Julian Oliver Thomson

Hellbeast Julian Thomson
Crimes: Child Abuse, Murder

*Sigh* Here we go again. Another beautiful baby murdered by a friggin’ asshole waste of skin loser of a father. This time the baby was 4-month-old Zaria McCall of Red Deer, Alberta. Her killer is Julian Oliver Thomson, 22.

At 3:00 pm on November 24, 2011, Julian Oliver Thomson was left to care for his baby daughter. His ex-girlfriend Vicky had gone to Edmonton, Alberta for a few days. Their babysitter Laurie Sanford looked after the infant while he was at work until 10:30 pm.

The next time Laurie Sanford saw Zaria was November 25th, the very next day. She had arrived to pick up the baby for babysitting but was shocked to see her poor battered little head. Zaria was also nonresponsive and limp.

Alarmed, Laurie Sanford asked the bastard Julian Thomson what had happened. He told her the baby had banged her head. Laurie Sanford rightly told the bastard that Zaria needed to go to the hospital, and she arranged for her husband to drive them to the Red Deer Regional Hospital. Immediately Zaria was transferred to Edmonton’s Stollery Children’s Hospital.

So did baby Zaria bang her head? Hell no. What had happened was Julian Oliver Thomson had gone all postal on the poor, helpless infant girl. He shook the baby, threw her against the wall, and then threw her to the floor.

Why? Why would anyone do that to a baby? Because, and this is according to the hellbeast Julian Oliver Thomson himself, little Zaria was crying.

Imagine that, a crying baby. Like there’s no such thing as a crying baby. And little Zaria’s crying made her f*cktard father frustrated and angry so he decided to vent on that helpless, darling, beautiful infant.

He wasn’t just angry at the crying though. He was pissed off with Zaria’s mother Vicky — they’d broken up but they continued to live together and he was feeling hard done by.

Shaking the baby violently apparently wasn’t enough to appease Julian POS Thomson’s homicidal rage, although it likely would have resulted in major disability or death all by itself. Oh no, Julian Oliver Thomson didn’t stop there. He didn’t stop until that baby suffered severe head injuries.

When the rage passed, Julian Oliver Thomson picked up his baby off of the floor and watched as her head moved in a circular motion and her eyelids fluttered and then the tiny girl passed out.

That beautiful little baby died hours later in Edmonton’s Stollery Children’s Hospital. She died of blunt force trauma.

Baby ZariaLittle Zaria McCall was born on July 27, 2011 and died on November 26, 2011. Her life, once full of promise, was brutally and senselessly snuffed out by Julian Oliver Thomson’s homicidal rage.

The murdering shitstain bastard actually had the nerve to go onto Facebook the day Zaria died, thanking his friends for supporting him and reassuring them all he’d never harm his darling baby.

F*cking lying coward.

“Thank you all for your support losing my daughter was so hard on me i am so lost right now she kept me so happy and now (she) isn’t here anymore love you all and once agian (sic) thank you :’( “I love my daughter with all my heart I wouldn’t dare harm her id kill myself before that like honestly she meant the world to me she deserves everything i miss her so much!!!!”

I wish he had killed himself before he laid a finger on her, the murdering monster!

Julian Oliver Thomson’s family confronted the bastard on November 29th, demanding to know the truth. The jig was up. He turned himself in to the Red Deer RCMP on December 1, 2011.

His father, Derek Eklund was naturally deeply shocked and saddened by Zaria’s murder and Julian’s arrest.

“My granddaughter is gone… I will remember holding her, it’s a love at first sight sort of thing. I’m going to miss (Zaria) severely — with this happening, now with him being arrested, I really hope this gives her some peace because she needs that,” said Mr. Eklund.

He added that he hoped justice is served. “She was only four months — you don’t have that right to take a life,” he rightly said.

The murdering asshole Julian Thomson was charged with 2nd-degree murder but pled guilty to manslaughter.

