Lalit Balhara & Preeti Balhara

Lalit and Preeti Balhara
Crimes: Torture, Child Abuse, Attempted Murder

In 2000, Shaurya Balhara’s mother died and as heaven welcomed her hell was waiting for her infant son. I can’t tell you how bad I feel for Shaurya Balhara because that unfortunate child was subjected to the type of abuse I would wish only upon hellbeasts. Little Shaurya Balhara was tortured for years, and the monstrous abusers were his own father and his new stepmother.

I cannot fathom how any human being could look at a tiny boy, a helpless, vulnerable, beautiful child, and decide to mete out such horrible punishments that the child would be rendered physically deformed. Only hellbeasts could do that.

Shaurya’s father Lalit Balhara lost his first wife, the mother of his son, on December 4, 2000. The young woman apparently had died under suspicious circumstances — extremely suspicious when you consider her marriage to Lalit Balhara was reportedly strained and she had life insurance.

Four days after his wife died, Lalit Balhara took custody of the little boy away from his dead wife’s parents. Lalit Balhara, then an Army Major, managed to be posted to Delhi on compassionate grounds so he could take care of his baby.

The grieving grandparents didn’t see their beloved grandson again for years.

In February 2002 Lalit Balhara married Preeti, a widow who had a 5-year-old daughter. You’d think a second wife with a child would be maternal, but not Preeti. At least, she wasn’t maternal toward little Shaurya.

Young ShauryaOn April 25, 2002, Shaurya was admitted to hospital for ingestion of insecticide. Somehow aluminium phosphide got into the little guy’s system. Doctors suspected a case of attempted murder and they filed a Medico Legal case in Sadar Bazaar Thana, Delhi Cantt.

I don’t know why authorities didn’t act then, but the boy was given back to his father’s and stepmother’s custody. Not good.

On October 1, 2002, Shaurya was again admitted to hospital. This time the little guy had a serious head injury on the right side which caused paralysis on the left side of his body. The poor, battered 3-year-old boy had to be kept in the Intensive Care Unit on the Dangerously Ill list.

Lalit Balhara and Preeti Balhara made excuses — the boy fell a lot. He fell off chairs and tables, they said.

And the little victim didn’t say or couldn’t say what really was going on, how he was being beaten with a stick and locked up without food.

Poor little Shaurya was once again returned to the custody of the monsters. And the cycle of abuse continued.

ShauryaLalit POS cowardly shitstick Balhara and Preeti the sadistic hellbitch Balhara tortured the little boy. They forced a stick into his mouth to smash his teeth. They fractured his bones, they starved him, they burned him, they beat him. They did everything but murder that child.

On January 8, 2004, Shaurya was again admitted to hospital. This time there was no doubt whatsoever that he’d been abused. He had fractures of his foot, his leg, his right arm, his hip and his ribs. He had 15 to 16 fractures in various stages of healing. He had internal and external cerebral hemorrhages, malnutrition, and black eyes.

The formal diagnosis was “battered baby syndrome”.

The pediatrician, Lt Col RG Holla of Army Hospital refused to return little Shaurya to the beasts who had beaten the boy.

Shaurya's mouthOn January 6, 2005, the maternal grandparents received an anonymous phone call informing them that they needed to rescue Shaurya from his father and stepmother. They were told they could find the boy at the Army Hospital.

The grandparents were relieved to find little Shaurya but no doubt horrified at the condition he was in. They immediately went to High Court in Delhi to get custody.

On February 20, 2005, little Shaurya was produced in court. The court was “shocked and alarmed to find the physical and mental condition of Shaurya” and noted the child’s malnutrition, emotional deprivation and psychomotor retardation. The High Court immediately directed police to investigate the abuse and gave interim custody to the grandfather.

Shaurya xrayThank goodness the years of torture and torment were over for that poor little boy. He immediately began to improve under the loving attentions of his maternal grandparents.

Now Lalit Balhara and Preeti Balhara saw the writing on the wall and in anticipation of their arrest they retired from the army on October 29, 2006.

The police in Delhi Cantt did not act when they were forewarned that the monstrous couple might flee, and so the couple, without any police intervention, fled and hid from arrest and prosecution. In fact, the Delhi Police didn’t file a charge sheet against them for attempted murder until 2009, 4 whole years after the Delhi High Court ordered the investigation into the abuse.

It wasn’t until July, 2012 that the vile villains met justice. Young Shaurya, now a teenager, was able to testify against his evil father and wicked stepmother. The defense position that the boy had fallen repeatedly and caused his own injuries couldn’t hold against the testimony of Shaurya and the doctors, and the physical evidence such as the x-rays.

