Ken Anderson

Ken Anderson
Crimes: Perjury and Tampering with Evidence

On February 6, 1987, Williamson County Prosecutor Ken Anderson lied in court. He had no good or noble purpose to lie. His motives were entirely self-serving — he wanted to win a murder case despite the fact the defendant was innocent.

When Judge William Lott asked Prosecutor Ken Anderson if he had any evidence that would favor the defense, the lying bastard said, “No, sir.”

The consequences of that lie were devastating for the defendant, Michael Morton. The poor guy was convicted of beating his wife to death, and was sent to prison. Doing time in a Texas prison is not easy, not for guilty people and certainly not for the innocent.

Michael Morton spent 25 years behind bars for a crime he did not commit. Twenty-five years of hell! He wasn’t released until 2011 when DNA testing exonerated him and led to the conviction of the real killer, Mark Norwood.

The fact that the wrong guy was tried and locked up hadn’t bothered Ken the complete asshole Anderson. It hadn’t bothered him during the trial, and it hadn’t bothered him at any time during those 25 years Michael Morton was left to rot in prison.

Obviously Ken Anderson is completely lacking in a conscience. All that mattered to him was having a winning record as a prosecutor. I have to wonder how many other defendants were cheated of justice because of this evil bastard.

Morton wedding

Morton wedding

Prosecutor Ken Anderson had deliberately sat on and lied about evidence that would have proven the innocence of Michael Morton.

There was the transcript of the grandmother telling police that the victim’s 3-year-old son saw who attacked his mommy, and it wasn’t his daddy.

There was the fact the neighbours told police about a man in a green van who had been casing the victim’s home.

And there was also the fact that the victim’s credit card had been fraudulently used after her death.

I don’t know what evidence the police thought they had that pointed to Michael Morton as the murderer, but they obviously ignored this evidence that pointed elsewhere.

I feel horrible for what Michael Morton was put through. I cannot imagine how an innocent man can spend 25 years in prison for the murder of his wife and keep his soul and sanity intact, but Michael Morton did it.

Tragically, because of Ken Anderson’s lie, Michael Morton was made to pay a heavy price. He missed all those years with his son. He had to live with the knowledge his son grew up believing he was guilty. He had to deal with his son changing his name. He wasn’t there for the birth of his grandchild. He was pretty much erased from the family.

And during all those years that Michael Morton was in hell, Ken Anderson was doing really well for himself. He was the District Attorney for 16 years, and then he was elevated to the position of a State District Judge.

Ken Anderson was the picture of success, but it was a success built upon a complete lack of integrity, humanity and honesty, IMO.

John Bradley

Former DA John Bradley

Sadly, his successor also suffered the same character deficiencies. John Bradley stepped into Ken Anderson’s shoes, and as the new District Attorney he blocked the DNA testing that would have proven Michael Morton innocent. He specifically blocked the testing of a bloody bandana that was found near the murder scene. For 8 freaking years he blocked it! Eight years that Michael Morton could have been free and the real killer, Mark Norwood could have been serving for murder!

Ironically, John Bradley became Chair of the Texas Forensic Science Commission. How the hell did that happen?

It makes me totally sick that the political self-interests of Ken Anderson and John Bradley carried far more weight with them than the cause of justice.

The Innocence Project, being primarily interested in justice, came to Michael Morton’s rescue. After years of campaigning the DNA tests were finally done in 2011 and Michael Morton was a free man.

Michael Morton used his freedom to fight for justice in the Texas legal system. Interestingly, and not surprisingly, Texas leads the entire nation in the number of prisoners proven innocent by DNA testing. In the last 25 years 117 prisoners were freed after having been wrongfully convicted.

Ken Anderson and Michael Morton

Ken Anderson and Michael Morton

Michael Morton and his supporters pushed through the Michael Morton Act that compels Texas prosecutors to share files with defense attorneys that would strengthen the defendants’ cases.

WTF? I thought something like that was already required. I thought all prosecutors always had to share all evidence with the defense. Stupid me, eh?