I hate when killers are allowed to plead to lesser charges like that because they invariably receive lesser sentences. And that is certainly the case in this instance.

On Tuesday, November 6, 2012, Julian POS baby killer Thomson was sentenced to a whopping 5 years in prison. He got credit for 10 months time served, bringing his remaining term of imprisonment down to 4 years 2 months.

Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Earl Wilson reportedly cried when he read out the sentence.

Zaria McCall“A child should look to their parents for love, safety and protection. To (whom) does a child turn to if the parent is responsible for the crime? It is the court that must speak for Zaria,” Justice Wilson stated.

Agreed, but to me 5 piddly years in prison isn’t even close to justice for Zaria. The baby’s mother and her family think likewise.

“We cannot agree with the justice system, that 5 years is an appropriate sentence for anyone, let alone a parent, that takes the life of an infant that has no ability to defend themselves,” they said.

The grieving McCall family said later in a statement, “there is no amount of punishment that can undo this horrible, horrible crime and give us back our precious little angel.”

Manslaughter in Canadian justice has a maximum penalty of life in prison — a sentence that is apparently reserved for more severe and prolonged cases of abuse.

Julian baby killer ThomsonOkay, I can kind of understand the logic of giving the most severe penalties for the most severe cases, but 5 measly years for murdering a baby? It’s not enough! Zaria’s dead, and her f*ckwad father is just as much a murderer as he would be if he’d abused the baby for weeks or months first.

The McCall family encourages the public to speak out if they believed stronger punishments would deter similar crimes. Well, consider this my form of speaking out. We need stronger punishments for baby killers like Julian Oliver Thomson!

The McCall family also encourages others to make a donation in Zaria’s name to the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation in Edmonton.

RIP baby girl Zaria Jean Rose McCall.

Huffington Post article
Red Deer Advocate article

59 Responses to Julian Oliver Thomson

  1. Nicole says:

    What a beautiful, happy baby. I hate baby killers more than almost anyone and it especially makes me angry as I grieve through the miscarriage of a baby that my husband and I desperately wanted. I seriously think offenders like this should have to look at a picture of their innocent victim every single hour or every single day for the rest of their lives. I truly hope he lives forever with the anguish of knowing that he took the life of the most precious gift he was ever given.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Nicole, i think even if you did put a photo up of little Zaria, this pig is that self centered that he would probably look at it and think “Im in this jail because of you” Its stands to reason that if someone can murder their own daughter, and then go on facebook sympathy seeking then its sad to say, but this lowlife piece of shit wouldn’t give a damn.

      • Nicole says:

        I would be willing to bet that he regrets what he did. While he was obviously not ready to be a parent, he probably did care about his child. I’m not defending him, but I do think parents who kill their children should have to look at pictures of their dead child because most do regret it.

    • chellesbelles says:

      having a baby is the most wonderful experience in the world. I have been blessed with two. I am so sorry you suffered a miscarriage. I hope that you soon have that baby that you want.

    • Netherwarper says:

      I found this guy on Google after reading this article about him. He is apparently a “vampire”…yea pretty lame huh?His screen name is


      he makes no mention of a daughter though, which is either really creepy, or maybe this was created before the child was born. In fact he looks more like a thug in the recent pics than a gothic nature. I couldnt find the facebook, can the mod paste the link?I would like to go and trollishly leave him a few words on those sappy little updates.I hope someone kicks this guy in the nuts and he cant create sperm anymore.

      I agree! If someone has an anger problem then they should give thier chilren up for adoption. Or if someone like this guy would have just called 911 and said “im losing my temper please help my baby is crying and i feel as if i am going to hurt the child”the cops would have taken the baby, safe and sound, and life could have carried on. But no this guy is a sick,selfish,impulsive idiot. Here people are desperate to have kids and others just throw them away like trash. As a mother i literally cannot fathom how anyone could feel anything other than love and wholeness with their children.

