Krissy Lynn Werntz & Jason Michael Hann

Jason Hann and Krissy Werntz
Crimes: Child Abuse, Murder

Krissy Lynn Werntz and Jason Michael Hann are two of the most vile child abusers and murderers I’ve added to this site. They are hellbeasts in the truest form, and belong in the deepest depths of hell, IMO.

The first victim of this evil pair was their baby boy, Jason. That helpless infant lived to be 6 weeks old, and I am positive that for the entirety of his short life he suffered horribly from abuse.

Jason died in Vermont back in July 1999 at the hands of his father. Krissy Werntz didn’t call authorities. According to her, she thought Jason had died from a spider bite. Riiiight. Then why didn’t she report her baby’s death?

Krissy Werntz and Jason Hann together dealt with the inconvenient corpse by wrapping it in plastic bags, then placing it inside a plastic container. Can you imagine? That poor baby lived unloved and died unmourned.

Krissy Werntz and Jason Hann moved around from state to state with their tiny victim’s body for 18 months. I guess they figured the murder wouldn’t be discovered if nobody stumbled upon the corpse.

Then, on December 1, 2000, they had another baby. WTF?!? They had Jason’s corpse as a constant reminder of what their style of parenting results in and they still had another baby!

This new infant was a little girl they named Montana. She was born in Arizona.

Shortly after Montana’s birth, Krissy Werntz and Jason Hann discarded Jason’s body in a storage unit in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

Baby Montana and her hellbeastly parents right away moved to Deseret Hot Springs in California. They may have changed the scenery, but they didn’t change their evil natures.

Tragically, things didn’t go well for Montana in California. When she was a month old, her leg was “snapped in half like a twig”. Big surprise — Krissy Werntz did NOTHING to help her!

On February 10, 2001, 10-week-old Montana apparently made the mistake of crying and that totally infuriated her father. A raging Jason Hann flipped out and struck his baby girl in the head. The blow was fatal.

This time around the baby killers wrapped their victim’s head in duct tape, and wrapped her body in trash bags. They stored their victim’s tiny body in a “blue Tupperware-type plastic container” that they placed inside yet another trash bag.

The evil pair of baby killers kept the body with them for 9 months as they again moved like gypsies from state to state.

TrailerEventually Krissy Werntz and Jason Hann wound up in Arkansas and left their murdered baby girl in a trailer at a storage facility.

Fortunately for all but Jason the shitstain Hann and Krissy the hellbitch Werntz, they forgot to pay their rental fees. The trailer was eventually auctioned off. Oooops.

In February 2002, the person who had bought the trailer discovered baby Montana’s decomposed remains. OMG, I can’t even imagine what that was like for him!

Two months later, Jason the baby slayer Hann and Krissy the monstrous mother Werntz were tracked down at a motel in Portland, Maine. They weren’t alone — they had a one-month-old baby boy!

This tiny, helpless baby was found to have broken ribs, a fractured femur, a fractured skull, internal injuries and blood clots on his brain. He’d been found just in time, thank the lord! No doubt he was going to wind up battered to death like his siblings Jason and Montana.

Employees of Maine’s Department of Human Services were dispatched to check on the battered baby’s welfare. Jason Hann admitted to them that he was involved in the deaths of his 2 previous babies.

“He said he was responsible for both deaths. He didn’t provide a lot of detail. He said, ‘I fell and blacked out with the baby,'” one of the witnesses said. He also confessed to them that he felt guilty, and had kept moving around the country to evade police.

I’m happy to report that the surviving baby boy was ultimately adopted by his foster parents. I pray he’s living a safe, happy life surrounded by love. I did read that he suffered severe brain trauma, the poor little guy. Bless his heart.

The day after the police arrested Krissy Werntz and Jason Hann, authorities found baby Jason’s decomposed remains.

It seems that being arrested made Jason Hann very talkative. He told Portland detective Todd Coons all about killing Montana.

Detective Coons said, “He told me that he had bouts of anger and that during one of these bouts he struck the infant child in the head with a closed fist in a backhand motion.”

In February 2006, Jason the baby beater Hann pleaded no contest in a Vermont courtroom to the 2nd-degree murder of baby Jason.

Jason Hann told the court he lost his temper and lost control and forcefully slammed baby Jason down in his bassinet. Yup, he slammed his infant son down.

Baby Jason’s wee head had hit the back of the bassinet, so of course the demonic daddy had to repeat it several more times. Baby Jason died 3 days later.

That’s how Jason Hann murdered a 6-week-old infant. He was sentenced to 27-30 years in prison for that.

Krissy Werntz was not charged for Jason’s death. I can’t help but wonder how she mistook a battered skull for a spider bite. Hmmmm.

In 2009 officials in Vermont agreed to extradite Jason Hann to California to stand trial there for killing Montana. It took 4 excruciatingly long years to get the case to trial.

Krissy Lynn Werntz was also charged with Montana’s murder. She was free on her own recognizance.

Hann and Werntz arrestedIn December 2013, Jason the baby killer Hann, 38, was convicted of the 1st-degree murder of Montana, and assault on a child causing great bodily injury. He was sentenced to death.

Krissy Werntz, 34, went to trial in March 2014. She was convicted on April 8 of 2nd-degree murder. She faces 15 years to life in prison.

