Klara and Katerina Mauerova and Barbora Skrlova

Hellbeast Klara MauerovaCrimes: torture, child abuse, pedophilia, cannibalism

Just imagine, you have a brand new baby so you buy a brand new wireless video baby monitor so you can keep a constant eye on your precious little bundle. You plug in your monitor and switch it on with full expectations of seeing your darling baby safe and sound in his crib. Instead you get an image of a naked, bound and gagged young boy. This is precisely what happened in Brno in the Czech Republic in May of 2007.

The horrified owner of the new baby monitor immediately called the police. Having recognized the boy as being his neighbour’s son Ondrej, he directed the police to Klara Mauerova’s house. On May 10, 2007, police paid a visit to Klara Mauerova and her sister Katerina. They spotted a wireless video monitor in the kitchen — the source of the mixed up signal. They also found a locked door that darling Klara wouldn’t open. The police busted it open and found 7-year-old Ondrej, bloodied, terrified and a victim of horrific abuse.

Police removed from this house of torture Ondrej, his 9-year-old brother Jakub and a teenaged girl named Anna. Finally the abuse was ended and the monstrous depravity and evil were exposed to the light of day. The sheer horror of it all is unimaginable.

Klara and Katerina and other family members belonged to a bizarre cult, the Grail Movement. This was not good news for Ondrej and Jakub. These two boys were designated to become slaves to the cult and their wills had to be broken.

Klara, the loving mother, and Katerina, the doting auntie, went about breaking the boys’ wills with nothing short of torture. Eight months of torture apparently. Cigarettes were stubbed out on the boys’ flesh. Belts were used to whip them. The boys were almost drowned. They were sexually abused. They were kept in cages or handcuffed to tables for long periods. They were forced to stand in their own urine for days and days. The boys were also forced to cut themselves with knives. Forced to by their own relatives!

Mauerova familyOndrej the poor little guy was subjected to even worse torture. He was chained and locked up in the cellar for six months, gagged to stop his screaming. And Ondrej had good reason to scream. Those two hell bitches Klara and Katerina actually skinned one of his arms. Reports vary at this point as to whether the raw flesh was forced down Ondrej’s throat or if the family members ate it. Regardless, this poor boy’s skin was eaten.

Klara and Katerina kept an eye on their prisoner with that wireless video monitor in the kitchen. Thank God the neighbour got the identical monitor and received the signal from the Mauerova house or Ondrej and Jakub would have surely been tortured to death.

I can’t even comprehend how a mother could even consider inflicting such terrible pain and injuries on her own children much less doing it. Klara Mauerova is a hellbeast in her own league.

Hellbeast Barbora SkrlovaBut what of the Anna teenaged girl that was rescued along with Ondrej and Jakub? She almost immediately disappeared and upon investigation it became very apparent to the police why she went into hiding. This teenager turned out to be 34-year-old Barbora Skrlova, another member of the cult and another abuser of the boys!

Barbora Skrlova was being groomed to take a leading role in the sect. Apparently the cult wanted this tiny woman to become an object of worship.

Bizarrely, court proceedings had taken place that allowed Klara Mauerova to formally adopt this “teenager” as her daughter. Barbora used the identity of the daughter of yet another cult member to make it possible.

Barbora Skrlova had been taken to a children’s home after her “rescue” and she had immediately run away to Norway. She unbelievably posed as a teenaged boy once there. Czech police tracked her down and returned her to the Czech Republic to face trial along with Klara, Katerina and other members of the family.

Klara Mauerova, the hellbeast torturer mother, was brought to trial. She cried and sobbed and wept all through it. Poor Klara — f*cking bitch. She admitted her guilt, but blamed Barbora Skrlova and Katerina Mauerova for manipulating her into torturing her own boys. She also claimed that they had received instructions from the “Doctor” — an unnamed/unknown member of the cult who sent text messages with directions as to how to abuse Ondrej and Jakub.

Hmmm, do I believe they were acting under the orders of the “Doctor” person? Do I believe there is a “Doctor” who had control over these sick bitches? Uh…. no. IMHO it was just a gambit to push the blame onto someone else.