Shaurya xrayThe nasty hellbeasts were found guilty of attempt to murder and were facing a possible life sentence. They didn’t get life in prison. Instead, the hellish, sadistic pair were sentenced to 10 years in prison for “systematically and meticulously” torturing young Shaurya. The judge aptly described the couple as “butchers and monsters”.

While sentencing them, Judge Virender Bhat denied them leniency.

“In my opinion, aggravating factors noted herein above far outweigh the mitigating factors put forward by the counsel for the convicts. The convicts do not deserve to be released on probation nor are they entitled to any kind of leniency or clemency. They deserve a harsh punishment,” said Judge Bhat.

Life would have been a truly harsh punishment, in my opinion.

The judge also awarded them a fine of Rs. 60,000 each.

I truly hope that young Shaurya is living a happy, safe life and that he has overcome the physical and emotional trauma his evil hellbeastly father and stepmother inflicted upon him.

And as for Lalit Balhara and Preeti Balhara, I hope they do not enjoy a single day of their incarceration or their lives once they’ve regained their freedom. Anyone who can torture a helpless little boy for years deserves not one jot of joy. Indeed, they deserve to live the same hell they visited upon their victim.

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14 Responses to Lalit Balhara & Preeti Balhara

  1. moodymagic says:

    This is the most heart breaking story I have read in awhile. As Cleo stated I as well hope Shaurya a safe and happy life. He deserved nothing but love from those to disgusting hellbests. I hope to hell they are being tortured in prison because they deserve nothing short of that and death would be to good for them. Unless you can kill them and bring them back just to inflict the same kind of torture and trauma they inflicted on that poor child.

  2. bulldoggy says:

    Yeh right he fell off the chair. And the table. Repeatedly. Right. Those evil bastards – did they make that little boy walk on that broken leg too? I wish they’d gotten life in prison. Why the hell did it take so long to save that boy? I don’t understand how anybody could let him go back with those festering piles of puke who called themselves parents.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Bulldoggy, just look at those pictures, that poor little boy was literally beaten black and blue. I too don.t understand Why this little boy was returned back to those two cunts, after being seen beaten by a doctor, thats fucking insane. One good thing bulldoggy, indian jails are notorious for being hard places, so i hope these two bastards have lives of misery, its the least they deserve.

  3. 2cute says:

    To see photos of that poor little boy all battered, broken and bruised is heartbreaking.I’d like to see photos of those assholes who hurt him likewise all battered, broken and bruised.

    • bengalpuss says:

      It cut me up too 2cute, seeing them pictures of that little boy. Especially the one sat in the chair, he looks so vulnerable and scared. I hope those two bastards, get their arse’s whooped in jail, i hope they are given black eye’s and broken bones. I hope someone knocks their fucking teeth out, and i hope that one day they are in a vulnerable position and someone does to them, what they did to that little boy, but 100 times worse. Horrible pieces of shit they both are.

  4. awesomeblossom says:

    I hope those 2 baby beaters learn what real pain is and suffer for the rest of their useless lives. That poor little boy did not deserve one bit of the horror he lived through. I hope he has recovered and is a happy child now.

  5. pj says:

    The pictures of that little boy make me want to cry. That asshole father and his vicious 2nd wife deserve pain and lots of it!

  6. terri says:

    He looks like a smug prick in that photo. Bet the asshole wasn’t so smug when he got sent to jail.

  7. hairy says:

    These two need neutering with a chain saw, then eviscerating. Vile vicious bastards!

    • bengalpuss says:

      Ha ha hairy, it keeps getting better and better. Have to agree with you on these two bastards. I hope that their lives are absolutely miserable, and that they stay that way until they die.

  8. TanviAzmee says:

    Gosh, Sometimes it is truly said that you can see the making of the person when he/she is a child. I saw in Preeti when she was a child. An unemotional and less humble existence predominated their childhood. And when ethics are not primary focus while raising kids, they can go anywhere. Feel sad for the little boy who suffered so much. I feel sorry for Mrs More (preeti’s mom) and Hemant (Preeti’s brother)who might have had to step in to salvage the situation.

  9. Pyare says:

    TanviAzmee , Can you please amplify that ? You seem to be knowing the cruel step mother….

  10. sonika says:

    the 5 year old daughter of peeti balhara is 21 year old now. her name is Lavnika Balhara. I personally know her and truyst me she is equally wicked.

  11. sonika says:

    like mother like daughter. her face also resembles with that of her mother!! SAD!!

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