Justin Lee Alston & Brittany Nichole Oliphant-Alston

Justin and Brittany Alston
Crimes: Child Abuse, Neglect

Magon Rutledge and Caleb Fuller of Hood County, Texas, saved a baby’s life back in December, 2011. That was pretty awesome of them, especially considering they were teenagers at the time.

The baby that Magon Rutledge and Caleb Fuller rescued was Riley Alston, an 8-month-old who was very near death. The people responsible for his shocking state were his criminally irresponsible parents, Justin Lee Alston and Brittany Nichole Alston.

It seems that Justin and Brittany Alston, both 21 then, were a helluva lot more immature than Magon Rutledge, 17 and Caleb Fuller, 15. More immature, more selfish, and downright heartless.

Here’s what happened. Magon Rutledge and her cousin Caleb Fuller attended a party at Justin and Brittany Alston’s mobile home in rural Hood County. They really shouldn’t have been there, and they knew it. They were underage and there was alcohol at this party.

Thank goodness, though, that those teenagers were there. Magon Rutledge heard a faint cry from a bedroom and took it upon herself to check out what was wrong. There was plenty wrong.

Magon Rutledge saw the distressed baby, Riley Alston, in his baby bed, covered in and surrounded by urine, feces and vomit.

“I picked the baby up and he was slimy,” Magon Rutledge said. “The blanket underneath him was slimy.” Ewwww. And it gets worse.

“The baby looked so fragile,” the teenager said. “I was furious and I was shaking and I was breathing hard and I was trying to be as gentle as I could with this baby because I felt like if I just moved a certain way this baby would break.”

Riley AlstonVery carefully, Magon Rutledge removed the soiled clothing baby Riley was wearing. That was when she saw how absolutely skeletal and sick he was. His skin was flaking off, and his bones protruded.

“I took a deep breath. His hair was crunchy. I wrapped the baby up in my jacket,” said Magon Rutledge. “He looked at me directly in the eyes the whole time…. He’s basically begging you, ‘Get me out of here.’ So I’ll always remember his big, blue eyes.”

The horrified teenager brought the precious baby out of the bedroom and told Justin and Brittany Alston he needed immediate medical help. The monstrous parents’ response was they would get around to it next week. Next week! Their baby was near death!

“I was in complete shock,” said Magon Rutledge. “I’m not a violent person, but I wanted to be violent. I’ve never been so angry, so sickened.”

I can totally relate to what that teenaged girl felt, and I applaud her keeping focused on rescuing the baby.

“I said, ‘This baby isn’t your baby no more, it’s mine.’ I had to keep my attention on the baby, or it would have become an altercation.”

Justin the POS Alston was getting riled up. He was apparently worried about getting into trouble.

“He kind of threw a fit,” said Magon Rutledge. The girl then instructed her cousin Caleb to call his dad, Paul Fuller, who was a paramedic.

Kudos to those teenagers — they knew that Paul Fuller would totally disapprove of their attending the party but they put the baby first. They didn’t care if they got into trouble — they had to do what was right.

Fifteen-year-old Caleb Fuller also stood up to the drunken lout, Justin Alston. “I was standing toe to toe with him. I was telling him how he can’t do that to his child,” the young man said.

Paul Fuller arrived at the trash-filled party house in the 4000 block of Rance Drive in the Sandy Beach subdivision east of Granbury. He immediately assessed the baby’s sick and sickening condition.

“He had no fat, no muscles on him,” said Paul Fuller. “He looked like he was 100 years old.”

The seasoned paramedic considered that Riley might not have more than 48 hours to live without emergency treatment, and that’s what he told Justin and Brittany Alston.

Did that smarten up the nasty pair of parents? Hell no. A very intoxicated Justin told Paul Fuller, “If you call 911, we’re going to take him and run and you won’t ever see him again. Nobody will ever see him again.”

Paul Fuller wasn’t about to step down. “I said, ‘He’s going to the hospital.’ Justin finally said, ‘You take him.’ They had given me permission to take him out of there.”

Riley AlstonThe paramedic immediately took little Riley to the Lake Granbury Medical Center in Granbury. The baby was transferred to Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth.

The doctors who initially treated the poor wee tyke weren’t sure at all that he’d survive. He was severely dehydrated and malnourished. The doctors figured baby Riley hadn’t been fed properly for 2 months.

Can you imagine that? For 2 months that precious little boy was crying for food, howling from the pain of his empty tummy, and Justin and Brittany Alston ignored him. They ignored how his bones protruded and his muscles wasted. They ignored the vomit, urine and feces he lay in.

If it hadn’t been for Megon Rutledge and Caleb Fuller, Justin and Brittany Alston would have soon become murderers. They should get down on their knees every day and give thanks to those teenagers for saving their son’s life.