  2. bengalpuss says:

    5 fucking years, even his own family had the decency to say what he’d done was despicable. I don.t know what kind of drugs that judge is on but in my eyes that is a severe case, so that cunt should have got life. What he’s basically saying is that baby zaria wasn.t worth a life sentence. And here we go again with pleading to lesser charges, its not right. That sweet little girl’s life snuffed out by a piece of shit. Your right cleo, i too wish the piece of dog turd would’ve killed himself and done the world a favour. And to go onto facebook seeking sympathy, just goes to show what a Narcissistic Cunt he really is. I hope some one batters his head in jail and does canada a favour so the poor tax payers don.t have to keep this piece of shit.

  3. bengalpuss says:

    Its a shame that i don.t know someone in canada that’ll be in the same jail as this piece of shit. If i did i would be giving the word to throw this lowlife cunt against a wall and the floor and do the world a favour. I have to say that his family seem decent. They alerted what he’d done, so how did they spawn this monster. I happen to feel sorry for his family. It was obvious they loved that little girl, just a shame their son didn.t show the same. He was probably on facebook when the little girl was crying, and selfish twat would have thought “How dare she spoil my piece and quiet horrible bastard. And the poor mother losing her baby and then having to deal with that piddy arse sentence, man the mind boggles.

  4. 2cute says:

    Bastard’s gonna be like 27 when he gets out. He has his whole life ahead of him, probably breeding some more and carrying on like nothing happened. I truly hope he is haunted forever by what he did. I hope he is rejected by society, rejected by employers, rejected by women forever, because he is too stupid, too f*cking immature, too totally narcissistic to live among the rest of us.

  5. pj says:

    Five years is a joke, a pathetic, sick joke. Double that would still be a joke but a helluva lot closer to justice than what he got handed.

    The only way there can be justice now is for him to suffer horribly every single day he’s in prison. Maybe then he’ll learn how it feels to be the victim of violence and abuse, and finally have real empathy for what he did to his baby and everyone who loved her.

  6. Unknown says:

    Enough of this! The media has caused too much now! Julian is my best friend I talk to him everyday! You people need to stop judging by paper because there is a lot more to the story. Yes I am disappointed in how she does but you know what just because it happened does not mean he is a pig and a bastard! He went through a lot . He didn’t have a family, he was an orphan, he was homeless from age 8 on. There is always a reason of why things happen. For example, why do people commit suicide? The se reason murderers kill its not a good excuse but sometimes something takes over us and shit happens. He knows what he did wrong and he’s suffering for it. Yes he did love Zaria very much, you don’t believe it go to hell cause it’s time to look at the whole picture not what just media and rumors say!

    • awesomeblossom says:

      Hey Unknown you jackass, grow up! I think you’ll find a whole lot of us who visit this site have had completely horrible backgrounds as victims and know what? We didn’t wind up killing babies or children or adults or animals! We worked around our “issues” to live normal lives. We did NOT vent our wrath and bad feelings on the harmless or the helpless around us. So if you’re looking to find sympathy for your “best friend” the baby killer, go someplace else. The only story we care about is Julian Thomson murdered a tiny baby! NO EXCUSES!

      • Netherwarper says:

        I second that! My siblings and I come from an extremely abusive background. My parents starved,beat,ignored,you name it. We all are now in our mid 20’s. I am a great mother I would NEVER spank my son, let alone shake him or throw him. My sisters wouldnt do that to their children either. Growing up with a screwed up life doesn’t let you get away with murder, especially of a tiny little defenseless infant.

    • None of ur biz says:

      He regrets it day to day people u need to let it go he has nothing but a heart of gold I known him for a very long time

  7. moodymagic says:

    This is just another example of how lax the Canadian justice system is when it comes to the murder of a precious beautiful baby. A helpless baby girl was murdered. My heart goes out to Zaria she deserved so much better.

