Kristi Anne Abrahams and Robert Smith

Kristi Abrahams and Robert Smith
Crimes: Murder, Child Abuse

Six-year-old Kiesha Weippeart of Sydney, Australia was last seen July 7, 2010. Her mother, Kristi Anne Abrahams, and stepfather, Robert Smith, reported her missing on August 1, 2010. That fact alone was enough to make Sydney police very suspicious. And there were so many more facts that pretty much clinched it that something horrible had happened to that sweet little girl.

The fact that when Kiesha was only 15 months old her mother viciously bit her shoulder was a big clue that Kristi Anne Abrahams wasn’t exactly mother of the year material. She’d been convicted of assault occasioning bodily harm for causing that injury.

The fact that when Kiesha was only 3 years old her mother burnt her with a cigarette was a big clue that Kristi Anne Abrahams was a monster.

KieshaThe fact that when Kiesha was 6 years old she would flinch every time her mother raised her hand was a big clue that Kristi Anne Abrahams hadn’t improved her parenting skills or her temper. The fact that Kiesha was sporting bruises on her head and face clinched it.

Little Kiesha was afraid of her mother, and rightly so.

And why was Kristi Anne Abrahams so abusive toward that lovely little girl, her own daughter? Apparently because Kiesha resembled her father, Chris Weippeart.

Kiesha had been placed into foster care when she’d been bitten by her monstrous mother. That was a good move by the Department of Community Services (DOCS). Eighteen months later she was returned to the rabid bitch who was supposed to take anger management counseling. That was a bad move by DOCS.

KieshaIt was tragic and oh so wrong that DOCS received reports from neighbours, from family members and others that Kiesha was being abused, and they didn’t remove her from the clutches of her abuser.

By June 2010 Kristi Anne Abrahams was reaching the end of her tether. She told a relative she was sick of her daughter and could hurt her or even kill her because she was “shitting and pissing in bed” and “f*cking up at school”.

Considering Kiesha had only been taken to school 4 times, how could she be f*cking up at school? We all know who the real f*ckup was, and it wasn’t Kiesha.

In June 2010 Kristi Anne Abrahams also called her father, Rodney Jones, to tell him she couldn’t “f*cking handle this kid anymore”. Mr. Jones began preparing to have his granddaughter live with him in his Canberra home.

Kiesha was within reach of a safe place, a loving home, but then her mother delayed her move by a couple of weeks. Why the hell did she do that? I’m thinking she didn’t want Kiesha to live happily ever after.

And then surprise! After July 7, 2010, Kiesha disappeared off the face of the earth.

Strangely, though, Kristi Anne Abrahams went on a shopping spree for presents for her daughter. She bought toys and a Tinkerbell poster for Kiesha’s room, presumably to convince people that Kiesha was still at home at that point.

Kristi Abrahams and Robert SmithOn August 3, 2010, two days after they reported the girl missing, Kristi Anne Abrahams and her common-law husband Robert Smith faced media near their Mt Druitt residence. They stood in front of the cameras to beg and plead for the return of Kiesha. The little girl, they said, had been tucked into bed on Saturday, July 31, 2010, but when they woke up in the morning they found the front door open and Kiesha gone. Riiiight.

Kristi Anne Abrahams wore dark sunglasses and held a tissue to her face as she wailed, “She’s beautiful.” But for all her noisy wailing, there were no tears. Her tissue didn’t get soggy. She didn’t dab at her eyes. Her cheeks didn’t get wet. She didn’t wipe her nose.

Kristi Anne Abrahams covered her face with the sunglasses and the tissue to disguise the fact she’s a cold-hearted, murderous monster.

And if you look at her boyfriend you’ll notice he doesn’t look distressed at all. No tears, no anguish, nothing.

Robert Smith described the missing girl to the media as “always happy, bubbly”. Riiiight. I’m pretty damn sure she wasn’t so happy when she was burned or bitten or beaten.

