Katie Stockton

Baby Killer Katie Stockton

Crime: Murder

Katie Stockton, 32, of Rockton, Illinois is very likely a serial killer. Her victims have been her very own tiny, helpless, infant daughters. And as despicable as that is, Katie Stockton is being sentenced for only one killing. She will avoid prosecution for the two other dead babies thanks to an agreement with prosecutors.

I am not condemning the agreement because it has been a very long ordeal getting justice done. As a result of this agreement, Katie the murderous bitch Stockton pled guilty to 1st-degree murder in the December 2004 death of the baby known as Baby Crystal. She is facing up to 60 years in prison, hallelujah.

Everybody keep their fingers crossed that she gets the max when she’s sentenced on April 5, 2013.

Here’s how the sad story played out. On December 17, 2004, a tiny newborn infant was heartlessly abandoned in a plastic bag along a dead-end rural road near Katie Stockton’s parents’ home in Rockton, Illinois. The baby naturally froze to death in the sub-zero temperatures, bless her little heart.

According to the coroner, “Did she suffer? Yeah, she suffered. At this time of year, she could have died in a matter of hours.”

Katie Stockton’s 13-year-old half-sister Mary and her dog discovered the tiny body. The poor kid! How traumatic that must have been.

Hours after the horrible discovery was made, detectives interviewed the hellbitch Katie Stockton. Her response to their questions was to lift her shirt and ask them if it looked like she’d just given birth.

Katie Stockton denied it was her baby, denied she’d left it to die, and refused to cooperate any further with the detectives.

Baby Crystal's coffinWinnebago County Sheriff Dick Meyers named the murdered baby Crystal the very day she was discovered. Why Crystal? Because she was found on a crystal-clear night.

The poor little baby had no birth defects, but she did have cocaine in her system and was infected with Hepatitis B.

Babies deserve a name. They also deserve love and caring, but Crystal’s mother had none of that to give her.

Not surprisingly, Katie Stockton obstructed the investigation all she could. She refused to provide DNA, of course, and for the next 5 years she ducked and dodged the police and their quest for the truth about the frozen infant.

On September 3, 2008 Katie Stockton pled guilty to check cashing forgery. Naughty, naughty. The judge ordered her to provide a DNA sample then but she refused. She ignored all requests to comply with the court order.

Gee, I wonder why.

Finally, finally, on July 15, 2009 the evil bitch had tossed a cigarette butt that police confiscated to test for DNA. The conclusion was that Baby Crystal was the daughter of Katie Stockton with a 99.96% certainty. It had only taken almost half a decade to get the investigation that far.

Winnebago County Sheriff’s Police arrested Katie Stockton on August 5, 2009 while she was vacationing in Kansas. They charged her with Baby Crystal’s murder. That was good, very good. Unfortunately the police violated the murderer’s Miranda rights during the interview following her arrest. That was bad, very bad.

For those who aren’t aware, Katie Stockton was allowed, as all Americans are allowed under their Constitution, to keep quiet and ask for a lawyer. The detectives ignored her request and kept interviewing her until they extracted a confession.

A confession is no good in court if a defendant’s Miranda rights have been violated. But court was still a long way off.

The week after Katie the baby killer Stockton was charged police made an interesting discovery. They learned that the hellbitch’s car had been parked at a South Beloit Police Department impound lot since August 15, 2008.

Katie Stockton had been stopped for a traffic violation back then and police impounded the vehicle. The police never searched it and Katie Stockton never retrieved it, so there the car sat for a year.

On August 12, 2009, curious Winnebago County Sheriff’s detectives checked out the vehicle, not that they really expected to find anything related to Baby Crystal. I’m sure it was a total shock to them when they opened the trunk. There, under a tire iron, a damaged spare tire and a Craftsman chain were two plastic bags. Each bag contained the remains of an infant.

There was no telling how long the remains had been in the car. There was no telling if they had been stillborn or born alive. There was no telling if they’d suffered any trauma. They were just bones at that point.

What the pathologist could tell was that both babies were girls, both full-term, and the products of separate pregnancies. The bodies had both been wrapped in cloth and then placed in separate plastic bags.

