Jorge Torrez

Jorge Torrez
Crimes: Pedophile, Rape, Murder

Jorge Torrez of Zion, Illinois started raping and murdering girls and young women very early in life. I don’t know if he came out of the womb evil, but he certainly didn’t wait for adulthood to show his monstrous, hellbeastly nature.

Jorge Torrez is now only 25, and he is already serving 5 consecutive life sentences plus 168 years. He could very soon be facing the death penalty. On top of that, he still hasn’t been tried for all of the horrific crimes he’s accused of committing.

When Jorge Torrez was 16, back in 2005, two young girls were viciously raped and murdered in Zion, Illinois. Laura Hobbs was only 8 and Krystal Tobias was only 9. So young, and so full of promise, those poor girls were stabbed and beaten to death. They were best friends in life, and they died together.

Krystal Tobias and Laura HobbsTragically, Laura Hobbs’ father, Jerry, was coerced into confessing and was incarcerated for the heinous crimes. He had a criminal record that included aggravated assault, and he was the one to find the bodies. The police didn’t have to search hard to find a suspect. They had Jerry Hobbs. They didn’t believe his grief was genuine.

How absolutely horrible for that poor man, to lose a daughter like that, to find her body and then to be accused of incest, rape and murder! I don’t know how Jerry Hobbs coped.

In 2007, DNA tests actually showed that the semen that was found inside Laura Hobbs’ privates did not match her father’s. Yay!

So did the Illinois prosecutors let Jerry Hobbs go then? Hell no! In fact, the prosecutors maintained that the semen could have somehow wound up inside the dead girl because she was playing in a park where people went for illicit sex. Riiiight. I’m sure that sort of thing happens all the time *snort*.

Infuriatingly, Jerry Hobbs was left to rot in prison, awaiting trial, and no further investigative work was undertaken to uncover the real murderer.

So having successfully raped and killed at the young age of 16, Jorge Torrez embarked on a life filled with even more raping and killing. Evil bastard!

Amanda SnellBy joining the U.S. Marines, Jorge the putrid meatstick Torrez found another victim. Twenty-year-old Navy Petty Officer Amanda Jean Snell was an awesome young woman who had volunteered helping autistic children before she joined the Navy. She had much to offer the world — much more than Jorge Torrez ever did.

Amanda Snell lived in the barracks on Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall in Arlington County. She had the grave misfortune of having a room a mere 8 doors away from Jorge Torrez.

Amanda Snell was murdered in July 2009, but the military medical examiner wasn’t sure that was true. Even though her body was discovered stuffed in a locker with a pillowcase over her head, the medical examiner wouldn’t rule it was a homicide. Duh!

Just WTF did he think Amanda Snell died of? Healthy young women do not squeeze into a locker, put a pillowcase over their heads and die there of natural causes!

The autopsy found no evidence of a sexual assault. I don’t have great faith in that autopsy. It also somehow missed the fact she’d been strangled to death with a cord.

Semen from Jorge Torrez was found on Amanda Snell’s bedsheet. If he didn’t rape her, murdering her certainly got his rocks off.

Because the death was not ruled a homicide, there was no manhunt to track down the killer.

After Amanda Snell’s death, Jorge Torrez was stationed at Fort Meyer. He stoked up his sexual fantasies by visiting certain Internet sites about rape and then assaulting random women in northern Virginia. Apparently there was a string of attacks, but I can find no definitive number nor many details. I do know he used a gun, a stun gun and tape.

On February 27, 2010, Jorge Torrez approached a young grad student in Virginia, abducted her at gunpoint, raped her, choked her until she lost consciousness and then left her for dead in the snow in a forest.

A couple was driving through that forest and spotted the poor woman caked in ice, crawling toward the road. She had no shoes, and she was incoherent, but she had survived the attack.

The victim was able to give details about her attacker that led to the immediate arrest of Marine corporal Jorge Torrez.

Jorge Torrez was discharged from the military in April 2010.

In October 2010 Jorge Torrez, then 22, was tried and convicted in an Arlington court of more than a dozen charges including abduction and rape. Four victims had not only survived but found the strength and determination to testify against him. Kudos to them!

The student who was left in the snow said, “I still have flashbacks, I can’t sleep. I’m a rape victim, a survivor of strangulation. He has changed me.”