Unbelievably the hellbeast Klara Mauerova received a whopping sentence of 9 years! Nine years only for torturing, sexually abusing, and nearly murdering her boys!

Katerina the hellbeast torturer aunt got a sentence of 10 years. Barbora Skrlova got 5 years. Other cult members Hana Basova and Jan Skrla got 7 years each and Jan Turek got 5 years.

Czech justice is pretty lax in my opinion. For sexually abusing those boys alone they should have gotten life! For skinning little Ondrej’s arm they should have gotten life! Klara Mauerova, the mother, should have gotten a harsher sentence than the rest of them just because as the mother it was her role to protect these boys from harm!

So Klara, Katerina, Barbora, Hana and the two Jans, rot in hell. And I pray that Ondrej and Jakub recover fully and lead happy peaceful lives.

Daily Mail article
The Sun article

66 Responses to Klara and Katerina Mauerova and Barbora Skrlova

  1. moodymagic says:

    Poor little boys! How do they recover from that. Burn Burn in hell Bitches!

    • anonymous says:

      Justice that you can use for toilet paper. The Czech authorities should get psychological help for failing to see the atrocities of these crimes for what they really are. This is why people take matters into their own hands and exact their own idea of justice.

      • Bush says:

        That’s why I am looking foward to her location. I think she have to pay for it in some other manner, someone who knows where she lives please reply this message. SHE MUST PAY FOR IT !!!

        • corysoulliere says:

          I am thinking the same thing!!! I would love to FIND THIS PSYCO And wait till she is sound asleep. That’s when I would whisper in her ear… “Time to feed the dogs”. Use your imagination for the rest.

          • Amelie says:

            This comment is threatening a life, and as such has been reported to the authorities.

          • Shayna says:

            Amelie said the comment is life threatening and called the cops. Fuckin tattle take lol bitch jezzzzz. what a dumb ass I’m guessing the dumb ass didn’t read the story

          • Your next door neighbour says:

            I would kill her, but I would have to use some well earned torturing first of course.😎

          • Teezy says:

            I’d help fuck them up…

          • BeenThere says:

            Amelie..moron! We all vent here. It doesn’t mean we would commit a fucking crime.
            In law enforcement we would call you a FUCKING SNITCH stupid bitch..

        • Katherine says:

          This makes you just as bad as them, I hope you know.

    • Bridie says:

      Fucking descusting should be put through everything that they done to those helpless boys turns my stomach. Absolutely rediculous the sentence that those two herrendous women got as a mother of 4 could not want to protect those children more there is real evil I this world that don’t get properly punished in my eyes!

  2. Minx says:

    What kind of world do we live in that enables the justice system to call this outcome acceptable. Absolutely disgusting! Those poor boys are going to need alot of love, support and counselling for a lot of years to come. I think of all the women/couples out there who would give anything to have their own children…..
    I hope this Hellbeast rots in her jail cell!!!

  3. Trace says:

    The only effing way I would be manipulated by anyone to torture my kids would be a gun to my head and a bullet through my brain because nobody could make my hurt my kids! Effing bitch should be skinned alive for doing that to her boys! All of them in that cult should be hunted down and shot if that’s how they regard children!

    • Meg says:

      The thing about it is, they were clearly brainwashed. It is easier to brainwash a person than you would think, you can completely brainwash someone in 3 days.

      • Tammy says:

        Ur stupid af no mother should be able to be ‘brainwashed’ into torturing her own children. Stupid excuse from a stupid person. No ammount of “brainwashing” could even make me THINK of hamrming my child in such ways!!!

        • Bubs says:

          Yeah Tammy. That makes you mother the year lmfaooo. What a fool!

        • Lalia says:

          Wanna bet? First, they break you. Mentally, emotionally and morally. Then they make you rely on them for everything. They rewire your mind. You no longer care about anything. You no longer recognize anyone. They make you want to please them. So, you do what they want. If you think you’re above such manipulation, think again. There hasn’t been one person who could resist.

