Joseph Duffy

Hellbeast Joseph Duffy
Crime: Elder Abuse, Murder

I know exactly what it’s like to be a caregiver to a chronically ill, handicapped person. I took care of my beloved mother for 19 years and it wasn’t easy. She had Multiple Sclerosis and at the end she also had dementia. It would have been easier to put her into a facility and let other people take care of her but it wasn’t what she wanted. It was a struggle at times but my mom had the best kind of life I could give her.

Which brings us to Joseph S. Duffy of Brookfield, Illinois. His handicapped wife, 60-year-old Mary Jane Duffy, was under her husband’s “care” and it was the worst kind of life he could give her.

Mary Jane Duffy died in September 2011, just one week after being rescued from her home/prison. She hadn’t been well for a long time, for years. She’d suffered from congential hydrocephalus since birth. In 2006 she started treatment for dementia and was becoming increasingly immobile.

Mary Jane DuffyLord knows why Mary Jane married Joseph Duffy. Maybe he wasn’t an asshole hellbeast in the beginning, but he had been abusing his wife since at least 2003.

An investigator from the Office of the Inspector General of the Illinois Department of Human Services — Armindo Ayala — made some effort to document the abuse over the next few years.

It seems old Joseph Duffy liked to lock Mary Jane in their home without a phone, handcuffed to her wheelchair. He would beat her and verbally abuse her. He would take away her walker and leave her every night while he went out to visit a “special friend”.

Now I don’t know if “special friend” is synonymous with a mistress or hookers or what, but I have no doubt that good old Joseph POS Duffy left his wife trapped in her home so he could have good times and sex with people other than Mary Jane.

Joseph Duffy also refused to place his handicapped wife in a care facility because he’d lose access to her disability income. Why am I not surprised?

And what came of the reports written by Armindo Ayala? Ummm, not much.

In 2008 Armindo Ayala had recommended that a treatment plan for Mary Jane Duffy be developed by the Division of Rehabilitation Services, but nothing seemed to happen after that.

In February 2009 a different investigator, Scott Reese, filed a report substantiating allegations of Mary Jane being handcuffed and verbally abused, and having her access to the kitchen blocked.

The Brookfield Police Department tried at this time to remove Mary Jane Duffy from her husband’s “care”. They did not succeed because the sadistic bastard had a piece of paper giving him power of attorney over his wife’s health care.

Even though the bastard Joseph Duffy admitted to the police he handcuffed his wife to her wheelchair they still couldn’t remove her from the home. They did confiscate the handcuffs though.

And so Mary Jane Duffy continued to live with and be brutalized by Joseph the wife beater Duffy.

Mary Jane’s case was referred to the Department of Rehabilitative Services. Instead of being removed to a facility for her safety, a part-time hospice worker was assigned to look in on Mary Jane Duffy each day.

The caregiver had repeatedly reported to supervisors that Joseph Duffy was neglecting and verbally abusing his wife, but nobody intervened.

What kind of heartless hellbeast bureaucrats do they have in Illinois?

And so Mary Jane’s hellish existence continued on and on and on. That is until July 2009.

Now what happened in July 2009? Well, Mary Jane had to spend 2 weeks in hospital recovering from injuries from a “fall”. It seems Mary Jane had tried to walk without her walker — you know, the walker that her f*cktard husband would take from her.

I personally believe that Mary Jane’s “fall” was precipitated by a push or a shove or a punch or a kick. I have no proof, of course, but there was nothing to stop Joseph Duffy from willfully inflicting physical damage upon his unwanted and unloved spouse.

After the hospital stay, Mary Jane Duffy was transferred from the hospital to The British Home in Brookfield at the beginning of August 2009. The poor disabled woman was finally in a care facility! She’d been rescued from a life of horrible abuse and was getting real care! Yay!

Mary Jane had been removed from her abusive bastard husband’s power thanks to Illinois’ Adults with Disabilities Abuse Intervention Program.

Alas, on August 14, 2009 the Office of the Inspector General of the Illinois Department of Human Services, such a useful bunch of f*cktards, struck again.

Investigator Armindo Ayala once again investigated and now decided that Mary Jane was NOT eligible for services by the state’s Adults with Disabilities Abuse Intervention Program.

“Based on the facts here we conclude the following: [Mary Jane Duffy] was ineligible for the Abuse of Adults with Disabilities Intervention Program because she had been placed in a nursing home,” reported Armindo Ayala.

