Kevin McDonagh, Dean Smith & Paris Green

Paris Green, Kevin McDonagh, Dean Smith

Paris Green, Kevin McDonagh, Dean Smith

Crimes: Murder, Sexual Assault, Torture

Kevin McDonagh, Dean Smith and Paris Green are convicted murderers. Robert Shankland was their unfortunate victim. That’s the short version. The long version is a lot harder to deal with.

Robert Shankland, 46, of Fife, Scotland, is described by his family as “a caring person who always had time for others”. Nice. He sounds like a really decent sort of person.

Robert Shankland, unfortunately, not only knew Kevin McDonagh, Dean Smith and Paris Green, but he considered them friends despite being twice their age. When the trio invited him in March 2013 to a party in Brodie Court, Glenrothes, Robert Shankland was happy to go.

There was no party — unless you consider hours of torture and a murder to be a party (in which case you are a hellbeast yourself).

The only justification for the horrific abuse and brutal death inflicted upon Robert Shankland seems to be a petty argument over the purchase of a bag of chips. The argument took place 2 weeks before the “party”, so the murderous assholes McDonagh, Smith and Green sure as hell know how to hold a grudge.

It’s all so pathetic that I have trouble wrapping my brain around it. To kill over a bag of chips? A frigging bag of chips? What disgusting, useless, worthless, POS hellbeasts these murderers are.

Robert Shankland

Robert Shankland

When Robert Shankland showed up to party with those he considered his friends, he suspected nothing. And then the evil trio attacked.

With his bad heart, I don’t know how hard Robert Shankman could fight. He was soon overpowered and tied up with torn bedding. He was completely at his abusers’ mercy, and they had none.

Kevin McDonagh, Dean Smith and Paris Green beat and battered their captive. They kicked him. They attacked him with a rolling pin. They sexually assaulted him too.

Kevin McDonagh, Dean Smith and Paris Green tied a ligature around poor Robert Shankland’s neck, and then they placed a plastic bag over his head. Obviously the evil trio meant for their victim to die.

The torture had gone on for hours. Kevin McDonagh, Dean Smith and Paris Green got a bit peckish so they sold their victim’s mobile phone to pay for ham sandwiches. They ate those damned sandwiches as their victim lay dying.

The poor fellow, Robert Shankland, died either by suffocation or the blunt force injuries — murdered over a damned bag of chips.

You know and I know that Kevin McDonagh, Dean Smith and Paris Green were just itching on a reason to murder someone. They killed not for a bag of chips but simply because they wanted the thrill of the kill. And as soon they had killed, they wanted to boast about their feat.

Maggie Shields, a friend of Paris Green, visited the Brodie Court apartment. The heinous murderers were all a-twitter about their evil deed. They couldn’t wait to share the news.

“Dean jumped up quite excitedly and said, ‘I will show you the body’,” said Maggie Shields. “I still did not think they had killed him.” And then she saw the body, bound, beaten, bloody, with a bag over the head. That’s the stuff of nightmares.

Instead of congratulating the heartless killers and celebrating with them, Maggie Shields immediately fled from the apartment in terror and contacted the authorities.

Kevin McDonagh, Dean Smith and Paris Green were arrested and charged with murder. Instead of the stupid-ass bag of chips story they began to say that their victim had made sexual advances toward them. WTF?

So it wasn’t sufficient to senselessly, heartlessly and callously torture and murder the man, they had to smear his reputation too? Disgusting!

Kevin McDonagh did tell the arresting officers, “He tried to fight back. After that it was just disgusting.” But not disgusting enough for them to stop beating, sexually assaulting and murdering their victim.

Kevin McDonagh, 23, Dean Smith, 20, and Paris Green, 22, went to trial in 2014 at the High Court in Glasgow. They were all convicted of murder.

Judge John Morris QC said, “This was a particularly gruesome murder which effectively involved the torture of your victim over many hours. It beggars belief that you could act towards another human being in this way.”

The judge went on to say, “Your conduct was utterly depraved. You left Mr. Shankland – even in death – without any dignity whatsoever.”

Kevin McDonagh, Dean Smith and Paris Green were given life sentences. They can apply for parole after 18 years. Here’s hoping they never see the light of day.

Paris GreenParis Green, born Peter Laing, was sent to serve the life sentence at Cornton Vale women’s prison. However, because Paris Green is a pre-op transsexual and still has male genitalia, there were *shock* reports of sexual relationships with other convicts. Paris Green, after only 5 weeks at Cornton Vale, was moved to the women’s section of Saughton jail.

In my mind, Kevin McDonagh, Dean Smith and Paris Green should not be enjoying their incarceration in any way, shape or form. After what they’d done to Robert Shankland they deserve no happiness, no joy, no peace.

These 3 sadistic hellbeasts plotted and schemed to torture and sexually assault that poor man for the sheer sick pleasure of it. They cold bloodedly carried out their plot for the sheer sick pleasure of it. For that they should lose not just their freedom but any and all sources of pleasure.