          • youaredumbasshit says:

            dude are you retarded? that’s implying they aren’t adults that are capable of critical thought. if you can get brainwashed into torturing your own children you’re either already a psycho or a literal fucking moron

          • youaredumbasshit says:

            “There hasn’t been one person who could resist.” yeah that’s why everyone is walking around torturing their own kids right? jesus christ how did you get this stupid, let me guess, brainwash

  4. Steve says:

    Interesting sidebar: the official court case revoked all mention of the Grail Movement, since they could discover no link between these POSs and that “cult”.

    • Player Unknown says:

      They most likely members themselves.

    • Paxus says:

      Yes, I’ve seen this quite a bit in reports about the case – sensationalising “The Grail Movement” as a cult and using it to spice up the story (as if it requires any more shock value). The Grail Movement had essentially ‘excommunicated’ these people from their organisation 11 years prior to this shock discovery, so there is no real link here, apart from these sick women having once been members. Whatever twisted belief system lead them to torture innocents has absolutely nothing to do with this Grail Movement. Of course, I only know this because I actually looked into things further, wanting to learn more of this “cult” (but there’s nothing about the Grail Movement that’s even remotely cult-like, sorry).

  5. Cleo says:

    Thanks Steve for that nugget of information. They really could find no link? I wonder how hard they looked.

    • Fola says:

      I’m not sure i follow your logic Cleo. Look hard to find what exactly? The truth? Shouldn’t that part be part of the evidence? Of which the court indicated that there was none? Or are we to believe the court is a sham? But this would lead us to believe that these allegations and the ensuing conviction are also a sham. So, which is it then?

  6. bengalpuss29 says:

    Nothing in the world of crime shocks me anymore. Im not Desensitized, Just not suprised at the things people can do to another human being. Thats why im all for the death penalty. These anti death penalty idiots don.t know the pain that these scumbag’s cause. But i can guarantee that if it happened to a member of their family, then we’d be seeing a different answer. I just hope those poor kids are placed with a family that have a loving and nurturing environment. And can maybe get back a little bit of faith in their fellow humans. After what they’ve been through bless them. And thankyou to the neighbour who had a baby monitor, and contacting the authority’s.

  7. NINA says:


  8. leah says:

    NINE FUCKIN YEARS!!!!!!1!!!! Is this what we call justice for these innocent kids??? Their own family for god sakes, my god they shouldnt gotten the death penalty for this sick demented shit they bestowed on their own flesh and blood….Im so disguted…what, would you rather have them dead in order for those beasts to get a maximum sentence???…..Im beyond livid and I hope they get EVERYTHING 100 times worse….God and only He can give them the ultimaTE punishment that they desperately need

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Leah, i personally think they should be lined up and blown away with a shotgun or a crossbow or a sub machine gun would go down nicely. But before that, i would like to skin their fucking arms. Just imagine if that neighbour hadn.t bought a new baby monitor. Those kids would probably be dead. This crime is sick, but its even more evil knowing they tortured their own children. And the sentences are a fucking joke. Bring back the death penalty everywhere for fucking pieces of shit like these cunts. Lets Obiterate These fucker’s off the planet. Fuck there anti death penalty arseole’s. I bet if it was one of their family members that were murdered in a horrible way, they’d soon change their fucking tune. We need a bit of Attila The hun, or Ghengis Khan Style justice.

      • AGNGoo says:

        I am against the death penalty… because in most cases, that seems like the easy way out. With so many convicts committing suicide in prison, death seems too good, too quick, too painless compared to what they did to deserve it. I believe monsters like this should get a taste of the torture they inflicted on their victims, and by taste, I mean the force of it. Repeatedly.

        That’s why I’m all in favor of sending pedophiles to prison rather than the death penalty, as long as they’re house in general population, and word happens to get out about what they did. Let “prison justice” take care of it. Maybe they’ll learn what it’s like to be brutalized, violated, and humiliated at the hands of someone they can’t fight back against and who is totally deaf to their pleas of mercy.

