Kevin Bollaert

Kevin Bollaert

Crimes: Extortion, Revenge Porn

Kevin Bollaert is a total crybaby. He’s crying because he got slammed by the justice system, which is exactly what he deserved. He’s crying because he didn’t want to face the consequences of his extremely bad actions. He’s crying because he’s been exposed as a sleazy, misogynistic pervert who extorted the victims of his disgusting revenge porn website.

Kevin Bollaert of San Diego, California, had a lucrative scheme going with his websites. The first site, U Got Posted, was the revenge porn site. Men who were mad at their ex-girlfriends got to post naked pictures of them in a bid to get revenge. Not only did the women experience the humiliation of having their most private photos uploaded to the site, they also had their privacy and safety destroyed by having their social media accounts linked to Kevin Bollaert’s site.

Can you imagine that? Thousands, potentially millions of men were free to ogle naked photos of these women, and they could also track them down and contact them through social media. How could any of these women ever feel safe again?

Bear in mind these women had done nothing wrong except to trust the men they loved enough to share or pose for nude photos. The men are the villains of the piece, and not just Kevin Bollaert. These men, who were so juvenile and amoral and evil that they sought revenge for being spurned, are villains who deserve the humiliation that was heaped on the women instead.

More than 10,000 photos were posted on U Got Posted between December 2012 and September 2013. That adds up to one helluva lot of scummy, immoral bastards who couldn’t resist getting even with their ex-girlfriends in this despicable, harmful way. All of them deserve to be named and shamed so their future girlfriends could be warned, and so their parents could know they had failed to raise decent members of society. And I’m sure their employers would like to know what kind of characters they’ve hired on. Any creep who would seek revenge on women they loved could also seek revenge on their bosses.

One victim said, “It’s just broken me on a level that’s not describable. The only thing I have left is shame and anger.”

Another victim spoke of the crippling fear of being recognized that makes life a daily struggle. “If someone looks as me? Are they remembering me?”

One woman tried to commit suicide after learning her photos were posted online. Other women lost their jobs, their families, their homes, and their plans for the future. They were labeled sluts, and were made vulnerable to online trolls and stalkers.

Uncaring of all that suffering was Kevin Bollaert, who got some sick kick out of hurting women.

“It was kind of fun and entertaining,” Kevin Bollaert answered when asked why he started the site. It was also kind of lucrative. He earned about $900 a month in ad revenue. And the evil bastard found a way to make even more money.

See, Kevin Bollaert had a second site, Change My Reputation. Victims who complained to him about having their photos, personal information and links posted on U Got Posted were directed to his second site. There the victims would be charged up to $350 to have their photos removed. And that, my friends, is extortion.

Kevin Bollaert received about $30,000 from his victims. That’s a nice chunk of change for the hellbeast. I’m sure he expected to live off the proceeds of his sites for years. Except what he was doing was illegal.

In California they have a state law that prohibits anyone from posting identifiable nude photos on the Internet after a break-up. That’s a mighty good law, IMO. It’s a law that recognizes there are immature, slimy assholes out there who want to hurt the women who rejected them.

Fifteen other states have laws against revenge porn. I sure hope the rest of the states get on board.

California is the very first state to prosecute somebody for operating a revenge porn site, and the very first person prosecuted was Kevin Bollaert! The poor widdle sleazeball!

At his February 2015 trial, his lawyer agreed that Kevin Bollaert’s sites were gross and offensive, but argued his client didn’t break the law. He hadn’t posted those nude photos himself; he had merely allowed others to post them.

Too bad for the hellbeast that that argument didn’t fly. He was convicted of 21 counts of identity theft and 6 counts of extortion. Yay!!!

On April 3, 2015 Kevin Bollaert was sentenced. But first he had to sit through an all-day hearing where some of his victims testified about the harm that had been inflicted on them. His parents also testified.

“He has said many times he wishes he never made the website…If he could go back and change it all, he would,” his parents said in their statement to the court.

Yeah, I’m sure he said that — AFTER he was arrested. I’m sure he never said that while he was making money off of the desperation and misery of women he’d never even met.

Kevin Bollaert actually cried while listening to the testimony. IMO he wasn’t crying about the terror the women live in, or the damage he’s done to their lives. After all, he didn’t cry when his victims contacted him, desperate to get their photos and links taken off the Internet. He just gleefully extorted money from them.

Nope, Kevin Bollaert didn’t cry for his victims. IMO, he cried for himself. And Judge David Gill soon gave him good reason to cry.

“I think he deserves a large dose of punishment, frankly,” said Judge Gill. I second that!

Kevin BollaertKevin Bollaert, 28, was sentenced to 18 years in prison. He was also ordered to pay $10,000 in restitution to his victims.

With good behavior, Kevin Bollaert just might be eligible for parole after 10 years.

I wonder if, in 10 years, the women who were victimized will be finally free of the consequences they have to endure now. Will they be able to live without fear of someone finding and sharing their nude photos? Will they be able to form relationships of trust with men? Will they be able to walk the streets without being afraid of being stalked or recognized? Will they be able to re-establish broken relationships with family?

And I wonder if, in 10 years, any of the multitude of immoral, immature assholes who put their ex-girlfriends through this hell will have suffered one single day for their evil behavior. I wish I could name and shame them, and post their pictures and links to their social media. I wouldn’t add dick pics because many men, for some odd reason, are pleased to display their “pride and joy”.

I wish all of the victims all the best. I hope they can find some measure of comfort in Kevin Bollaert’s conviction and sentence.