  8. bengalpuss says:

    Unknown, let me tell you something, i had a shit life, i had to fend for myself from the age of 11, i was raped then i met a man that thought it was a good idea to stand me on a fucking street corner to sell myself for sex. Then one night when i was made to stand on a street corner two men picked me up, & i had to go cos no money i got battered. The two men nearly killed me, while one was driving the van the other was raping me in the back & my face was Black & Blue when he finished he was walking towards me with a lump hammer & was ready to kill me. I found a handle behind my head & the van doors flung open & i flew out of the back while it was driving 40 mph taking the skin off my arse & smacking the back of my head with the impact. Eventually i got wise & made sure the fucker that made me sell myself went to jail. They never got the men who tried to kill me that was 1993, point being i’ve been through a lot more than this cunt but i don’t kill babies. The death sentence would be too good for this cunt.

  9. AussieKat says:

    Unknown, I did not have a terrific upbringing. I ran away from abusive foster carers when I was 13 and have been on my own ever since. The things that happened to me prior to me being placed in care and whilst I was a foster child would bring most rational people to tears. However I am now an adult. I do NOT get to blame my choices, my behavior or the consequences of my actions on my childhood. I survived my childhood and then I made good choices. I raised a beautiful daughter who is now 18. She has never smoked, doesn’t drink alcohol, never skipped school, completed year 12, holds down a job and is still a virgin. She isn’t perfect, she swears sometimes, argues with me often and hates cleaning her room, but she is a good person and I am very proud of her. I went to university and am now a registered nurse. I love my job. The whole point of my post is to point out that our choices make us who we are as adults, not our childhood. Your “best friends” choices make him a cowardly child murderer who deserves far longer than 5 years in jail. His choices also mean Zaria will never get to make ANY choices, she doesn’t get to grow up EVER. Don’t expect us to have sympathy for your friend, his choice to murder that beautiful little girl denies him our sympathy forever.

    • bulldoggy says:

      Hey Aussiekat, I salute you! Seriously. Sometimes the sheer resilience of some people amazes me. And your response to that idjit Unknown was great.

  10. bengalpuss says:

    Bulldoggy, me and tyke have missed you. Don.t you think unknown is a daft cunt. I would expect a shallow twat to kill his own daughter, and then go on facebook claiming he would never hurt his daughter she was my life. Sure she was “Walter mitty” And true to form he’s managed to sucker someone in. I don.t know whether to pity or hate unknown for actually being stupid enough to believe this piece of pig shit. I can guarantee anyone that if he could of he would have kept quiet and said fuckall about what he did. My only wish now is that this piece of Monkey snot, get his arse whopped in jail and thrown against a wall.

    • bulldoggy says:

      That Unknown (so original a name) is a repulsive human being making excuses, giving reasons for someone to kill a baby. He wants to be friends with a baby killer, OK. But to say that Zaria dying was cuz “shit happens” is twisted. To say that something “took over” his orphan pal Julian is a pathetic attempt to absolve him of blame. Nothing “took over” Julian Thomson, he CHOSE to shake the baby, he CHOSE to throw the baby at the wall and he CHOSE to throw the baby to the floor. And damnit, that fucktard would have chosen to let Zaria die untreated except the babysitter came and tried to rescue her. Unknown is a stupid piece of Monkey snot, just as you say.

      • bengalpuss says:

        Bulldoggy, im suprised we don.t see a picture of him in rags, walking to the front of the dinner hall bowl in hand and saying “Please sir could i have some more” This fucker would put oliver twist to shame. Lets just hope there’s a nasty Fagan Or dodger in jail to whoop his arse. Did unknown actually think that we’d feel sorry for this baby killer? Unknown he murdered a 4 month old baby his own daughter, just take time and think about what this lowlife has done.