Let’s see, it took the Adults with Disabilities Abuse Intervention Program to get Mary Jane Duffy away from her abusive husband and into a facility, but once in a facility the program was no longer in effect to protect her from her abusive husband. Riiight, that makes sense — NOT!

That was one big f*cking hole in the so-called safety net for abused people with disabilities!

Now Mary Jane Duffy had been telling anyone who would listen — healthcare administrators and state caseworkers and Armindo Ayala — that she wanted to live in a nursing home and not with her abusive husband. She was afraid of him. He hurt her.

Did that sway the Office of the Inspector General of the Illinois Department of Human Services? Nope.

And remember the Office of the Inspector General of the Illinois Department of Human Services had those reports documenting the abuse she’d suffered. Reports written by Armindo Ayala, no less!

Did those reports finally do Mary Jane any good? Oh heavens no. Rules are rules, as they say, and they must be positively anal about following rules.

Mary Jane Duffy no longer was eligible for an abuse intervention program, period, the end. Thanks so much, Office of the Inspector General of the Illinois Department of Human Services, for your diligence in looking after the weak and helpless members of Illinois society.

An administrator at The British Home, Julie Adduci, had actually believed poor befuddled Mary Jane when she said she was afraid and had sought an order of protection on her behalf.

At least Julie Adduci tried to help her, unlike the whole f*cking Office of the Inspector General yadda yadda etc. etc.

On September 8, 2009 Mary Jane Duffy was transferred to Snow Valley Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Lisle. She didn’t get to stay very long.

On October 16, 2009, Joseph Duffy showed up waving papers around and proclaiming he had power of attorney and was taking Mary Jane home.

Nobody stopped him. Despite the order of protection Joseph turdball Duffy wheeled his poor helpless wife out of the facility and took her back to his residence/her prison.

The Department of Human Services, aside from providing caregiver services, did not act on Mary Jane Duffy’s behalf until August 2011.

The 22 months of inaction were despite reports that Joseph Duffy refused to let some caregivers in and prevented Mary Jane from getting the basic help she needed. This inaction was despite reports that caregivers heard him say, “I wish you would die” and “Why don’t you just drop dead?” to the poor helpless woman.

On August 20, 2011 a hospice worker was finally allowed inside Duffy’s Brookfield residence. Seeing what a shockingly terrible shape Mary Jane was in the alarmed hospice worker had asked to take her to hospital. Joseph POS wife beater Duffy refused.

If Mary Jane left, her benefits would leave too. Joseph Duffy wasn’t letting the money go.

The next day, August 21, 2011 somebody (maybe a concerned hospice worker?) filed an anonymous tip with LaGrange-based Aging Care Connections stating that Mary Jane Duffy, 60, was being neglected and needed urgent medical care.

Aging Care Connections spent the next day trying to figure out how to remove Mary Jane from her horrific situation. They decided on August 23 to call the police. Good call! That very day a caseworker and police officers went to the Duffy home.

Joseph Duffy, 70, was none too thrilled to see them there and even less thrilled to have to let them inside. He screamed at the caseworker and the police, but they were going nowhere, not without Mary Jane — rather what was left of her.

“No one tells me how to take care of my wife. I make the decisions!” Joseph Duffy had yelled at them.

Mary Jane DuffyMary Jane Duffy, after all that time in her bastard f*ckwad husband’s “care”, was reduced to 56 pounds. Mary Jane was covered in bruises and bedsores up to 4 inches wide. She was now blind and unconscious. She had reached the final stages of dementia.

Mary Jane Duffy had been left to fester on a feces- and piss-covered cot. She lay in a fetal position suffering from fractured bones. She also had teeth missing.

Joseph POS bastard Duffy had pocketed $3,000 per month in benefits, and that was how he had treated his wife.

As if handcuffing her to her wheelchair hadn’t been enough. As if locking her in the home without a phone wasn’t enough. As if leaving her alone for extended periods while he had sexual trysts wasn’t enough. As if taking her walker away leaving her helpless wasn’t enough.

Oh no, this sadistic bastard Joseph Duffy had to starve his wife, beat his wife, break her bones and her teeth, and leave her to rot in her own waste.

And I’d bet anyone $5 that if Mary Jane had died at home he wouldn’t have reported it because he cared far more for the money than he ever did about her.

I’m sure the Office of the Inspector General of the Illinois Department of Human Services must be so proud of their rigid adherence to their f*cking rigid rules.

When an ambulance showed up to take his wife to the hospital, Joseph Duffy told a police officer, “Thanks. I just lost everything. Now I lose her Social Security and pension. There goes my house and car.”

