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Hellbeast Julianne McCrery
Crime: Murder

When I first saw the picture of the beautiful, blonde little boy whose body had been tossed along a dirt road in southern Maine, I admit I cried. The police had digitally altered the photo to try to make him appear awake and alert, but the little tyke was dead.

The photo showed a clean, well-groomed, well-nourished child, not battered, bruised or neglected. This child had been loved, and would surely be missed. What sort of monster, I wondered, would deprive this lovely little boy of life and discard him as if he were trash? Had he been abducted by a murderous pedophile? Had he been snatched and killed by a vengeful non-custodial parent? Sorry, but that’s the way my mind works.

Camden HughesAnd then nobody claimed the body. Nobody had reported him missing. Nobody had gone on TV to beg for the return of this stolen little boy. And so it became so very obvious that this adorable little fellow was not stolen, was not missed.

Thank the stars, thank God, thank whomever for Lisa Gove of South Berwick, Maine. She’d been driving on that remote dirt road on May 14, 2011 when she noticed a blue Toyota pickup truck with its doors open. That was an odd sight. Lisa Gove took note of a navy insignia on the truck and continued on her way to her in-laws’ house. She and her in-laws soon after spotted a green blanket 30 feet from the road near where the truck had parked, and discovered the boy’s body underneath.

Without the clue of the truck with the navy insignia, the investigators would have had a much more difficult time tracking down the killer.

Camden Hughes siteThe Maine investigators began immediately searching for the victim’s parents in that state. There were no records anywhere indicating a missing little boy. And then the investigators decided to use an extremely powerful tool — the Internet. They created that computer-enhanced image of the boy and released it to the world.

It took four days before the young victim was identified. Someone in the Dallas suburb of Irving in Texas called Maine authorities after they saw that computer-generated photo and recognized the child. The abandoned body was that of 6-year-old Camden Pierce Hughes.

Camden Hughes was a smart little boy. He’d been in his school’s gifted program. He loved art, music and sports. He liked to draw.

Camden HughesSurprisingly there were no reports of a lost child in Irving. Why hadn’t Camden been reported missing? And he hadn’t — not by his family, not by his school. His school though had been getting phone calls from his mom excusing Camden’s absence due to appendicitis.

So who was this mother? Julianne McCrery is her name. Julianne McCrery who incidentally owned a blue Toyota Tacoma pickup truck with a navy insignia.

Investigators learned that Julianne McCrery had a son who was a chef in the U.S. Navy. She was a former school bus driver and cement mixer. She’d written a book about how to fall asleep called “Goodnight, Sleep Tight”.

Julianne McCrery had split up with Robert Miller who was not Camden’s father but who treated the boy as if he were. Robert Miller hadn’t known that Julianne and Camden had left the state. Even her own mother didn’t know they’d left.

Investigators also found that Julianne McCrery had had a troubled bit of history with Texas police. She’d been arrested a couple of times on prostitution charges, and she’d also been arrested once for possession with intent to distribute drugs. All of her arrests were prior to Camden’s birth. After his birth, though, she had had continuing mental health and drug issues.

Camden Hughes mapJulianne McCrery traveled hundreds of miles with Camden from Texas all the way to Maine. Why? What purpose would this long trip serve?

I can think of three purposes, not one of which was sightseeing.

#1: Texas has the death penalty and isn’t afraid to use it. Maine on the other hand does not have the death penalty. When plotting to murder someone it is smartest to choose a locale where the penalty is less severe in the event you’re caught.

#2: A small body dropped in a woodsy area in Maine would likely be hauled away and eaten quickly by scavenging animals, and if the remains were ever found investigators would be unlikely to identify the body.

Unhappily for Julianne McCrery, Camden’s body was spotted right away while still intact and recognizable.

#3: A killer could head anywhere and not be recognized and discovered by police. A killer could set up housekeeping in any state other than Texas and then phone home to announce that she and the victim had moved.

Camden Hughes funeralUnhappily for Julianne McCrery, her truck was seen by Lisa Gove and was identifiable by its navy insignia. If Lisa Gove hadn’t happened by, there would have been no clue as to what the killer drove. In fact, the little body likely wouldn’t have been discovered at all. Yay, Lisa Gove!

So what happened on this extended road trip? Well, on the way Julianne McCrery and Camden stayed in a motel in Hampton, New Hampshire. That was the end of the road for Camden. His loving mother wrangled the little boy face down onto the floor and then knelt on top of him. She then covered his mouth with her hand as he flailed for a few minutes. The weight Julianne had applied was enough that one of Camden’s lungs was bruised. The pressure also bruised the base of his skull.

Camden Hughes died of asphyxiation. The poor little guy. He knew as he struggled for breath that it was his mommy that was killing him.

Camden Hughes siteAfter the little body was dumped in Maine, Julianne McCrery took to the road again. Thanks to Lisa Gove’s detailed description of her truck, a driver at a Chelmsford, Mass. truck stop spotted it on May 18, 2011 and called the police. The killer was caught.

And what was Julianne McCrery’s story? Why, it was a suicide plan of course. She’d planned to kill herself by ingesting castor beans. So why did Camden have to die? Because no one else was fit to raise her son. Not her mother apparently, and not Robert Miller, and not the state.

I have a few problems with this story, as did the prosecutor’s office. The number one problem is why isn’t she dead? Why didn’t Julianne McCrery kill herself if this was a suicide mission? Did she even buy castor beans?

The number two problem is, of course, why travel to Maine? If she planned to be dead anyway, why couldn’t she commit suicide in Texas?