  11. bengalpuss says:

    Aussiekat, your so right in what you say. I could have carried on the abuse that i received, but i chose to break the cycle and make better choices. We all could commit crimes and then whinge about we did it cos our lives were crap. Well sorry that doesn’t wash with me. That little baby was only 4 months old not capable of making choices, and she relied on her parents to nurture and love and protect her. Her crime was to cry, maybe thru hunger or a cuddle but whatever this lowlife made a bad choice and blames his upbringing. I say bullshit you coward.

  12. steve-O says:

    If 5 years is the best the law can do then the law is an ass.

  13. honeymoomoo says:

    Baby killers like this bastard shouldn’t ever be allowed to see the light of day ever again. They should have to stay in their cells for the same amount of time as their victims have to stay in their coffins. This bastard has proven he can’t be trusted with the helpless and vulnerable of society, so why should he get a second chance? Zaria doesn’t get a second chance. Poor baby, R.I.P.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Honeymoomoo, love the non de plume, i wish that we could literally stick him in a coffin alive. Then he’d be able to feel petrified, helpless, vulnerable and think that people don’t care about him, just like how he made little zaria feel. People like this make me sick to the pit of my stomach. What makes this case more tragic, is the sentence he got, it was like basically saying that baby zaria’s life didn.t mean that much. Well baby zaria rest in peace little one, us people on this site will never forget you x x

  14. bengalpuss says:

    Sad to say steve-O, but a burglar would get a bigger sentence. Seem’s to me that baby murderers get a slap on the wrist. The judge has the power to give a life sentence for the more despicable crimes. So what would you call murdering a baby, if thats not despicable. I don.t think they’d have me as a judge, cos i’d be sentencing them all to death, and if they didn.t have the death penalty, i reopen alcatraz and stick them there for life. Oh one can wish.

  15. bengalpuss says:

    Can anybody tell me what this loser is holding in his hand in the photo? Im on the phone and can.t make out what it is.

    • steve-O says:

      That, bengalpuss, is Canadian money, about $350 is my guess. The loser is trying to look like a big winner with a fistful of cash.

      • bengalpuss says:

        Do you know what i thought it was steve-O, i thought it was a fish. I know why the fuck did i think it was a fish? Well anglers when they catch a fish, they hold it lovingly because they are proud of their catch. Oh well just another dickhead thinking he looks like a gangster(Not)

  16. Sandman says:

    A lot of people had a shitty hand dealt to them in their lives, there’s no excuse for what this adopted piece of shit or his actions to an infant. As a father im disgusted to hear about this, actually heart wrenching….I hope his little buddy who stuck up for him reads this and spreads this message that if his head isn’t bashed in before he gets out I’ll find the little fuck and do it, then I’ll make up some bullshit excuse about my tough life I’ve had.
    This fucking waste of skin came from the town I grew up in so I’m sure I’ll find him. Guaranteed this little bitch is in PC because he knows he’s fucked if he doesnt….anybody that wants to defend him will get the same fucking treatment, see you when you get out you little fuck goof

  17. Jenna says:

    She was born on my oldest daughter’s 5th birthday and died the day I would have delivered my second child, had she (and the previous pregnancy) not resulted in miscarriage (and even then, my oldest daughter was over 2 months early).

    All stories like this tear at my heart but when you see dates that correlate to important dates in your own life, it just makes it all the more touching.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Jenna, when i think of my children when they were four months old, remember just how tiny vulnerable and totally relied on me to protect them, and i did with a fierce determination because they were my flesh and blood and responsibility. When i read stories like this it just breaks my heart to think that someone could kill their own daughter, just because she cried. Maybe if judges dished out an appropriate sentence then maybe it just might make these evil bastards take note, and think twice about hurting a tiny defenceless baby. People in canada should raise their voices about this, and say is this all baby zaria was worth. Im sure that if you murdered an adult you would be getting a life sentence. So why didn.t this piece of shit?

