Keith Baker and Caroline Baker

keith and caroline baker

Crimes: Rape, Sexual Assault, Kidnapping, Sex Slavery.

Keith Baker of Craigavon, Co Armagh, Northern Ireland, is a sadistic sex beast. I don’t know if he’s always been one, but he definitely has since 2004.

Now, to be fair to Northern Ireland, Keith Baker was raised in Guernsey, and lived the greater part of his life in Kent. He’d met his future wife, Caroline, when they both worked for the Salvation Army.

That’s right, hellbeasts sometimes work for religious outfits.

Disgustingly, Keith Baker wasn’t the only one in his marriage who is a hellbeast. Caroline Baker turned out to be the perfect spouse for the monstrous POS. She obeyed him, and participated in his litany of sins. If Caroline Baker ever had morals, she’d lost them long ago.

In March 2004, Keith Baker found a perfect victim in England. She was a woman with severe learning difficulties who was married to a man who likewise had severe learning difficulties. The hellbeast took her from her home and transported her to his Drumellan Mews house in Craigavon. The poor woman’s husband was left to report her missing and to await her return.

The Baker household was a strange one even without his captive — much like Mick Philpott’s. There was his wife, Caroline, with whom he had 4 children, and then there was Miss X, who was the mother of his other 4 children. They lived in two terrace houses that were knocked together into one big home. The boys and Keith Baker lived on one side, and the women and girls lived on the other, more squalid side.

Caroline Baker not only produced children, she brought money into the household. She actually worked as a care worker at a centre that specializes in mental health residents. That’s right, she worked with mentally handicapped individuals like their captive. Scary when you consider she treated their captive as a subhuman slave. Just how caring was she for the residents of the care centre?

So Keith Baker had two women at his beck and call. Why then did he need to bring in a third one — a mentally handicapped one at that? That’s likely because he considered his women were for breeding, and for taking care of him and the kids. The victim, on the other hand, was his sex slave. Her value to him was only as the object of his sick, perverted sexual and sadistic needs.

The victim wasn’t treated well at all, and was barely kept alive. She was locked up in a small, squalid room. She had no carpet, curtains, light bulb or sheets and blankets. She had access to a toilet that had disgustingly overflowed with excrement and hadn’t been cleaned. She was allowed one shower per week. The poor woman had been imprisoned in a hellhole.

Keith Baker had installed a closed circuit TV so the victim could be watched at all times, and all activities could be recorded.

caroline bakerFrom March 2004 to December 20, 2012, the victim was held as the Bakers’ sex slave. Keith Baker raped her and indecently assaulted her over and over and over. Caroline Baker participated in the sexual and physical abuse. Not surprisingly, the evil pair had documented their evil activities on video — very handy for the prosecution.

And disgustingly, horrifically, the Bakers might not have been the only creatures to rape their captive. They may have pimped her out over the Internet — there are conflicting stories about that.

The Bakers rewarded their victim with Quality Street chocolates for cooperating while having sex.

Bear in mind Keith and Caroline Baker not only abused but neglected their captive. She’d dwindled down to only 38 kg (83 pounds) after 8 years of incarceration. Those chocolates likely were the only things she got to eat some days. She only had one sound tooth left in her mouth.

One has to wonder about Miss X, Keith Baker’s second woman. Why did she not rescue the unfortunate woman? Why did she have 4 children with that despicable, heinous monster? Well, Miss X was afflicted with learning disabilities herself, and she’d been physically abused by the hellbeast too. She likely wasn’t in a state where she really understood the situation, and was a victim of Keith Baker’s cruelty and sex drive.

In December 2012 Miss X disclosed to a disability support worker about the other woman in the house. The police were called in and they rescued the victim. Eight years of hell were finally over.

Keith Baker and Caroline Baker were arrested and faced numerous charges. Too bad for them they’d made those damned videos.

keith bakerKeith Baker, 61 and in a wheelchair, pled guilty to 2 charges of engaging in sexual activity involving penetration with a mentally disabled person, and 1 charge of enticing her into a sexual activity knowing she was unlikely to refuse.

Caroline Baker pled guilty to 3 offences of aiding and abetting, counseling and procuring, and 1 count of indecent assault.

Judge Patrick Lynch QC said of the evil pair, “It is not easy to understand how these individuals have so lost their moral compass that they could subject an individual who clearly exhibited serious mental defects to mistreatment, in sexual terms, depriving her of any dignity and even the most basic of living standards.”

I myself don’t understand it. Did they ever have a moral compass?

Judge Lynch said of the sex beast, “Mr Baker presented as a Svengali figure, exercising control on three women based on his dominance, willingness to resort to violence and total immorality.”

Svengali? That rather suggests that Caroline Baker was weak-willed and weak-minded when she fell under the spell of her malevolent husband. I don’t tend to believe that.

It was easy for Keith Baker to control the other two women, because they were mentally handicapped, and he was willing to punish them physically.

Caroline Baker, on the other hand, was not mentally handicapped. She was employed outside of the home. She knew full well how to treat handicapped people well enough to keep her job. She was free to call the police. Instead, she participated in the cruelty and sexual deviance.

Keith Baker was sentenced to 15 years in prison, with another 5 on parole after his release.

Caroline Baker got only 3 years in prison, with 18 months’ early release on parole. IMO she should have been give 8 years — the same as their victim.

Det Ch Supt George Clarke , the head of the Police Service of Northern Ireland’s public protection unit, said the case had been a “difficult, challenging and emotional” one for the police officers involved, but that “pales to insignificance” to what the traumatized victim was forced to endure.

“What [she] went through is unimaginable – it doesn’t bear thinking about what this victim endured over the thousands of days she was kept prisoner,” said Mr Clarke.

I wish the victim and her husband all the best. I hope she is given all of the love and support she needs to overcome the horrific abuse and incarceration.

I hope and pray that the Baker children are now in a decent, loving, caring environment where they can learn to be happy, decent, successful people.

I wish the Bakers will decay and rot while in prison. They put their sexual urges above all else — above their children, above their victim, and they should thank the lord that they were stopped before they had a corpse on their hands.

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7 Responses to Keith Baker and Caroline Baker

  1. Tom Daly says:

    I hope these two filthy bastards go through the same suffering they put that disabled woman through; locked away in a dark, unheated room with no running water, no electricity and barely any food. Karma’s a bitch.

  2. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Utterly Vile and Revolting

  3. Moodymagic says:

    These 2 hellbests need to burn in hell how sick and despicable.

    • Jeni C says:

      They fit right in with the rest of the crap piles on this site. Just when I think I can’t be shocked or surprised by my “fellow man” anymore than I already am…these 2 go and drain the bottom of the cesspool a little bit more! Hope they live in misery the rest of their pathetic lives (which I hope isn’t too much longer!)

  4. Rhonda says:

    With such overwhelming evidence, damning irrefutable proof against them, I see no reason why either of these two hellbeasts should ever be released from prison. I see even less reason why tax payers should have to foot the bill for making sure they all rest soundly, tucked in safely in their prison cots at night. At the very least they should have been sentenced to spend at least as long living in the same deplorable conditions they forced their victim to endure. The courts are far too lax.

  5. Bengalpuss. says:

    Pair of horrible Bastards.

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