Joshua James Houle

Hellbeast Joshua Houle
Crimes: Murder, Dismemberment

Joshua James Houle, a 28-year-old killer from Edmonton, Alberta, really benefited from the fact his victim, 27-year-old Misty Lynn Ward, was too dead to testify at his trial. Misty Ward’s version of the events of New Year’s Eve, 2011, will never be told. All the court heard was Joshua Houle’s somewhat fantastical story of how Misty Ward happened to die.

The story goes like this. Long-time buddies Joshua Houle and Misty Ward spent that New Year’s Eve drinking together in an apartment on Jasper Avenue and 83rd Street. They had some sex. And maybe they took illicit drugs too — maybe. Joshua Houle is a bit vague about that.

Anyway, after the drinking the two understandably became sleepy. It was then that Joshua the little turdblossom Houle supposedly WARNED Misty that he sometimes woke up violently if he was startled awake.

Riiiight. Totally believable.

Misty Ward feel asleep on the bed but Joshua Houle stayed up, drank some more and even went out to buy more booze before he finally fell asleep on the couch.

Now I’m thinking Joshua Houle got really, really drunk because he’d just lost his job at 66st Autobody the day before. And since the apartment he was staying in came with the job, he was also going to have to move out.

I’m thinking Joshua Houle was already in a really foul mood before he even began drinking with Misty Ward.

To continue with the story, the two people slept for a few hours, and then Misty Ward woke up. The poor woman then made the biggest mistake of her life — she startled Joshua Houle awake! OMG, he WARNED her not to do that! And so he immediately jumped up, grabbed a handy dandy steak knife and stabbed Misty Ward in the neck!

Now you’re probably wondering, just as I am definitely wondering, why the f*ck would someone who KNOWS he wakes up violently keep a steak knife within reach? If Joshua Houle was so concerned about hurting Misty that he warned her not to wake him, why didn’t he remove all weapons from his vicinity just to be safe?

My bullshit meter is registering a big dollop of toro excretio right there.

Turns out that when Joshua Houle stabbed poor Misty in the neck he sliced through her jugular vein. Ooops. Not good.

Misty WardThe unfortunate Misty Ward, bleeding profusely from the neck, stumbled around the apartment in a panic, spattering her blood all over everything. Joshua Houle, according to Joshua Houle, tried to help her by wrapping a towel around her neck.

He did not call 911. Too busy I guess, too preoccupied.

The towel did f*ckall to stop the bleeding so Joshua Houle put poor Misty in the tub to clean the wound and control the bleeding. That’s his story, remember, not hers.

Still the f*cktard did not call 911. And guess what! Misty bled out and died.

Damn it! Now Joshua Houle had a body to deal with! A body he had stabbed to death! In an apartment covered in blood! What to do, what to do?

Apparently calling 911 was not on the agenda at all. So Joshua Houle came up with a plan. He decided to dismember his friend so she’d be easier to take out of the apartment. WTF? How is that ever a plan? Normal decent human beings do not plan to dismember bodies!

Still, that’s exactly what Joshua shit-for-brains Houle decided to do. Good thing he had that handy dandy steak knife. He used that knife to cut Misty’s left leg at the knee. He then carried the leg to the door of the apartment and left it there. The bastard returned to the bathroom and began to cut off the right leg but began to feel sick.

At this point Joshua Houle apparently stopped the dismembering, but left the water running in the tub. He got himself good and drunk and passed out on his bed. He was not having a good day.

The building manager, Luis Alvarado, was also about to have his day ruined. He happened to notice a pinkish liquid leaking from the ceiling below Houle’s apartment.

Since Joshua Houle had left the taps turned on the tub had overflowed. The bloody water leaked through the floorboards.

Mr. Alvarado decided to investigate, never for one minute thinking he’d be entering a veritable abattoir when he opened the door.

“Right on the wall, lots of blood. On the floor, blood scattered…it was just a bloody mess in there,” said Mr. Alvarado. He likened the scene to a horror film.

Mr. Alvarado immediately called the police who, when they arrived at the apartment, startled the sleeping, drunken killer awake. Apparently that inspired a violent reaction from Joshua Houle but this time he didn’t manage to kill or maim anyone.

Police promptly arrested the murderous bastard, and charged him with 2nd-degree murder and offering an indignity to human remains.

Misty Lynn Ward was laid to rest on January 10, 2012. Nearly 200 mourners attended the funeral. RIP Misty.

On December 18, 2012, Joshua James Houle pleaded guilty in Court of Queen’s Bench to a reduced charge of manslaughter and offering an indignity to human remains. He also apologized, saying he was “greatly sorry” and hoped that people could forgive him.