DNA testing determined that Katie Stockton was likely the mother of both of those dead babies. DNA testing also determined that all 3 of Katie Stockton’s dead daughters had different fathers.

Now what kind of hellbitch would tote around the bodies of her own dead babies, probably babies she herself had murdered? And why the hell would she do it? To avoid detection? But they decomposed in the trunk! Can you imagine the smell?

A boyfriend of Katie Stockton actually asked about the smell. She attributed it to a spilled milkshake. She’s lucky he bought that bullshit lie.

Anyway, in August 2009 Katie Stockton found herself charged with 1st-degree murder and learned that prosecutors were wanting the death penalty. I hope she lost a lot of sleep over that.

On September 16, 2009 the evil bitch pled not guilty in a Winnebago County courtroom to charges of 1st-degree murder, setting off more than 3 years of legal maneuvering.

Imagine, 3 years of motions and arguments and lawyers wrangling! That must’ve cost Winnebago County a whole pile of money. It’s not like the murderous mother was paying any of it.

Here’s how the case progressed and stalled over those 3 years.

First of all, in 2011 Illinois abolished the death penalty. Katie Stockton was one lucky bitch!

On November 29, 2011, Judge John Truitt tossed out the confession because of that issue with the Miranda rights. Katie was lucky again.

Hellbeast Katie StocktonOn December 13, 2011, the defense conceded that their client’s statements to the police hadn’t been coerced which meant that they could be used if Katie Stockton took the stand in her own defense.

Awww, too bad for Katie.

On January 13, 2012, the prosecution asked the judge to reconsider his ruling tossing the confession. Judge Truitt thought about it and thought about it and then on March 2, 2012 he declined to reverse his decision. He set a June 25, 2012 trial date.

On May 11, 2012, the trial date was canceled because of a whole pile of new motions — 23 from the prosecution and 7 from the defense.

One of the defense motions was that prosecutors should not be allowed to use the name Baby Crystal. Public defender David Doll said using the name would “improperly inflame the passions of the jury”.

And I say f*ck that shit! Pardon my french.

On May 29, 2012, Judge Truitt ruled that all evidence about the babies in the trunk was too prejudicial to be brought up at the trial. Damnit! Katie got lucky again!

In April, 2012, State’s Attorney Joe Bruscato offered a plea deal — 60 years in exchange for a guilty plea. This would spare her family and friends the spectacle and ordeal of an open trial. Katie Stockton declined.

On October 4, 2012, because the death penalty was no more, the original death penalty eligible charges were replaced by new charges that were punishable by life in prison. Katie Stockton pled not guilty to those.

On December 7, 2012, the trial date was set as February 25, 2013. Finally a trial date! Baby Crystal had only been dead for 8 years at that point.

On December 28, 2012, Katie Stockton’s mother, stepfather, stepbrother and half-sister were ordered to testify in the upcoming trial.

But then on February 21, 2013, Katie Stockton the murdering monster entered a guilty plea to 1 count of 1st-degree murder.

Winnebago County State’s Attorney Joe Bruscato agreed to drop all other charges in the case. I’m sure at this point he’s just relieved to be getting it all over with.

Katie Stockton
Sentencing is set for April 5, 2013. Please, please, please Judge Truitt, give the murdering hellbitch the max! She left her newborn to die in a snowbank! That is a proven fact! And what happened to her other daughters will never be known.

Katie Stockton does not deserve any more lucky breaks. She deserves the depths of hell, in my sincerest opinion. She is a confessed baby killer who has gotten a lot of lucky breaks while her victim(s) got not even one.

RIP Baby Crystal and the 2 unnamed little girls.

And rot in hell, Katie Stockton.


The judge gave her 50 years.

Daily Mail article
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17 Responses to Katie Stockton

  1. moodymagic says:

    This baby killer mamma better suffer long and hard in prison. She does not deserve anything but pain and suffering. Burn in hell Stockton.

  2. 2cute says:

    I have to wonder how nobody she hung out with noticed the changes in her shape as she went thru 3 pregnancies. Maybe she was always large. She a fugly evil cunt who should never ever get out.