As a result of Michael Morton’s case/cause becoming public, DA John Bradley lost his seat as DA. Awwwww, the poor asshole.

As well as John Bradley’s career going kaput, Ken Anderson’s career also went into the sh*tcan. After months of public pressure, Kenny boy resigned his position as Williamson County District Judge in September 2012. The State Bar of Texas accused the bastard of professional misconduct, and a special court of inquiry laid felony charges in 2013.

Felony charges for the former judge! Yay! Ken Anderson was charged with tampering with evidence and he faced 10 years in prison! Yay! Sounds like a healthy dose of justice to me … only it didn’t turn out that way.

First of all, Ken Anderson fought the charges by arguing that, even if he had broken the law, the statute of limitations had run out decades ago. A coward’s way out, if you ask me.

I guess that argument didn’t fly with the court so Ken Anderson agreed to a plea deal. A really sweet plea deal for him as it turns out.

Ken Anderson agreed to be disbarred (good!) and pay a fine of $500. Oooooh, harsh! He also has to complete 500 hours of community service. And on top of that, instead of 10 years in prison Ken Anderson was given 10 days in jail.

Tossing in good behavior and time served, he’ll probably only serve 4 days in jail.

OMFG! That’s justice? No, that’s a travesty of justice, IMO. Four days and $500 for 25 years of hell is just wrong.

“In a case like this, sometimes it’s hard to say what meets the ends of justice and what doesn’t. There is no way that anything we can do here today can resolve the tragedy that occurred in these matters,” Judge Kelly G. Moore said. That’s true — nothing can give Michael Morton those 25 years back.

The judge added, “I’d like to say to Mr. Morton, the world is a better place because of you.”

Too bad the same can’t be said for Ken Anderson and John Bradley.

Michael Morton, being an outstanding human being, isn’t wringing his hands at this incredible imbalance in Texas “justice”.

“The only thing I wanted is for Ken Anderson to be off the bench and for him to no longer practice law,” said Michael Morton. “Both of those things have happened and more.”

Former DA John Bradley will be facing some anxious moments now. An audit is going to be done on all cases where the asshole opposed DNA testing. Hmmm, I wonder what that’ll turn up.

The nasty turdpile Ken Anderson has to haul his oversized carcass to the Williamson County Jail by December 2nd to start his woefully inadequate sentence. The bastard still hasn’t apologized properly to Michael Morton.

Mark Norwood

Real Killer Mark Norwood

The closest thing to an apology Ken Anderson has issued is to blame “failures in the system”. He has never accepted responsibility for his wrongdoing.

Well, even though Ken Anderson can reapply for his law license in 5 years, I am hoping his career in law is truly over. I’m hoping the best job he can get after this is dishwasher at the local soup kitchen. Maybe that’ll teach him something about being a decent human being.

Please, please, people of Texas, don’t let Ken Anderson and John Bradley live down their wrongful actions that have ruined who knows how many lives. Don’t forget what they were willing to sacrifice for their own careers — true justice.

And before I forget, rot in hell Mark Norwood you evil murdering hellbeast!

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18 Responses to Ken Anderson

  1. moodymagic says:

    I am glad the real killer is in prison. Michael Morton you are an amazing individual after everything you have lost are not stuck with bitterness. You have true character strength may you continue to move forward and get your life back. Burn in hell Anderson and Bradley.

  2. Chellesbelles says:

    This is truly hard to believe. Isn’t the whole point to catch the guilty party so they don’t continue their evil ways? Isn’t it? Is it really ok to these prosecutors that somebody, anybody go to jail, whether or not they are guilty? This truly makes me sick. I’ve heard it said that in jail, everyone is innocent. It sounds like in Texas, that might be close to the truth. It breaks my heart to think of people in jail that haven’t done anything to deserve being there and the guilty party is still walking free committing crimes. Sick world we live in.

  3. 2cute says:

    Why wasn’t Kenny charged with perjury. He lied in court and that’s perjury. The 10 days in jail proves to me that Texas justice is predicated upon who you know. Obviously the judge and everyone who OKed the plea deal were his good buds. They should all be tossed out and disbarred.