Kiesha Weippeart’s other family members were absolutely distraught. Their beloved little girl was gone, and their hearts were left with a big, gaping hole.

Kristi actingThat wasn’t the case for Kiesha’s mother and stepfather. Sure they participated in a search for their daughter, and they pretended for 8 months that their daughter had disappeared from their home. They issued a number of public pleas begging for information about their daughter and denying their own involvement in her disappearance.

Investigators had their suspicions of the mother and stepfather from the start. I am sure they pretty much knew deep down in their guts that little Kiesha was dead at the hands of that evil pair.

Over the next few months, the police set up wire taps, covert surveillance and listening devices in the suspects’ house.

Undercover officers were introduced to befriend the hellbeasts and to try to extract a confession.

It was a game of patience, but it paid off. In April 2011, Robert Smith admitted to the undercover officers that Kiesha was dead and he had disposed of her body.

The stepfather from hell told the officers that he’d heard a “loud bang” in the girl’s bedroom and he found Kiesha unconscious on the floor. He’d tried to wake her but couldn’t.

“She wasn’t waking up or nothing. I was like ‘how can this shit happen to me?’,” Robert Smith said.

Happen to him? To HIM? Yeah, it’s all about him. He really gave a flying rat’s ass about Kiesha.

So instead of being a decent human being and calling for an ambulance to save her life, the f*cktard said he went to bed. He went to bed knowing Kiesha was in a critical state.

The next morning Robert Smith went merrily off to work as if nothing had happened. And when he returned home, he told the officers, Kiesha was dead. Big freaking surprise!

So what did he and his lovely murdering girlfriend decide to do with the body? Call police? Hell no! They did what all good hellbeasts do — they disposed of it.

Map to bodyRobert Smith confessed to the undercover officers that they had stuffed the little girl’s body in a suitcase, and after a few days they put on disguises and took a taxi to nearby Shalvey. They carried the suitcase into some bushland. There they found an isolated spot ideal for their purposes, well away from prying eyes.

Kristi Anne Abrahams watched as Robert Smith doused the suitcase in petrol and set it on fire. When the fire went out they buried what was left in a shallow grave.

Kiesha, the hellbeasts likely thought, would never be found.

The Sydney police learned that Kristi Anne Abrahams and Robert Smith were feeling kinda sentimental and intended to visit the “gravesite” on Kiesha’s birthday.

This actually surprises me because it shows some semblance of human feeling. I would have thought anyone capable of killing, burning and burying a little girl would have to be fairly inhuman.

Kiesha graveKristi Anne Abrahams and Robert Smith, completely unaware that the police were ready for them, took flowers to the “gravesite”. They stuck around until 1 a.m. or so. When they started heading back 30 officers popped up and arrested their sorry asses.

Kudos to the Sydney police for such outstanding work!

Incredibly, after Kristi Anne Abrahams and Robert Smith were arrested, they asked if they could attend their victim’s funeral! The nerve of them!

Finally, finally little Kiesha Weippeart was found, and it was on her 7th birthday. And finally the authorities could learn what that darling little girl had suffered.

No surprise the coroner found that Kiesha’s bones exhibited injuries consistent with long term abuse. That poor little kid. There were also several blunt force trauma injuries to her jaw, suggesting she had been slammed into the ground.

A dental expert concluded that the little girl had received as many as 5 hard blows to her jaw right before she died. Kiesha’s teeth were fractured by the impact.

That darling little girl died of a major head injury.

Kristi AbrahamsThe coroner’s findings didn’t exactly fit with Kristi Anne Abrahams’ version of events. She claimed that Kiesha was lying on her bedroom floor refusing to put on her pajamas. Kristi Anne Abrahams “nudged” the girl with her foot (yeah, right!) and Kiesha jumped up and hit her head on the bed (yeah, right!).

