Kenneth H. Brandt, Jason Zwick and Patrick Rieder

Kenneth Brandt

Kenneth Brandt

Crimes: Pedophiles, Sexual Assault

Kenneth H. Brandt, 39, of Troy, Ohio, was living a perfectly respectable and even commendable life, so it seemed. He ran a business, Brandt Insurance Services, and he was past president of the non-profit organization Miami County Foster Parents Inc. He was certified as a foster parent first in Miami County and later in Montgomery County.

Kenneth H. Brandt was also a board member of the Troy Junior Basketball Association. How upstanding of him. He sounds like such a great guy, right?

Even more than that, Kenneth H. Brandt adopted children too — there were 3 boys and 1 girl living in his home. Two of the boys were legally adopted and the other 2 kids’ adoptions were pending.

Personally I am really surprised that a single man was allowed to get his hands on so many kids. The children were all from Texas. I’m thinking Texas really needs to tighten up their adoption regulations a whole lot.

So Kenneth H. Brandt sounded like a great guy. Only he wasn’t. He was and is a pedophile. He adopted those boys for sexual purposes, for his own sexual gratification. The little girl wasn’t physically harmed but the 3 boys were subjected to repeated rapes.

I feel just awful for those kids. I’m sure they dreamt of their new family as being just wonderful, doing things for them and with them, loving them and accepting them. And instead of getting that they got a pedophile perv whose only interest in them was to sexually assault them.

Not only did Kenneth POS pedo perv Brandt routinely rape those boys, he also prostituted the 10-year-old out to 2 other men – Jason Zwick, 30, and Patrick Rieder, 32. That poor kid!

Kenneth Brandt had the absolute nerve, the unmitigated gall to advertise sex with his adopted son on Craigslist.

Jason Zwick

Jason Zwick

Jason Zwick of Beavercreek responded to Kenneth Brandt’s Craigslist advertisement for taboo sex. Craigslist has a lot to answer for, IMO.

Now Jason Zwick came from a very respectable, upper-middle class background. His mom is a teacher and his dad owns a business. I’m sure the entire family was shocked and appalled when they learned dear Jason likes to rape young boys.

The only serious trouble Jason Zwick had with the law in his youth was manufacturing fake ID for fellow high school students. Other than that he lived a supposedly clean and spotless life.

Jason Zwick, unlike a lot of pedophiles I’ve researched, did not work with children. He did not surround himself with children. Instead he worked in the hotel industry in the Fairborn, Columbus and Cleveland areas.

Nothing Jason Zwick did publicly indicated he was inclined toward pedophilia. But arranging sex with a 10-year-old boy through Craigslist, and then raping that same boy multiple times is clear proof of the hellbeast Jason Zwick is.

I wonder how many such “trysts” the pedo perv was involved in before he connected with Kenneth Brandt. He was almost middle aged then, and I doubt he was a novice at molesting children.

Patrick Rieder

Patrick Rieder

The other pedophile that raped Kenneth Brandt’s boy was Patrick Rieder. His initial brush with the law was for possession of drug paraphernalia back in 2002. He worked at a hotel in downtown Dayton, Ohio. He was facing charges of robbery but as a pedophile he certainly flew under the radar.

Patrick Rieder connected with Kenneth Brandt via the Internet. I don’t know if he responded specifically to a Craigslist ad as well, but he was obviously visiting sites where he could communicate with fellow pedophiles.

Kenneth the beast Brandt took the unfortunate young boy to Patrick Rieder’s apartment in Dayton, Ohio specifically to be sexually assaulted. He obviously had no regard for the boy’s wellbeing in any way, shape or form. He obviously didn’t give a single goddamn for any of the children he took into his home.

Not only did Patrick Rieder rape the boy but dear old dad joined in. That poor kid!

Both Patrick Rieder and Jason Zwick paid Kenneth Brandt for the privilege of raping the boy. Yup, the bastard Brandt made money out of these disgusting transactions.

I would not be surprised at all if Kenneth the monstrosity Brandt planned such transactions for his adopted daughter in the near future. Why else would he have a little girl in the family?

Despite being nervy enough to post ads for sex with his son, Kenneth Brandt was becoming wary of being outed and arrested for his crimes. To avoid discovery he took the children out of school for “homeschooling”. This deprived the boys of the chance to tell anyone in authority what was being done to them.

Kenneth Brandt wasn’t to know that the authorities were already onto him. An undercover Internet investigation had brought the POS pedo and his two “customers” to the attention of police.

