Kelly Marie Ellard And Warren Glowatski

Kelly EllardCrimes: Murder, Torture
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A justice system is, when all is said and done, just a system. And most of us recognize that it is a system of laws far more than it is a system of justice. The Canadian justice system is no exception. The case of teen killer Kelly Ellard is a prime example of how justice can be lacking in a system of laws.

It took three trials, two appeals and eleven years to make Ellard’s second-degree murder conviction finally stick. That’s three trials, two appeals and eleven years that her victim’s parents had to suffer through to get any pseudo justice for the excruciating, torturous murder of their daughter.

“The dead cannot cry out for justice; it is a duty of the living to do so for them.”
– Lois McMaster Bujold

Kelly Ellard
The victim was a 14-year-old girl named Reena Virk. Her family had emigrated to Saanich, British Columbia from India. Almost all of the East Indian community around them were Sikh, but the Virk family was of the Jehovah’s Witness faith.

Not fitting in became a recurring theme in Reena’s life. When she entered adolescence, she became estranged from her family. She rebelled against the strict rules imposed by their religion. She began to smoke and disobey her parents, and she was sent to a foster home where she was exposed for the first time to the local youth gang subculture. She wanted to join in, to belong to this coterie of misfits and delinquents. This is something she wanted desperately, but she was taunted and ostracized.

After being away from home for six weeks, Reena returned safely to the bosom of her family. But the feelings of loneliness and isolation lingered. And then, miraculously, on the evening of Friday, November 14, 1997, Reena was invited to a party. She had heard some rumors that she might be in for a beating, but so desperate was she to fit in, she went to the party anyway. My God, how lonely she must have felt to be willing to risk a beating on the off chance she’d make a friend. It makes my heart bleed.

Reena made her way out to Craigflower Bridge, west of the city of Victoria. There was a party all right, a bunch of teenagers under the bridge drinking booze and smoking marijuana. They were there for a good time, and for eight of them, including Kelly Ellard, Reena was to be the primary entertainment.

Reena had lived with two of the girls, Nicole Cook and M.G.P., at the group home, and those two harbored grudges. Cook believed that Reena had stolen her phone book and had called her friends to spread rumours about her. M.G.P. believed that Reena had tried to steal her boyfriend. Maybe Reena had done these things, to make herself look “tough” with this bunch of thugs. But that did not justify the treatment they meted out to her.

Nicole Cook sprang first, burning Reena’s forehead with her cigarette. And then the swarming began in earnest. Six girls known as the Shoreline Six (including Cook and M.G.P.), Ellard and one boy participated. Reena was hit, punched, kicked, burned repeatedly. Someone tried to set her hair on fire. And while this was going on, seven or eight other teenagers just stood by and watched. Their parents must be so proud. Finally, one of the girls told the others to stop, and Reena was allowed to stumble away.

Warren Glowatski
Beating, Part One, was over. But when Reena started to cross the bridge, she was followed by two of the original assailants: 15 year old Kelly Ellard and 16 year old Warren Glowatski. Neither of them had had any beef with Reena, so what followed is incomprehensible.

The pair of murderous f#cktards caught up with Reena, dragged her to the other side of the bridge, made her take off her shoes and jacket, and commenced The Beating, Part Two. Kelly Ellard smashed Reena’s face into a tree, knocking her out. Actually, the head injuries Reena suffered were severe enough to have killed her, but her killers Ellard and Glowatski didn’t want to wait.

They dragged her down a slope to the water’s edge, and Ellard forced Reena’s head under the water. Reena appeared to regain consciousness as the cold water hit her, but Ellard karate-chopped her in the throat. Again Reena’s head was forced under water and Ellard held it down with her foot until all signs of life were gone. She even smoked a cigarette while waiting for Reena to drown. Finally no more struggling, certainly no more breathing. No more Reena. Just a bloodied, burned, and very dead body. And the two worthless sacks of shit (pardon my French) walked away as if nothing had happened.

Despite a pact amongst the teenagers involved not to talk, by the following Monday rumors of the murder spread throughout Shoreline Secondary School, where Reena has been a student. Several uninvolved students and teachers heard the rumors, but NOBODY came forward to report it to the police. Reena was missing, the search was on and NOBODY at the school gave a goddamn about her!

The rumors were confirmed eight days later, on November 22, 1997, when police using a helicopter found Reena’s partially clothed body washed ashore at the Gorge Inlet, a major waterway on Vancouver Island.

