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I read a statistic yesterday, a very upsetting and horrible statistic. Every 17 minutes a woman in Canada is raped. That just boggles my itty bitty female mind, it truly does, so I just had to do the math. OMG, that awful statistic translates into 30,917 rapes per year. That is 30,917 times Canadian women are violently attacked and sexually violated every year.

As bad as that number is that is not the worst statistic. It is far worse that nearly 94% of these rapes are not even reported to police. That’s right, 94% of victims even after they’ve been overpowered, threatened, probably beaten and then forcefully penetrated by some loathsome hellbeast refuse to step into the arena of the criminal and justice system in Canada.

I would not be surprised if that number rises to nearly 100% in Manitoba thanks to Queen’s Bench Justice and Major Asshole Robert Dewar.

The Canadian justice system has set three years of incarceration as the starting point for judges in determining sentences for rape and major sexual assault. Three years is the starting point, the minimum, not the cap, and judges can tack on more time if they feel it’s warranted. In my mind more time is always warranted. Let the rapists rot in jail, I say.

As of 2007 Parliament wisely took from judges the power to grant conditional sentences for sexual assault. Why? Probably because of assholes like Robert Dewar. Unhappily, cases dealing with rapes dating back to before 2007 are subject to the old way of doing things.

This brings us to the case of the convicted rapist Kenneth Rhodes. Back in the summer of 2006 Kenneth Rhodes and a pal met up with a couple of women outside a bar. Now his pal and one of the women hit it off really well, so the four of them piled into the women’s car and headed off toward a nearby lake.

Kenneth Rhodes started hitting on his 20-year-old victim, but she spurned him.

“I didn’t like the guy,” she is quoted as saying. “He was beyond creepy, a real pervert.”

Well the pervert didn’t stop his attentions. He began foisting upon the girl unwanted kisses. Ewww. He pawed her and mauled her and wouldn’t stop. In a panic the girl asked her friend to stop the car and let her out. She didn’t want to be anywhere around that creep. Her clueless/brainless friend obliged and stopped the car on the highway, in the dark, so she could get out. Unfortunately Kenneth Rhodes got out too, and oblivious to the girl’s distress her friend drove off and left them there. Imagine the terror the girl felt, alone, in the dark, with HIM.

The girl feared for her life and she had good reason to do so. The assault was violent. When it was done she was covered with bruises and had been raped and sodomized. She still bears a scar on her knee as a result of the attack.

After the prolonged assault the girl fled from her rapist without her pants, trying to run away through the dark woods. She ultimately had to no choice but to go back to the highway, still without pants, to flag down help from a passing car. Horrifically for her she had to share a ride with her rapist.

And so it came to be that Kenneth Rhodes was convicted of raping the girl. No question that he did it. Guilty, guilty, guilty. But because the crime occurred before 2007, Justice Robert Dewar had the right to impose his own sort of justice in sentencing.

Justice Robert Dewar decided that the two men meeting up with the two women outside a bar constituted “inviting circumstances.” He noted that the women were wearing tube tops with no bras, high heels and plenty of makeup.

“They made their intentions public known that they wanted to party,” Dewar said. There was “sex in the air” that night, and Dewar gave weight to the convicted rapist’s contention that he thought the woman had consented to sex.

“This is a case of misunderstood signals and inconsiderate behavior,” Dewar concluded.

Rape and sodomy are inconsiderate behavior? Seriously? Yup, that’s what the man said. Betcha he thinks murder is downright incivility and rudeness.

And not only that, the convicted rapist was in actuality a “clumsy Don Juan” according to asshole Dewar. That’s right, Kenneth Rhodes was being all romantic while he was grinding that girl into the highway, ripping her pants off, shoving his fingers and then his penis into her vagina and anus, ignoring her whimpers of pain.

How was Kenneth Rhodes to know the girl didn’t welcome his advances? I’m sure all his girlfriends ask him if he’s going to kill them while they have sex. I’m sure all his girlfriends try to hide in the woods before and after. I’m sure all his girlfriends wind up with bruises and scarred knees as souvenirs. “Clumsy Don Juan” indeed.

No, according to Robert “Asshole” Dewar poor Kenneth Rhodes never threatened the woman, didn’t have a weapon and was simply “insensitive to the fact (she) was not a willing partner.”

Justice Robert Dewar said, “There is a different quality to this case than many sexual assaults… Not all guilty people are morally culpable to the same level.”

That’s right, poor Kenneth Rhodes was not morally culpable. The girl was. That nasty slut got him all excited and confused and forced him to believe she wanted sex with him on the highway in the dark. How dare she wear a tube top WITHOUT A BRA! How dare she talk to strange men in a parking lot! How dare she wear too much makeup and high heels! There was “sex in the air” and she damn well knew better than to not deliver!

What did the girl expect anyway? That she could change her mind? Refuse Kenneth Rhodes’ kisses? Deny him full and unfettered access to her vagina and anus?