      • Nicole says:

        I don’t understand what a baby’s life isn’t worth more than an adults. They are innocent, precious, sinless, and deserve to have the chance to live. Zaria was worth far more than the 5 year sentence her murderer received. I keep coming back to this story and looking at her in that first picture and I can just see what a sweet little girl she must have been. Only 4 months old with that adorable, mischievous grin. My youngest was born August 2, 2011, less than a week after Zaria, so I guess that’s why it hits home especially hard for me… We can only hope now that prison justice will prevail and Julian will be shown the same love and decency he showed his baby girl.

        • bengalpuss says:

          Preferably nicole, they show him love and decency with either a baseball bat or an iron bar. I have children and when i think about them at four month old, i was fiercely protective of them. So when i read about these worthless pieces of shit that hurt the person they are supposed to love and protect and they end up killing their baby just because she cried, i can honestly say that if i were walking past this piece of shit and someone was laying into him, i’d just walk on and let them. Then they’d know what its like to feel helpless.

  18. TOTALLY ANON :) says:

    The Anonymous poster, I know who it is :)
    HER name is:

    Victoria D Sanford

    The one who started the support page for Julian when Zaria was murdered and she supports him in any way she can. She is a minor here in Alberta.

    Also, I would like to correct one thing please :( Baby Zaria was not thrown against a wall, she was also only 3 months old. Julian murdered her and let her die the day BEFORE her 4 month birthday :(

    Zarias Mommys name is spelt Vickie not Vicky, and Zaria’s name is;


    • bengalpuss says:

      You mean the arseole called unknown. Doesn’t suprise me, she ought to be ashamed of herself. She’s a woman and she’s defending a baby killer, saying he was an orphan, boo fucking hoo my heart bleeds, but not for this arsewipe, for baby zaria. Does the unknown silly bastard want to have a baby with him? Cos it’d be a different story then. I hope that this baby killing bastard gets his arse shagged in jail daily, by men that are hung like a fucking horse.

  19. TOTALLY ANON :) says:

    Love you forever and miss you always XOXOXOX Babygirl you will always be my happy place xoxoxo <3 FOREVER AND EVER AMEN <3

  20. Vickilynn Erhard says:

    Had this been done in the US. Julian would be killed either in prison or the moment he walked out. Baby killers get the death penalty here. Had Julian lived in Texas he would already be dead. Fried on the chair. All of these pictures of Julian make him look like a cold blooded killer. Which he is. He’s a man who will do this again. My friend is very involved in this story and she loved baby Zaria very much. I feel very sorry for everyone involved. For Vicky and Julian’s mother the most. For Vicky because she picked a monster to be not only be her baby’s father, but she know’s that she left her baby with him. And Julian’s mother. Because with every breath she takes she know’s in her soul, that the baby she raised. Murdered his own child.I hope that someone takes mercy on Julian’s soul. Because it has to be tortured by this event. Zaria is with the angel. And Julian has created a hell on earth for everyone else.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Vickilynne, i just love texas. I go on a site called pro death penalty, and it gives you all the dates for upcoming executions. Usually in other states the condemned usually gets a stay of execution about 4 times while going through that stupid appeals process. But when it comes to texas, they don.t fuck about. Especially harris county. If you kill someone in harris county, then your days are numbered. They even have a radio show called execution watch on the evening of an execution. I think texas should just fit a conveyer belt to the execution chamber would be simpler. And this child murdering scumbag should be executed. In fact all baby and children murderers execute the fucking lot of them.

  21. bengalpuss says:

    Nicole, i too am sorry for you and your husband’s loss, and for sharing your story with us. I hope since your loss you’ve been blessed with a baby and if not yet it will happen. I too suffered 3 miscarriages when i was younger, but i was eventually blessed with 4 children. So when i read stories like this, i get frustrated as you must too nicole. It seems so unfair that this waste of skin has been given the most precious thing, a beautiful baby only to snuff out that babies life with a blink of an eye and then only think about himself. Then to be given a few years in prison makes it all the more tragic.

