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Joseph Cote

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Crimes: Child Porn, Pedophile

Eighty-three-year-old Joseph-Charles-Philippe Côté of Montreal, Quebec is a predatory pedophile, and he is finally facing justice for his disgusting crimes. I’m pretty sure old Joe here figured he’d evade justice in Canada because he committed his sexual assaults on children in the Dominican Republic. Well, he figured wrong.

Canada is fully prepared to prosecute sexual offenders who commit crimes against children in other countries. Yay!

The Dominican Republic is a popular destination for “sexual tourists” — pedophiles wanting sex with young children — so that’s where Joseph-Charles-Philippe Côté hauled his pervy, wrinkly, old ass.

The thing is, pedophiles aren’t the only ones who know about the Dominican Republic’s reputation. The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) knows all about it. And so in October 2012, when CBSA agents at the Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport spotted Joseph-Charles-Philippe Côté travelling alone from the Dominican Republic, they pulled him aside for a search.

Alert CBSA agent Alexandra Lamoureux noted that Joseph-Charles-Philippe Côté had been to the Dominican Republic several times and he hadn’t stayed at any of the popular resorts that regular tourists visit. She flagged him for a more thorough search.

CBSA agent Mitesh Dharia conducted the second inspection, and noted that Joseph-Charles-Philippe Côté was carting around cameras and a computer. Ahhhhh, very suspicious! Mitesh Dharia turned on the computer and voilà — nudie photos of a young girl!

At that point Joseph-Charles-Philippe Côté was arrested. Officers of the Sûreté du Québec seized his computer for a forensic examination.

While the police investigation was ongoing, Joseph-Charles-Philippe Côté was released from custody. He did not remain in Canada — he headed back to the Dominican Republic. I guess he wasn’t feeling loved here.

While checking out the files on the old pervert’s computer, investigators found dozens of photos and videos. These featured sex acts with 2 young girls, and spanned several years. The videos were of Joseph-Charles-Philippe Côté sexually assaulting one of the girls starting when she was around 8.

Disgusting pedo perv! He was almost 80 and she was only 8! It makes me ill to think of those poor girls being used and abused sexually by the filthy old beggar!

Apparently Joseph-Charles-Philippe Côté made many, many trips to the Dominican Republic and documented his sexual encounters with his young victims.

I am so glad that sexual deviants like this old fart document their crimes so thoroughly! It makes prosecuting them so much easier.

On February 26, 2013, the Sûreté du Québec obtained a warrant for the pedophile’s arrest. Officials in the Dominican Republic were very obliging and apprehended Joseph-Charles-Philippe Côté. They sent the vile old bastard back to Canada. Yay!

Police obtained a search warrant for Joseph-Charles-Philippe Côté’s residence and discovered 1377 videos and around 4000 photos of child porn. That’s on top of 295 videos and 8971 photos depicting child nudity. He was so busted!

BTW, I extend my thanks to the investigators who had to look through all those horrible, filthy photos and videos. It cannot be easy to watch young children being raped and abused by pedo hellbeasts. I can’t imagine sitting through even one video much less over a thousand! I would probably have an aneurism from the rage I’d feel. My hat’s off to those dedicated investigators!

I also congratulate and thank CBSA agents Mitesh Dharia and Alexandra Lamoureux for their vigilance.

Now back to our pedo pervert. Joseph-Charles-Philippe Côté found himself facing charges relating to child pornography, sexual interference and invitation to sexual touching.

But then things got a bit sticky. Joseph-Charles-Philippe Côté’s lawyer tried to get the case tossed out on the grounds the CBSA agents had violated his client’s constitutional rights when they searched his luggage. The lawyer argued that the agents didn’t have a plausible motive for the search.

Justice had to wait for Quebec Court Judge Manon Ouimet to decide the merits of the defense’s argument. If the judge decided the search was a violation of Joseph-Charles-Philippe Côté’s rights, the entire case would be a lost cause.

I am very pleased that Judge Ouimet made the right decision. The disgusting old pedo’s rights had not been violated, and the case proceeded with Judge Ouimet presiding.

On May 9, 2014, Joseph-Charles-Philippe Côté, 83, was found guilty of all charges — possession, production and importation of child pornography and sexual molestation of minors. It’s off to prison for him!

Joseph-Charles-Philippe Côté will now undergo a psychological evaluation, and is due to return to court in September 2014. The pedo perv faces up to 10 years in prison. I truly, truly hope he gets the maximum!

As well, I truly, truly hope his victims are safe from any further abuse by any other sexual predator. I don’t know what resources are in place in the Dominican Republic to rescue victims from exploitation, but I hope the girls are in a safe, supportive environment now.

I also hope the co-conspirators who hooked Joseph-Charles-Philippe Côté up with his victims are brought to justice. He didn’t happen upon these girls by chance — he arranged his visits specifically to take advantage of their availability.

I wonder how many more victims are out there, in the Dominican Republic and in Canada. He’s 83 now — you can’t convince me he waited until he was in his 70’s to indulge his pedophilic urges.

I shall endeavour to keep readers posted about Joseph-Charles-Philippe Côté’s sentencing in September. Reminders are more than welcome!

May the nasty old bastard never see the light of day again. I wouldn’t cry if he actually died in prison.

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5 Responses to Joseph-Charles-Philippe Côté

  1. BENGALPUSS says:

    why did they let him loose in the first place after they seized his laptop? fucking disgusting nonce, shoot the cunt between the eyes, they can’t be rehabilitated.

  2. Agrippina The Elder says:

    I hope the young victims assaulted by this old pedo-perv are in a safe place getting the help and love that they deserve. The reputation for child sexual exploitation in the Dominic Republic is well known, along with Thailand and other similar countries. The children in these countries have very little protection because their own families will sell them into child prostitution because they are poor or they can’t take care of them. It’s sad that this type of hell can exist for children in any part of the world in this day and age. To all the people that work to save abused and exploited children, thank you for the work that you do each and every day to save these children. To all abuse survivors, remember that you did not ask for the things that happened to you and it is not your fault in any way! Men like Joseph-Charles-Philippe Cote that travel to foreign countries to victimize and abuse children need to be punished by locking them up in prison and throwing away the key. All child abusers should be punished with lengthy sentences so that they are not able to re-offend over and over and over again. You can’t rehabilitate these pedo-pervs when they were never habilitated to begin with!

  3. moodymagic says:

    Wonder how long an 83 year old child molester will last in prison. A painful death sounds fair to me. Sick Pedo.

  4. Jessice11 says:

    80 and 8?!?!? That fucking sick bastard! I hope these children are safe now! And you’re right Cleo, I doubt he waited to start living his sick fantasies, I just hope someone teaches him an extremely painful lesson in prison, maybe he’ll then realize what it feels like to be taken advantage of.

  5. eric drouin says:

    He raised me ….almost a good thing I was a boy .

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