An autopsy on Virk’s heavily bruised body found her brain swollen and internal injuries caused by the same kind of force as sustained in a serious car accident.

Police picked up Ellard, Glowatski, and the Shoreline Six, some of whom remain unnamed because they were teenagers at the time. And so the eight entered the Canadian justice system.

On February 9, 1998, three girls pled guilty to assault causing bodily harm. They showed more character than the rest of the bunch by admitting what they had done. On February 13, 1998 three more girls were convicted of assault causing bodily harm. The sentences for the Shoreline Six ranged from 60-day conditional sentences to one year in jail.

Kelly Ellard And Warren Glowatski were charged with second-degree murder. In June 1999, Glowatski was convicted and given a life sentence. Because he was 16 years old at the time of Reena’s murder, under the Young Offenders Act he was eligible for parole after seven years. He was granted day parole in June 2007. Reena’s parents had not objected because he had expressed remorse and responsibility for his part in the murder, and they were convinced of his sincerity.

On June 23, 2010 Warren Glowatski was released on parole. I just hope somebody’s keeping a close eye on that guy. In my book, anybody who can beat and help drown a total stranger who never did anything to him is not to be trusted. Ever. I don’t care that his parents split up. I don’t care that he moved around a lot as a kid. I don’t care that his father remarried and pretty much exited his life. NOTHING that has happened in Glowatski’s life justifies what he did to Reena.

And then there’s Kelly Ellard’s epic journey through the justice system. She pled not guilty and maintained she acted in self-defense. Bullcrap! In March 2000 she was convicted of second-degree murder with no chance of parole for five years. And Reena’s parents were glad it was over.

In February 2003 the conviction was overturned due to improper questioning and a new trial was ordered.

While awaiting her second trial, Kelly Ellard was fingered in the beating of a 58-year-old Vancouver woman. The victim reported she was walking through a park when she was invited to sit down with two younger girls and join them in drinking a beer. One of the girls went looking for her cellphone and couldn’t find it. Police said the girls allegedly accused the woman of stealing it and when the woman moved to leave, they grabbed her. Ellard’s bail was revoked and she was taken into custody.

In July 2004 at Kelly Ellard’s second trial, several witnesses including Glowatski testified that Ellard not only boasted of murdering Reena, but had conducted tours of the murder scene. Again, Ellard denied her part in the murder, and admitted to beating Reena in self-defense. Unbelievably the second trial ended up with a hung jury — one lone holdout would not convict.

A third trial was ordered, and again Kelly Ellard was convicted of second-degree murder in April 2005. She was given a life sentence with no possibility of parole for seven years. Seven years — two better than the original five! The judge described her as an unrepentant killer. And Reena’s parents were relieved it was over.

But wait. Another appeal and her conviction was overturned again. The Crown appealed the ruling and finally, finally, finally in June 2009 the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that her conviction stands .Kelly Ellard’s future now lies in the Correctional Service of Canada’s hands. She has already spent roughly seven years in prison while putting us all through all those trials and appeals.

Reena’s father, Manjit Virk, said 11 years is an “inordinate amount of time” for a case to work through the legal system.

“Thirty-five jurors have convicted her, out of 36, and the defense just keeps beating the system to this day and the system allowed it,” he said.

He hoped lawmakers would learn from his daughter’s case. “Is it worth it to drag a case that long, keeping everybody’s life in limbo, at the expense of taxpayers?”

Suman Virk said Reena was her first child and her arrival brought happiness and joy. “But as I sit here today there is no joy or happiness in my heart. There is just pain and sorrow.

“Words can’t describe the excruciating pain that we felt,” when a police officer arrived at the door to say Reena was dead, Suman Virk said. “I couldn’t believe that somebody could have done that to my baby.”

She recalled the anxiety and fear the week after Reena disappeared and before her body was found, and then going to identify her. “I knew as I walked in through that door that I had to give up any hope that there had been a mistake and it wasn’t Reena,” she said. “It was Reena… lifeless. It was so horrible.

“I came to realize there would be no flowers for Reena’s graduation, no flowers for her wedding. I had been robbed of the joy of seeing my baby’s dreams fulfilled.”

A true justice system would focus more on justice than laws and technicalities. But there is no true justice in this life. Reena’s still dead and her killers are alive. And even when her killers do eventually die, Reena will still have been robbed of the best, most productive years of her life. But I am hoping for a nice hot reception in the fires of hell for Ellard and Glowatski.

