Joseph Rodriguez

Joseph Rodriguez
Crime: Murder

On July 16, 1991, in the Bronx, 29-year-old Marisol Morales was murdered. It had been an awful death. She had been clubbed over her head multiple times with a blunt object. The unfortunately woman suffered skull fractures and brain lacerations.

Before she was even dead, her brutal, heartless killer set her bed on fire. Marisol Morales was left to die on that burning bed.

Because the fire set off a fire alarm in her apartment building, the poor woman was discovered barely alive by first responders. They pulled her from the fire and got her to the hospital. Tragically, Marisol Morales was too badly injured from the vicious beating and the fire to survive, and she died in Lincoln Hospital, New York City.

RIP, Marisol Morales.

Police found a pair of bloody pants in the burnt-out Bronx apartment, and those led detectives to 22-year-old Joseph Rodriguez. After a 6-month investigation, Joseph Rodriguez was charged with murder, manslaughter, arson, robbery and criminal possession of a weapon. He was convicted of 2nd-degree murder.

The murder conviction was Joseph Rodriguez’s fifth conviction. He had already served time for drug offenses and carrying a weapon.

In 1993, Joseph Rodriguez was sentenced to 15 years to life. Unfortunately, the murder conviction was overturned on appeal based on a technicality about written consent to replace a juror.

I don’t know why the prosecutors decided not to conduct a second trial. They opted instead for a plea deal with the murderous beast. In 1996, Joseph Rodriguez pled guilty to 1st-degree manslaughter. He was released from prison in 2007, and in 2010 he was off parole.

Joseph Rodriguez began a whole new life. He got married for one thing. I wonder just how much he told his bride, Dalia, about his background. I’m betting she didn’t know she’d married a felon and a killer. If she had known, she certainly hadn’t shared that tidbit of news with her family.

Joseph and Dalia Rodriguez and their 2 kids lived in a rented house in New Paltz, New York. In 2012, Dalia’s sister, Katidy Medina-Pérez, and brother-in-law, César Pérez, left their 2-year-old baby girl in the care of Dalia and Joseph.

César Pérez, a diplomat from the Dominican Republic, had to travel for his job. I’m sure he and his wife thought they’d be able to travel together easier without a tiny toddler in tow.

César Pérez and Katidy Medina-Perez had no inkling that Joseph Rodriguez was a convicted felon and murderer. Had they known, they most certainly would have not left their baby with him.

On June 20, 2012, Joseph Rodriguez, now 44, had been out until the wee hours consorting with a sex trade worker. He snuck into the house while his wife was sleeping. Unfortunately, little Asia woke up with a wet diaper.

I don’t know what set the beast loose but Asia was horrifically bludgeoned to death. Two years old and violently murdered for no real reason. Maybe Joseph Rodriguez was drunk or high, maybe he was pissed off by the noise she was making, or maybe he just felt like smashing another human being to death. Whatever his motivation, Asia deserved none of what was done to her.

Joseph Rodriguez had taken little Asia outside and killed her beside the house. I guess he was clear-thinking enough that he didn’t want to leave a bloody mess inside, or he didn’t want his wife and children to wake up to the baby’s screams.

After killing Asia, Joseph the shitbag Rodriguez dumped her tiny, battered body on a hillside behind the house. He then returned home to stage a break-in. He removed the air conditioner from a back window to make it look like an intruder had snatched the baby.

Joseph the monstrous murderer Rodriguez took off his bloody T-shirt, treated it with bleach and tossed it into the dryer.

According to Dalia Rodriguez, she hadn’t been feeling well so she slept in until almost noon. Joseph Rodriguez had put the kids on the school bus that morning and then he’d crawled into bed with her to sleep.

I am sure the hellbeast was really tired after his late-night encounter with the sex trade worker and his early-hours murder of Asia. I don’t know how Dalia slept through everything though, unless she’d taken some strong meds to knock her out.

When Dalia Rodriguez got up around noon she went to check on Asia and panicked when she saw the bed was empty.

Rodriguez homeWhat I don’t understand is why the police weren’t called immediately. It wasn’t until 4:30 p.m. that police responded to the “missing child” report.

By the time the police arrived at the rental home at 332 Route 32 North in New Paltz, the body was already “discovered” by Joseph Rodriguez. When the police pulled up to the home, “(t)he aunt was holding the child and the uncle was standing next to her in the front yard,” according to New Paltz Police Chief Joseph Snyder. The child was “unresponsive” when the officers arrived.

The autopsy concluded that little Asia died of blunt-force trauma.

Once the police were involved, they spared no effort to catch the killer. The New Paltz Police were assisted by the Ulster County Sheriff’s Office, the New York State Police, NYSP Troop F FIU, the City of Newburgh Police Department, the US Marshal Service and the Ulster County District Attorney’s Office.

Joseph RodriguezFortunately, Joseph Rodriguez was lousy at covering his murderous tracks. He’d left bloody pants at the scene of his first murder. This time he lost his car keys near the blood-spattered patch beside the house where Asia was killed.