Can’t you just feel the love?

Mary Jane Duffy was rushed to Holy Cross Hospital in Chicago that very day, August 23, 2011. She died on September 1, 2011.

Mary Jane Duffy had officially died from bronchopneumonia and “spousal neglect”.

The coroner ruled her death a homicide.

Sheriff Thomas Dart said, “As far as elder abuse goes, this is the worst case our office has ever handled.”

Joseph S. Duffy, the wife killer, was arrested and charged with 2 counts of criminal abuse or neglect of a person with a disability.

If found guilty, Joseph POS hellbeast Duffy could face 7 years in prison. He would be about 77 when he gets out then. That’s not enough of a sentence, but first he has to be convicted.

I shall keep readers posted.

There is no doubt in my mind that Joseph S. Duffy deserves to suffer for the rest of his life and rot in hell forever.

There is also no doubt in my mind that Office of the Inspector General of the Illinois Department of Human Services needs some serious overhauling and soul-searching. How many victims, like poor Mary Jane Duffy, fell through that hole in their “safety net” and died at the hands of their abusers? Dozens? Hundreds?

And the Office of the Inspector General of the Illinois Department of Human Services probably will never be able to give us a number because they probably don’t count the number of people who are deemed not to qualify for their services, just like Mary Jane didn’t qualify. And dead people don’t stand up to be counted.

Joseph Duffy pleaded not guilty on August 10 at Maybrook Courthouse. His next court date is September 20 and he’ll appear before Judge Noreen Love. Duffy is stuck in Cook County Jail with bond set at $75,000.

A series of articles published in the Belleville News-Democrat in June and July 2012 brought to light that the Office of the Inspector General did NOT investigate the deaths of more than 50 disabled people who had been abused! That’s right, they just closed the files once those poor people were dead and possibly murdered.

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New York Daily News article

28 Responses to Joseph Duffy

  1. 2cute says:

    That poor woman! I gather the Duffys didn’t have children. What a horrible shame that a power of attorney overrides every other legal measure in Illinois. Why isn’t he being charged with murder? The coroner ruled her death a homicide, that’s murder isn’t it?

  2. moodymagic says:

    Poor Mary Jane. How she suffered. As 2Cute has asked why isn’t the bastard being charged with murder. Why doesn’t her life seemed to have mattered. R.I.P now Mary.

  3. Trace says:

    That ugly mug of his is probably the last thing Mary Jane saw and being senile she wouldn’t even know who he was. Probably she thought he was a demon, especially when he broke her bones and knocked her teeth out. Why can’t this bastard be sent away for life? He terrorized his wife, held her prisoner, tortured her, starved her. The coroner was right – the woman was a victim of homicide. I hope the prosecutors office takes another look at the charges and slaps him with the charges he deserves. Justice for Mary Jane!

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Ugly mug trace, my god have you seen his eyes, one is going to the shop and the other is coming back with the change, they are that wide apart. As for the treatment he dished out to his wife, well he said it all to that police officer “Thanks now i lose her benefits i lose everything i won.t have a house or a car” What a horrible narcissistic selfish cunt. Now what ole squint eyes needs is to be left Festering In his own piss and shit and starved to death while handcuffed to a broken sewer pipe while someone claims disability for him and spends it frivolously the piece of dog turd he is, and thats insulting the dog shit.

  4. bulldoggy says:

    Seven years for torturing his wife for at least 8 years until she died? Not nearly enough. The charges should include manslaughter or reckless endangerment if not murder — this f*cker denied her medical care and food so he must have meant for her to die at his hands. The broken bones and missing teeth show this wasn’t just neglect. Duffy the bastard inflicted the maximum pain upon his wife. And those teeth — were they punched out of her head or pulled? Either way he’s a sadistic f*cker and needs a daily reminder hopefully delivered by his cellblock companions of how much sadism can hurt. I hope they ram the message into his pasty ass each and every day of his incarceration.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Thats if he gets jail time bulldoggy. But i just loved the one he said to the policeman “thanks now i lose her disability and pension that means no house no car” What a narcissistic bastard.

  5. Lillith says:

    What a bastard! I hope his cellmates beat ad starve him! People like this truly DISGUST me!

    At least if he goes to jail he won’t have to worry about that car and house note…Why can’t we just give him a lethal injection and get it over with?

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Lethal injection lilith is too easy. I say lets starve the bastard, and leave him laying in piss and shit, handcuffed to a sewer pipe, while we have nights out on the town with his pension and disability money. Anyone for a night out on old Joseph duffy he’s paying.

