Kayla Bourque

Hellbeast Kayla Bourque

Crimes: Animal Cruelty, Possession of Weapon

Kayla Bourque, 23, of British Columbia, is a scary individual. I’m serious. I don’t know what is to blame but Kayla Bourque has evolved (or should I say devolved?) into a “psychopathic and narcissistic … sexual sadist”. That’s what her trial judge had to say about her when she was convicted of animal cruelty and possessing a weapon for a dangerous purpose.

Kayla Bourque was an orphan in Romania when she got adopted by a Prince George, B.C. family at the age of 8 months. I’m guessing that she showed few signs of growing up to be a well-adjusted person, and that her family was very concerned about her abnormal behavior for a long time.

And I am willing to bet her most abnormal behavior involved the family pets.

Her adoptive parents, who have a different surname and wish to remain anonymous, ultimately gave Kayla Bourque money to enable her to move out of the family home.

And Kayla Bourque did move out. She moved to Burnaby, B.C., to enroll at Simon Fraser University. She took criminology classes that covered forensics, violence and aggression and criminal profiling.

The question arises: did she take those classes so she could fight crime or so she could commit crime and escape punishment?

See, hellbitch Kayla Bourque had already committed crimes of a most horrific nature. Warning: they involve animals.

Kayla BourqueIn March 2012 Kayla Bourque inexplicably felt the need to share with somebody. Thank goodness she did! The hellbitch chose to brag about her crimes to a university friend. Much to the horror and disgust of that friend, Kayla Bourque boasted about torturing and killing her cat and confessed her fantasies of killing human beings.

Alarmed by what Kayla Bourque said, the friend rightly alerted authorities. Kudos to that friend for not thinking she was joking!

Kayla Bourque was initially placed into custody under the Mental Health Act. And then the investigators got a search warrant based upon the following allegations:

• Kayla Bourque considered killing a drunk roommate, but decided there would be too much evidence.
• She wanted to get a gun to shoot homeless people.
• She persuaded a suicidal boy via the Internet to kill himself.
• She had fantasies about killing people during a home invasion.

No wonder the friend freaked out and contacted authorities!

Kayla BourquePolice searched psycho bitch Kayla Bourque’s university residence and confiscated a laptop, 3 USB storage devices, and a binder of documents depicting serial killers, sexual homicide, dismemberment, and a tortured cat.

The police also found a nylon bag with a 7-inch knife, a mask, a syringe, a razor blade and zap straps. I’m thinking it was a torture/kill kit.

Horrifically police also found videos the evil bitch had made of her torturing, killing, disemboweling and dismembering the family cat, and killing, hanging, and eviscerating the family dog.

I so admire the investigators who have to watch and chronicle such horrors in the course of their investigations. Bravo to them!

I don’t know if police found evidence of the hellbitch persuading a boy to kill himself.

Kayla Bourque’s family members believe she was preparing to start killing people. And they won’t welcome her back home. I do not blame them!

“I’m worried that if she doesn’t get enough help — the right help — it will escalate,” her adoptive mother said in TV interview with CBC News. “We can’t fathom why she did what she did,” she said.

Psychologists who interviewed Kayla Bourque determined she showed no remorse or insight into her crimes. The doctors described her as a sexual sadist and narcissist with an anti-social personality disorder and sociopathic tendencies.

Kayla BourqueKayla the kitty/dog killer Bourque pleaded guilty to willfully killing animals, causing unnecessary pain and suffering to animals and possessing a weapon for a dangerous purpose.

What else could she do but plead guilty? The video evidence and the contents of the bag were impossible to refute.

This monstrous psycho animal killer was sentenced by Provincial Court Judge Malcolm MacLean to 8 months in prison last November, but had already been in custody for 6 months.

Kayla Bourque has now been freed on 3 years probation with 46 conditions on her release. Forty-six conditions! That would pretty much cover everything, right?

