Jose Reyes

jose reyes

Crimes: Kidnapping, Rape, Pedophile, Child Porn.

Jose Reyes of Chicago, Illinois, USA is one helluva depraved hellbeast. He prefers to consider himself “not perfect”. That’s an understatement – he is the polar opposite of perfect. He’s a vile, predatory pedophile.

On September 30, 2013, Jose Reyes was driving around looking for a victim. He spotted a couple of little girls playing outside the Mundelein apartment complex. He decided they were exactly what he wanted.

Jose Reyes first approached the 2 sisters with lollipops. The girls wisely refused the candy. Undeterred, the evil pedo drove his car all the way around the apartment complex, then pulled up beside the girls again. He jumped out of his car, grabbed the 3-year-old girl, popped her into the front seat and drove off while her older sister screamed for help.

The little girl was in the hellbeast pedophile’s clutches for about half an hour. In that short time she was raped and was then dropped off in a nearby parking lot. Fortunately, the f*ckturdian baby raper didn’t notice that the parking lot had surveillance cameras.

The poor little puddin’ was taken to hospital where it was determined she had indeed been raped.

Because of the video surveillance, Jose Reyes’ car was identified and the evil bastard was arrested 4 days after the rape. And luckily for investigators, it was discovered that he had recorded himself with his cell phone raping the 3-year-old. He’d even managed to record his face! What a f*ckwad!

I don’t quite understand why these disgusting, POS pedophiles feel the need to record their crimes, but long may they continue to do so!

In October 2016, Jose Reyes, 31, found himself before a Lake County judge, charged with aggravated kidnapping, predatory criminal sexually assault, and possession and production of child pornography.

The highlight of the case against the pedo bastard was the video of the rape he’d recorded. That clinched the hellbeast’s guilt along with the DNA matches.

All the defense attorney could do was try to appeal the seizure and search of Jose Reyes’ cell phone. I gather that didn’t work.

On November 3, 2016, Lake County Judge Mark Levitt found Jose Reyes guilty of all charges. Yay!

Assistant Lake County State’s Attorney Fed Day asked that the monster be put away for 100 years.

Defense attorney Katherine Hatch asked for mercy. She pointed out that the baby-raping pedophile had served 2 tours of duty overseas. I’m not sure how that’s relevant. Veterans, bless their hearts, aren’t given carte blanche to commit crimes after they leave the military no matter how many tours of duty they served.

Jose Reyes told the judge that he’d “found God” while in jail, and admitted he’s “not perfect”.

On April 26, 2017, Judge Mark Levitt handed Jose Reyes a sentence of 4 consecutive 30-year prison terms. He has to serve 85 percent of his sentence before he’ll be eligible for parole. Yay!

I don’t think the judge much liked him. “The depths of your depravity are unmatchable,” he’d said to the hellbeast. Likely very few people in prison will like Jose Reyes.

I wish the victim and her family all the best. I hope they’re getting as much support as they need to overcome the trauma they’ve been through.

I wish the baby-raping Jose Reyes a lifetime of misery and fear. He deserves nothing better than that.

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5 Responses to Jose Reyes

  1. Moodymagic says:

    Kuddos to the judge. Burn in hell baby raper.

  2. Tom Daly says:

    Poor little girl. I bet that’s a memory that’ll be burned into her mind for the rest of her life. As for this sick piece of subhuman crap, I hope someone in prison rapes him and then films it. Yep. Karma’s a bitch.

  3. Rhonda says:

    Now that’s justice, not complete justice but pretty darn close. Thank you Judge Mark Levitt.

    • Deb says:

      Hopefully it (can’t call it a human) will be served justice by the other inmates. I hope it is put in a cell with a violent, angry father of a 3 year old little girl.

      As far as why they record their crimes, it’s either so they can enjoy it again later (threw up in my mouth typing that) or to sell/trade it for other’s filth. I so wish we could have the death penalty for this crime. There is truly no coming back from this. Sick of the sickest.

  4. Bengalpuss. says:

    This act was utterly evil and I’m surprised that he didn’t murder that little girl, thank god he didn’t, and thanks to the cctv this cunt was removed so he couldn’t hurt anymore children. I’ll never understand how a grown adult can actually find a child a turn on, I just don’t get it. Lets hope that some jail house justice can be dealt out to this sick Fuck.

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