Doctors had no choice but to feed the starving baby through an IV because the poor little guy’s body just wouldn’t accept food at first. At 8 months old Riley weighed less than 9 pounds. He was 7 pounds at birth.

The police were brought in immediately to investigate this distressing case.

“In all my years as a police officer, I have never seen such a severe case of child neglect. It just breaks my heart to see a child in this condition and suffering this way,” said Hood County Sheriff Roger Deeds.

The police naturally questioned the hellbeastly parents and soon found out just how heartless and soulless they are.

Brittany Alston told the investigators that she didn’t feed her baby because she had other things to do, like getting the oil changed in the car. Riiight. The bitch.

I don’t think Brittany Alston impressed anyone with that pissy attitude and f*cktarded answer.

Both Brittany and Justin Alston admitted to investigators that they much preferred drinking and smoking pot with their friends to caring for little Riley. I’m only surprised that they admitted it. I’m not surprised that drugs and alcohol were involved.

The day after the party was an eventful day. Police arrested the evil pair on charges of injury to a child and abandoning/endangering a child with criminal intent. Brittany and Justin Alston, the stupid f*cktards, were hauled off to Hood County Jail in Granbury.

Child Protective Services officials took custody of 2 other children. That’s right — there were more children involved! Brittany Alston had a 4-year-old from a previous relationship. The Alstons also had an 18-month old. The older child was handed over to the biological father, and the younger child was put into foster care.

Justin Alston tried to tell investigators that it wasn’t their fault their baby was so sick — Riley just couldn’t keep down his formula.

“We’d feed him bottles every time he was hungry, but he would throw it all back up,” Justin POS Alston said in a media interview from jail. He also said they missed a couple of doctor appointments and then the physician wasn’t accepting Medicaid patients any more.

“We should have took him to the ER,” said Justin the asshole Alston. “We were trying to get him into the doctor’s office. We were just trying to find a doctor that would take him.” Riiiight.

“I think that’s a flimsy excuse,” said Hood County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Johnny Rose. “There are plenty of agencies that would help that child. We have a pretty good group of people here that would go out of their way to help the children of Hood County.”

I think we all know that the Alstons never intended to get medical attention for little Riley. They didn’t want him. They couldn’t be bothered if he were alive or dead. They just didn’t care.

But from jail Justin Alston expressed concern for his son to the media. “I hope he makes it – and I’m probably never going to see him again. That’s all I’ve thought about. If I could go back and change it, I would.”

When the nasty couple went to trial almost a year later, the jury took only 40 minutes to convict them. On November 2, 2012, both Brittany and Justin Alston were sentenced to 60 years in prison. I gotta admit, Texas doesn’t fool around with sentencing.

The Alstons filed an appeal on the basis that the photos shown to the jury were prejudicial. The photos were, of course, of little Riley. The assholes lost their appeal, thank goodness.

Riley Alston after

Riley Alston afterward

Good news, baby Riley was placed in a foster home and put on weight. He looks much happier in his photos.

I hope and pray that Riley and his siblings are all now in safe, happy, loving and nurturing families. I hope they suffer no consequences of their rough start in life. Bless them all.

And I hope and pray that Justin and Brittany Alston spend the next 60 years thanking the powers that be that they weren’t tried for murder. As I say, Texas doesn’t fool around with sentencing.

I congratulate Magon Rutledge and Caleb Fuller for being such good people. There were other people in that mobile home and only they saw fit to do the right thing. They saved a precious boy’s life and should be proud of themselves for that. I wish both of them all the best.

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25 Responses to Justin Lee Alston & Brittany Nichole Oliphant-Alston

  1. 2cute says:

    Those pictures of Riley made me cry. How could his parents have seen him like that and not cared? May they never live to see freedom. Bless you Riley, have a happy life.

  2. BENGALPUSS says:

    I feel fucking murderous after seeing those pictures, and i cried, i absolutely sobbed. kudos to those kids, if they hadn’t done something that poor little tyke would be dead, and while he was starving, the cunts that called themselves parents, were getting pissed, the pair of evil bastards. And saying “we’ll get round to taking him next week” arrghh i’m so mad, i hope they get their worthless arse’s whooped in jail, daily.

  3. pj says:

    Those 2 party animals are just animals, not even human. No way could a human with a heart and a soul do that. They should go to hell for what they have done.

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      P.J, I truly hope there is a hell, and these two bastards end up in it, because only someone who is evil and wicked would do what they did to their own son, evil pieces of shite they are.

  4. moodymagic says:

    Kudos Magon and Caleb you guys are my heroes. Riley was so lucky you guys showed up to the party. I hope Riley is in a happy loving family now. The pair of fucktard parents 60 years is good on them no more children can be harmed by these 2 degenerates. BURN IN HELL YOU MONSTERS.

  5. moodymagic says:

    Is it just me or does she look like Dobby from Harry Potter. Sorry Dobby thats a huge insult.