  22. Chelsie says:

    This makes me so sick and sad. I just had a baby a month ago and yes he cries but that is to be expected when a baby cries it means they need something, maybe just to be held and showed some affection they were so used to a warm safe environment inside their mothers. If your so lazy and so heartless that you cant feed your baby or change your baby’s diaper or just give it affection then you shouldnt be having children and if your excuse is we didnt mean to have a baby it was unplanned then dont have sex. Retards like this guy shouldnt be allowed to even leave the hospital with their children. And for him to try and say he loved her that BS because if you truely did you would have given her what she needed or wanted not shake her because your lazy and cant handle normal crying from a baby. I personally think an eye for an eye as the Bible says Fry him I say!

  23. Tips says:

    Cant belive I know u man imma get u fuckin marked in cells u stupid goof can’t belive Im just hearing about this

  24. hurting says:

    first off I have to admit that I knew Julian personally. I knew him for many years before he even met Vickie. unfortunately I never got to meet her or their beautiful baby. I have to say its very disturbing I never knew all of what happened. I’m not coming on here to defend him cause what he did is without a question completely horrible. I just feel horrible about everything that happened. to answer someone above me here yes he was on Facebook just before the that poor baby was injured. he was asking someone to come over but didn’t give an explaination if he did I’m sure many people would have come to the house right then and there. I was one of those people that commented on his sad status and I never thought he would be capable of such violence. it still shocks me that he would do something like that.this guy was one of the most timid people you would ever meet. his nickname for years was gooch till I finally told him what it ment. I thought that he was one of the most innocent that I ever met wow how wrong I was. I’m only writing all this because it is totally crazy how wrong you can be about a person. you can think someone is the nicest person ever but you’ll never know what they will do in a stressful situation. can’t believe he turned out to be such a pile of shit.

  25. bengalpuss says:

    Hurting, i can understand you being shocked finding this out about someone you thought you knew, i’d be the same. Whats really sad is the fact that beautiful baby only cried and would of probably settled with a diaper change, bottle or a cuddle, but this selfish cunt murdered that baby and went onto facebook and proceeded to elicit sympathy off people the narcissistic piece of shit. He was only thinking about himself, not once i bet has this imbecile said im sorry i killed my baby. Its amazing hurting, when you think you know someone and then you find out about something as heinous as this. The guy is a twat and i believe he should have been given life for taking such a short life away, because he was being disturbed, fucking cunt he is.

  26. Tammy says:

    Well, lets see, he gets to do LESS that five years for killing a BABY. Ok, if I was that baby’s mama, I’d wait for him to get out and run him through with a samurai sword. I figure that the two months I would get in jail would be worth knowing that he’d never harm another baby. :)

  27. Tavia says:

    I was nominated as Auntie after she was born, not only did this terrible injustice cut a bleeding hole in our hearts that will never again be whole, it has ruined many ties between the McCall family and their close friends. I knew that the two of them were having issues with their relationship but there’s no way that it should have ever blown up on Zaria like that. She would be two now… its hard to grasp the idea that she’s gone … even though it happened so long ago.

  28. Jennifer says:

    Julian and Vicki lived with me up until a months before Zaria was born. By the way they were talking and acting they were so happy to be becoming parents. Everything was going well for them, Julian had just found a job, he found them an apartment etc. He was on top of the world. When I found out what he had done, I broke down… I was angry with him and I hope I never see his ass again. He only moved a couple doors down from me and I told him to please bring her over if he was having troubles. He never did. But I also find something a little odd. After all of this went down I ran into Vicki…. And I mean within a week after, I ran into her at the mall in red deer with her new boyfriend… It didn’t even seem like she was grieving. I had some pictured printed up and framed for myself and her and when I gave it to her she gave me a half smile and stuffed it into a bag she was carrying. I don’t know if she was hiding her emotions or just what it was but to me… It almost seemed like she wasn’t upset about what happened to her baby girl. I was asking around to find out why she had gone to Edmonton but I never could. I always had this freaky little thought In the back of my head that told me she knew something was going to happen to Zaria. Whether they both agreed they didn’t want to be parents or too much responsibility for them with Vicki only being 18 at the time. Like I said I don’t know but that’s just what I get from that. I started a page on Facebook a few days after it happened if anyone reads this please feel free to check it out. http://Www.Facebook.com/zariasunshine
    We all miss you baby girl.

