Kimberly Nicole Martines


Crime: Murder, Child Abuse.

Kimberly Nicole Martines of Fingerville, South Carolina, USA, is one helluva scary hellbitch. She was willing to do anything — ANYTHING — for love, and tragically she took her baby’s life for love.

Kimberly Martines found herself dumped by her husband. He left her for reasons unknown to me, but she desperately wanted him back. She’d been left with their infant twins and her little boy, so I can understand why she’d want him in her life. Children need both parents, and a unified family can afford some benefits that single parenthood can’t.

Now most women in this situation might try to apologize to their spouses for whatever wrongs they’d committed. They might try to behave especially nice, generous and loving. They might promise to make changes and vow to be a better wife. Some might try to make their estranged spouses jealous, which is nasty but it happens. But Kimberly Martines had a different plan.

On July 30, 2016, at her home at 10355 Main Street, Fingerville, Kimberly Martines, the heartless, soulless bitch, decided that a medical crisis would bring back her husband. She chose one of her 17-month-old twins, little Peyton, to be the one to get sick.

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence but at an appointment with a pediatrician the previous November there was concern that Peyton wasn’t gaining weight. The doctor tried to refer them to a specialist and BabyNet (a state program that works with babies that have developmental delays). Kimberly Martines ignored those referrals. I have to wonder why. Was she responsible for her baby’s failure to thrive?

So maybe Peyton was chosen because her monster mother didn’t love her and had previously neglected her. Or maybe she was just handy when her mother reached out to pick a child. Poor little darling Peyton, for whichever reason, was selected to get extremely and fatally ill.

peyton-martinesKimberly Martines fed baby Peyton a tablespoon of salt, and followed that with a drink. That tablespoon of salt resulted in acute poisoning (hypernatremia), and poor Peyton suffered greatly. Salt poisoning not only damages the brain, but also causes kidney damage, vomiting, and difficulty breathing.

If the hellbitch mother had done any research at all, she would have learned that a teaspoon of salt ingested by children and adolescents needs immediate medical intervention. She’d administered a tablespoon to a toddler and put her to bed. It seems to me she wanted Peyton to die.

At 5 a.m. on July 31, 2016, Spartanburg County EMS responded to a call about a sick baby. They found baby Peyton severely dehydrated, having seizures, with a temperature of 103.2 degrees Fahrenheit. She was whisked away to hospital where she was found to have high salt levels in her blood. She was placed in the pediatric intensive care unit on life support. The salt was making her brain shut down, and by then she was no longer responsive.

Medical staff, recognizing that Peyton was suffering from hypernatremia, notified the Sheriff’s Office. Not surprisingly, investigators wanted to interview Kimberly Martines immediately.

The monstrous mom had a cute little story ready for them. She said that her 17-month-old twins got into a bag of salt she’d left out. They were covered in salt so she bathed them thoroughly and then put them to bed.

Too bad for Kimberly Martines that her 4-year-old son had seen what she’d done. When investigators interviewed the little boy, he told them he’d seen his mommy feed Peyton a full spoon of salt. Investigators took the information he gave and found the bag of salt hidden under a sofa cushion.

Kimberly Martines, 23, was immediately arrested and charged with felony child abuse. However, three days after being on life support, Peyton Martines was declared brain dead. RIP baby girl. The remaining children were placed in protective custody.

Charges were upgraded to homicide by child abuse.

In July 2018, Kimberly Nicole Martines, 25, pled guilty and was sentenced to 30 years in prison. She has a chance at parole after she serves 85% of her sentence.

I guess we’ll never know if this stupid asswipe killed unintentionally or not. Did she intend to just make Peyton severely ill or to really make her die? I don’t know how ignorant she was when she chose salt as her weapon. No matter, Kimberly Martines is a murderer, and because of her, little Peyton was robbed of her life, and the other children’s lives have been greatly impacted.

RIP, Peyton Martines. I hope and pray she’d known love in her extremely brief life.

I hope and pray the surviving children are now in a safe, loving, nurturing home, getting everything they need so they can live happy lives.

Finally, I hope and pray that Kimberly Martines is intelligent enough to realize just how hopelessly stupid, selfish, and heartless she was to cause her baby to die. Long may she suffer behind bars.

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3 Responses to Kimberly Nicole Martines

  1. Moodymagic says:

    Glad this hell bitch has years in prison. Hope this baby killer suffers greatly. Poor Baby Peyton. Your life was needlessly too short. I hope the other children are in loving homes and thriving as well.

  2. Epi says:

    What a monster! I pray one day she will feel the full impact of what she has done to her sweet baby girl and other children and have a life of misery.

    RIP sweet baby girl. Heaven has gained another angel.

  3. Tom Daly says:

    How can any sane human being commit such an atrocity? There are some people in the world who shouldn’t have children, this is a prime example. She needs to be sterilized!

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