The conditions of her release include bans on:
• using computers, unless searching for work under supervision
• owning weapons (well, duh!)
• using social-networking sites
• possessing porn
• attending any post-secondary courses
• engaging in any areas of study, employment or volunteer work involving contact with any animals or any vulnerable person which includes but is not limited to the elderly, person under the age of 18, the infirm or persons with physical or mental disabilities.
• associating with anyone under the age of 18
• visiting places where minors might be present, such as schools, parks, swimming pools or playgrounds
• a lifetime ban on owning animals (yay!).

Kayla BourqueKayla Bourque can only leave her residence between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. She cannot begin any personal or intimate relationships without advising those involved about her criminal record. She must also participate in any psychiatric assessments and counseling programs as ordered by her probation officer.

The public is strongly urged to call local police immediately if they see the hellbitch Kayla Bourque violating any of her conditions of parole.

This animal killer is now living in the Metro Vancouver area and will be monitored by the Vancouver police high-risk offender unit.

B.C. Corrections was concerned enough to issue a public notification about her release. Their notification says that Kayla Bourque has “offended violently against both people and animals and is considered high risk to re-offend.

“She has been convicted of causing unnecessary pain, suffering or injury to animals, willfully and without lawful excuse killing animals and possessing a weapon for a dangerous purpose,” the notification says.

Bear in mind, people, that she’s not the only Kayla Bourque in B.C. — check the photos please. The animal killing Kayla Bourque is described as five feet four inches tall, 130 pounds, slender with brown eyes and black hair.

Keep fingers crossed please that this sadistic creature never gets the opportunity to inflict pain or suffering on anyone or anything again! And if she does, may she rot in hell!

CBC News article
Vancouver Sun article and video

29 Responses to Kayla Bourque

  1. bulldoggy says:

    Bengalpuss is going to be as upset about this as I am. WTF is going on in that crazy broad’s head? She wants to kill homeless people? She wants to do a home invasion and murder the victims? She’s one hell of a scary psychopath and she’s only 23! What’ll happen when she’s 26 and the conditions don’t apply any more? Mayhem!

    • bengalpuss says:

      Too right im upset bulldoggy. 1st) 8 months in jail wtf. 2nd) With all those conditions, she may as well have been left to languish in jail 3rd) wtf is wrong with her eyes they’re red, she could be satan in disguise & 4) The kitty killing cunt, & doggy butcher. I dread to think what those poor animals went thru before they were butchered by this sick fuck. Death must have been a blessing for them. Its a sorry state of affairs when the authorities are so worried about someone re offending that they put out a media release warning the people that this person is that dangerous. If thats the case then fucking keep her locked up. Because we all know that as long as psychopath extrordinaire gets her kicks at murdering someone, it’ll be worth getting locked up. Were gonna here about this bitch again, i guarantee it. Like 2cute said she looks totally different in each picture. I hope that no one goes near this narcissistic bitch, for their own safety, even her adoptive parents say something’s wrong case closed.

  2. 2cute says:

    Her look changes all over the place in those photos. Even the color of her eyes changes. That straight black hair and the mark on her cheek are all that’s consistent, and I wouldn’t put it past her to dye her hair. She’ll be hard to recognize if she tries a new look, and if you don’t recognize her you won’t know she’s a sadistic killer until she comes after you. OMG she’s so dangerous!

    • bengalpuss says:

      2cute, don.t you think that she looks like satan in that photo. She possibly could be satan with what she’s been doing, torturing and killing animals. We all know the next time she’ll have graduated to killing and Dismembering A human being. I think the authorities are being rather reckless releasing a psychopath back into society. That judge that gave her 8months fucked up big time with satanette, maybe if he’d have given her a few years she might have been assessed as a nutcase and with any luck sent to the lunatic asylum, but no they’ve let a ticking time bomb loose in the metro vancouver area, good job authorities, wonder who’ll take the blame when she torture’s and kills a person.