    • Jessice11 says:

      HAHAHAHAHA oh my gosh Moody! Yes! Atleast I can laugh at something after reading about these cunts.

      • BENGALPUSS says:

        Awww, jessice11, best not let clint know you said cunt, or he will threaten to kick your arse. I’ll explain, a while back i annoyed a commentor by saying he was worthless for sticking up for child murderers, anyway he threatened me, and a few weeks ago he showed his worthless self again and tried to make me look small for saying cunt and arse, but instead made himself look a twat, so in future when i take the piss about swearing, it’s middle finger salute to clint. glad i’m not the only one who says cunt.

  6. Rhonda says:

    Hats off to the uncle for being there for these kids. I think it says a lot about him that when they found themselves in a bad situation they felt comfortable calling him, confident he would know and be willing to help them.

  7. MSM says:

    That poor little baby!! I’m glad the state did the right thing and protected all of those children with removal.

  8. Supermom says:

    Hell yeah Texas!! Nice that these two pos got what they deserved. The rest of the world (U.S. included) should take notes that this kind of evil nonsense against the innocent will no longer be tolerated. This story literally brought me to tears, which doesn’t happen very often. That sweet thing, omg! Those two angels that saved his life should be recognized for their actions! Wow, I wish that baby all the great things this world has to offer! Great write up on this story!!

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      They broke my heart too supermom. I just love america when it comes to sentencing, if that was the uk, they would be given something like 3years. We should overhaul the shite sentences we have now, and follow americas example, they wouldn’t be i’ll treating babies and starving them, that’s for sure.

  9. Kristi says:

    I lived in Granbury for 10 years. We moved a couple years ago. There is a lot wrong in that town but not when it comes to needy kids. That town has a huge population of low income families. It also has awesome people that make sure every child has school supplies, school shoes, free lunches in the summer, clothes, and a Christmas for children program that would blow you away. If that child was in need of anything they could have gotten it. Because the story is so close to home for me I have read a lot of articles about it. In one news report it said Riley’s socks were fused to the skin on his feet! I also have read that the so called parents said ” take him to the hospital if you want to. We don’t want him.” They make me sick, fucking bitches!

  10. Supermom says:

    I wanted to just clarify something. My last comment said “the rest of the world should take notes”, I was only saying that the other states in the U.S. as well as the rest of the world should have equally harsh punishments for such crimes. Maybe then we will be sending a clear message that this nonsense will not be tolerated, in ANY part of the world. I didn’t want anyone to confuse my statement as meaning “the rest of the world should be like the U.S.” It’s not like that at all & I certainly do not feel that way.

  11. Ashkenn says:

    I’m so happy Riley’s story had a happy ending. To often so many other children don’t get that chance. God Bless Megon and Caleb, they are true heroes! I hope they get the recognition they deserve.

  12. landree says:

    Unfortunately I went to school with both of these monsters!!!! I hope they get a taste of what they have done to this poor baby. I look at my 6 month old son and couldn’t imagine doing something like that to him. Makes me sick!!!!

  13. Mia says:

    I know that this is an old post, but I have been reading backwards for the past few nights.

    I am laying here in bed with tears streaming down my face as I read these articles. I just don’t understand how somebody wouldn’t want to protect and cherish a sweet baby, any infant that they encounter (like the heroes of this story did). Even before I became a mother, and was a wild punk rock partier, stories of people neglecting or abusing children made me physically ill. I just can’t imagine how a person can be such an effing hellbeast that they could do this kind of thing. I mean, my son is my absolute world and I love him more than anyone or anything, but I also love ALL the babies. If I could feed and cuddle every baby that needed it, I absolutely would. HOW CAN YOU LET YOUR OWN CHILD WASTE AWAY LIKE THAT?!?

  14. shy says:

    They r both a pair of cunts especially her wen she has already go 2 other kids. Wen i saw the photos wot they did its ? ? ? ? I ant going to say how it made me feel. How can anyone do that to their child/baby. She wasnt a mum wen she had her 1st baby. Riley is beautiful shes a cunt. Their shud b harder punishments in countrys where it fails 60yrs is ok.

  15. Bianca says:

    God bless you both alwaysss, I mean alwayssss!!
    I am beyond happy that Beautiful Precious Riley is making it through & thriving!! He will be a great young boy as he grows up & I hope his years are full of love happiness & warmth. I wish I could meet you one day & just see you smile & give you a sweet kiss on the cheek! You’re an angel on earth. God bless you now & forever:)

  16. TimeToFaceFacts says:

    Love the last picture :3

  17. Throwthepedostothewolves says:

    Reading this as my 3 month old baby girl naps in my arms, I can’t help but cry for this little one and what he had to endure…the complete lack of love and compassion these ‘parents’ had for the beautiful miracle they brought into the world absolutely disgusts me.

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