      • bulldoggy says:

        Why did I know you’d think lethal injection was too easy. I think you are an ‘eye for an eye’ kind of person, amiright?

      • Lillith says:

        Good point. I’m a wee bit distracted right now with my own hellbeast, and would just rather be done with this greedy fuck!

  6. bengalpuss29 says:

    What do you think bulldoggy, Of course im an eye for an eye person, but if i had to use Joseph duffy’s eye’s, then i’d be well and truly fucked wouldn’t i. Maybe he can use that in his defence, “My eyesight was so bad that i didn.t see my wife waste away to four stone” What ever i would like to do to him, is only a pipe dream. Because we all know the justice system is fucked, so im expecting the judge to come out with some form of bullshit like “Well mrs duffy was dying anyway with dementia so it just took her out of her misery” Wouldn’t suprise me. Anyway we’ll wait and see. I personally would like to see him starve and lay in shite, but then i’d be in human like this turd burglar. We can all dream though.

    • bulldoggy says:

      Well, at least he’s in the States and if they find him guilty the courts aren’t usually shy about giving the bastards the max. It’s too bad they might only ask for 7 years max though because he was a sadistic monster to that poor woman. That damn piece of paper, that power of attorney is probably protecting him now after his death. But I can’t believe it can be used to excuse torture.

      As for eye for an eye, you forgot about someone kicking his teeth in and breaking his bones. Mustn’t forget those, Bengalpuss, when dreaming up his punishment.

  7. Steve-O says:

    So what this wife killer needs is to be handcuffed to a prison cot that’s already soiled with piss and shit, left there until he’s only 50 pounds with periodic visits from Bubba to crunch his bones and pull out his teeth, right? But we have to blindfold him too because poor Mary was blind and didn’t see what was coming. That’s only fair. And nobody wants to see those eyeballs anyway.

    The poor creature Mary is best out of it now. She probably was beaten and abused for decades. R.I.P. Mary.

    Here’s hoping old Duffy has a Bubba or two in his cell who agree with us that he needs our prescribed treatment.

  8. Takuro Spirit says:

    I had an aunt. She developed Alzheimer’s and when it became pretty serious my parents decided to put her in a home. My mom was still working, I was going to college, my brother was still in high school – my dad was on the verge of retirement. For many reasons none of us could provide the level of care required or even fund it. State aid, selling her house, and the home seemed like the best option. Her sister barreled down here from out of state, whisked her from the home, moved in with her and decided to “care” for her.

    I don’t know how diligent she was in the beginning, but whenever I visited from school I’d hear stories. She tied her to her chair, reclined it, then went down into the basement and watched TV leaving my ill aunt completely alone upstairs. Sometimes she even just totally left to her own house down the block. My sick aunt had bed sores, bruises, was apparently actually strangled, fed nothing but canned ravioli (why? I don’t know), her meds were halved or not given at all, and doctors visits ceased because “They’re all quacks out for my money.” That last bit made no sense. My sick aunt had Medicare.

    I called in a report of abuse, my mom called in, someone we don’t even know of wrote a LONG anonymous report. Doctors made home visits. Home health aids were set up to to work in the home everyday, etc. The problem was that the DHS would CALL before they were sending out someone to inspect so my aunt would clean up the house, her sister, and act all sweet and caring when they showed up. The home health aids? They were rarely let in the house. Anyone black was right out. She followed the Mexicans around. She, as was her habit with all people, viciously insulted anyone else until they stopped showing up. Eventually ill aunt was found dead, face down, in her mattress. At that point she was so far along in the disease that she was completely immobile so it’s all very suspicious.

    The surviving sister was showing signs of dementia herself so after MONTHS they just gave up investigating and came up with some vague official cause of death. The department of human services in this state – I don’t know – they seem bent on not helping anybody. I’ve had to deal with them for my own issues (job loss coinciding with pregnancy) and they just – ugh – they’re just horrible to deal with. I actually just gave up on everything but the medical card. I don’t know why these programs even exist if they’re just going to be hugely incompetent and/or cruel twats about everything.

    • 2cute says:

      Thanks for sharing your aunt’s story, Takuro Spirit. That poor woman! It seems nobody can rely on DHS for real help. I just hope the abusive sister suffers as she made your aunt suffer. It would be only fair and just.