The prosecutor was seeking a three-year jail term for this convicted rapist, but Justice Dewar decided poor Kenneth Rhodes should be spared jail time.

“Protection of society is not advanced one iota by putting Mr. Rhodes in jail,” Dewar the asshole ruled.

So Kenneth Rhodes got a two-year conditional sentence that allows him to remain free in the community. He’s allowed to go to work and buy groceries, but no booze. Oh, and he has to write a letter of apology to the victim of his “inconsiderate behavior.” And he should attend counseling for sex offenders. Should attend. Not even must attend.

Ooooh, Justice Robert Dewar really gave that convicted rapist what he had coming, right? I’m sure every violent sexual offender in this country will think twice before raping again knowing that there are NO CONSEQUENCES for their “inconsiderate behavior.” They don’t even have to write “I will not rape again” a hundred times on the blackboard — instead they get to send their victims a sweet little note saying they’re very, very sorry.

And I’m sure every woman in Canada now knows she doesn’t have to worry about her safety from sexual predators — just so long as she doesn’t wear anything more enticing than a burka… and a parka.

And victims of sexual assault will know better now than to clog up the courts with their nonsense after they’ve enticed these poor rapists into behaving badly. Rapists don’t create victims after all — potential victims create rapists. The moral culpability lies with the woman, everyone knows that. Or at least the judges know that.

Justice Robert Dewar’s decision in this case stirred up a media and public opinion firestorm. He has since been taken off sexual offender cases, and the Canadian Judicial Council is reviewing complaints regarding his conduct. Hopefully he’ll be “retired” from the bench before he does any more damage.

I’m sure you have figured out that I would consign convicted rapist Kenneth Rhodes to the flames of hell if I could, with hellhounds nipping at his balls forevermore. But Justice Robert Dewar should be joining him and all rapists down there too, because thanks to his stone-aged attitude 30,917 Canadian women will likely decide not to report their sexual assaults to police this year, and the next year and years after that. Just as I didn’t 35 1/2 years ago.

6 Responses to Kenneth Rhodes and Justice Robert Dewar

  1. Kelli says:

    I had to stop reading after the judge said the way the women presented themselves was “invitational circumstances” Effin asshole. The way she was dressed was believe it or not.. NOT A YES TO HAVE SEX WITH HER!
    Ashamed that this so called Judge is Canadian.

  2. bengalpuss29 says:

    Don juan fucking don juan. That poor woman she had the courage to report this piece of sewer Sludge and take it to its final conclusion a Custodial Sentence and then dumb fuck Dewar Opens his mouth and the poor women must have thought she was having a nightmare. How dare he say that she basically brought it on herself because she was wearing a tube top no bra and high heels. Just because every woman doesn’t dress and act like mrs dewar doesn’t mean they are tramp’s i think its disgusting that he sentenced someone on his opinion instead of the evidence. No wonder the majority of rape’s and sexual assaults go un reported. Like you cleo i was raped i was fourteen when it happened and still my family don’t know. It was my school friends father that did it and i’ve never told anyone until now, through fear that i’d be blamed called a slut and im still affected by it to this day, then when i read something like this i can understand why there was a big uproar, but he’ll still get to retire with a fat pension.

  3. BENGALPUSS says:

    I still get angry after i’ve read this article again, poor woman being blamed for something that a sick pig did to her, no doubt we will be reading this rapists name in the future, he has been given a message of it’s ok to rape a woman because she was asking for it, plus i won’t go to prison. That poor woman, and what was her friend thinking by leaving her alone with the beast she was trying to get away from? selfish cunt she is.

  4. angrycdn says:

    Judge Dewar is a disgrace to the bench. Yet there are no consequences, short of appealing his idiotic and disgraceful ruling, for his behavior. One can try reporting him to the Canadian Judicial Council, but they would face an uphill battle because judges – like lawyers – don’t like to take action against colleagues. And the trend of ‘conditional’ sentences for violent crimes in Canada has become the norm since judges across the country have said that more criminals MUST be kept out of jail.

    The disgrace called a ‘judge’ sounded like he was simply trying to find a way to excuse Rhodes’ behavior. Pathetic.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      The police do a fantastic job gathering evidence to get these pigs off the streets, a jury sits through a trial and gives its verdict only for some misogynist twat of a judge to basically stick his two fingers up at them by giving pathetic sentences and slut shameing the poor woman who has been through a traumatic attack, it fucking makes my blood boil it really does.

  5. JudgeRobertDewarSucksBalls says:

    I just learned about this case today. And I’m shocked that the Canadian Judicial Counsel gave this judge a pass. And it truly sickens me that this piece of shit “Judge” Robert Dewar still sits on the bench. We need to start electing our judges in this country and there needs to be strict citizen oversight at every level. This is proof positive that the legal profession in Canada is truly corrupt all the way to the top.

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