I don’t really understand why Joshua the murderer Houle was allowed to plead to a lesser charge. He was found with a stabbed, dismembered body! He admitted that he and he alone stabbed and dismembered his victim. Why did he get such a break? It’s not like he was a law-abiding citizen before.

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I can only guess it was because Misty Ward couldn’t testify. She couldn’t say if there had been a disagreement, an argument that led to her murder. She couldn’t say if there had been a struggle, if she’d been the one to make the wounds to her killer’s neck that were spotted by Luis Alvarado.

Instead, all the court heard was Joshua Houle’s bullshit story about spontaneously jumping up and grabbing a steak knife and stabbing his girlfriend because he was startled awake.

It certainly worked to the killer’s advantage. Justice Donald Manderscheid sentenced Joshua POS murdering bastard to only 6 years for manslaughter and 2 years for interfering with a dead body, to be served consecutively.

Justice Manderscheid found it mitigating that the killer pleaded guilty, cooperated with investigators and apologized in court.

The judge also gave Houle credit for the 13 months in remand already served.

Misty Ward’s grieving mother was not satisfied at all by the killer’s sentence.

“It’s just a slap in the face — he is just laughing,” said Violet Ward outside the courthouse. “It’s just not right. Eight years for what he did to my baby. It’s just not right. I am very upset.”

Violet Ward believes her daughter’s killer should have been sentenced to at least 10 to 15 years in prison.

“How sad is that. Cut ‘em up and get eight years,” said the grieving mother just after the sentencing. “I can’t believe it. There is no justice in this world, I guess.” I heartily agree with her.

In less than 7 years Joshua Houle will be released. He will have to submit a DNA sample for the national databank, and he will be prohibited from possessing weapons for 10 years after he gets out. I’m hoping steak knives are off limits to him too.

Actually what I hope is that the hellbeast Joshua Houle will never get the chance to harm or kill again. He’ll only be around 35 when he gets out, which leaves him potentially decades to destroy more lives. And with his predilection for drinking and drug use it’ll only be a matter of time before he accrues more victims of his violence.

So rot in hell Joshua Houle. Misty Ward had an entire future ahead of her and you stupidly, callously, senselessly snuffed it out.

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9 Responses to Joshua James Houle

  1. bulldoggy says:

    I frigging hate plea deals. Manslaughter after he’s caught chopping up a body he admits to killing?!? He should have been tried for 2nd degree murder. He would’ve been found guilty for sure!

  2. 2cute says:

    Misty was so pretty and this bastard stole her entire future! He should rot rot rot in prison.

  3. awesomeblossom says:

    Justice Donald Manderscheid is really really mellow when it comes to sentencing people who kill and dismember their victims. Does he really think this bastard who apparently can’t control himself when he wakes up suddenly should be let loose in society? What happens if a child wakes him when he gets out and he strikes out and stabs and kills that child? This guy is too dangerous to be freed! And even if I bought the shit that he is violent when he’s startled and half asleep, he was totally awake when he chose to chop up his girlfriend instead of calling 911. Only soulless beasts do that.

  4. bulldoggy says:

    Where’s Bengalpuss? I can’t hardly wait to read her comment on this asshole.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Bulldoggy, thats the worst fucking excuse for murder i’ve ever heard, and the worst part about it is he was believed. I think this twat of a human being, thats if he is human more of an animal, thought “Im getting evicted, so i’ll murder someone, get the kicks out of doing that, and then i’ll have somewhere to live” (Jail) I feel sorry for the girls mother, this cunt murdered her daughter in a horrible way, and gets a slapped wrist, fucking disgusting. I hope that his arse is shafted daily by a con with the biggest meatstick. And one more thing, he kept a knife near him knowing (So he said) That he becomes violent when woken up, what a load of bollocks, he should never have been allowed to plead to a lesser charge.

  5. steve-O says:

    Maybe this bastard has something like PTSD and that’s why he lashes out when he’s startled. But if that’s the case, that would’ve come out at trial. And his drinking heavily, using drugs and keeping weapons nearby were totally, completely, criminally irresponsible and murderous. For that he should’ve been locked up for decades.

    • bulldoggy says:

      I don’t care if he has PTSD or PMS, he murdered a lovely young woman whose life was worth a helluva lot more than his pathetic existence.

  6. moodymagic says:

    Burn in hell Josh pathetic hellbeast.

  7. bengalpuss says:

    Bulldoggy, “pms” Pre menstrual stress, He’s a fucking Enigma if he suffers with that. When i read that i cracked up laughing, sorry i know the article is serious and sad, but i just couldn’t help myself when i read that. Thankyou bulldoggy for that, i needed it, as im lying in bed, full of cold and feeling shit, but you’ve cheered me up a little.

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