  29. vickie says:

    I am baby Zaria’s mother. Reading the post and comments brought tears to my eyes. Thank you all for the support you have shared on this post. I’m letting you guys know that it got back to me so thank you all. I love my sweet baby girl so much to this day. No matter when Julian gets out he won’t live a happy life. I know this. Thank you all! So much love to every single one of you. If you want to contact me comment back :) so that everyone knows. I am much stronger now. And I have Zaria to thank for that.

    • cleo says:

      I am so sorry for your loss.

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      Vicky, your little girl was absolutely beautiful, i’m so sorry that this pig took her away from you, and i hope he has a life of misery. I too am sorry for your loss, i am glad that you are stronger now and i wish you well for your future.

  30. Rocket says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your loss Vicky. What a beautiful little girl. I have a 2 year old myself and I couldn’t imaging such an innocent human being being put through that pain. Too bad this country has a sorry excuse for a justice system. 5 years for killing a 4 month old baby….what a joke. If it were up to me, that basterd would swing on the gallows. The lord is with this little one now. My condolences to you Vicky and may the lord comfort you during this time and in the future.

    And as for that child killing basterd. Your time will come! You don’t live forever! And if you don’t get what’s coming to you in jail in this lifetime…there’s always your soul. The pain you caused this little one will be nothing compared to the eternity of hell for you.

  31. wolfe says:

    I hate this man I knew him, he took away what possibly couldve been my future vickie had left his abusive ass because of his temper.vickie and I had history, we were trying to work things out. I was to meet zaria for the first time the weekend after, I never got the chance to hold that beautiful baby girl . Every day that haunts me. Alot of stories were thrown around after he was imprisoned, such as vickie was there and had been part of it, or i had been there with her too and laughed at him before he murdered that angel… vicjie was in edmonton and so was I but the night before he told me I wasn’t allowed to take his family away from him… he took my possible future away from me and if he ever gets out he had better hide! Rip zaria mccal my little bunny

  32. Lisa says:

    I honestly was shocked when I heard all this. He was a friend of mine back in the day. He was very shy and awkward. Never thought of him to do somthing like this :(

  33. Angry Auntie says:

    The monster walks amoung us…..released for the second time this August. He needs to ve fucking destroyed!

  34. LawyerChick says:

    “I hate when killers are allowed to plead to lesser charges like that because they invariably receive lesser sentences. And that is certainly the case in this instance.”

    Cleo, I’m a criminal lawyer in Texas. I was a prosecutor of violent felons and child molesters for over a decade. I’m now on the other side because I’m a mom and need a more forgiving schedule with my kids. I’ll explain why charges get reduced.

    When the police first make an arrest, they try to charge as high as they’ve got provable cause for in order to get the highest possible bond and also so that the prosecutor isn’t later having to make charges higher. Police decisions of leniency help the defense.

    When a prosecutor makes a decision on how to actually prosecute a case, they’ve got to look at what they can prove beyond a reasonable doubt, which is a much higher burden of proof. In murder, you’ve got to be able to specifically prove beyond doubt that the perpetrator intended for the death to occur, not that he was reckless about it. You can’t prove that here. So as a prosecutor, you’d have 2 choices. Charge the case correctly or tale the risk of acquittal because you overreached. The second option is irresponsible and against the ethics oath you take.

    My disclaimer is that what I’ve explained is more likely the law across most of the US. Not sure it applies to Canada, but I’m pretty sure it would at least be similar.

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