  4. pj says:

    A sentence of 10 days and 500 bucks will not deter any other dishonest lawyer. He should’ve gotten 10 years instead. I will bet as a prosecutor he always demanded the maximum sentence. Now that he is the defendant he sure changed his tune.

  5. bulldoggy says:

    OK I know Michael Morton will never get those 25 years back, but the least that Ken Anderson should be required to do is reimburse him for 25 years of lost income. So if Michael Morton could have expected to earn $50,000 per year on average, then Ken Anderson should have to cough up $1,250,000. Slightly more than $500 I know. But it would be a lesson to all those ambitious, greedy, self serving lawyers out there who would consider lying and cheating to win a case.

    • Jennifer says:

      I like the way you think, Bulldoggy! You have to hit lawyers and judges where it hurts; right in the WALLET!

  6. awesomeblossom says:

    Hey, do you think they’ll keep the judge in with the General Population so he can rub elbows with other criminals? Because he is a criminal and should be treated as such. He’s almost as bad as a murderer – he deliberately robbed a motherless boy of his daddy, and took almost half a lifespan from Michael Morton. I wish Michael Morton all the best and congratulate him on his victory. I hope Ken Anderson winds up shoveling shit for minimum wage after this. He doesn’t deserve better.

    • Sue says:

      Of course he will not be kept in the general population, probably got a nice room in the pedo protection section with a sandwich maker in his room and DVDS as well as their own separate yard complete with rose garden. Who knows, some of his friends might have been there.

  7. Jamaica says:

    Well, this is just bullshit. The man who was convicted of a crime he did not commit spends more time in jail than his two accusers?

    As horrific and maddening enough as the stories I read on this website, this man is deprived of his home, his family, his life. 25 years of life stripped away from him because of a crime he was unjustly accused of committing. And to see a system that just totally disregards the hell this man went through by giving these two asswipes lenient sentences even more so than people who commit misdemeanors such as petit larceny, it just–just bullshit, man.

    I mean, I already knew life wasn’t a rose garden and that even our society has a faulty sense of morals every now and then & that’s understandable since we live in a world that’s FAR from perfect, but this is total bull. To be only 22 years old and believe since I was 8 years old that we live in a society who prizes morals above all else, giving every criminal the just punishment they deserve for the heartless crimes they commit, and then to see this world drown deeper and deeper into total lawlessness to such a degree that even our own society would release such monsters back into our society is really sickening.

    I’m sorry, but as harsh as this may sound, they shouldn’t have paid anything–the only thing they need to pay is 30-40 years of life in prison for what they did, not even 10 years and some cash. If they’re gonna create a web of lies woven out of total greed and selfishness without any regard for what this man would have to go through and be so subtle in their actions that they’d get an innocent man to waste 25 years of his life in hell for nothing, they need that time. Repay exactly what he went through and more. Yeah, they should’ve done 10 years–10 + 25 years in jail.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Jamaica, i agree with you, that prosecutor should be made to serve 25yrs the equivalent that the poor guy had to serve, he should also be made to sell his home and have all his assets given to the wrongfully imprisoned guy, he should be made to go through what the victim, yes victim went through. Four days is a Fucking joke, $500 is a Fucking joke. I wonder if it was someone else who committed perjury would they get as sweet a deal? Would they fuck, their arse would be locked up for yrs. If i was that dude, i’d sue the state of Texas, because they employed the pair of bastard’s that went out of their way to keep an innocent man locked up. It wouldn’t suprise me if the one stopping the dna test knew about the lying bastard prosecutor, they all piss in the same pot, shame on them, evil lying bastard’s.

  8. Bengalpuss says:

    Wonder how many people mark norwood killed while the wrong man was serving a sentence that norwood should’ve been serving? Makes you think. I don’t believe he killed just one woman, look at his picture, he looks like an evil cunt. Yes you’ve gotta wonder if this scumbag has murdered any other women? I bet he has, and if he has then that anderson should also be charged with assisting an offender.

  9. Peggy says:

    Yes Mark Norewood did kill another woman , had they followed evidence and arrested him the lady would still be alive.

