Kayla Henriques

Kayla Henriques

Crime: Murder

I don’t know about you but I am getting so tired of people being killed for stupid-ass reasons. Not that there are many smart reasons to kill aside from self-defense and such, but seriously, people are being murdered for the shittiest of excuses. I am thinking in particular of the unfortunate Kamisha Richards of Brooklyn, New York.

Kamisha Richards was all of 22 when she was murdered in February, 2011. She had a whole lot to live for. The attractive young woman had just graduated from college and was planning to continue her education further and get a law degree. She was an industrious young woman, working both at a nursing home and as security for JPMorgan Chase. Kamisha Richards was an asset to the world, no doubt.

Her 18-year-old killer, Kayla Henriques, was an ungrateful brat. Kamisha Richards had been a good friend to her, and had babysat her baby and lent her money to help her out. She had held a baby shower for her and was planning the baby’s first birthday party.

Kamisha Richards had treated her killer like a kid sister, especially after Kayla Henriques’ mother died 15 years before. And what did this lovely woman get in return for her generosity and friendship? She got a fatal stab wound to her chest.

And what was the reason she was stabbed? Spilt milk and $20. That’s one helluva stupid-ass reason.

What happened is that Kayla Henriques asked her good friend to lend her $20 to buy diapers for the baby. Kamisha Richards obliged but then she found out that Kayla Henriques hadn’t spent the money on Pampers at all. The ungrateful brat had spent it on stuff for herself.

Kamisha RichardsKamisha Richards was really pissed off at being conned out of money yet again. I can totally understand — nobody likes to be treated by friends and family as a cash machine. Kamisha had likely long since gotten to the point that she wouldn’t hand over any money unless it was for the baby.

So for 3 days the argument brewed. Kamisha Richards wanted her $20 back, and Kayla Henriques responded with nastiness. They texted each other and then the argument spilled out on Facebook with both women venting their grievances.

On February 27, 2011, at Kayla Henriques’ grandma’s house in East New York, the argument got physical. Kamisha Richards demanded her money back, and to make her point she spilled the baby’s milk onto the floor.

Kayla Henriques responded very maturely and appropriately to this blatant and terrifying act of hostility (I’m being sarcastic here).

The crazy bitch totally went freaking mental! She grabbed a knife and stabbed Kamisha Richards in the chest! No hesitation, she just plunged that knife into her life-long friend’s chest!

Over a piddly-ass $20 and some spilt milk.

And realizing she had horribly injured her friend did Kayla Henriques call 911? Did she yell out for help? Did she try to stop the bleeding? Did she do anything to save her friend’s life? Hell no!

What Kayla Henriques did was scamper and hide like the cowardly c*nt she is. She also went on Facebook to apologize. “I can’t be leave this happen I’m sorry I send my condolences to her family. RIP Kamisha.”

That’s one cold-hearted hellbitch who can leave a friend to die while she blabbers away on Facebook.

And Kamisha Richards didn’t die instantly from the stabbing. She lay bleeding until she was finally discovered by her boyfriend’s relative. Kayla Henriques sure as hell hadn’t stuck around to help her.

“She was calm,” said the man. “I called the ambulance and put pressure on (the wound). I did everything I could to try to save the girl.”

That’s a whole lot more than anything the stupid hellbitch Kayla Henriques did.

Kamisha Richards was taken to Brookdale University Hospital. She sadly died of her injury.

“The world lost an angel for $20,” sobbed Kamisha’s distraught mother Nicole Colter-Henry. “It’s senseless,” she said. “She didn’t deserve this.”

She sure as hell didn’t deserve it. She deserved to become a successful lawyer and live a happy life.

Kayla HenriquesPolice arrested the cowardly killer Kayla Henriques right away. They’d found the bloody knife at the crime scene and followed a blood trail to a neighbouring building where Kayla Henriques was skulking.

During questioning, Kayla the cowardly f*cktard killer Henriques claimed she’d acted in self-defense. She claimed that Kamisha Richards had attacked her with scissors! Riiiight.

“She was close to scissors and grabbed it. I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a knife,” Kayla Henriques wrote in her confession to police. “She swung and I swung. Then Kamisha kept yelling ‘This bitch stabbed me.'”

Kayla Henriques, now 20, pled guilty to manslaughter on July 31, 2013. It was a smart move. She had faced 25 years to life for 2nd-degree murder. For manslaughter she was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

The evil heartless hellbitch will conceivably be out when she’s 35. It’s possible she’ll get out even earlier. Heaven help the people she encounters then — unless she grows a conscience and a soul while she’s in prison I would consider her a danger to others.

I truly hope the baby is living a happy, safe, loving life without his murderous mom.

RIP Kamisha Richards.

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10 Responses to Kayla Henriques

  1. bulldoggy says:

    Obviously Kayla has apeshit for brains. She could have learned from Kamisha’s example and grown up to be respectful, helpful, decent, and maybe tried to get an education. Instead she grew up selfish, entitled, vicious and malicious. She killed a good person and then accused her victim of attacking her. I really hope she can be salvaged before she gets out and kills someone else.

  2. moodymagic says:

    Well Cleo. I don’t even know what to say. Kayla deserves to rot in prison. Taking a life of her friend. Hope she never sees her child again.

  3. Bengalpuss says:

    I personally think kayla henriques, should’ve gotten a life sentence for being fuck ugly. And why such a pathetic sentence? This cunt stabs someone, leaves the victim to bleed to death, hides and tries to blame the victim, and is given a 15yr prison sentence, absolutely disgusting. The rancid bitch should be locked up for life. Thats not justice, thats fucked up.

  4. 2cute says:

    Nasty bitch. Stupid little cunt. She deserves to sit and rot in prison.

  5. awesomeblossom says:

    Her kid will be much better without that paradise leech of a murdering mother. Too bad she wasn’t put away for murder instead of manslaughter.

  6. Tom Daly says:

    I can’t believe Kayla threw away such a promising life after she murdered her friend. That is just sickening

  7. K rafiq says:

    Killer Kayla should rot in prison!!!! 15 years is too short a sentence for what that heartless beast done. I hope she gets done in prison she deserves it ungrateful cunt!!!

  8. jpgenius says:

    This could NOT have been about $20. I think Kayla was simply jealous of Kamisha and that motivated her to kill her best friend. After all, people always talked about Kamisha’s accomplishments.

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