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Kenneth Robert KlassenCrimes: Pedophilia, Child Porn
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Burnaby, British Columbia, art dealer Kenneth Robert Klassen, when interviewed by police, confessed he was “guilty of loving women too much.” Is that a crime? That bit of boasting kind of makes him sound like a Casanova, a real ladies’ man. And in his mind, I’m sure the divorced father of three did consider himself a great lover of women.

The problem is that in his twisted little mind “women” is defined differently that it is for the rest of us. The rest of us think of women as adult females. For Kenny boy here, “women” are female, preferably prepubescent. Yup, Kenneth Robert Klassen likes his “women” as young as he can get them. This would make his idea of “loving” closer to our idea of child molestation and rape. Closer? Spot on, I would say.

Now Kenneth Robert Klassen knows enough not to get caught messing with Canadian children. He knows Canadian society and laws frown upon pedophiles, which is what someone with his sexual predilection is. Did he seek help for his deviant urges? Did he deny himself his sexual fantasies and conform to Canadian society? You just know if he’s featured on this site he sure as hell didn’t.

What Kenneth Robert Klassen did do was pack up his bags and baggage, his trunk and his junk and headed overseas looking for “women” to “love.” He moved to Colombia where he lived off and on for twenty years. He also made trips to Cambodia and the Philippines for fun and adventure. And then he returned to Canada.

Betcha he wishes he hadn’t come home.

Betcha he wishes he hadn’t made souvenir videos of his fun and adventures.

On August 27, 2004, Canada Border Service Agency officers spotted a suspicious package of bedding that hid 65 undeclared DVDs containing child porn and bestiality. That got them mighty interested in Kenneth Robert Klassen. The police followed up and after searching his home and a Vancouver storage locker they found 21 DVDs of his homemade movies.

The video clips not surprisingly showed him engaged in numerous sex acts with young girls. They showed him cramming his hopefully undersized tool into the mouths and vaginas of little girls. They showed him using dildos and other objects on his victims. They showed some of his male friends participating in the rapes as well. The youngest girl was estimated to be seven years old.

Kenneth Robert Klassen

There were 92 girls on those DVDs. Ninety-two.

One can only wonder how many hundreds/thousands he raped that he didn’t videotape. He’d been abroad for twenty years. He’d admitted to first raping a child at the age of 28.

The DVDs police discovered had descriptive titles like “First Timer” and “Child Abuse.” Naming a video “Child Abuse” puts the lie to his asinine assertion that he “loved women too much.” He knew damn well he was abusing children, and that what he was doing had nothing to do with “love.”

Kenny boy was a bonafide and very active sex tourist. On one trip alone to Cambodia, he managed in two and a half days to rape eight girls. We know because he made videos.

When Kenneth Robert Klassen lived in Columbia, he employed a fellow named Ricardo whose job was to go out and find girls to satisfy Kenny boy’s sexual appetites. He also paid a woman he lived with to design the DVD covers, edit the videos he made and blur his face. Those shit stains should get a taste of hell for their participation. That woman especially who sat through and watched the entire footage of Kenny boy stuffing his junk into 92 little girls’ orifices. They make me sick!

What Kenneth Robert Klassen didn’t count on was that in 1997 Canada made sex tourism a crime. He thought that raping children in other countries couldn’t be prosecuted back home. More fool him! Canadian sex laws apply to Canadians regardless of where they happen to be.

So at 59 years of age, Kenneth Robert Klassen found himself in court charged with the following list of thirty-five counts of sexual offenses:

1.Fourteen (14) counts of Sexual Interference – Section 151 C.C.C

2. Fourteen (14) counts of Invitation to Sexual Touching – Section 152 C.C.C.

3. One (1) count of Householder Permitting Sexual Activity – Section 171 C.C.C.

4. One (1) count of Procuring – Section 212 (1) (a) C.C.C

5. Two (2) counts of Procuring – Section 212 (4) C.C.C

6. Three (3) counts of Making Child Pornography – Section 163.1(2) C.C.C”

Klassen launched an ultimately unsuccessful constitutional challenge to Canada’s child-sex tourism law. When that failed, just as his trial was about to start he pleaded guilty to fourteen counts of sexual interference and one of importing child porn.

Kenneth Robert Klassen

His defense was he was merely a “customer” in transactions with sex-trade workers. He said he was the “customer of willing participants.” Somebody needs to teach Kenneth Robert Klassen that children cannot be willing participants in sex acts with adults, that children cannot be prostitutes. This is a lesson best taught by someone much bigger and stronger than he is, with hugely over-sized man bits and a goodly supply of Viagra and plenty of like-minded friends. That is merely my opinion and I’m open to other ideas.

Justice Austin Cullen of the B.C. Supreme Court presided.

Crown prosecutor Brendan McCabe said that, according to witness statements, Kenneth Robert Klassen gave the girls cash and gifts and even offered to pay for a thyroid operation for one girl, but that never materialized.

McCabe said that some of the victims were offered the equivalent of $45, “which would have been like a king’s ransom.”