I cannot say for certain that Krissy Werntz beat her babies. It’s pretty certain that Jason Hann dealt the fatal blows. But that doesn’t mean the monstrous mother deserves any sympathy or mercy.

Krissy Werntz chose to hide the bodies of her dead babies. She chose to ignore serious injuries her babies suffered. She chose to stand by her man instead of protecting her own children.

I heartily disagree with Krissy Werntz’s defense attorney when she suggested that keeping the bodies with her was “evidence of a grieving mother”. If that were the case, how could she ever have agreed to dump them in storage facilities?

Those babies weren’t cherished when they were alive, and they certainly weren’t cherished when they were dead. All 3 babies were horribly abused and 2 of them were ultimately murdered. I hope the court keeps that in mind when sentencing Krissy Werntz.

RIP baby Montana and baby Jason. May your abusers suffer daily for what they did to you.

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17 Responses to Krissy Lynn Werntz & Jason Michael Hann

  1. awesomeblossom says:

    I don’t understand why SHE wasn’t charged for Jason’s murder. Obviously there was no spider bite. She had to have seen the damage to her baby’s head and she chose to do nothing. Hann says it took 3 days for Jason to die and so for 3 days SHE did NOTHING to get help for her baby.

  2. sasha says:

    Things like this make me feel so embarrassed to be human. I have 6 children….. I know frustration as well as the next person but christ what the hell makes people capable of these things?

  3. bulldoggy says:

    I hope Krissy is as miserable as her photo makes her look. I hope she stays that miserable too. Jason on the other hand doesn’t seem too choked up in his photo. I’m hoping he’s finding no joy on death row.

  4. Jessice11 says:

    Grieving mother my ass! She had 3 children with that dick and if she cared one bit about them, she would’ve left the first time she saw any abuse! 15 years isn’t enough time for the loss of two infants and another serverly harmed. I have younger siblings and I know if I ever saw anyone lay a finger on them to do harm, I would go into rage, yet she’s a mother and didn’t do jack all! Guhhh. Atleast I can smile that Jason’s on death row!(:

    • I am glad he finally got sentence to death. He is pure evil,isn’t human. I am his first wife and I came up with a plan and I got away for my baby. He tried to kill me while I was pregnant, jealous of my our baby in my belly. He did unspeakable things to me and I will always be haunted by him. I don’t understand why she didn’t love and protect those innocent babies from him,The devil!

      • Bengalpuss says:

        April England, that to me is the real reason why he murdered those little babies, he was jealous, thanks for that insight, it now makes sense, he wasn’t priority when those babies were born so the selfish bastard murdered them. Applaud you for putting your babies welfare priority like any decent mother would do, but that bitch never put those babies welfare 1st and thank god the authorities found them when they did because we all know that little one wouldn’t have lasted another day. Thats why the so called mother should be put away until she dies, she could’ve walked away, you did april and i bet it was the best thing you’ve done, your a true mom april who will protect their baby and won’t let a hair on that babies head be touched. Those poor little babies, they didn’t stand a chance with evil bastards like those two.

  5. moodymagic says:

    I for one will sleep better knowing this cruel despicable monster Hann is on death row. But the monster mother gets 15 years how sick is this. She is as guilty as he is. She did nothing to turn in her penis. After baby Jason was killed she should have stepped up and turned the Penis in. She is NO kind of mother. I guess at least she was charged in baby Montana’s death. Why not Baby Jason? Burn in hell Krissy.

  6. bengalpuss says:

    Death sentence, now that’s what i call a good sensible sentence for the heinous crimes that bastard did to those little babies. As for that cunt of an excuse for a mother, i hope her future days are filled with absolute misery and distress, like those tiny infants short lives were, pair of evil fucks they both are, i hope you both die you bastards. women across the world would give anything to have a baby, then you get cunts like these two, who have babies and treat them like garbage and throw them away, its sickening.

  7. Conzuella says:

    What happen was a horrible thing and yes both should have been punished but before you go blaming Krissy for not contacting authorities look up the meaning of post pardom depression. She is a mentally unstable person who lacked confidence to stand up to her abuser as well. This was a tragic thing to happen but ask yourself this if she wasn’t a battered and abused woman herself wouldn’t they have charged her with Jason’s murder too. Why wasn’t she charged? Maybe before you judge you should get all the facts. I’m not saying she shouldn’t be punished but you people are cruel and hateful for the things you are saying. You never know how you will react unless you are in that situation and have to live in it. Maybe she didn’t see a way out or was to scared to try.

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      IT’S “post partum” depression, and i still think she should be in a cell on death row.

    • Julie says:

      Are you kidding me? I had post partum depression after I had my son, I had it bad to the point when I had my daughter 8 years later, everyone was worried about me! just so you know, not once did I EVER think about hurting my precious little boy, he is a 22 year old man now! So, don’t give me that shit about post partum depression! This bitch should have been charged with murder and should be sitting on death row!! You are an idiot!!

      • BENGALPUSS says:

        Julie, i couldn’t have said it better myself, i hate people who make excuses, i had post natal depression but i didn’t go round killing or abusing my children.

      • Mia says:

        I read an article written by a woman who had such severe post partum depression that she had homicide ideation and immediately thought, “shit, this isn’t normal. I need help.” And she sought help.

    • BeenThere says:

      My ass…I had five children one died at birth and I was bummed but not enough to harm my kids..Stupid is as stupid does with your comment..

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