Joseph Rodriguez’s T-shirt, although bleached, still bore traces of his victim’s blood. His work boots did too.

And as for his efforts to make it look like an intruder broke in, well, Joseph Rodriguez was much too lazy. He hadn’t bothered to leave any sign of theft or a struggle.

After a nine-month investigation, Joseph Rodriguez was arrested on March 17, 2013. He was charged with murder on March 19, 2013.

“This investigation took months and hard work by many law enforcement agencies,” said Police Chief Snyder. “I am sure I speak for everyone involved in this case when I say a day has not passed where I have not thought and prayed for Asia and her family. I hope the arrest will begin the healing process for Asia’s family.”

Joseph Rodriguez guiltyOn November 11, 2013, the trial of Joseph Rodriguez began. The defense attorney, Cappy Weiner, attacked the police investigation as being “incredibly incompetent”. He maintained that his client treated little Asia “with affection and respect”. He also insisted that the real killer was somebody who had snuck into the home by removing the air conditioner from the window.

The County Court jury was never told about Joseph Rodriguez’s first murder or his lengthy criminal record. Regardless, after 10 hours of deliberation, the jury found him guilty of 2nd-degree murder.

Many tears were shed during the trial: Asia’s parents, some jurors and even a police officer cried.

Joseph Rodriguez cried after the verdict when he was removed from the courtroom in shackles.

“I fully appreciate how emotionally difficult this case was for the jury, and I sincerely thank them for their focus and verdict,” Ulster County District Attorney Holley Carnright said at the conclusion of the trial.

Joseph Rodriguez, the convicted killer, faces a maximum sentence of 25 years to life in state prison. I, for one, am hoping he gets the max when he is sentenced in January 2014.

I offer my sincerest condolences to little Asia’s heartbroken and grieving family. RIP Asia.

And long may Joseph Rodriguez rot and suffer in prison. He’s killed twice now, so hopefully he’ll never be given the opportunity to harm another person ever again. Two victims were two too many.

I shall try to keep readers posted about the sentencing (reminders are more than welcome).

Joseph Rodriguez was sentenced to 25 years to life.

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  1. moodymagic says:

    Rodriguez you make me sick. You need to be put away for the rest of your life.

    • Rodriguez says:

      Stfu the fuck up you guys don’t even know what ya talkiing ands doe all of you son of bitches that my uncle and he never compable of harming Asia

      • ISlapstupidpeople says:

        Go back to school to learn how to talk you f**king idiot. I could barely understand what your dumb ass was trying to say. F*CK YOU AND YOUR UNCLE hope he rots and festers in hell.

        • TERRI BROWN says:

          Right on ISlapstupidpeople! You took the words right out of my mouth!!!

        • Hopeless Pedantic says:

          Hey guys… I’m sure Cleo can confirm this by examining the IP addresses on the posts, but you’re responding to a troll who pretends to be a relative of various featured hellbeasts and always responds with the same kind of immature, badly spelled, profanity-laden defense of the accused.

          Since the prevailing advice is to ignore and not “feed the trolls”,I only offer this info as a public service towards promoting critical thinking and savvier online experiences for non-trolls who might benefit from such awareness.

          • Bengalpuss. says:

            Hopeless pedantic, I noticed that too, he does seem to pop up and appear every now and again, always spoutingtthe same crap. I have to admit that even I have replied to the fool before.

  2. pj says:

    I hope this time he can’t appeal. He needs to stay in prison for the rest of his useless evil life.

  3. Bengalpuss says:

    8 months to arrest his murderous arse? You’d think he would’ve been nicked earlier with all the evidence the dumb bastard left behind. And the wife asleep till lunchtime? I won’t go there as she may have been awake very late. As for this murdering bastard, why didn’t he get sentenced for 1st degree murder the first time he killed that poor woman then he probably wouldn’t have been free to kill again. Lets hope this time that the authorities don’t fuck up, lock this mother fucker’s arse up until he dies, evil child murdering cunt he is. Hope his new found friend bubba, likes playing stick my meatstick into the new prisoners arseole.

  4. bulldoggy says:

    He sounds like he could use a daily bludgeoning if he’s to learn anything at all. Sex offenders have to not only register but also reveal to everybody they’re a sex offender. Why aren’t released killers required to do the same? That way unwary women won’t unknowingly hook up with assholes like him.

  5. awesomeblossom says:

    I can only imagine what the parents went through when they got the call that their baby was murdered. And then to learn after about what kind of monster their brother in law was. I feel so bad for them. RIP little Asia.

  6. something sounds off says:

    Why did they not look at his wife’s involvement a little closer? Did they really believe she slept til noon with a toddler in the house? Then to not call til 4:30 ? She knew more then she let on so she should have done some time as well..

    • Bengalpuss says:

      I have to admit that the same thoughts went thru my mind also, surely to god she woulda checked on that little girl earlier than twelve, even if her husband was around, and then not contacting the authorities for another 4 and a half hours is not normal, I woulda been on that phone straight away, something definitely is very wrong with that picture.

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