One Colombian girl who Klassen called Laurie had sex with him first at age eleven. She agreed to it because she said she wanted to buy some new clothes for her twelfth birthday.

“I had nobody to give me anything,” the girl said.

For three years she was one of his victims. During that time Kenneth Robert Klassen threatened her with violence if she didn’t obey him. That’s “love” to this POS? Among his orders was that she videotape him with other girls and have sex with two of his friends. True love, obviously.

Another eleven-year-old Colombian victim said that Klassen once bought her a teddy bear as a present. Big spender! I shudder to think what he put her through to earn that present.

“Your Honor, I am sorry for what I have done with all my heart,” Klassen said before sentencing.

The judge didn’t buy his apology. Frankly, neither do I and neither should you. This pervert is probably most sorry for sending himself that package of bedding and DVDs. If he hadn’t he wouldn’t have been caught and charged in the first place. Kenneth Robert Klassen would never have been sorry enough to mend his ways and stop raping little girls.

Justice Cullen watched nearly two hours’ worth of video clips during the sentencing hearing. That did not bode well for the accused.

Describing child-sex tourism as a problem of “epidemic” proportion, Justice Cullen accepted McCabe’s argument that preying on children in poverty-stricken countries such as Colombia, Cambodia and the Philippines makes the crime worse.

Happily by agreeing, Justice Cullen has more broadly defined the concept of being in a position of trust or authority as going beyond relatives, teachers, doctors and priests to now include wealthy foreigners.

Justice Cullen condemned Kenneth Klassen’s repeated sexual activity with little girls overseas as “opportunistic” and “organized.”

“I find the offender’s conduct in this case to be very serious and his moral-blameworthiness to be very high,” Justice Cullen said. “(Klassen’s) conduct represents a gross violation of the natural imperative to protect children and not to harm them.” Gross violation is right! I’m kind of hoping for a gross violation to be visited upon Kenny boy in the next few years.

“His video recording of their abuse reflects a callous preoccupation with his own perverse pleasure,” Cullen said. He got that dead right!

Kenneth Robert Klassen was sentenced to eleven years in federal prison. One year is for possession of child pornography purchased in the Philippines.

The ten years are for fourteen counts of sexual touching involving prepubescent girls in Colombia and Cambodia: six years for each of the eight counts involving the most aggravated sexual touching (to be served concurrently) and four years for each of the other six counts (to be served concurrently).

Additionally, Kenneth Robert Klassen must provide a DNA sample for the sex offender registry, where he will be listed for twenty years.

He is prohibited from possessing a firearm for ten years and banned for life from playgrounds, schoolyards and parks. For life!

This was the stiffest sentence ever handed out under Canada’s sex tourism law.

All the same, Kenneth Robert Klassen’s sentence falls short of the twelve years that McCabe wanted. It falls even shorter of the ten-year maximum that the legislation allows for each count.

Eleven years in prison seems so little compared to the hell Klassen has visited on others in the twenty-five years since he began raping little girls.

His children have to endure being related to a rapacious predatory pedophile.

The police and prosecutors had to endure viewing disturbing videos and images of sexual acts perpetrated on little girls and then track down and seek out statements from Kenneth Robert Klassen’s victims.

And as for the victims? Can they ever be the same? Their innocence is long gone and because of Kenneth Robert Klassen’s “loving” initiation into sex they will probably prostitute themselves the rest of their lives.

Eleven years. *Sigh*. Yes, it’s the best. Still, it just doesn’t seem anywhere near enough. May this POS roast in hell.

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  1. scrappy says:

    Yay Canadian justice system. Sex tourism is a crime! Canada, your morality and sensibility rock!

    Sorry Justice Cullen didn’t hand out longer sentences. Hope this beast has not one peaceful day in prison and that he dies before he ever spends a day free.

  2. bengalpuss29 says:

    The reason why pieces of shit go and live in these countries is because they know that they are poor. All they have to do is to offer the child or the children’s parents about the equivalent of 1 months wages and all morality goes out of the window. You have to remember these fucking bastard paedaphile are preditor’s and will hunt until they find their pray. In the poorest asian countrys they need to crack down on these pieces of filth that visit their country for the sole purpose of raping and molesting young children, then giving them a stint in a foreign prison preferably in south east asia would be a very rude awakening for them believe me. When it comes to children’s welfare and these bastards are preying on the most vulnerable members of our society, then we need to be cruel I don’t believe for 1 minute that 11 years for this dirtbag is enough because he’ll only serve 6 and the 1st thing he’ll do when he’s released is abuse another child. At least chemically Castrate The bastard if nothing else.

  3. Netherwarper says:

    11 years? JOKE!!!!!! They should have banned him from leaving the country. That was so stupid of them not too, all he is going to do is get out of jail and hightail it straight to the Phillipenes where he will be knee deep in 8 year olds. He is a danger to children and society and should be put away for life!

  4. against stupid people says:

    he needs to be blinded and his junk taken off and applied to his forehead with a staplegun.

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