To all of the men who posted their ex-girlfriends’ explicit photos, I wish their dicks would wither and drop off.

To Kevin Bollaert I wish years of hardship ahead. He’s probably considered a hero to misogynists everywhere, but he’s nothing better than a scummy, sleazy extortionist. Here’s hoping he grows a soul and a conscience before he is released back into the world.

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11 Responses to Kevin Bollaert

  1. moodymagic says:

    I hope this waste of space suffers each and every day in prison. This little pig deserves suffering. Enjoys the showers in prison Kevin.

  2. Katie says:

    I hate it when sociopaths cry in court or pretend they would take it all back if they could. He knew exactly what he was doing & had no intention of stopping, any sign of remorse is nothing but a performance. He’s nothing but a pointless piece of trash.

  3. Bengalpuss says:

    Ha ha ha, i bet he wasn’t expecting that kind of sentence, serves the prick right. He was blubbering for himself not the victims of his wickedness. Women everywhere, don’t have nude pictures taken of yourself because you never know who’s hands they will drop into. I know that we should be able to have pictures of ourselves taken without having to worry about them ending up on the internet, but in these times anything can happen to them.

  4. Rhonda says:

    Seriously how stupid does he feel now, knowing he’s about to spend the next 10 – 18 years in prison. Good grief he’s serving as much time as someone who robbed a bank or tried to knock off a loomis armoured car – made off with serious loot but him? No his dumb ass went to prison for making off with not even 40 grand. Sheesh if there’s anything I despise more than a criminal it’s a stupid one. You went and ruined all those people’s lives, including your own and broke your parents heart too boot for what $40,000.00? You don’t even have to be successful to make 40 grand, hell just work at McDonalds or Walmart for 3, 4 years. Even if he made three times that much my gosh surely if he worked at McDonalds for 20 years he could make more than that. Fun no, but I’m sure it beats going to prison. So getting even with the ladies makes you feel better now does it? Well good now you’ve got a decade or two of incarceration to sit and rot and chew on this – all those bitches you think you f****d are free while your dumb, vengeful, greedy ass is rotting in prison. And now who’s the new bitch on the cell block everybody evil, cruel and perverted is wanting to… Guess you sure showed them right- and that right there Mr. Idiot ought to teach you. You might have had your moment of fun making those women suffer and laughing over their plight but let this be a lesson to you that you think to remember each time you’re bending over to grab your ankles or reaching down to pick up some soap – sometimes in life it’s SHE who laughs last laughs best, not he dumb ass. P.S. I’m a mother and if either of my sons ever wound up in prison for doing something like this well I’d tell them exactly that. Plus remind them how lucky they are to be in prison where I can’t get my hands on them. I feel so sorry for his parents. And girls let this be a lesson to you too – don’t let horny guys take naked pictures of you for any reason least of all love. Ask them is your name Hugh Hefner? Can you pay me a million dollars? Are you prepared to meet with my lawyer and sign a contract, put that in writing? Are you willing to pay my manager, my talent agent, my PR agency their fees in addition to that million we discussed? No? Well then don’t waste my time with asking me to pose naked for you Mr. Decidedly Not Hugh Hefner. Here’s a better idea how about instead you take that camera and shove it up your…

  5. michelle says:

    Ok, first, wouldn’t just posting headshots of these losers constitute “duck pics”?

    Second, I wish all of them to forever suffer from a nasty std. Or two. Or ten. A nice case of tertiary syphilis, perhaps complicated by leprosy, would be acceptable, and probably WOULD make their MANHOOD SHRIVEL and fall off.

    And girls, please don’t take this as laying blame (it most certainly not intended as such), but please take this as a lesson – never pose for nude photos for ANYONE – you never know who will get their hands on them.

  6. Angelo White says:

    I do agree, that this jerk deserves his ass in a prison cell, but a sentence of 18 years is too much for what he did. (alright, he’ll probably only do half of the verdict with decent behaviour). Murderers and rapists get the same time or less. A sentence of maximum 2-5 years would have been justice.

    The extortion of these victims probably made the end decision so exagerated and the court probably wants to make an example of Kevin, so similar websites like myex,,… would go offline. The easy money blinded this guy. He was making $38.500+ for blackmail + thought that the FBI would never get him.

    Even with a nationwide revenge porn law, it will have no effect, since men share their exes tape or pics in a state of ‘rage’, but it’s a beginning. The damage can’t be undone though and once you’re online, you’re there to stay.

    Ain’t it a better idea, if the gov would do more effort about prevention in high schools. Inform young teenagers about ‘revenge porn’ in sex education class and then we’ll also see less destroyed lives in the future.

  7. 2cute says:

    I read about a guy injecting vaseline into his penis and now he can’t have sex any more because it’s totally useless. Sounds like a good idea for misogynists and pervs. Too bad that punishment can’t be added to a prison term.

  8. TimeToFaceFacts says:

    Some men treat women very poorly and that needs to change. As a male, I’m disgusted that my gender can behave so crassly. There are a lot of good men out there though, we need to stand up and say its not ok when we hear our family, friends, coworkers, w/e say or do things that mistreat/abuse females.

    The guy from the article is a scumbag for sure. He should do his time, hopefully get rehabilitated, and then devote his life to helping those who he has harmed.

  9. AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

    This is why I NEVER take, send, or allow anyone to take pictures of me. I haven’t been in a relationship in a long time. I have a defunct mate picker. My son’s father just went to prison in May for murder.

  10. Hopeless Pedantic says:

    Wonder how “fun and entertaining” Bollocksard’s cellmate is finding him. “Kind of”?

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