Kelly Lynn South

Kelly Lynn South

Crimes: Incest, Pedophile.

I don’t give a dry rat turd what made Kelly Lynn South of Louisville, Kentucky, USA, the deranged pervert she is. My only care is that she pays the full price for her sick crimes, and will be unable to victimize anyone ever again.

Kelly Lynn South’s perversion involves the sexual abuse of her own child. That’s right, folks, the hellbitch is an incestuous pedophile. She began molesting her child in 2012, when the child was only 4, and didn’t stop until 3 years later in 2015.

We’re talking very serious sexual abuse here, including sodomy. I cannot fathom how that child coped, having no safe haven, where home was the very place where the abuser lived. That poor wee child had nowhere to hide.

Kelly Lynn South was arrested in October 2015 when she was charged with 5 counts of 1st-degree sexual abuse, 2 counts of sodomy, and 1 count of incest. In Kentucky, 1st-degree sexual abuse is punishable by 5 and 10 years in prison, and statutory incest is punishable by 20 to 50 years in prison.

Kudos to the Louisville Metro Police Department’s Crimes Against Children Unit for investigating the hellbitch, and saving the child from further abuse. And if they got a tip about this horrid pedophile, kudos to the person(s) who spoke up.

When Kelly Lynn South, 38, was arrested, she admitted to performing oral sex acts on the child as well as other, very inappropriate conduct. She was released on a $2500 cash bond, which surprises me considering the serious prison time she was lined up to serve if convicted.

After some negotiation, Kelly Lynn South accepted a plea deal that included incarceration and a lifetime sex offender status.

0458917The incestuous pedo perv wound up pleading guilty to 8 counts, including sodomy, incest and 1st-degree sexual abuse.

In January 2017, Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Olu Stevens sentenced Kelly Lynn South to a total of 16 years behind bars in accordance with the plea agreement. The monstrous mother must also register as a sex offender.

I must say, the incestuous pedophile certainly got a deal considering she could have been handed a term of 20 to 50 years behind bars.

Kelly Lynn South will be 56 when she’s finally released, which is hopefully well past menopause for her. We don’t want her producing any more victims.

“I want to thank Metro Police and our Special Prosecutions Unit for handling this horrific case,” Attorney General Beshear said. “It’s unimaginable the suffering this victim endured and will endure. This court action held accountable the victim’s abuser and brought some justice for the crimes against the victim.”

I don’t know if the child was placed in foster care or is now living with the biological father. I hope and pray the poor kid is getting all of the therapy, support and guidance necessary, and has a safe, happy life full of love and nurturing.

As for Kelly Lynn South, I hope that when she’s released she’ll be recognized and ostracized. Please, people of Kentucky, do not use this woman as a babysitter. Do not invite her into your children’s lives. She is a bona fide pedophile, and they never seem to change.

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8 Responses to Kelly Lynn South

  1. Tom Daly says:

    Women like that do NOT deserve children! She should be subjected to the same torture she put her kid through and do you know what would be better? If someone made her wear a sign reading “CHILD MOLESTER” round her neck and then all men would reject her and she’d die old bitter and alone

  2. Alabamdeb says:

    Is this the same woman (hate to use that term for this thing, but better than ‘mother’) that was selling videos of the abuse? I hope she suffers and that the boy is getting help to overcome his trauma.

  3. Moodymagic says:

    Should have been the 50 years. Twisted sick bitch.

  4. Susan says:

    Hang it.

  5. Bengalpuss. says:

    Dirty Fucking bastard, cut the cunts throat, how evil, your own child, sick Fuck.

  6. Reb says:

    I’m posting under a fake name..WHY? My daughter was abused by her biological father..she told me at at eleven and the bastard hasn’t seen any of my children since and she’s now in her late 30’s.
    I made one mistake…instead of letting the fuck know, I SHOULD OF BLASTED HIM TO HELL..

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