The number three problem is why dump the body and try to escape? Why the coverup? Why the phone calls to the school?

No, it is rather obvious that hellbeast murderer Julianne McCrery meant to continue living after Camden’s murder. And she meant to continue living without the consequences of her actions.

The prosecution held that the heartless killer considered Camden an inconvenience to the life she wanted to live, hence the murder. That makes a whole lot more sense that the nonsensical suicide plot that didn’t involve a single attempt at suicide.

Camden HughesJulianne McCrery, 42, of Irving, Texas, pled guilty to 2nd-degree murder. She blubbered away at her sentencing hearing. She sobbed and cried, “I am very sorry to have caused the intense pain and suffering to my precious son Camden… He did nothing whatsoever to deserve that by my hand, and he was not an inconvenience to me.”

OMG she confessed to causing Camden intense pain and suffering! That poor, poor boy, what she put him through as she forcibly stopped his breath.

She continued, “My sorrow is intense and unbearable.” Boo friggin’ hoo. She even apologized to Camden’s kindergarten teacher.

Regardless of the murderous mom’s show of weepy contrition, Rockingham Superior Court Judge Tina Nadeau sentenced Julianne McCrery to 45 years in prison. That’s plenty of time for her to think about what she did.

Julianne McCrery’s remaining son and her brother told the court that they love and forgive her. Her own mother said at Camden’s funeral, “I know in my heart that Juli didn’t do this out of malice or anger. She was a good mother… she did the best she could with what she had. On that fateful day something snapped, and I pray that she gets all the help she needs.”

Julianne McCrery is lucky indeed to have such loving, forgiving family. Too bad she hadn’t considered any of them good enough to raise Camden.

I myself am not feeling so forgiving. I don’t have any sympathy for child killers. Camden is dead because his evil mother Julianne McCrery wanted him dead, and she will hopefully roast in hell as a result. Burn, Juli, burn.

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15 Responses to Julianne McCrery

  1. 2cute says:

    Awww, the poor baby Camden. I can’t understand how a mom could do that. I just don’t. She needs to suffer.

    • Janella Ackerman says:

      I know Juli personally.
      The way she went about that. Calling the school to keep the charade up.
      She’s never admitted it but, I think she was going to leave the country.

  2. moodymagic says:

    She needs to suffer! Why is it alays the poor little children that always suffer. Isn’t it always a wonder how sorry the guilty caught people are when faced with a 45 year prison sentence. Roast in hell bitch. Camden deserved better.

  3. Shannon says:

    Oh God. Camden looks so much like my own youngest child. Enough that I have chills. Those blue eyes and blond hair. I’m crying for that little boy.

  4. scrappy says:

    What the hell are castor beans? Oh, and why didn’t she just take a nice shotgun and blow her freakin’ brains out…they do like their firearms down in Texas, don’t they?

    Sorry, got a beautiful kindergartener of my own and just can’t imagine how lacking in a soul you would need to be to coldly hold them down while they struggle to breathe, fight for their lives.

    When I think of the people who lovingly cared for children they couldn’t keep alive (cancer victims and any other assorted ailments/disabilities) I want to pull the trigger on this b**ch myself…and I’m a pacifist!

    • 2cute says:

      I googled castor beans and it says that chewing 5 to 20 can kill an adult. Hell I would make her a castor bean casserole or a castor bean salad and see if she’s serious about suicide. I wonder how hard it is to find castor beans?

      She could’ve found a gun or a rope. She could’ve run her car in a closed garage instead of driving it hundreds of miles! She could’ve swallowed draino. She could’ve slit her wrists. But no, this bitch only considered castor beans for her suicide.

      She’s like Susan Smith who tried to commit suicide by drowning but wound up alive with two dead boys. This bitch didn’t want to die. Killing yourself isn’t that hard if you’re determined to die.

      • scrappy says:

        Had a boyfriend in college, his dad committed suicide by drinking a liter of transmission fluid. Sounds gross to me, but it did the trick.

        He collapsed while carrying out the trash (!) and a neighbor called 911. He lingered a few days and then passed on.

        I would be a _little_ less angry if she’d even tried to commit suicide. Selfish twit.

    • Janella Ackerman says:

      I WAS her friend for 15 yrs. Caster beans are what’s used to make caster oil. In it’s raw state, very poisonous.
      She’s choked down a couple in the past w/no luck.

  5. Kimber says:

    Sorry, Camden. Hope it was quick.

    For God’s sake, do you know how many people would have volunteered to adopt this cutie?

  6. Eve says:

    What a waste. So many people would have given this boy a life he deserved. Makes me so sick.

  7. ashley shetler says:

    She can go die and burn in hell because i hate how that little boy died because she was to selfish to give him to her sister (my mom) and she decided tht she is going to kill him instead well here’s news to you lady you wouldn’t have gotten to see him anyways because YOU KILLED HIM!!!!

    • Janella Ackerman says:

      Juli only has a brother
      Her dad died few years back . LouRae still visits her. Her brother is living life the best he can and from what I hear doing really well!😊

  8. goatgirl says:

    Why does it seem that killing babies is less deserving of life in prison? If it had been an adult she murdered by crushing and smothering them, she’d let lwop. Why are babies somehow less valuable?

  9. bourbongal says:

    I’ll never understand why these so called mothers kill their children when so many people would be happy to take them. The argument that she didn’t think anyone else was fit to raise him is ridiculous. Anything would be better than murdering him. That was just her attempting to paint herself as the victim.

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