  9. Pretty Gal says:


    • bengalpuss says:

      Lucky for those kids, but unlucky for those pieces of shit, that the neighbour had the same baby monitor, or them kids would probably be dead now. How can a mother torture her own child. As far as im concerned, they didn.t get long enough in jail, the fucked up wicked cunt’s they should be burnt at the stake.

  10. Czech says:

    I remember this, probably the most bizzare case I ever heard of in Czech. Even in front of the court some of them appeared brainwashed,
    Manson cult style like.
    The cult leader, possibly the Doctor mentinoned in the article, might have been Josef Skrla, father of Barbora, another bizzare figure, ambassador of some central asian state among others. Also few known people were involved witht the cult (journalist, theatre director..) Never really figured out what were up to. Nevertheless the sentences for the sisters shoud have been harsher.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Harsher, they should have been given life. And if the death penalty was on the table, then they should have got that, the pair of evil bitch’s.

  11. Nico says:

    I sometimes wonder if Satan himself is surprised once in a while by the horrors that take place on this planet.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Me too nico!

    • Mohmed says:

      Here in Australia 18 month old twins were just found dead in their cot. They’d been starved to death and just left there to rot. Were dead a week boefre one of their siblings discovered them. It still amazes me that people bleat on about how it’s everyone’s right to have children blah de blah de blah but come on, should people like this be allowed to have kids? I think not…

  12. Rikkard says:

    If i’m not mistaken, one of the boys didn’t make it =/

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Poor thing, but what chance did they have with relatives like them. Breaks my heart this story, am i so glad that the neighbour had the baby monitor on the same frequency. Otherwise they could be still torturing those kids.

    • Pikachu says:

      You are mistaken. They’re both alive and healthy. The article above exaggerates a lot. There was no cannibalism and religious sect involved. That’s how it ends when the czech media speculate about the case and the non-czech ones take it as the truth.

      • Proud Mommy says:

        Wow , i cant beleive that you would pretty much take up for these monsters. It is horrible what these MONSTERS , did to these poor children , i am a mother myself , and i protect my son with everything i have in me! I would dare someone to touch my child , ill go all crazy on them. These people deserved life , i don’t understand why someone would do such a thing , and only get “9” years , i pray these children are in better care , and these people are never allowed to see these children again after what they did! I wish , that someone would tourture them the way they tourtered these poor children. But GOD has something planned for them , These little boys were in GODS hands , to have survived all of that.

        • Anonymous says:

          that person didn’t “take up” for the mother, they were just saying that this article is slightly exaggerated. Which it is. Although there definitely was cannibalism involved.

      • Lilly says:

        Pikachu and “anonymous”, you are either stupid uninformed persons who are not able to check facts or you act for the sake of this sect. You’re maby some kind of scientology activist trolls-like. This horror happend, I would prefer it to be a hoax. The boy has been skinned. Where is the exaggeration, you awful trolls???

  13. M. Carol says:

    I must admit, before reading about these monsters, I was totally and completely against the death penalty. However, after reading what was done to these children, I have had a complete change of heart. People who commit such horrific crimes deserve no less than to be put to death. I do pray that one day we will live in a more peaceful world where the death penalty will no longer be necessary. After reading about these sick bitches, I’m not sure that such a time will ever come.

  14. roy says:

    Why is it when someone smokes weed they get a million yrs in prison….but you rape kill murder torture and u get a little slap on the wrist and an apology for slapping ur wrist???? I. So used to injustice that when a rapist actually gets life or 40 yrs in prison im like why so much????

  15. Czech citizen says:

    Oh my god!!! I mean USA + Canada! Klara Mauerova definitelly did an criminal act, but please – do correct translations from Czech language! His arm was not skinned at all and also nobody was eating his flesh! The boy looks pretty normally, you would hardly see at first sight that he was tortured, he has all fingers, all toes and complete skin (maybe with some MINOR injuries)! I think that americans should stop using automatic Google translations, because it modifies the real meaning significantly – there is so many differenent principles in Slavic languages and English that any automatic translation has no chance to handle it correctly!!!