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36 Responses to Kelly Marie Ellard And Warren Glowatski

  1. Tiffany says:

    This is a horrible story. I absolutely hate Canada’s justice system. Not saying I hate Canadians just the justice system. I hope and pray that her family can find peace now since it’s all over.

    • momof3canada says:

      Trust me canadians hate the system too

      • Concerned Citizen says:

        I hate the fact that this foul, nasty looking, POS Kelly Ellard was treated like a princess by the justice system. Coddled and pampered in theh system; does drugs in jail, doesn’t show any remorse, gets conjugal visit with her criminal boyfriend, then goes and gets pregnant. What a f**king joke. And what’s more, she barely served any time at all. That vicious, cold-blooded, psychopath Kelly Ellard was paroled after serving just a fraction of her sentence. The Canadian justice system is a joke.

  2. marksman says:

    They can both rot. I have this mental image now of her just smoking a cigarette, while her foot is on the back of the poor girl’s neck, drowning her….and it is absolutely disgusting. Anyone who can kill a person that casually deserves to burn in hell for the rest of their pitiful lives.

  3. scrappy says:

    Knowing the early adolescents as well as I do, it hurts my heart to think how much they’ll endure to try and fit in. Such a sucky time of life…poor thing never got a chance to find herself and become who she really might be.

    What a terrible tragedy for her family to endure.

  4. bengalpuss29 says:

    Evening dresses you’ll have to ignore my intelligence, but could you elaborate on what you mean? Or does anyone else know what this comment means?

    • cleo says:

      Sorry bengal but a spammer snuck through.

      • bengalpuss29 says:

        What do they get out of it. The mind boggle’s. I read they love to kick up a fuss and sit back and watch all the mayhem they’ve caused. Excuse me for being thick but is a spammer the same as a troll?

        • cleo says:

          A troll is someone who puts up crap just to stir the pot and cause trouble and controversy. A spammer is usually a computer program that spits out massive amounts of comments mostly trying to lure the unwary to click on a malicious link which will infect their computers or take them to a fraudulent site. A stupid name like evening dresses or cheap prom dresses gives away some. A lot have people’s names but the messages are unrelated or in bad English. I get a lot from Louis Vuitton btw.

  5. bengalpuss29 says:

    But someone has to send the spam programme out? And here in england spam is a chopped ham and pork meat in a tin that we have at breakfast and sometimes dinner. Don.t know if you can buy it over in canada.

  6. bengalpuss says:

    I hope that ellard, rot’s in hell. What an evil bastard to walk this planet, basically murdering a girl who had done nothing to her. And then assaulting a woman while on bail. We haven.t heard the last of this pigs offending.

  7. bengalpuss says:

    Cleo, think one has sneaked past you lol.

    • cleo says:

      Yeah, there’s a whole new onslaught today and I’ve had to add a bunch of new rules. Sneaky bastards!

  8. Maria says:

    My Thoughts and Condolences to the Reena Virk Family

    God is with you and his Angels. RIP REENA ALWAYS WITH US

  9. Katherine says:

    I highly recommend reading the book Under the Bridge by Rebecca Godfrey, her book goes in depth into the people involved in this case.It makes the people involved seem so much more real, it a way, she humanizes some of them…like Warren for example.

  10. against stupid people says:

    I agree with the writer hoping someone is keeping a close eye on these horrible people that did this. I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could see them. We need to start branding people like we do cattle.. “MURDERER” “RAPEIST” “BABY KILLER” and so on save the rest of us law abiding people a lot of trouble. damn

  11. Sue Smith says:

    I did see that Glowatski contacted the Virk family to apologize and accept responsibility. The Virk father stated that Glowatski has kept his word and tried to better himself. He said this helped with the healing process.
    Ellard on the other hand has accepted no responsibility and has behaved as an absolute sociopath and a sadist. I fully expect she will be a guest in the Canadian prison system (such as it is)again down the road.

  12. Bengalpuss says:

    Unfortunately kelly ellard has no moral compass. She murdered a beautiful girl who only wanted to fit in and be a part of the crowd, and that bitch ellard brutally murdered her. Reena rest in peace x

  13. Unknown says:

    It is true that what Ellard and Glowatski did was unforgivable. However if you read the book Under the Bridge by Rebecca Godfrey, it will explain the situation in more detail. Virk didn’t deserve to be killed, but nonetheless she was a bitch. She took a girls boyfriend and stole one of the popular girls journal. That popular girl was Josephine Bell, who was best-friends with Ellard. So Ellard may be a psycho, butat least she had a reason, at least a 15 year old girls reason. But i dont know what was going through Glowatski’s head. Again I am only quoting off the book, but before you say shit about these two, know your facts.

