Joshua Varey, Shaun Mullens & Paul Ashworth

Joshua Varey, Shaun Mullens, Paul Ashworth

Joshua Varey, Shaun Mullens, Paul Ashworth

Crime: Animal Cruelty

East Lancashire, UK, has some unsavory characters roaming about — nasty fellas who enjoy watching animals suffer and die. I’m talking about Shaun Mullens of Leach Street, Joshua Varey of Duke Street and Paul Ashworth of Hawley Street in Colne. These three guys have displayed some very sick behavior, and even videotaped and photographed some of it.

Joshua Varey, the ringleader of this motley band of thugs, bought and sold dogs for profit. There’s nothing wrong with that. But he also kept some, bred them and trained them to fight other animals and kill them.

Joshua Varey kept his dogs in outdoor cages at his home, including injured, scarred and starving dogs. I’m including a photo of one of the dogs so that you can see what kind of dog owner he truly is. Sickening.

Joshua Varey dogJoshua Varey, not surprisingly, has a lengthy criminal record, including common assault and poaching as far back as 2007. In 2011, he was caught releasing his dogs on a farmer’s field in Bracewell to kill rabbits. He was arrested for poaching and got a conditional discharge for that offense.

Personally, I don’t think Joshua Varey was poaching. He didn’t bring along bags or knives like poachers usually do. I think he just wanted to watch his dogs tear apart and kill rabbits for pleasure. That’s his hobby.

Shaun Mullens, a grounds worker, also has a criminal record for poaching rabbits too. He shares with his pal, Joshua Varey, a keen appreciation and enthusiasm for causing animals to suffer and die horrible deaths.

Paul Ashworth, who is over twice the age of Joshua Varey and Shaun Mullens, has a criminal record too. He was convicted of not using pain medication when treating injured dogs (gee, I wonder how they got injured), and for leaving a dog without water for an extended period of time. Yup, another winner in the f*cktardian gene pool.

This trio of nasty assholes came to the attention of police and RSPCA officers during a 12-month investigation into badger digging, deer poaching, hare coursing and cat coursing, and other offences under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

I’d never heard of hare coursing and cat coursing before. These occur when dogs are trained to kill domestic pets, in preparation for killing wild animals.

Many, many pet cats in Colne had been killed by lurchers. Joshua Varey owned lurchers. Hmmm.

The police/RSPCA investigation culminated in a dawn raid in July 2013 on 11 homes. Joshua Varey and Shaun Mullens were arrested then.

At Joshua Varey’s house, police seized 3 lurchers, 2 terriers and a lurcher/bull terrier cross (in the photo). They also seized computers, mobile phones, drug equipment and cash.

Joshua Varey had obligingly recorded some of his barbarity on his cell phones. In one video, he and pal Shaun Mullens dug out a badger sett and sent their dogs to attack the poor creature. (Badgers are a protected species, btw.) You can hear the badger screaming in pain, and the assholes laughing. What fun they had watching animals being literally torn apart. Sick bastards.

And it wasn’t just the badger getting mangled either. Joshua Varey’s dogs sported scars, so fighting badgers was dangerous for them too.

Another video was of Joshua Varey, Shaun Mullens and Paul Ashworth, the dogs and a cat. They appear to be in a woodsy area, and the panicked cat had scaled a tree to avoid the jaws of death. Paul Ashworth climbed that tree and shook the cat out of the branches while his pals laughed at the fun. The cat dropped and ran, and actually managed to climb another tree. Paul Ashworth had his work cut out for him, but he tried climbing that tree too.

At least that video doesn’t show how the “entertainment” ended. Even if that cat survived, poor kitty, there were plenty that didn’t, thanks to these 3 hellbeasts.

And what was the whole point of these disgusting, inhumane, barbaric acts? Fun. Joshua Varey, Shaun Mullens and Paul Ashworth found it all fun. The more blood, terror, torture and pain the better. That makes them inhuman, IMO.

Colne raidThe police and RSPCA found a veritable treasure trove of evidence when they raided Joshua Varey’s home. Besides phones containing the animal baiting videos, there were photos of a scarred dog, a dog with blood around its mouth, and a fox and fox cub. There were text messages about “doing holes”, “going out with the terriers” and “going digging”.

Joshua Varey, Shaun Mullens and Paul Ashworth were charged with animal cruelty and brought to trial at Burnley magistrates court. Kudos to the RSPCA and police for their efforts to bring these nasty POS animal killers to justice.

Joshua Varey, Shaun Mullens and Paul Ashworth pled guilty to the charges. No shock there — they’d videotaped their crimes.

Burnley magistrates described the videos as showing “deliberate and serious” acts of cruelty that the defendants “appear to derive pleasure from”. How right they are.

Prosecutor Paul Taylor said, “This is a serious case where these defendants, for their own enjoyment, caused harm, or more probably the death, of a badger. They exposed their own animals to very serious danger.”

Paul AshworthPaul Ashworth’s solicitor blamed his client’s drinking — he wasn’t thinking clearly when he joined in on the attack on the cat.

“He was asked to climb a tree to get a cat down from the tree, which he did. He just did what he was asked to do, he didn’t think about it, or the consequences of it. Mr Ashworth is quite easily led.”

Derek Taylor, chairman of the bench, said to Paul Ashworth in response, “We feel it was a deliberate and serious act carried out in drink. It appears you were deriving pleasure from this barbaric act on an innocent animal.”

