Katherine Lynn Estep

Katherine Estep

Crimes: Forcible Sexual Abuse, Pedophile

Katherine Lynn Estep, of Payson, Utah, USA, did everything by the pervert handbook. She kept her nose clean — she was never in trouble with the law. She got a job where she had easy access to victims, and she had a position of power over the victims.

Katherine Estep had been hired as a staff member at Impact Ranch in Mona. The ranch has a program for boys aged 13 to 18 who have behavioural and/or mental health problems. The boys get therapy there and are able to enjoy outdoor activities and working with animals.

The one thing that the program never intended was that these troubled boys could or would be sexually assaulted. Unfortunately, Katherine Estep the predatory sexual offender was in their midst. And teenaged boys were exactly what she was attracted to.

The fugly female perv had found herself an ideal place to hunt for victims. The juveniles, with their past histories of bad behaviour and mental health issues, would have credibility issues if they told on her. Probably the boys she targeted were susceptible to bribes or blackmail. And if they came from dysfunctional homes, they might not have recognized that Katherine Estep’s sexual demands were criminal.

Katherine EstepThe 44-year-old hellbitch convinced/coerced 5 teenagers into participating in sexual acts with her. And seriously, look at her picture. She’s not exactly the type of female that teenaged boys would get the hots for.

Katherine Estep threatened some of her victims with demerits and intimidated them in order to get them to cooperate. She also apparently bribed the boys — she rewarded them with access to a cell phone (strictly forbidden), electronic cigarettes, pills and candy.

Pills? OMG, what if those boys were on prescribed medications already? She’s lucky there were no medical complications when she gave away pills.

There were 13 boys at the ranch. How the hell the hellbitch thought her 5 victims wouldn’t talk to the other boys and each other is beyond me — especially in group therapy sessions.

Katherine Estep’s disgusting perversions eventually came to the attention of her fellow staff members who called the Juab County Sheriff’s Office in May 2015.

Officers responding to the call arrested Katherine Estep on suspicion of 5 counts of forcible sodomy and 7 counts of sexual abuse of a minor. She was hauled off to the Juab County Jail and held in lieu of $550,000 bail.

In court, Katherine Estep faced 5 counts forcible sodomy, 10 counts forcible sexual assault, and 2 counts of providing electronic cigarettes to minors.

The sexual offender pled guilty to 7 counts of 2nd-degree forcible sexual abuse, and the other charges were dropped.

In September 2016, Judge Jennifer Brown in Nephi’s Fourth District Court sentenced Katherine Estep to 7 terms of 1 to 15 years in prison. The 7 prison terms will run concurrently.

Along with the prison terms, Judge Brown recommended that Katherine Estep participate in psychotherapy.

I seriously hope and pray that the boys’ behavioural and mental health issues weren’t terribly impacted by what had happened. I hope all of them are in good, healthy environments now.

I really hope that Katherine Estep will serve the maximum. I’m furious that she preyed upon young men who were already trying to deal with and overcome mental health and behavioural issues. This female f*ckwad put her own sexual urges ahead of the very wellbeing of her victims, and taught them to not to trust adults and those in authority. She taught them that children can be used as sexual objects. For that she should be put away for the maximum.

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13 Responses to Katherine Lynn Estep

  1. Tom Daly says:

    How figuring. These are vulnerable boys who this woman was supposed to take care of and she took advantage of their vulnerability. People like her make me feel positively sick.

    • bulldoggy says:

      I want to know if any more victims have come forward. She’s not exactly a spring chicken, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she started her disgusting antics earlier in life.

      • Bengalpuss. says:

        Bulldoggy, I was thinking the same thing, this bitch must’ve done this before, she didn’t start late in her beastly ways, she’s done this before without a doubt. If there are more victims, I hope they can come forward and put this bitch away for life where she obviously belongs. All those boys are heroes to me, and I mean all of them , also the ones who haven’t come forward, they are just as brave in my eyes because they’ve had to deal with that abuse on their own, bless their hearts.

  2. Moodymagic says:

    The poor victims. I hope they are all doing well. This bitch should burn in hell.

  3. Ash says:

    Cleo, I just want to throw this out there and run back behind a flameproof wall… but when you insult these people for being ugly (as opposed to the horrible actions they did), you alienate and insult the many ugly people in the world who are just as repulsed by them as you are.

    I know people who are as ugly as her, who have the hearts of angels and would never harm anyone, least of all a child. Although you don’t intend to, you’re lumping them in with the hellbeasts. Those are horrible people because of their actions, not their physical appearance.

    • Bengalpuss. says:

      Ash, if being ugly was a crime, then this sick bitch would be sentenced to death. I myself ain’t no Cindy Crawford, however it doesn’t offend me when Cleo speaks truthfully about some of these Fuck ugly cunts. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, just as you are ash, but sugar coating the story wouldn’t come across as realistic to me, but that’s my opinion.

      • Tom Daly says:

        Do you think she should never be allowed near kids again?

        • Bengalpuss. says:

          Without a doubt, she’s a predator and any opportunity miss pedo gets, she’ll take it and destroy some other poor kids life. If I had my way I would sentence all those sick Fuck pedos to death, but unfortunately I don’t have that wish, my god id put attila the hun to shame.

      • Critchfield says:

        Ash, you’re right on. Instead of judging people on their physical appearance, judge them on their crimes. It’s so immature.

    • Bekah says:

      I’m right there with you Ash. It makes me cringe every time one of these articles labels the person as fat, ugly, whatever. In this case, she isn’t attractive, but it takes away from the fact that beautiful people on the outside can be absolute monsters. She didn’t get a hefty sentence because its female on male…if she was beautiful, forget about it even showing up on sites like this (in general, nothing personal to you Cleo).
      In defense of Cleo, there have been people who are physically very attractive, and Cleo still gives them shit about something. I’m absolutely fine with vulgar language, but it really does take away from the story when a person’s personal appearance is used against them and perpetuates the stereotype of the ugly witch, fat monster that’s out to get you.

  4. restraintmask says:

    I guess she needs to have her face slashed too along with the other molesters/rapists

  5. Danielsyday says:

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  6. DanielLuh says:

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