    • Desiree says:

      TOOK a girls boyfriend? Like he had no say? Stole a journal? That’s a reason to steal a life? I read the book and it haunted me but the fact that “unknown” would call a girl who was so obviously trying to fit in a bitch while making excuses for the chick who stood smoking a cigarette while feeling somebody struggling for their life under their foot is disturbing.The fact is that they were found guilty in the court of law unknown or did you not know that FACT.

    • Common Sence isn't That Common in Some People says:

      Did you hit your head? or are you one of them?
      “before you say shit know your facts???” Like Really!

      What Ellard did was wacko, like not 15 year old sticking up for your friend fighting but straight out this girl needs to be put away for the rest of her life kind of shit..

      If she killed her by accident like things got to carried away and the blow to the head was a little to hard then maybe.. just maybe I could see her side of the story, but no she stepped on her head while it was under the water… she was 15years old not 2years old.. unless she is severely mentally retarded then one would assume she knew what she was doing and killed her with intent.

  14. Paul Taylor says:

    The last comment, April 1, 2016. Come on now, Know the facts? The fact is this, there is no justification to murder a teenage girl period. Teens are teens and do stupid things but hopefully they all have a chance to atone and grow up. Those two killers belong behind bars for the rest of there lives. Reena has no life. Her entire family was shattered by this event.

  15. Ed Fields says:

    Per Rebecca Godfrey”s book Under The Bridge, Warren took responsibility for his part in the murder and appears to have turned his life around, including meeting with the parents of the girl he helped murder. He was paroled in 2010. His rehabilitation and remorse seems to be genuine. Kelly, on the other hand, will not take full responsibility for her part in the murder, appears to act and speak as if she is the victim, and has been turned down down for day parole for that reason. As for Tiffany, who hates the Canadian Justice System, consider this name: O.J.Simpson. Also, it would be nice if the author of these crime pieces would just tell the story and dispense with all the self righteous outrage and editorializing.

  16. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Terrible .

    The Abolition of the Death Penalty in Canada was and is a Charter For
    Murderers Getting Away For Murder

    Less Do Gooders More Actual Good Needed

  17. Peter Hennin says:

    In this case I would be more afraid about that stupid girl Kelly she is a true psychopath. At age 15 to commit murder? And not to come clean about it no remorse? That girl should never be out of prison in fact she is a case for death penalty as much as I am against it when someone is not willing to face with her own crimes with full responsibility I am sorry for her she has no place under this Sun as she is harmful for all of us.

  18. Peter Hennin says:

    “And the two worthless sacks of shit…” – well I excuse the authors French in this case I cannot agree more!

  19. Common Sense isn't That Common in Some People says:

    I think I remember hearing about this when I was in high school in Ontario as I was the same age as Reena when all this happened.

    What made me come to this page was google searching Kelly from a news report about her saying she is 8months pregnant with another felons child.

    Not only did our Justice system Fuck up with the amount of appeals this NutJob got but now the institution she is in is allowing her to have sex with another felon while he is on parole?

    I am absolutely flabbergasted and sick to my stomach knowing that this is our POS Justice system..

    I can tell you that if anything ever happened to my child like it did to Reena I would not rely on the justice system as I would be taking it into my own hands… Eye for an Eye

  20. Don Bono says:

    Good article. Yes 20 years later, 5 elections and them worthless Politian’s still doing what they do best; NOTHING. Only in Canada do Repeat offenders get out Jail before sentences are completely served, kill Police, beat again, cut someone head off on a bus. I’ve been to court many times serving as witness for Fire Investigations. The court system as I call it is the strike 3 game played by lawyers and judges. It takes 3 court visits before a deal is made between the crown and defense lawyers with charges all3 agree upon. Do Not blame Police for shooting first then ask questions later. This just upsets the lawyers, shooting into their business.

  21. Unbelievable says:

    That filthy trash Kelly was allowed to breed with another trash criminal. The spawn off their offspring is going to carry on their good works I’m sure. Canada needs the death penalty.

  22. AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

    I’m pretty sure standing on someone’s neck while they’re drowning is depraved indifference. What a sociopath.

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