      • 2cute says:

        I think the bitch is using colored contact lenses to change the color of her eyeballs. I think she does want to look like Satan — probably she’s gotten into devil worship at some point. I don’t know how the judge could give such a sorry ass sentence. Didn’t he watch the videos? Watching this bitch torture and mutilate animals – her family’s pets! – should have sickened him enough to put her away for a long long time. 8 months is pathetic.

  3. str8m8 says:

    Thank god maniacs like this like to videotape their crimes! It makes the criminal investigation and trial so much easier. But hell this bitch tortured, killed, and disembowelled the family pets! I bet she wanted her parents to suffer too. I’m glad they made it worth her while to move out because I bet she’d come up with some tortures for them too.

  4. Squeemish says:

    I can’t believe she’s on the loose! At least she’s being watched by the police but I would be afraid the minute they stop watching. She wants to kill homeless people and there are more than a couple in Vancouver for her to hunt and shoot! I don’t think she’ll settle for killing and torturing animals despite how horrible that is. She’s probably going to kill somebody before she’s 30.

  5. moodymagic says:

    again what is wrong with this chic. Thank God the friend took her seriously. Rot in hell Bourque

  6. FlyingleadChange says:

    This girl disturbs me greatly, and I can’t help but feel there’s more to the story (as to why the judge made so many specific conditions).

    The sad part is, she’s quite attractive (when she’s not dressed up like a vampire anyway). There are guys out there who are into crazy chicks like this and WILL seek her out. Look at Karla Homolka and Terri McClintic; as to what damage a crazy woman can do when she teams up with a crazy guy.

  7. bengalpuss says:

    Flyingleadchange, don.t get me started on that karla Homolka & Terri Mcclintic. Karla homolka, should be in jail where that ex scumbag husband of hers is. Thats why i hate plea deals, because they’d already done the deal with that bitch, when the video turned up showing that she was as bad as him. And what sort of monster lets her husband rape her own sister, and the sister dies because of the drug that her sister stole from work. And terri mcclintic, needs to die. What a horrible cunt she is, poor tori stafford bless her held mcclintic’s hand asking her not to leave her, little knowing that the bitch mcclintic was the one that was gonna kill her. I read an article about those two depraved cunts, and after that beast raped little tori, she needed a wee and when she had one, mcclintic said she could see blood in the snow, that just broke my heart. And now we’ve got this bitch with the red eyes, someone will end up either seriously hurt or dead with this bitch. So many conditions on release, why release her?

  8. MsJustice222 says:

    Does anyone know the names of the psychologists or psychiatrists that interviewed this demon or was involved in the making of the reports on her – I have searched & searched but to no avail.

    There is a petition “URGE Vancouver to keep Psychopathic animal killer -Kayla Bourque locked up!”


    I don’t think the petition is directed properly. It is directed to:

    Judge Malcolm Maclean – I don’t think he can do anything as he is limited to the Criminal Code of Canada on sentencing.
    Correctional Service of Canada I don’t think they can do anything either as they are not responsible for her being released.
    The Premier of BC, Christy Clark – I believe that she also cannot do much as far as keeping her in jail or a mental institution. I think she would have to pass a law which might not apply to this woman unless she makes it retroactive.

    I am trying to contact these psychiatrists/psychologists so that I can start another petition to the proper authorities such as the Ombudsman for Criminal Justice or other appropriate people such as the Attorney General of BC, the Opposition Critic for the Attorney General & the Premier of BC as the Vancouver Police have stated they are not necessarily the ones in control of this case.

    I have one name of a Dr. Roy O’Shaughnessy mentioned in the following article:
    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    • Sergiu says:

      Don`t keep her looked up.Let her out and then step on her f.ckin head till it disappears.This deserves to die not go to jail.I hope i am going to meet her someday and i promise after that she is going to monastery and believe in good.Stupid girl…I really hope i am gonna meet this monster one day just to destroy her.

  9. Sergiu says:

    Daca o prind pe nenorocita asta o calc in picioare.Plin de retardati romani care ne fac tara de rusine in lume
    If i catch this woman i will play her like a football.She deserves to die not go to jail.Criminal.