Kristi Anne Abrahams picked up her little girl and put her in the shower because she’d been knocked out. Kiesha’s body, she admitted, was “like jelly” but the girl was still breathing then. After the shower, the monstrous mother put Kiesha to bed, still wet.

Apparently Kristi Anne Abrahams didn’t think to call for an ambulance. She just left her unconscious girl to lie, alone, wet, in her bed to die.

What Kristi Anne Abrahams did think to do was to clean up the blood. Luminol had found Kiesha’s blood in the home despite the hellbitch’s thorough cleaning.

Robert SmithRobert Smith, the POS hellbeast who didn’t lift a finger to save Kiesha’s life, pled guilty in February 2012 to manslaughter and being an accessory after murder. His defense was he was physically abused by Kristi Anne Abrahams — she blackened his eyes and he’d once had to jump off the balcony to escape her wrath. Ooooh, the poor wee man. (His story would have been more impressive if they lived higher than the first floor.)

Justice Megan Lathan agreed that Kristi Anne Abrahams was “volatile, argumentative, domineering and verbally abusive”, but did not agree that poor little Robert Smith was intimidated by the bitch to the extent he couldn’t help Kiesha.

On May 3, 2013 Justice Lathan sentenced the cowardly bastard to 7 years for manslaughter and 9 years for accessory after the fact. She considered his disposal of the body as particularly heinous.

“These were not spontaneous, ill-considered acts carried out in panic,” Justice Lathan said of the burning and burying of Kiesha’s body.

Robert Smith will serve at least 12 years in prison.

In April 2013, Kristi Anne Abrahams tried to plead guilty to manslaughter, but that was totally, completely rejected by the Crown. Good!

And so on June 17, 2013, the first day of her murder trial, Kristi Anne Abrahams pled guilty to murder. Good!

At her sentencing, her barrister Janet Manuell SC found various reasons for her client’s violent tendencies — her abusive childhood, her mother dying when she was 10, and her low IQ.

Grave markerCrown prosecutor Christopher Maxwell QC agreed that Kristi Anne Abrahams’ violent upbringing made Kiesha’s death inevitable.

“It amounts to the inevitability that (Kiesha), who suffered so much, had her life end as it did,” is exactly what Mr Maxwell said.

I’m sorry, Mr Maxwell and Ms Manuell, but I disagree that it was inevitable Kiesha would die. It wasn’t.

If DOCS had not returned her to her monstrous mother, she’d be alive today.

If DOCS had taken custody of Kiesha when they got reports of more abuse, she’d be alive today.

If Robert Smith had been any kind of decent human being with a backbone, she’d be alive today.

If Kristi Anne Abrahams, who KNEW she was ready, willing and able to carry out her threats to hurt and kill Kiesha, had only allowed her father to have the girl, Kiesha would be alive today.

But no, Kristi Anne Abrahams CHOSE to keep Kiesha at home with her. It wasn’t her low IQ that made her decide that. It wasn’t her mother’s death that made her decide that. It wasn’t her childhood abuse that made her decide that. It was her cruel, sadistic nature that prevented her daughter from finding a safe, loving home with the grandfather.

Mr Maxwell said the Crown considered the crime to be “above the mid-range” of seriousness. (I find Australian legalese like that so weird — “above the mid-range” of seriousness indeed.) Apparently there are ranges of seriousness for murder.

Mr Maxwell then pointed out to the court that the standard non-parole period for cases like this was 25 years.

Justice Ian Harrison will sentence Kristi Anne Abrahams on July 18, 2013. I shall keep readers posted. I shall also keep my fingers crossed that the murdering hellbeast never sees freedom again.

RIP Kiesha Weippeart, and RIP Chris Weippeart, 29, who died as well.

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24 Responses to Kristi Anne Abrahams and Robert Smith

  1. 2cute says:

    The crying she did on camera was totally an act – a really bad act. No wonder the police were suspicious. I hope that child killing bitch never gets out. RIP Kiesha baby.

