Joseph William Wehage

Joseph Wehage

Crimes: Child Sexual Abuse, Child Pornography

Joseph William Wehage, aka Joseph William Brestler, of Portland, Oregon, had a history of sex crimes. In 1997, when he was 23, he was convicted of possessing child pornography, and was ordered to register as a sex offender. In 1998, he was convicted of 2nd-degree encouraging child sexual abuse and attempted 2nd-degree sodomy. He was sentenced to a whopping 6 months in jail. In 1999, he was convicted of 3rd-degree sexual abuse and was sentenced to a mind-blowing 60 days in jail, plus 4 years probation. Then, in 2008, he was arrested for failing to register as a sex offender, but that charge was dismissed. He was one lucky sex offender, and for some reason those piddly-ass sentences did not put a stop to his offending.

Joseph Wehage tried to act like a normal citizen. He got married, had a couple of offspring, and attended church. Being a parent, it came as no surprise to anyone that he needed a babysitter for his kids. In 2012, he hired a 13-year-old boy whose family attended the same church. All very above-board. Except it wasn’t.

When the babysitter was 13 years old, he was groomed and then sexually abused by Joseph Wehage. The abuse went on in 2012 and 2013.

After being repeatedly abused, the boy finally told his mother. She did not report the abuse to the police. WTH kind of mother is that? If my kid reported to me he’d been sexually abused, I’d be calling the police right after I used my cane to line drive the pervert’s balls across the parking lot and then jammed my cane up the pervert’s rectum. OK, maybe I wouldn’t do that exactly, but I’d be sorely tempted. And there’s no doubt I’d report the sex crime to the police.

All I can think is that the boy’s mother was churchgoing and didn’t want anyone to think her son was gay. Or maybe she figured her son was somehow to blame. I just don’t understand why a woman would ignore her child’s sexual abuse.

Anyway, the victim’s mother was having financial problems, and she decided to send her son to live with the pastor. IMO she was probably experiencing behavioral problems with her son as a direct result of the sexual assaults, and she couldn’t cope, but that’s just speculation on my part.

The one good thing the victim’s mother did do was to mention to the pastor that her son said that Joseph Wehage had sexually abused him. The pastor told the school principal, and both men confronted Joseph Wehage. The pervy bastard admitted his crimes to them, so the pastor and the principal went to the police.

Joseph Wehage, figuring the jig was up, immediately picked up his family and headed out of town. They wound up living in Tennessee, staying at motels and campsites, as the pervy bastard tried to avoid arrest. Too bad for him he was tracked down and caught! He was extradited back to Oregon to face justice.

Here’s where Joseph Wehage’s nasty nature showed itself — even though he’d confessed his crimes to the pastor and principal, he refused to plead guilty. Instead, he demanded a trial that resulted in the victim having to testify.

It’s disgraceful that the boy was attacked on the stand, and was accused of lying. The defense contended that he’d only accused Joseph Wehage to distract the police from investigating him for touching his sister inappropriately, over her clothes.

There was an investigation after the trial, and no charges were laid against the boy.

On April 10, 2015, the jurors found Joseph Wehage, 40, guilty of 11 counts: 7 counts of 1st-degree sexual abuse; 2 counts of attempted 2nd-degree sodomy; 1 count of 2nd-degree sodomy; and 1 count of attempted 1st-degree sodomy.

The jurors hadn’t been told of the hellbeast’s confession and his subsequent hiding from authorities. They believed the victim, as do I.

Incredibly, Joseph Wehage’s wife believes her husband. I don’t know if she knew about her husband’s history of sex crimes when she married him, but she must know of them by now. I don’t know how any woman can stand by her man knowing he’s a convicted sex offender.

At sentencing on May 7, 2015, in a Multnomah County courtroom, Joseph William Wehage refused to admit his guilt. Instead, using a cane to support himself, and wiping away nonexistent tears, he wailed about how he’d been abused as a child, and how he’d tried to help the victim.

Joseph WehageJoseph Wehage asked Judge Kathleen Dailey to sentence him to the minimum — 6 years in prison. The prosecutor, Chris Mascal had asked the judge for 25 years, but after listening to the hellbeast refuse to express remorse or to accept responsibility, she asked for more prison time.

“He’s not sorry he abused him sexually,” said the prosecutor. “He’s an opportunist. He’s a sexual predator, who won’t stop. … I think you need to put this man away from children as long as you can.”

Multnomah County Circuit Judge Kathleen Dailey sentenced Joseph Wehage to 18 years 9 months in prison, with 10 years supervision upon his release. The nasty perv must also register as a sex offender.

The victim didn’t attend the sentencing, but the pastor did. He said that the boy is now getting counseling. I wish the victim all the love, support and therapy he needs to go on to live a happy, successful life.

One person who was particularly satisfied with Joseph Wehage’s conviction and sentence was his brother. The man has bravely revealed that he too was victimized by Joseph Wehage nearly 30 years ago.

“Joe has never ever accepted credit for his actions,” the brother said. “He never took the responsibility.”

The brother went on to say, “I don’t think he will ever stop hurting people in a sexual manner.”

I hope the victim finds comfort in knowing he was believed, and that his abuser is going away for a long time. I hope if there are other victims out there that they will come forward and speak about their abuse.

I feel bad for Joseph Wehage’s children. It will be hard for them to deal with their father’s conviction and incarceration. I hope they will receive the love, support and therapy they need to live happy lives.

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6 Responses to Joseph William Wehage

  1. moodymagic says:

    The puny sentence he got is nowhere near what he deserves. Burn in hell monster! I wish the best for the victims, including the ones who haven’t come forward yet.

  2. awesomeblossom says:

    I am glad he’ll be out of his kids’ lives for the next few years. I wouldn’t trust him not to molest their friends. Too bad he wasn’t given severe sentences before, but at least his crimes are taken seriously now. If he ever offends again, maybe he’ll be thrown in prison for life.

  3. 2cute says:

    I have to wonder at his wife’s intelligence. Running off to Tennessee and living in tents – that’s not the behavior of an innocent man. And learning your husband is a serial sex offender should make her want to keep him away from her kids.

  4. Bengalpuss says:

    I’m puzzled, 1st degree sodomy and 2nd degree sodomy? I didn’t know that there was a difference? Attempted sodomy yes but 1st and 2nd degree is crazy. The wife is stupid to stand by this pig, and i’m shocked at the boys mother for not calling the cops, thank god the pastor and teacher did somehing about it.

  5. Michelle says:

    Should have sentenced him to go live with the pig farmer for awhile. That should have taken care of the problem. is there something in your water, Oregon? I thought we were a bit looney here inCalifornia, but you guys are giving us a run for our money!

  6. BeenThere says:

    STAND BY YOUR MAN you stupid ignorant blind deaf dumb ugly fucking troll bitch. Bet his kids were sexually abused too. Idiot cunt!

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