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keith vallerjo

Crimes: Rape, Sexual Assault.

The thing about most rapists is that they don’t commit rape in public. Typically they rape in private, out of sight of their friends, relatives and coworkers. So when their friends, relatives and coworkers make the claim that the rapist is a wonderful person, they’re not lying. They’re just completely wrong.

Rapists are never wonderful people. They are never “extraordinarily good”. They are hellbeasts, period.

Keith Robert Vallejo of Provo, Utah, USA, is blessed with friends, relatives and coworkers who consider him an “extraordinarily good man”. He was a Mormon bishop in the state of Utah, which probably gives him extra credit as a man of God. He was released from the position after he was charged with rape and sexual abuse.

Being a Mormon bishop, Keith Vallejo has a wife and large family. Looking at his girth, he is most likely a greedy person, always wanting more — always helping himself to more. And Keith Vallejo decided to help himself to his wife’s young sister, Julia.

The girl was 19 when her big, hulking brother-in-law sexually assaulted her. She was staying at his house in April 2013 while attending Brigham Young University. She was touched inappropriately by him several times that month. Ewwww.

What was the girl to do? Her attacker was a bishop in good standing in the Church, and married to her own sister! How likely would it be that she’d get justice confiding in the Church? Not likely at all. And how likely would it be that she’d bring misery to her sister and the children if she told? Pretty much guaranteed.

And so Julia left, probably with the hope in her heart that no other girl would fall victim to Keith Vallejo’s big, grubby paws and disgusting sexual attentions. Maybe she told herself that groping wasn’t so very evil in the grand scheme of things.

Alas, in 2014, a 17-year-old girl was sleeping on the couch in the Vallejo house, and she was groped and then raped by Keith Vallejo. She too was a relative.

The poor kid! Only 17 and being brutalized by this disgusting, repellant beast! And the Mormon church considers a girl’s virginity is the most important thing she can offer her husband. The Mormon church considers a woman dying in defense of her virtue is better than her losing it without a fight.

“Your virtue is worth more than your life,” the 9th church president, David Oman McKay, once instructed Mormon women (see Such utter, contemptible bullshit, that a torn hymen is worse than a murdered woman.

Anyway, at some point the two victims came forward and revealed to authorities the sexual assaults they had endured. Kudos to them! I applaud their bravery!

Keith Vallejo was arrested and charged with object rape and forcible sexual abuse.

keith vallerjo trialThroughout the trial, the huge hellbeast maintained his innocence, and insisted he was being bullied by the justice system. Riiight.

In February 2017, the jury convicted Keith Robert Vallejo, 43, of 10 felony counts of 2nd-degree forcible sexual abuse and 1 felony count of 1st-degree object rape.

Fourth District Court Judge Thomas Low, inconceivably, allowed the convicted rapist to be released until his sentencing in April 2017.

Seriously? This creature was allowed to roam free? The victims had won in court, but the judge sure was doing his best to nullify their victory.

At sentencing, Keith Vallejo’s family and friends did their best to convince the judge that this was a miscarriage of justice, and he was just too good a man to be a rapist.

Over 50 character letters were submitted. His own brother spoke in court and compared the hellbeast to Jesus in that both were wrongly convicted.

And then Fourth District Court Judge Thomas Low, after listening to all those people who were not in the room when the victims were assaulted, actually held back tears when he sentenced the rapist.

“The court had no doubt the Mr. Vallejo is an extraordinarily good man,” said Judge Low. “But great men sometimes do bad things.”

WTFH?!? How the hell does a convicted rapist deserve accolades like that? Not just a good man but an extraordinarily good man! A great man, even! In what way? As a bishop in the Mormon church? Bullshit! His service was a total lie. He was no man of god when he used his position to sexually assault young, trusting, naive girls.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints had a history of polygamous marriages, but it certainly didn’t and doesn’t condone sexual acts outside of marriage. There is no excuse, inside or outside of the Mormon church, for Keith Robert Vallejo to sexually assault those girls.

My opinion of Judge Low has sunk lower than low. His comments as a judge are reprehensible.

“He (the judge) only cared about the person he was convicting, and I think that is really kind of despicable,” said Julia, the first victim. I agree, it is completely despicable.

Julia is considering filing a complaint against the judge in the hope of getting him removed from the bench. I wish her luck.

Advocates for sexual assault victims in Utah are also outraged by Judge Low’s comments praising the rapist.

Turner Bitton, executive director of the Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault, said, “The signal that it sends to sexual violence survivors is that if you choose to disclose, that we’re still going to treat your perpetrator as if they’re a good person.”

Judge Low sentenced Keith Vallejo to 5 years to life in prison for the 1st-degree object rape, and 1 to 15 years for the 2nd-degree felonies, to be served concurrently. The raping bastard will be eligible for parole in 8 years.

Keith Vallejo, who is now behind bars, continues to protest his innocence. What a coward! Unfortunately, many in the community will believe him. I hope and pray that the victims won’t be made to suffer additionally. They are brave young women, and should be commended for taking action.

And for those who dare to accuse the victims of making false claims, consider please what they had to gain — which is nothing good. They instead risked notoriety, vilification, shunning.

So why did they do it? Because they knew that Keith Vallejo wasn’t going to stop himself. They knew that without intervention there would be more victims. And they knew there would be no intervention unless they came forward and exposed his crimes.

There was no guarantee he’d be convicted, and there was no guarantee there wouldn’t be retribution. And that makes those girls heroic, IMO. I wish them all the best. I pray they get all the support and therapy they need to live happy lives.

I wish upon Keith Vallejo the courage to own up like a man to his crimes, and be a role model for his children. Up to now he’s just been a giant man-baby, grabbing what he wants when he wants, and refusing to take responsibility.

Finally, I wish upon Judge Low the insight that his comments about this rapist has likely discouraged sex assault victims from coming forward to authorities. And for that he should be sorry.

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  1. Bulldoggy says:

    Disgusting tub of lard. I hope his cell mates will wipe that smug look off his face. It is quite a punchable face too.

  2. Moodymagic says:

    El Tubo I hope you get shanked it prison. As for the women who came forward every woman should have the courage you showed when faced with a terrible situation you found yourselves in. Kuddos to you.

    • Tom Daly says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. People like this piece of subhuman scum shouldn’t share the same planet as the rest of us

  3. vendetta says:

    A man of the cloth raping/molesting children? Can’t be real! /end_heavy_sarcasm

    Instant execution. You can’t fix/cure a perv like this.

  4. Bengalpuss. says:

    God, he’s one porky fucker!!

  5. Courtney McLaury says:

    Certain groups in the USA sure do have a special love for criminals. They can’t STAND to see a criminal suffer! The judge had to choke back tears? Smh…

  6. Suzi Wickerd says:

    Well written article. Thanks!

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