  2. pj says:

    I know people who had horrible childhoods who are determined that their own kids are safe and happy. This bitch knew she was fed up with her daughter and had already hurt her plenty but she failed to accept help. She deserves no mercy for that.

  3. bulldoggy says:

    I cant understand why the DOCS didn’t rescue the little girl when she was burned with a cigarette. Or for any of her other injuries for that matter. Obviously the anger management classes didn’t work. I hope the judge locks her up and throws away the key.

  4. jawdropper says:

    She is an evil cunt but he is a dickless wad of shit. He knew that Kristi was beating her child but ignored it. He wasn’t intimidated so much he couldn’t do anything to stop her. He just didn’t care about the kid at all, so long as he was getting laid by his girlfriend he was willing to overlook the violence. Useless waste he is.

  5. awesomeblossom says:

    Keisha was a really cute little girl. How could anyone look at that sweet face and then hit her? Just how low was the bitch’s IQ anyway? When my kids were toddlers they were taught not to bite and not to hit, so was she dumber than a toddler? Stoopid twats. Thank goodness they led police right to the body or they might never have been caught. That was great police work. I would have liked to seen the ambush and the looks on those fugly f*@kers’ faces when they were nabbed.

  6. Moody Magic says:

    This bitch should be punished brutally we know that wont happen. Burn in hell monster

  7. Bengalpuss says:

    I read about this tragic story the other day, on facebook, now they didn’t have a low I Q when it came to disposing the little girls body did they. As for that boyfriend, he said he heard a bang and keisha, was on the floor? But he didn’t say where the stoopid egg donor(mother) was, or how the little girl ended up on the floor? Because we all know his story was a load of bollocks. I truly hope these two snivelling cunts have a miserable existence from now on. Oh and that appeal they did, was the shittest piece of acting i’ve seen, she wore those sun glasses cos there was no tears, cunts they are.

  8. Lynda says:

    It makes my skin crawl watching that sick bitch pretend to be distraught ove her little girl. I really just want to smash her face in.

    • pj says:

      Me too Lynda. She really sucked at playing the distraught mother. Good thing though coz the police started watching her.

  9. Blondie says:

    Being an Australian, I remember when this story broke- from the minute her “mother” (and that is used a loosely as possible), and “step-father” appeared on camera, you knew something was not right. That evil, sadistic, manipulative cunt of an incubator never actually cried, or seemed to care about Kiesha’s safety (we now know why!!) what it makes it even worse though, is Chris, her father, had tried and tried to get custody, or even access, to his precious daughter, but DOCS/police/courts refused to help him.. They KNEW Kiesha was being abused and neglected, but continued to let her be abused, and ultimately killed. IMHO, every single case worker, police officer, judge, who let Kiesha stay in the nightmare are as guilty as the 2 wastes of space who actually killed her- they could’ve saved her, and this precious little person could have grown up, safe, happy and cared for. God I hate society at times!!!!

    • awesomeblossom says:

      Blondie I agree with you, they all have blood on their hands because they could have and should have saved her but they didn’t.

  10. Jamaica says:

    Once again, this is where I come across a story that is really unbelievable in so many aspects.

    One of the things that stood out to me the most was the fact the mother displayed very antisocial and violent behavior towards her own daughter and even showed the sheer displeasure in having to give birth to such an ‘accursed’ child in trying to get rid of her, shows a lack of empathy, soullessness and a vicious nature on her behalf. What also stood out to me was the fact that her treasured knight and shinning armor displayed how noble he was in not only allowing a child he supposedly loved be subjected to such vicious acts of brutality, but also had a helping hand in it by burying her remains.

    But most of all, the DOCS, one of a select group of people who are entrusted by the people in our society to ensure the survival and safety of our children and the helpless and defenseless where injustice runs rampant lazily and wantonly allows this child to suffer at the vile crutches of her unstable mother.

