Kim Sherrie Gonzalez & Paul M. Gonzalez Jr.

Hellbeasts Paul and Kim GonzalezCrimes: Murder, Child Abuse
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Everybody take a minute to reflect on your own childhood. What about your favorite place to go or funnest things you did? What about memories of loved ones or playing with your friends? Unfortunately, not all kids remember happy times with their loved ones. This, my friends, is a story about a beautiful brown eyed angel named Andrea.

Hellbeasts Paul and Kim GonzalezAndrea was born to Michelle and Paul Gonzalez in Alabama. Eventually Andrea, her older brother, Michelle and Paul packed up and moved to Illinois. Not long after getting settled down Michelle gave birth to another son, this child was not Paul’s child, so he went back to Alabama.

Andrea and her two brothers were bounced around between Michelle and foster homes. During this time she was beaten, raped, and neglected. Andrea’s foster parents say that when she came to them she had stomach parasites, used profanity and had severe emotional and behavioral problems.

After Michelle was released from prison Illinois DCFS tried to arrange visitation with Andrea and the boys but she always failed to show up. Finally, DCFS contacted Paul and asked if he would be interested in taking Andrea. He agreed to come get her. The two little boys were put up for adoption.

Hellbeasts Paul and Kim GonzalezCan you imagine what this little girl must have been feeling like? Her brothers were probably the closest thing to her that had ever showed her love, and now they too are taken from her?

In early 1993 Andrea moved in with Paul and his new wife Kim (nee Williams), who was pregnant with their first child. From everything I can tell Kim was not happy about Andrea being there. On November 20, 1993, Paul and Kim reported their 5-year-old daughter was missing from their mobile home in Russellville, Alabama.

When detectives got there they did not notice any forced entry. Kim was quick to explain that in older trailers like theirs one can easily pick the lock. More than 400 volunteers started searching but found no sign of Andrea.

Hellbeasts Paul and Kim GonzalezI was nine-years-old at the time this happened and lived 10-15 miles from her home. I remember seeing pictures and little pink bows everywhere. In most pictures Andrea had long black hair but I remember seeing one where all her hair was cut off. Kim said she did it to punish the child.

Investigators finally called the search off because they suspected foul play. They gave both Paul and Kim lie detector results. Paul’s first results were inconclusive and Kim failed miserably (go figure, right?) A few days later Paul took another lie detector test and he passed.

On February 13, 1995 I guess Kim’s conscience got the best of her. She went to the police station and admitted she had scalded Andrea in the bathtub and then made her go to bed. After some time she went to check on the child and she was dead.

So, of course, she called 911, right? NEGATIVE!!
She claims she panicked and wrapped Andrea in two trash bags and attached a cylinder block to it held by extension cords just before she threw her off Mon Dye bridge. This lake is on Upper Bear Creek lake in the town of Phil Campbell, Alabama.

Now remember earlier when I asked you to recall your favorite place to go as a child? Well this was mine. I would go there with my two brothers, mom, dad, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. After all, it was right beside my house.

Police dragged the bottom of the lake while divers searched the waters, but neither found a trace of Andrea. By this time Paul changed his story and said he is the one that threw Andrea in the lake.

At first both were charged with capital murder but with no body and a change of venue they might just get off lucky huh?!? Paul’s trial was scheduled for April 1997 in Troy Alabama, but he decided to take a plea of manslaughter and testify against Kim. In exchange he would only receive 10 years in prison.

On May 12, 1997 Kim went on trial in Greenville, Alabama. Her oh so lovely defense attorney, Rebecca Green claimed Kim was a victim of domestic violence and Paul had actually killed Andrea and forced Kim to take the wrap. Evidently this worked for someone because Kim Gonzalez was found NOT GUILTY of murder but guilty of child abuse. She got 4 years!!

On September 20, 1997 Paul Gonzalez became a free man. Even though he got 10 years they counted the 18 months he was in the county as time served and released him. Kim was released November 2001.

This story hits home so hard anytime I think of it. Maybe it’s because we around the same age, or because she supposedly was buried in my favorite place, the lake. I remember Kim crying on television saying ” whoever has Andrea just please bring her back, just take her to Wal-mart. WTF? Wal-mart? Are you serious? I was 9 and even I knew she was guilty from day one.

Some people think she was buried somewhere while others think she was sold. The only thing that anyone knows for sure is this child is still missing and the two people that do know will not tell where she is. I do know this has devastated Franklin County, Alabama for going on 17 years now. I just hope wherever she is maybe she can either Rest in Peace or be happy.

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6 Responses to Kim Sherrie Gonzalez & Paul M. Gonzalez Jr.

  1. bengalpuss29 says:

    I can bet you a thousand pounds that, that little girl wasn.t dead from being scalded, if her little body is ever found which i doubt, it would show a different cause of death. First they say she’d been taken, then lied asking for her abductors to drop her off at walmart. Then kim the bitch says she scalded her, bollocks i say. Those sentences are disgusting they are liars so why the police didn.t do them for murder, but they’d needed to have found the girls body. And i bet they never through the girl of that bridge into the water, i think that was a divergence tactic to put the police of the scent so to speak.

  2. bengalpuss29 says:

    Every time i read this the angrier it makes me. That cunt of a stepmother kim only said she’d scolded andrea so she could get off on a manslaughter charge. But why lie about it saying the child is missing. Also how come this little girl was never found, she should have been at the bottom of that lake with big blocks tied to the body and it wouldn’t have Decomposed That quick. And yet again child welfare services fucked up giving this angel back to the cunt of a father. Those two bastards are walking around little andrea isn.t.

  3. against stupid people says:

    again NEVER LIVE IN ALABAMA. Im guessing whomever decided to call it “common sense” didn’t know but 3 people and was NOT from Alabama. ARE YOU PEOPLE IDIOTS???? CHANGE THE LAWS YOU IGNORANT ASSHATS anything to do with MISSING CHILDREN, ABUSE, MURDER OR PURPOSLEY INJURING A CHILD IS A FELONY PUNISHABLE BY DEATH MORONS damn

    • Christian Sherrod says:

      You my friend are the idiot. I live in Alabama and remember this like it was yesterday with a child the same age. This was horrific. This was devastating to the entire county and community. This is not only a problem with the state of Alabama, but all and all humanity. You have never been evidently and we don not need the likes of you. This was only the second conviction of murder without a body in the state of Alabama. She was also convicted of murder not only child abuse. This has nothing to do with the state, but of cruelty. Cruelty knows no address and my friend you are cruel to. We as a community still mourns for Andrea. I try to remember she is at peace now. I am proud of who I am and where I am from. We are a loving and good community. These people who committed this crime are actually natives to the state of Illinois. The Alabamians searched for her and cried for her.

  4. Goh says:

    Its so sickening to read every article where this child’s parents were so young, deeply in love, gets married then have their child.. This poor child becomes a victim of abuse, torture, rape and etc.. why on earth in the first place giving birth to a child where you need to underwent suffering of childbirth then in the end abused them till death?? what are you people thinking? For fun???? I really hate this sicko!!!! What is the parents becoming of? Stress?? Indulge in drug and alcohol?? How come this kind of mentality still exist????

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