Kyle Parker

kyle parker

Crimes: Kidnapping, Pedophile, Rape, Murder.

Damnit if Kyle Parker of Indiana, USA doesn’t look like a big, friendly guy. He looks in his photo like an affable, goofy guy who enjoys drinking beer and hanging out with the guys. But that friendly exterior is hiding a monstrous, hellbeastly interior. He is a bona fide baby-raping killer. He’s both a pedophile and a murderer.

On March 23, 2016, Kyle Parker and Adam Ammerman had just become friends. Adam Ammerman had no way of knowing that his new pal was an evil, predatory pedophile. I’m sure he just thought he was a fun drinking buddy.

At the time, Adam Ammerman shared a home with his mother, his brother Justin, and baby niece in Spencer, Indiana.

Justin Ammerman and his girlfriend had a beautiful baby girl, Shaylyn. She was only 1 year old, and she was a happy, delightful baby who loved dancing and music.

Adam Ammerman invited his new pal over to the house for some drinks. Kyle Parker was happy to accept. The two men stayed up drinking whiskey and vodka. Eventually everyone went to bed and fell asleep — except Kyle Parker. He crept into the sleeping baby’s room, and lifted her with her soother out of her crib. He snuck out of the house and put little Shaylyn into his car and drove off.

The morning brought sheer panic in the Ammerman household. There was no sign of the baby or of the kidnapper. The town of Spencer and multiple law enforcement agencies turned out to conduct a massive search.

The police soon learned that the Ammermans weren’t the only ones in the home that night. A guy named Kyle with a maroon Pontiac Grand Am had stayed over, but had mysteriously left in the middle of the night. The police whittled down the list of suspects to Kyle Parker, 22.

ShaylynThe monstrous pervert at first denied having anything to do with the disappearance of little Shaylyn, but after a few rounds of questioning he coughed up her location. That precious baby’s body had been dumped 40 miles away in Gosport. She was left next to a tree near to where the White River and Indian Creek meet. Close by was a burn pile.

And so it was that 30 hours after her grandma and daddy tucked her into bed, Shaylyn’s body was recovered.

The autopsy was heartbreaking. Shaylyn had suffered severe sexual trauma while she was alive, and then she’d had been strangled to death. Bless her wee heart.

Kyle Parker was arrested and charged with rape, murder, child molesting, kidnapping, strangulation, aggravated battery, obstruction of justice, failure to report a dead body and unlawful disposition of a body.

Unfortunately, the evil shitstain knew enough to try to cover his tracks. He burned the baby’s clothing and soother. He used bleach to wipe down his body and Shaylyn’s. In fact, he poured bleach inside her vaginal and anal cavities to destroy all DNA.

As it turned out, Kyle Parker was successful in eliminating all of his DNA from the scene. The prosecutor was reluctant to try the case without corroborating evidence, so the monstrous pedo perv murderer was offered a plea deal.

On February 3, 2017, Kyle Parker, 23, pled guilty to murder and kidnapping. All the rape, child molestation and other charges were dropped.

On February 27, 2017, Judge Lori Thatcher Quillen sentenced the evil hellbeast to 60 years in prison. She told the fat bastard that he had “no moral compass” and said his actions were “pure evil”. Very true.

Justin Ammerman, that poor man, said that the killer’s punishment was too light. “She was my only child, the light of my life,” the grieving father said. “When I found out she had been murdered, I wanted to find who was responsible for this. I wanted to die too.”

Shaylyn’s mother, Jessica Stewart, said to the pervert, “You took my loving, sweet and beautiful daughter away from me, her brother, her dad and everyone who loves her. I hope you live with your guilt and it torments you for the rest of your life.”

kyle parkerI heartily concur. I hope Kyle Parker, that scummy stain on society, is tormented every single day.

I extend my heartfelt condolences to the family and friends who love and miss that beautiful, precious baby. She deserved to live a long, happy life, and this world is worse off without her in it. RIP, Shaylyn.

I only wish there were a way of identifying hellbeasts like Kyle Parker before they begin committing crimes, but they are much too skilled at blending in with the rest of us. These bastards fool everybody, even their own families. Maybe advances in medical science will discover how they are different from real human beings. article – charges
Indiana Daily Student article – trial
The Sun news article – sentencing
Indy Star news article – sentencing

12 Responses to Kyle Parker

  1. Tom Daly says:

    Absolutely disgusting. I hope he dies a violent painful death. I hope to God in heaven that he does

  2. Moodymagic says:

    Another sick bastard who gets to spend his next 60 years behind bars . While a sweet baby girl was brutalized and killed. Her life is gone. Where is the justice. Burn in hell Ammerman.

  3. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    What a Vile Arsehole Indeed

    The United States of America Need’s the Death Penalty for Murder and
    Child Abuse in All States as well as on a Federal Level

    The United Kingdom Need’s to as Well without the Abyss of ” European
    Human Rights ” which is why the UN Elected House of Lords Needs to be
    Abolished if they cannot find Patriotic Peers to put there

  4. Deb says:

    I cannot begin to comprehend the horrible pain that sweet baby went through. And for what!? So this sick shitstain on society can get his jollies? How could you? How in the name of anything can a person get off on hurting such a sweet innocent BABY for Christ’s sake? I will never (thankfully) understand the drive to do this. These subhuman creatures need to be removed from the planet, preferably in the same painful manner this innocent angel died! I absolutely HATE pedos!!!

  5. 2cute says:

    That beautiful little baby didn’t stand a snowball’s chance against the big hulking monster pedo. I hope all his fellow inmates know exactly what kind of bastard he is.

  6. Skrink_LaDue says:

    I’ve followed this case since the beginning. The little girl was failed by her family in so many ways. It wasn’t widely reported, but there are good reasons they let this sack of crap plead out. One reason being that Shaylyn’s own father had been accused of rape. Another reason being that searches for child porn and rape fantasy porn had been found on the father’s families computers. The prosecutor stated that the entire family on the father’s side would have made horrible witnesses, and that they do NOT believe Parker acted alone, but with no actual evidence, made the deal to get him off the streets. The uncle, Adam Ammerman, had actually told police that he knew Parker had a thing for young girls and rough sex. Yet still allowed him access to his niece. Adam also told police he thought he saw a hand hanging from Parkers side when he left in the middle of the night, but went back to sleep instead of checking on Shaylyn. This whole case was a mess and I don’t think that baby girl has gotten justice yet, I fully believe someone else from her father’s family was involved. For crying out loud, this baby slept in the living room with a front door that didn’t even lock when she was at her dads house! Shaylyn deserves so much better. This case is sickening.

    • Bengalpuss.2 says:

      I wondered about bringing a man in your home you don’t know, that little angel didn’t stand a chance with that fat Fuck but you’ve gotta be careful who you invite into your home because you don’t know what they’re capable of, unfortunately that sweet little girl suffered because of that mistake of letting a beast into the home. As for dropping the rape charges is ludicrous, she obviously shown signs of sexual assault so Fuck that plea deal Bullshit. People be careful who you allow round your family, otherwise it could be the biggest mistake of your life.

  7. Disgusting Pigs says:

    You left out the part about other DNA being found on shaylyn that did not belong to Parker. He did not act alone. And the only people that could have helped was the Ammermans. Dont act like they were innocent. Her father was charged with raping his own little sister.

  8. Disgusting Pigs says:

    Oh, and the Ammermans spent about 2 hours after waking up and before calling the police “looking for kyle” texting and calling Kyle’s sister. Why not call the police immediately?

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