    You would think all of this would be more than enough to swallow, but then, she is defended by her lawyers that her rough childhood and low I.Q. compelled her to do this. I don’t support that, simply because a rough childhood can affect your outlook on life completely and a low I.Q. can cause you to think irrational things. But I don’t think Kristi Anne Abrahams’ childhood was that rough, nor do I think she had such a low I.Q. First of all, if her childhood really was that bad, do you really think she would of trusted her father who may or may not have allegedly abused her, with her own daughter if this is in fact a case of familial child abuse? Or perhaps it was her mother who died, but in seeing how traumatic that event was, it is unlikely. Second of all, if her I.Q. was that low, her level of functioning independently would not be on par with that of the average person’s. She would be partially mentally incapacitated. She seemingly functioned quite normally when I read this article, she thought normally (excluding her horrid acts), she spoke and understood questions and gave answers normally, so I’m not convinced she has a low I.Q. And even if that were so, I doubt that would have anything to do with it.

    This story is very rare in that it is a tragedy with a triple whammie. A cold, unfeeling and sadistic mother, a weak stepfather, and worst of all, a group of so-called social service workers who did not lift a finger to help a child in desperate need. I think this is also one of the rarest and yet powerful examples of just how desensitized our society has become over the years.

    • Jamie says:

      I wondered the same thing Jamaica- IF her childhood was that awful, would it have been a good idea for the child to stay with grandpa (her father)?

      I feel so bad for that precious, beautiful little girl. It’s hard to imagine a child having to endure and suffer through physical abuse (and death) like she did. It’s too bad the family members didn’t do more to save this child from her mom and bf. Hope little Kiesha is resting in a pleasant place.

  11. Blondie says:

    Robert Smith was sentenced to 12 years, and the incubator is in court as I type, awaiting her sentence…. Nothing will ever be enough for what they put poor Kiesha through… Will keep you guys updated on the sentence… RIP little angel <3 <3

  12. Blondie says:

    Update for you, Cleo, and gang- Kristi was sentenced a few hours ago to a minimum 15 years for murder, and 1 year for tampering with the body, to be served separately. The judge, in Pre-sentencing comments, was thought to be leaning toward a minimum 20years for the murder, but the incubator received a “10% reduction” on her sentence for pleading guilty… She led them to Kiesha’s body, and confessed to undercover officers, on tape, for God’s sake, yet she pleads guilty and gets a reduction??? She SHOULD’VE been found guilty without her plea, and received a longer (though not any fairer) sentence

  13. Bengalpuss says:

    15Yrs, the cunt should’ve got life, travesty of justice.

  14. MissAshleyAmber says:

    May karma be a bigger, meaner bitch that that twat.

  15. scrappy says:

    2cute warned me I’d be having nightmares…that did it. That adorable face and the curly locks, the thought that all this little one ever experienced of childhood was terror, confusion, and pain.

    I am moved to thoughts of violence (rare for me) when I see that vile woman’s face and think of how she couldn’t even be bothered to give the child up. She must have enjoyed tormenting her.

    Poor baby.

  16. Chelsea says:

    how did the father die?

    • cleo says:

      I understand the man had a whole host of health issues including diabetes, and I read he used drugs as well. He passed away in his sleep.

  17. Jeni C says:

    I did some research and discovered that the hellbitch was sentenced In July 2013 to 22 years in prison, but won’t be eligible for parole until she has served 16 years! Kudos to the courts for seeing how evil this woman is! And RIP darling Kiesha!

    • cleo says:

      Thanks, Jeni C, for letting us know. I have well over 400 articles and I lose track of updates I need to do. I appreciate your checking out her sentence and updating us.

  18. KXG says:

    christ, look at that pork-pie and creeper looking man. i seem to recall a harry potter line about someone looking like a pig in a wig. it fits as her hair looks fake. and neck-tattoos are always the sign of a real winner in life, right? nothing but monsters the both of them, scum that needs to be scraped out of the genepool.

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