  10. Stalker says:

    This bitch deserves a lead in her head not jail.Kill her!!!

  11. oona says:

    I saw few days ago on a forum that Kayla was looking for informations about Romania and the place where she was born, Constanta. Anyway she looks very much like the gipsy minority from Romania, I think she has gipsy origin. Abandoned kids in Romania are traumatised, lack of affection, they spend all the day in their bed, nobody speack to them or play, this is why most of them are retarded and have big problems … what idea to adopt a child from Romania, it was a good intention but … a former Romanian …

    • Abby says:

      Her probation states that she is not to be using the Internet so why is she on a Forum searching for information about Romania?

  12. bengalpuss says:

    Oona, a lot of children have shit starts in life, yet they don.t become psycho animal abusers and murderers. Im glad this bitch cannot ever own another animal, as she’s a liability. I hope she can overcome her problems, but i don.t hold out much hope. I’ve got my cat tyke on my knee now, and i cannot fathom how anyone would want to torture, or kill another living thing, she must be one screwed up woman. And possibly possessed by satan, just look at that picture with those red eyes, thats some spooky shit is that.

    • Pat says:

      She certainly is one scary person, but there is such a thing as mental illness… and a lot of those Romanian orphans adopted in the early 90s are really screwed up… the horrific conditions they were exposed to is enough to scramble anyone’s brain. Just google “Romanian orphan mental problems”

  13. Ali says:


    Wow, she’s some kind of catch.

    What a coward douche-bitch, carving up defenseless animals who knew and trusted her and wanting to do the same to the homeless.

    I doubt 8 months in Romania had anything to do with what she is now. That idiotic Vampire Freaks and its type of ilk likely screwed up her mind along with other things. I would believe that the “Freak” part has something to do with it.

    Oh, she’s not all that great looking… she’s just another fugly hellbeast.

  14. Janice patrick says:

    Give her to me for 2 min and I will hurt her just in memory of the anaimals

  15. This Chick says:

    Used to work with this little peach when she was in the group home in Prince George. Her idea of a good time was to wipe menstrual blood on her face and then come to the office looking for a reaction from staff. She didn’t get too much of reaction when I laughed in her face and told her to get the hell out of my office. Staff were advised on numerous ocassions not to pay attention to her antics and to use planned ignoring on the little wing nut! She was moved out of the group home as quick as she came, reason being, she was sent to Maples for a psych assesment. She was a smart little cookie though, I will give her that! I’d love to have 10 mins with this little shit, now that she is an adult!

  16. masterkait says:

    I lived with her in the group home…..thanks a lot mcfd.

  17. Deedee says:

    October 5, 2015 – she was seen eating pizza after 8pm at Fresh Slice Pizza on East Columbia Street in New Westminster. She is out and about and eating pizza…at night…

  18. bluemlein says:

    first of all have you seen romanian orphanages? it is not difficult to imagine that an infant could be severely damaged even in a short while there.

    second, the sentences for abusing and killing animals are nowhere near strong enough. by now everyone knows that people who abuse, torture and/or kill animals are well on the escalator to humans.

    the conditions under which she is paroled are so comprehensive because our thinking hasn’t yet got to requiring stiffer sentences. if you do not like the idea of a potential west coast karla then tell your local MP and MPP to get a move on changing the sentencing structure.

  19. Germaine Fraser says:

    So much for Sweet Romanian orphans many have been not quite together. Desperate situations require desperate action ergo lobotomy

  20. who cares says:

    Can you just do yourself in? All the animals would be so happy.

  21. Disgusted says:

    Honest to god what is wring with this country’s laws! How could any judge think that anything less than life in jail is enough. This psychopath will most definitely commit more crimes. And the stupid conditions they set on her wont mean shit. She can pick up animals off the street between those times of day. And who is to say she won’t harm people during that time either.
    I say put her to rest. Either in her own grave or life in prison with no chance of parole.
    Once again our Canadian laws have failed us.

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