will be lying, and in addition, as far as a confession, they are sometimes false or inaccurate,” said Mark Gainer.

See, the big problem for the defense was that Landrum Robbins had confessed. They had to try to discredit both the victim and the confession, and that proved to be impossible.

On February 19, 2015, five years after he began molesting the young girl, Landrum Robbins, 59, was found guilty of raping her. Actually, he was found guilty by the jury of 30 counts including sexual assault and sexual abuse.

At his sentencing on March 20, 2015, Judge David Hummel dismissed 10 of the 30 counts because he said the state had failed to prove those counts. Don’t worry — he was still convicted of 20 counts.

Landrum Robbins, who hadn’t taken the stand in his own defense, spoke out in court at his sentencing. The pedo perv told the judge that he’d made a bad choice.

“I would change it if I could and I apologize,” Landrum Robbins said. “I wouldn’t have let her do it, and I would have stopped it.”

He wouldn’t have let her do it? Wow. Because, according to him, that 8-year-old girl was the sexual aggressor!

Landrum Robbins didn’t stop here. He went on to say he believed the victim was angry because he had stopped the sexual relationship. Again, wow. Can you believe that bullshit? HE stopped the sex and SHE was mad about that? What a load of dog turds.

Landrum Robbins continued, saying the girl had only gone to police for “revenge.” Yeah, cuz she was mad that he stopped raping her. Wow. What a disgusting, repellant pile of steaming shit that man is.

Judge David Hummel sentenced Landrum David Robbins to 40 to 125 years in prison. I don’t think the judge much liked the pedo perv.

“I find it outrageously disgusting blaming an innocent child,” Judge Hummel said to the convicted pedophile. “At least you could say the truth, but perhaps in your twisted mind that is the truth.”

Judge Hummel also stated that he didn’t believe the pedo hellbeast was capable of rehabilitation. I wholeheartedly agree! Pedophiles don’t change, except to get craftier.

I wish the victim all the best. She’s had a rotten time of it, and deserves happiness and success now.

I hope and pray her sibling is living a safe, happy life full of love. Thank gawd he won’t have the pedo monster/father to deal with any more.

I also hope the mother of the victim gains wisdom to recognize abuse, and to choose her children over their abuser. I don’t know how much she knew about her boyfriend raping her daughter, but it’s telling that the girl wound up in foster care. It tells me she chose her penis provider over her own flesh and blood. I hope I’m wrong about that, but it is all too common.

As for Landrum David Robbins, I hope the hellbeast languishes in prison, alone and forgotten. May he fester and die painfully.

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26 Responses to Landrum David Robbins

  1. prettypink513 says:

    I usually dont comment, but 1. He LOOKS like a pedophile. 2. His defence reminds me of an episode of SVU. and 3. He need his nasty ass whooped.

  2. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Utterly Shocking Indeed

  3. Jeni B says:

    Oh, I am sure he will receive a warm welcome in prison! Even the most heinous murderers and other hardcore criminals loathe and look down on pedophiles! I’m sure they will make him feel welcome…and make his prison stay one he will NEVER forget…if there is any justice in this messed up world, they will do just that!!

  4. moodymagic says:

    I think this judge is Awe-some. Enjoy prison pedo.

  5. Bengalpuss says:

    Awww, poor widdle pedo gonna meet new friends in his new home, best watch out in the prison showers and not bend over for the bar of soap, he may then find out what its like being a victim of sexual abuse. Only difference for him will be by fellow inmates who are around his age, unfortunately his victim was a child who couldn’t defend herself and when she did say something she ended up in foster care, hopefully that wasn’t a long time. As for victim blaming, this cunt of am excuse of a human being had to try to blame an 8year old for coming onto him, because yes he’s irresistable and drop dead gorgeous and has vast numbers of females fighting to be with this casanova “my arse” hope this pos suffers when bubba gets his paws on him.

  6. mother says:

    My daughter is at piece . Now that it is finally over. My daughter and I are finally able to move on and get help to over come what happened to her. And no I never once took his side. I believe my daughter. The fact that she went into foster care was because I and the state felt it would be better to protect her. Because we lived in st Carolina and neither of us wad allowed to leave the state I was stuck having that mobster in my house. I had to quit my job so I could stay home with my other children. I am the one that finally got justice formy daughter. We are together. And myself and my children are living a happy life.

    • FlyingLeadChange says:

      What piece is she at? Is this piece in Saint Carolina? I can’t find that on any maps. In any case, I’m glad they have a justice formy, whatever that is.

      • Bengalpuss says:

        Flyingleadchange, i think the mother means “peace” not “piece”.

      • her mother says:

        Yes I ment peace. Sorry. we don’t live in south Carolina. Myself and my children are happy. My daughter has bloomed into a beautiful and wonderful girl. She has overcome so much in her life as well as myself. But we have moved forward and continue to do so. That bastard will never cause harm on anyone again.