On July 11, 2014 Paul Ashworth, 49, the bozo who tried to shake that poor kitty out of a trees so the dogs could kill it, was sentenced to a whopping 76 days in prison. Ooooh, harsh.

Paul Ashworth was also banned from owning or keeping animals for a mere 5 years.

Josh Varey was sentenced to 126 days in jail. Shaun Mullens was sentenced to just 114 days in jail. Both of these animal killers are banned from owning or keeping animals for 10 years.

All 3 of these cretins have served their time and are, as far as I can tell, roaming freely in Colne, Lancashire. Have their prison terms taught them anything? I hope so but I doubt it. After all, their previous brushes with British justice didn’t deter them from committing more crimes.

Please, people of Lancashire, if you see any of these animal killers with a dog, report their asses to the authorities. And for heaven’s sake, don’t let them near your pets. Best keep your cats indoors with monsters like these about.

I should hope that the women of Lancashire have more sense than to take up with any of these despicable brutes. Who needs a man who enjoys inflicting needless suffering, pain and death on helpless creatures? All 3 of these guys have shown they have no empathy, no humanity, and no respect for the law. Steer clear, ladies. You can do so much better.

BTW I can find no news about the dogs that were rescued. I hope they’ve been rehabilitated and rehomed.

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12 Responses to Joshua Varey, Shaun Mullens & Paul Ashworth

  1. bulldoggy says:

    Dogs don’t get down to skin and bone overnight. Varey should’ve been charged with neglect too, but it seems the prosecution was all about the videos, the badger and the cat. I’m hoping nobody will ever sell or give any of them a dog. Hate to think how many dogs died for their entertainment, along with cats, rabbits and badgers. Sick bastards.

  2. Katie says:

    I don’t understand why they wouldn’t be banned from owning animals for life. It’s not like they’re kids & don’t understand what they’re doing. They’re not going to see the errors of their ways & become animal lovers. Anyone who thinks they will is deluding themselves.

  3. moodymagic says:

    Sick Pricks should have been punished exactly like how they hurt the poor animals.

  4. Awesomeblossom says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they beat their women too. Sick bastards.

  5. Bengalpuss says:

    I just had to take a ramipril because my blood pressure just spiked after reading this article. Those fucking lowlife cunt’s, killing kitty’s and badgers. The laws in england ain’t worth 2shit’s seriously. And why were they not banned from keeping boy animal for life? Because we all know that as soon as they can they will be upto their old tricks. British justice is fucking useless no kidding. I seriously hope that somebody will whoop these cunt’s to within inches of their lives and let them know how it feels to be the underdog. I hope these scummy cunt’s don’t have any children? I dread to think what their lives would be like with monsters like these as a father, and i hope that the kitty managed to get away and if not managed to scratch the fuck out of them. Evil cunts they are.

  6. cleo says:

    Dear readers, today is Family Day, a bona fide holiday, so I won’t post an article today. Gonna spend my time with the pups.

  7. DecentPeopleOnly says:


  8. Toby says:

    If you go on Varey’s Facebook page, he’s got listed under sports things like “lamping lurchers, the night shift” and “Lurcher Lads Workshop.” So obviously this scum’s learnt nothing. I can only assume the other bastards are the same.

  9. Toby says:

    Mullens has got a picture of him with a dog on his Facebook, dated May 24th. Smug prick.

  10. Verte says:

    An update on the psychopathic Varey, and another of his knuckle-dragging mates, Howard Lewin (DoB: 20/12/67) of Dickson Street, Colne.

    Varey appeared at Blackburn Magistrates Court on Friday 2 March 2018
    where he was sentenced to a 16-week jail term, suspended for two years. He was also ordered to carry out 100 hours of unpaid work, given an eight-week curfew and ordered to pay £250 in costs. He was disqualified from keeping all animals for 15 years.
    At a previous court date (9 February 2018) Varey and Lewin had pleaded guilty to being present at an animal fight and causing unnecessary suffering to a ferret and a rat, both offences under the Animal Welfare Act.
    In addition, Varey was also charged with breaching a disqualification order (In 2014 he was disqualified from keeping animals for 10 years, having been convicted of animal fighting offences under the Animal Welfare Act).

    “We were alerted to a really disturbing video that had been posted on Varey’s Facebook page,” RSPCA special investigation officer, Jason Bowles, said.“In the video, a pet ferret is pitched against a wild rat in a hutch and they are urged to fight. The men are clearly encouraging the animals to fight and are shouting at the ferret, willing it on to attack the rat.
    “The rat is frantically trying to escape, climbing the bars of the hutch and looking for a way out.The men tip and shake the hutch to try to encourage the animals to fight.”

    The eventual fate of the two unfortunate animals couldn’t be established.

  11. AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

    Motherfuckers!!! Damn, Brits don’t know how to punish these sick fucks!!! Lenient to a fault. After obviously going back on the not having animals for 10 years (a big joke there) it’s upped to 15??? Why wasn’t he imprisoned for at least 5 years for fucking up? My teenage daughter wants to move to Europe after she graduates. I’ll be sure to let her know how lax the judicial system is.

  12. Reallyf'nSerious says:

    you are so right, this type of scum aren’t wired right and our system does nothing to punish them or protect us and our animals. should have there hands cut off at least then it would stop them being the set of wankers everyone knows they are. When Varey was released in 2015 he came out laughing and saying he would do it again…he was right, and the courts need to get tough on scum like this, it’s not just animals they are nasty with, they make the lives of the people who live near them a misery.

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