    • bengalpuss says:

      2cute i’ll tell you how no one noticed that she was pregnant, because she’s a fat ugly cunt. No one would have guessed fatso was pregnant because the pregnancy bump would have blended in with her mitchellin tyre. And what an evil fat bastard, not only did 3 baby girls die at fat twat’s hands, but they never had a name or a chance at life. Selfish fat ass probably thought “Oh if i’ve gotta look after babies, i can.t screw around anymore” Different father for each baby, say’s it all don.t it. I want this lard arse, to get her fat arse whooped in jail, she’s done everything in her power to avoid prosecution. And that defence attorney is a turd, he doesn’t want the name baby crystal used, because the jury will become soft, at least the detective that named her, made sure she had an identity. And damn why did they have to abolish the death penalty, mind you they’d probably need a horse tranquilizer to put fatty to death. RIP little girls.

  3. pj says:

    She has no soul.

  4. bengalpuss says:

    Moodymagic, only thing fat arse deserves, is to be executed. I wish that they still had the death penalty, damn it.

  5. hairy says:

    This evil twat needs neutering with a hammer, then eviscerating. Heartless soulless witch!

    • bengalpuss says:

      Hairy, i like you, me and you think along the same lines. You seem to like neutering and eviscerating these criminal scumbag’s and i like to torture them, given the chance, they wouldn’t need jails with me and you hairy. plus it would be a double whammy, we’d be saving the taxpayers lots of £’s or $’s depending on where you are. death row costs too much, but i’d rather pay tax knowing that one day they are gonna get the date with the needle. should be like it was years ago, when you were sentenced to death then, you were hung within a month, ah the good ole days lol.

  6. Thundar says:

    I’m still amazed 3 different guys hooked up with the evil witch. I can buy 1, perhaps a missing chromosone or previous blunt head trauma can explain that away…but THREE?

    • josie says:

      She hooked up with 4 guys, she has a son that she didn’t kill… Her momma walkd in on her as she was given birth to that one…

    • Historyman says:

      The other two babies were probably mulatto. Black guys think big, fat, disgusting white bitches are a real prize.

  7. a_french_girl says:

    Ever thought of making an article about Veronique Courjault?
    Great website.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Who’s this veronique courjault? And what was her crime?

      • a_french_girl says:

        a French woman who denied 3 of her pregnancies. She burnt the 1st infant and froze the 2 others.

        The 2 frozen infants were discovered ‘by mistake’ in the family fridge by her husband who wasn’t aware at all of her pregnancies. So he is the one who called the police.
        She served 3 years+ in jail for that.

        • bengalpuss says:

          I just don.t understand, if they don.t want children, then take contraception, its that simple. Don.t get pregnant then carry the baby full term, then murder the child, thats just evil, and wicked. And 3yrs is nothing, a year for each child, appalling. At least the husband had some decency, he rang the police on his wife, good for him.

  8. Bengalpuss says:

    Note to self “Do not comment when your drunk, as you end up posting a comment from a different article. The above comment was mean.t for miss big neck, that put the newborn in the tumble dryer, but i went out got drunk(Which is rare) And posted the comment on the wrong article. Thought i’d better explain myself, before one of you guys say “Bengalpuss wtf Are you talking about” So now you know, drink and internet don.t mix!!

  9. Bria says:

    I know this is old, but i wanted to clarify some things. Katie didn’t always look like this. She gained a lot of weight during her years incarcerated. When she got pregnant, you couldn’t tell she was pregnant. She literally did not show at all. Even before she gained the weight that she has now. I actually believe she lost weight while pregnant. I know someone who was best friends with her during high school, and i at one point knew her son and his father. Luckily, her son has a loving father. He had attempted to make it work with her at first, but couldn’t because of drugs. She wouldn’t stop. The fact that she never showed is how she was able to get away with no one knowing she was pregnant. The person I know saw her while pregnant with her first kid, and said her belly was completely flat. She didn’t even need to hide she was pregnant. I mostly feel bad for the son, who is probably now old enough to realize what his biological mother did.

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