    • Someone who knows the truth says:

      You got justice for your daughter? I don’t think so. It was WV state police Sargeant Adams and WV Child Protective Services! !

  7. Bengalpuss says:

    So let me get this straight while he was waiting for trial he was still living under your roof? Because thats how it comes across in your comment. Could you clarify that for me please?.

    • her mother says:

      Yes the ignorant state made it where he had to live in the home because he had no other place to go. Even arguing with the judge and begging them to have him removed the judge said no. South Carolina law is a joke the judge not once even pressed charges on him he never spent a day in jail.

  8. [Comment redacted] Note from Cleo: this individual included information that would identify the victim and cause harm to her family. Totally unacceptable behaviour.

    • Bengalpuss. says:

      Wow, some people are just absolutely wicked. Cleo I’ve been on this site from the beginning and I’ve never known you to have removed a comment, needless to say this idiot has basically named that poor girl who has so valiantly fought for justice and peace to then be named by a spiteful vindictive idiot. Instead of being proud of this young lady they only exacerbate the healing process by leaving comments, fortunately caught by you cleo. I woulda loved it had this moron broke the law by naming the victim online, maybe she did and should think about the damage that she is doing by leaving comments that expose the victims name, the stupid bastard she is.

  9. her mother says:

    Wow Darlene its funny you come on here and spread all these lies. One my daughter never called u mom. And no u didn’t raise her. Second u came to south Carolina twice to fucking visit not to help me or my daughter. You acutally want to talk shit on me an tell ppl lies. that’s funny cause my children are very happy. You r married to man who is an abusers of children and women also an alcoholic I can post all the Pics of arrest of what shamus lee woods have and has done to u and those kids. So get the facts straight before u comment on a page and start lies or ill exposed u for who u really are. And what your son did to my mentally challenged child. And other thing my husband isn’t an alcoholic. Yea he may drink but only on his days off.

  10. family member says:

    Darlene what in the world are talking about. nothing you have said is even true. Maybe you need to think about your life and your children’s lives before you start talking false lies about someone because you personally have made way more mistakes in your life than our sister has. Yea she made some mistakes. But everyone does but for you to say she took his side is a lie 100%. She never once called you mom nor did you raise her for the first four years of her life. Her husband doesn’t abuse nor neglect her kids. They have a great life and our sister has grown and moved on with her life as well as her children who all live with her. So please reframe from lieing and saying things that aren’t true . Especially with everything you have done in your life.

  11. social worker says:

    Truth teller,
    You need Jesus. I’m going to pray for you because you seriously need help.

    • I will pray for the family. [The rest is redacted.] Note from Cleo: it has been pointed out to me that this individual gave information that identified the victim. This is shameful and totally unacceptable. My apologies for not catching this earlier.

      • her mother says:

        You know its sad that my daughter has to deal with stupid ppl still wanting to post stupid shit on here and tell ppl lies. Its ok though because those who continue to post these lies are all full of themselves. I really don’t care how ppl feel or think of me. Me my children and my husband are all happy. My daughter has moved on with her life. We have moved on and are tired ofseeing these rediculous post. Grow the fuck up. And act like adults not some child that has nothing better to do but make others look bad because you r unhappy with yr life or self. So move the hell on. And by the way I have already filed a complaint and they r looking into who is posting these comments and will be taking further action.

      • BeenThere says:

        LAWYER FOR THE CHILD!!! YOU are so full of bullshit a doctor had to write you a prescription for DIARRHEA OF THE MOUTH!
        NO Attorney would post a sentence about their client online…
        Sad your not in CALIFORNIA cause I would beat your was you piece of shit..
        Praying KARMA visits you tenfold fuckass punk

  12. Wheeling Police Department. says:

    I’m sorry but lawyer for the child is full of shit. Keep saying her husband is 60 when hes 48 lmfao.its ok we all know the truth and know who the lawyer of the child is especially since its another family member and not the actual lawyer. But its ok. E1 on this site doesn’t care how many of her family members keep talking the non truth. And by the way no attorney for a child would post anything that involves the child or say her name or the mothers name due to breach of contract so before u post something next time think before you write otherwise your looking at charges being filed against you. For slandering and your computer being traced. This will be forward to the police department today along with the mother will be notified.

  13. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    The Vilain is the Miscreant Not the Victim

    Even in Ignorant Degenerate Do Gooder UK that is still Actually the Case
    despite the Sick Society caring More for the Child Abuser than the Victim

  14. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Exactly why the Innocence of Children and Childhood Needs to be Defended
    and Filth like Inflicting ” Sex Education ” upon Children under 12 Years
    of Age is Vile and Totally UN Acceptable

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