RIP, Robert Shankland. I extend my sincere condolences to his family and friends. He sounds like he was a really decent guy and he did not deserve his horrible fate.

BTW, I extend my thanks to reader Damien for the suggested article.

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16 Responses to Kevin McDonagh, Dean Smith & Paris Green

  1. Moody Magic says:

    This trio are sick and depraved. Burn in hell You sick monsters. I still shake my head “a bag of chips”. Poor Robert.

  2. bengalpuss says:

    That paris green should be made to serve its sentence in a male prison, seen as it still has its testicles and meatstick. The poor victim probably thought he had great mates to invite him to a party, only to arrive at a nightmare. I truly hope their time in prison is miserable, i also hope they get a good beating, so they’ll know how their victim felt, evil cunts they are.

  3. bulldoggy says:

    Call me a cynic but do the authorities know for sure Paris Green is transsexual? Maybe he isn’t. Maybe he just likes to wear women’s clothing and keep his hair long. Maybe he figures life is easier in the women’s prison – a man surrounded by desperate women. Judging by the 5:00 shadow in the top photo it doesn’t much look like he’s taking the drugs needed to make the change.

    If she is a transsexual I still think she should be given the operation before she’s allowed loose among the women’s population. But male or female, Paris Green should suffer for what was done to Mr. Shankland. All 3 of them should suffer greatly.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Exactly my point bulldoggy, it should be made to serve it’s sentence in a male prison, he was born with gonads and still has them, so she/he must be put in a male jail.

    • bengalpuss says:

      “5 o:clock shadow” i haven’t heard that term in a long time lol.

    • deone hunter says:

      I can tell Paris is transsexual I have seen its meat n tatties can’t believe I used to have it staying with me Jesus could’ve been me that got killed

  4. Rhonda says:

    I hope they are all tortured to near death several times over and then murdered in some horrible, brutal, highly sadistic way in prison so that they can never, ever live to see freedom/be paroled and walk among decent people again.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Don’t worry rhonda, scottish prisons are not easy prisons, i’m sure they’ll have a life of misery inside, as they should, scumbags they are.

      • Darren says:

        Actually Scottish prisons are nothing, in Perth prison you get sky television, gym twice a day 3 meals a day and you can get work which will get you about £11 a week or you can do nothing and get a cell wage of £5 a week to buy whatever you need. You can get PlayStation 2’s in there and you get free health and dental care. How do I know this? Because I have been in one for 3 months. Also Dean and Kevin USED TO BE my friends. I even slept with Kevin and gave dean oral.I don’t know what happened to them to make them do this, but when I knew them before this, they seemed so normal. I met them in homeless accomodation, Kevin when I was 17 and dean when I was 21. I couldn’t believe it when I heard about this.

        • Brian Rodger says:

          I met Kevin in Lowmoss where is now serving his sentence.
          He has always maintained his innocence and was considering in getting the Scottish criminal cases review commission to look at his case….Don’t think so!
          He currently works as a peer supporter, helping other vulnerable prisoners, short termers and remand prisoners, he gets a pass to get about the jail and he gets on with most of the guys…….hes a bit of a walter mitty and likes to “play about”. Hes in the right place for that.

          • no name says:

            I was in prison with Paris…she looks nothing like her pictures now though put on ALOT of weight, the lassies also hate her as she is a grass walking about like she owns the place! She still has her man bits too! Believe me she doesn’t have life easy in there, women’s prison is the most bitchy place I have ever been! And trust me she gets a hard time grassing on folk for bullying n that. Saughton never had sky lucky bastards in Perth! Not even a PlayStation!

        • Dani01 says:

          My gran, didn’t deserve to loose her son!
          My mum didn’t deserve to loose her brother!
          Me and my siblings didn’t deserve to loose our uncle!
          He didn’t deserve to loose his life!

          I really really hope they fucking rot, I hope they have a really sad, lonely and miserable time for as long as they have left!
          He was the most loveliest, kind, caring and most amazing person and he made my family a family!
          They will get there day, all dogs do!

  5. Aletheia says:

    Paris Green chose a particularly appropriate name for herself …

  6. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    A State of Good has the Death Penalty For Murder

    A State of Evil lets Murderers Get Away with Murder by there being No
    Death Penalty For Murder

    NO to ” European Human Rights ” YES to True Justice the Death Penalty For Murder

  7. CassieMc says:

    Know this Paris green through a friend , used to go to her house n vice versa , fell out on time and the disgusting little bastard threatened to stab my unborn child with a dirty needle , didn’t believe it even no its a disgusting thing to come out with now i see its capable of alsorts , good to hear it aint having life easy in prison ! , hope ”it”rots like they left that poor guy till he was found , rip Robert didn’t know you but no one deserved to die that way .. Xx

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