  10. Sue says:

    Well with role models like these who are suppose to represent justice, we wonder why there is no justice? Life seems to be all about power and greed. Doesn`t Texas also have the death penalty? or am I mistaken? If so we need to worry that people like that are prosecuting innocent people while the real culprits go free. How many more of them are out there? Does not sound like a one off with the sentence handed down to this twat of a Prosecuter and his side kicks, they knew what they were doing and it has happened before elsewhere I am sure.

  11. Warren says:

    This is why capital punishment is flawed.

    We have read of just to many examples where the cops either got it wrong or in some examples they set someone up.

  12. angryman says:

    I hope this guy one days finds himself in the depths of hell where he rightfully belongs, either that or he should be drafted to the army and tasked with the most difficult jobs. This guy is too evil to even be shoveling shit in society, especially since he never apologized to anyone. If he can’t go to prison, he should be used as dog to sniff out explosives, or be used as a sacrificial front line soldier to keep the young and honest ones alive. Until then Ken Anderson is nothing but a filthy dog(maybe worse) and he deserves full blame and anything else bad coming to the rest of his pathetic life for the second victim’s death he indirectly cause as well as Morton’s wrongful conviction. Morton best of luck to you and everyone who supported you throughout the difficult times. Ken Anderson, John Bradley, as well as Norwood burn in hell you pathetic dogs!

  13. Ryan says:

    Joe Freeman Britt was even worse. Basically he convicted two kids who allegedly murdered a little girl. Problem was they were innocent. The actual monster was Roscoe Artis, a vicious sex predator with a decades long record. Britt was well aware the guy killed another girl a month later, that the crimes were identical in almost every way, and that the only evidence in the “confessions” were things the cops already knew. He tried Artis just before McCollum…..yet he still denied to the day he died that they were innocent.

    DNA proved it was in fact Roscoe who raped and murdered Sabrina. Sadly, Henry had come to see Artis as a father figure in jail.

  14. Hopeless Pedantic says:

    I know we’re not supposed to judge books by their covers, but look at the freaking photos!

    Prosecutor: cold beady eyes, fat cat smugness, death stare
    DA: slimy little weasel face, probably drives a BMW
    Victim: lovely man even when rockin’ a 70’s ‘stash, 25 years of unjust misery never sullying his joy at freedom
    Murderer: Agghhh! Ahh!! Aughh!!!

    WTF man. I bet if you let loose a bunch of different breeds of dogs in the courtroom, they’d all be licking Michael Morton’s face, whimpering at Mark, barking at Ken, and piddling on John’s hand-stitched Italian leather shoes.

  15. Billy says:

    Ten days in jail?? For ruining a defendant’s LIFE for 25 years? Hopefully this Morton fellow takes the law into his own hands and beats this prosecutor to death for what he’s done. That would absolutely be justifiable homicide. Ten days is not anywhere near enough for what he did. He really deserves to have the flesh whipped off his back in a town square in front of everybody.

    Whatever happened to due process of law in this country? I remember the days when prosecutors charged defendants with the crimes they thought they actually committed and then tried to prove it. Now they always charge them with 10 different things they KNOW they didn’t do and use it as leverage to get them to plead guilty to another offense. In other words ethics has become completely divorced from the job of being a prosecutor and congratulations! No one in this nation can now have any confidence whatsoever in getting a fair trial if they’re wrongfully accused and it’s 100% the fault of the prosecutors. Due process of law is the bedrock foundation of any decent country and sometime within my lifetime someone has come along and taken a jackhammer to that foundation, replacing it with preordained judgments, prosecutorial misconduct that never gets punished and kangaroo court formalities posing as trials.

    The way the so-called judicial system operates in this country now is just absolute horseshit. If the founding fathers had any idea they would be creating a country that one day would not even give its own citizens a fair trial they wouldn’t just be doing somersaults in their graves, they would have wiped their asses with the Declaration of Independence because no one in their right mind would make the effort to found a country that would eventually be a place devoid of due process of law. It wouldn’t have been remotely worth the effort.

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