A detective with the Franklin County Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force posed as a pedophile in order to communicate online with real child molesters. Sure enough, the detective connected with Kenneth Brandt, Patrick Rieder and Jason Zwick. He received assurances that Kenneth Brandt allowed the other 2 f*ckwads to have sex with his 10-year-old boy. The detective then negotiated his own “date” with the victim.

What a job to have, to chat with horrible child rapers all friendly-like, and to share their sick and twisted fantasies as if they’re normal. Kudos to that undercover detective.

Anyway, weeks into the investigation the Franklin County Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force contacted Troy police and told them all about these disgusting perverts.

Kenneth H. Brandt was arrested on February 24, Patrick Rieder was arrested on February 27, and Jason Zwick was arrested on February 28, 2012. The police didn’t waste any time, apparently.

The 4 children were placed in the care of Miami County’s children’s service agency. Bless their hearts I hope they are doing well.

Kenneth Brandt

Kenneth Brandt

Kenneth the hideous hellbeast Brandt faced 31 felony rape counts in Miami County and 7 rape or complicity to commit rape counts in Montgomery County. He did a deal. In December 2012 he pled guilty in Miami County to 6 counts of 1st-degree felony rape.

Kenneth the child raper Brandt was sentenced to a minimum of 60 years in prison. More specifically he got 10 years to life for each of the 6 counts. These are to be served consecutively.

Through a plea deal in Montgomery County Kenneth Brandt received an additional 50-year-to-life sentence. This sentence runs consecutively to the Miami County sentence.

I don’t think Kenneth Brandt, then aged 40, will live long enough to walk freely again. He’d have to live to the age of 100.

In return for the plea deals, Kenneth Brandt agreed to testify at the trials of Jason Zwick and Patrick Rieder.

Jason Zwick initially pled not guilty to 3 counts of rape involving children. In January 2013 he changed his mind and pled no contest to 1 count of child rape. The prosecutors dropped the 2 other charges. The child raper was found guilty and sentenced to 10 years to life in prison.

Judge Christopher Gee also sentenced Jason Zwick to pay a $20,000 fine. If he is ever released the pedo must also regularly report his whereabouts to law enforcement.

Patrick Rieder was indicted and faced multiple charges in Montgomery County. He pled guilty to 27 counts including rape of a child, illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material or performance (is that child porn?) and pandering sexually-oriented material involving a minor (sure sounds like child porn).

Patrick Rieder was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 25 years.

I truly hope and pray the victims are living happy, safe and successful lives and can overcome the horrors that were inflicted upon them. Bless their hearts.

And I truly hope and pray that the 3 evil hellbeasts suffer each and every day, forever.

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8 Responses to Kenneth H. Brandt, Jason Zwick and Patrick Rieder

  1. moodymagic says:

    The only thing that would be better is if Brandt was forced to get BABY RAPER etched with a dirty knife into his forehead. I hope he and the other 2 get to feel the real pain they inflicted on those poor kids. Burn in hell Pedos

  2. bulldoggy says:

    Cleo where were you! Your site was down and I was hyperventilating. Not really but I missed my dose of hellbeasts. These ones are due for a nasty beat down. Those poor little guys being violated by full grown men. Someone should insert something the diameter of, say, a fire extinguisher on these bastards’ rectums. That should give them a fair idea of what they put their victims through.

    • cleo says:

      Bulldoggy, my IT guys Iain and Tomas got the site up and running and I am forever grateful. I wish I could say I hardly badgered them at all but I doubt they’d agree.

  3. Queen Bengalpussy says:

    Sometimes i despair at what i read is going on in the world, Those poor kids were having a tough time as it was, then to be fostered by a dirty stinking rock spider, nonce, has probably damaged those kids for the rest of their lives. Whatever time these cunts serve in the clink, will never be enough as far as im concerned, they should be castrated while awake with rusty scissors, and left to the mercy of general population. Hope those kids do return to some sort of normal life, but i don’t think they will, poor loves. God i hate nonce’s.

  4. Oz Of Wizard says:

    Why oh why do I torture myself by continuing to read about these atrocities? I deliberatly seek to upset myself or what?

    All these stories are just disgusting.

    • Oz Of Wizard says:


      I in no way put blame on the messenger if that’s what it sounded like. I am aware this stuff NEEDS to be reported and these vile maggots need to be exposed.

    • Jarrold Bithuen says:

      Nail on head. You love being upset. You also find this stuff exciting.

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