  16. Czech/canadian says:

    You are very wrong czech citizen i speak english also and these kids were skinned at the arm and forced to eat the skin the child himself told police!

  17. eve says:

    Sick to my stomach!!

  18. anc says:

    torture them to death

  19. anc says:

    torture them till they are dead

  20. HEART2SOFT says:

    It was by the grace of God that these people were caught. It seems a little more than coincidence and a little more like divine intervention that these monitors crossed. Thank goodness that they did and my prayers to these children that they can finally have a normal life.

  21. ronny says:

    fucking bitches should get a life sentence at least
    . these guys are surely not humans . how can they do something so horrible with their own children .

  22. shahrad says:

    Kill them !

  23. Lilly says:

    There was really a doctor, it was Barbora’s father. This sect is freemasonry-dependant, and they did a lot for the adoption fake papers for instance.
    This sect involves many hight level persons.

  24. luna says:

    wow. just wow. I cant BELEIVE someone would do that, let alone a mother! How DARE they do these thing to their kids and then BLAME it on somebody else. NO. N-O you did it not some Doctor. They should rot in that prison and then rot in HELL. I hope THEY get tortured, get a taste of their own medicine.

  25. Lili says:

    Poor kids, how can they recover from this? You would think once they are so miraculously escaped, the justice system would try and retaliate and help them gain back a bit of trust in other humans, but how could this happen, when people who sexually abused and tortured them get away with 5-9 years?! In my country (Eastern Europe also) you get 5-9 years for car theft or armed robbery but not for attempted murder, torture and sexual abuse. The younger one will still be a minor when some of these shit get out of prison. I’m shocked. I hope the boys will find their peace and will be able to heal. :(

    P.S: what happens it they behave themselves while in prison will their term be halfed?

    • BluSky says:

      As a person who suffered horrific abuse myself, I would like to assure you that you can recover from the abuse. At first, I suffered for years, but slowly recovered. Now I live a fairly happy, healthy, normal life, with only rare “flashes” of memories….

  26. Reza says:

    Well, Actually I hated the roll of killing peaople for abusing in Iran, But I think they need to be sent to Iran to whip them 100 times and then kill them.

  27. It is time to accept the fact that we live among murderers who will never be caught. Every year a new crop of people become first-time murderers. And one-third will not be charged or questioned about the murder. But cannibalism is a whole extra special deliberate act. Especially when there are other meat based options. I am writing a series of articles about fear. And being caught by a cannibal would be a little worrying.

  28. Mels says:

    Any idea what has happened to these boys? Theses women are horrible but I do hope they are okay and have moved onto a good life. I tried to check online but nothing comes up on either of them, nothing in English that is.

  29. CZ says:

    Its much more deeper than this information…Its total thriller with “satanic templars like hidden religious order” which has roots in communist time – scout team “Mravenci”, led by Josef Skrla, who never went for judgement, but it seems he played his role as hidden “Doctor” directly leading Mauerova, through her, affecting also her sister, with Skrlova playing some set role… He was hiding in some scandinavian cities. In this case there were involved many people of “art-scene” in Czech rep. – Brno etc.. Older Mauerova was on some kind of therapy, before all of that started…but there are not many infos about it.
    Skrlova is now in hidden place, trying she is to live “normal” life hopefully, according to czech media, she is viewed as victim.

    Boys are now living with Mauerovas grandparents (strange people), after father spent all money boys got from judgement process :(

    About cannibalism – it is not nice to say, but I think it was just little piece of skin…awful. Looks more like test of main actors and “destroying” children souls, making them slaves…

  30. Cordell Abernathy says:

    I’ve always wanted to become a paid human cannibal. Perhaps this was some sort of trend. Either way humans are disposable and mere statistics.

  31. Twisted.Kitten says:

    How lovely for these 2 hellbeasts… Klara is engaged and Katerina is married and has reentered Jakub’s life. I can’t imagine the amount of forgiveness it takes, but he’s married with his own child(ren).

  32. Don says:

    ‘Religion’ strikes again. The sooner we rid our earth of all religion, the sooner we all will be better off.

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