  9. bengalpuss29 says:

    Steve-O, me bulldoggy and you, should open our own Guantanamo Bay prison for the really lowlife bastards of this planet. Fuck water boarding and singing with underpants on their heads, im talking real blood and guts justice. Three months after opening you’d would notice the crime figures for bastards like, baby killers nonce’s and generally pieces of shit human beings, would be down 99% Im not talking fucking stupid sentences. Im talking an eye for an eye. And i would invite the victims relatives along to join in on the torture fest. And i think 2cute would like to work at “torture inc” Yes i reckon we’d get them crime figures down within months, something that the goverment have spent eternity trying to do. Well they’re going wrong somewhere, i wonder what that could be?

    • Steve-O says:

      OK, but not in my basement, not if it’s going to involve a lot of urine and faeces and blood and sharks.

      • bengalpuss29 says:

        Blood and sharks, you just made me laugh steve-O, how the fuck do you get a shark in a basement. And what is it with you and sharks?

        • Steve-O says:

          OK, no sharks. But still we can’t use my basement. The screams would upset the neighbours, and I do expect some screaming if we’re going to carry out your plan. I figure maybe an island to put all those lowlife bastards — with SHARKS swimming around it! And maybe we’d feed the killers and molesters and maybe we won’t. Yeah, and we’d have all those lowlife bastards together and one weapon, maybe nail clippers, and they’d have to fight to the death until only one was left who we would promise to release. But we won’t! ahahahahaha

  10. bengalpuss29 says:

    Well the island idea has just fucked up my plan. I was gonna call it guantanamo basement, preferably with a sewer pipe running through it, so we could handcuff the bastards to it. And i’d set up a torture corner so victim’s of paedaphiles could torture their abusers. I would have the rack, to stretch the bastards and a scolds Bridle Fitted on their heads so if they screamed while on the rack their tongues would be torn. And lets not forget the thumb screws and cat o nine tails. I would also have a rusty blade to Castrate The Beastly Bastards. Then in another corner we would put the animal killers and abusers, who i would put in metal cages and put little cuts all over their body’s. Then i would introduce the Maggots and leeches and when they were done, we could put bulldoggys dog charlie in their to chew on some of their bones. And finally, i’d have the neglect corner for cunts that neglect their relatives or pets. And we’d just basically neglect them, all the while being quiet not to upset the neighbor’s.

    • bulldoggy says:

      Well if there’s going to be blood and guts and maggots and leeches I don’t think I want Charlie near that. I am all for castrating perverts though and letting victims have turns punishing the pedos. But not in my basement either. That leaves your basement Bengalpuss29. Got a downstairs family room you’re not using much?

  11. bengalpuss29 says:

    Shit and just when i thought my idea was coming together, it falls apart. Poor charlie can.t work due to occupational hazard. And i’ve no fucking basement. Back to the drawing board, i’ll have to think of something that incorporates sharks, a job charlie love’s and something bloody and painful for all these paedaphiles, murderers, narcissistic cunts, who deserve the pain and suffering that is dished out to them. I’ll incorporate charlie’s role for those bastards that cause poor animals to suffer and die, minus the maggots and leeches. But something he’ll enjoy. I’ll let you know when i come up with something lol.

    • 2cute says:

      Aren’t there any disused dungeons in England Bengalpuss? Maybe there’s a spare one somewhere else in Europe? Seems to me it would be easiest to move operations into one of those rather than convert a family room or basement.

  12. bengalpuss29 says:

    That story is so sad. I don.t understand how people can do that to their own family members. If my sister or any of my brothers were diagnosed with alzheimers, i would automatically care for them and make them as comfortable as possible. I couldn’t even think about neglecting them, let alone actually doing it. I hope the sister that came and made her sisters last remaining time, diabolical, suffers in the same way with people neglecting her. Its the least she deserves. And there organisations that are supposed to be there to intervene when something like this happens are useless, period.

  13. bengalpuss29 says:

    Never thought of that one 2cute, that will go on my list of possibilities, but every time i come up with a good idea, bulldoggy or steve-O put the ki bosch on it. Im just gonna have to sit and think of something really good. After just reading the new article that cleo has posted im more determined than ever to see my plan through to the end. Just have to make it fool proof. So its back to the drawing board lol.

  14. AngryLittleMexican says:

    Is he looking at me? No he’s looking at you….right? What a nasty mofo! Seriously, had to be hookers, even poor blind Mary Jane didn’t want to have sex w him! It’s sad nothing was done over and over, its really many people’s faults here bc they kept handing her over to this monster to beat on and abuse. Makes me scared for my own old aginess :(

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