Arlington County Circuit Court Judge Benjamin Kendrick called Jorge Torrez a “coward” and then sentenced the evil bastard to life.

DNA evidence gathered from the Virginia rape was entered into the national database and *surprise* it linked Jorge Torrez to the rapes and murders of Laura Hobbs and Krystal Tobias.

After 5 agonizingly long years, Jerry Hobbs was finally released from prison. He sued Lake County police for the “enhanced interrogations” he was subjected to that resulted in his false confession. He settled for nearly $8 million.

Jorge Torrez’s DNA also matched up with the semen found on Amanda Snell’s bedsheet.

In 2011, Jorge the shitstain on humanity Torrez was charged with murdering Amanda Snell. Along with his DNA were his recorded boasts to a jailhouse informant about what he’d done to her.

On April 8, 2014, Jorge Torrez was found guilty in an Alexandria, Virginia federal courthouse of 1st-degree murder. Yay! When his sentencing trial begins very soon, prosecutors plan to include evidence from the rapes and murders of Laura Hobbs and Krystal Tobias. Prosecutors are hoping the beast will be sentenced to death.

I shall keep fingers crossed that the prosecutors succeed.

Jorge Torrez has yet to go to trial for the rapes and murders of Laura and Krystal. He was charged with those crimes in 2012. I have no doubt he’s guilty. It sounds like Illinois prosecutors are determined the beast will be tried regardless of the sentence he receives for murdering Amanda Snell.

I shall attempt to keep readers posted about the upcoming sentencing trial. Reminders are always welcome.

RIP, Amanda Snell, Laura Hobbs and Krystal Tobias. I send my condolences to all those who loved them and mourn their loss.

And I salute those brave women who came forward and testified against the putrid meatstick Jorge Torrez. Those women put a stop to his reign of terror.

And to those who bungled throughout this awful one-man crime wave, I shake my head in dismay.

Jorge Torrez is not contesting the death penalty.

Jorge Torrez has been sentenced to death. Thanks to reader Nathan for the update.

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10 Responses to Jorge Torrez

  1. Moody Magic says:

    This is one sick piece of shit who deserves the death penalty. I personally hope it comes true. My heart goes out to Jerry the father and the many victims.

  2. Aletheia says:

    I hope he gets sentenced to death and I hope Jerry Hobbs gets to be the executioner. I’m not usually big on the death penalty as personal revenge, but in this case I think it would actually be justice done.

  3. Jessice11 says:

    I feel so sad for Jerry! How horrible to go to prison for the murder and rape of your daughter :( no doubt everyone he knew turned their backs on him. I’m glad he’s free but no amount of money will help ease what he went through. All these girls were so beautiful and young, sad they had to encounter a heartless ass like this hellbeast! May he rot and suffer!

    • bengalpuss says:

      @jessice11, i absolutely agree with you, poor jerry stuck in jail for the rape and murders of his daughter and her friend must of been a never ending nightmare for that poor guy, and even when they discovered the semen wasn’t his they still wouldn’t let him go? damn right he got 8million, he should of been given double that amount in my opinion. as for this sick murdering piece of shite, the death penalty should be on the cards for him with a little bit of luck and my fingers crossed, evil cunt he is.

  4. bulldoggy says:

    I find it hard to believe that raping and murdering those little girls was his first criminal act. I bet he did a whole lot of animal abuse beforehand. I am glad he’s caught. Too bad he only has one lifetime to give to pay his penalty.

  5. 2cute says:

    I am glad father Jerry got a big payout. It must’ve been pure hell for him knowing he was innocent, mourning his baby girl, and the horror of finding the bodies. Add to that the almost certain truth that he was given hell by his fellow prisoners for being a pedo killer. I just wish the prosecutors who figured that DNA could crawl up from the grass, through clothing into a little girl’s vagina could sit in prison for a few years too.

  6. red says:

    im a law abiding citizen but when i read case after case i’m sure glad i’m not within ten feet of these shitslime because…..

  7. BENGALPUSS says:

    So glad this piece of shite got the death penalty, only shame is that it’ll take about 15years to get round to it. when it’s solid evidence like this, and multiple murders, then i believe they should be executed as quickly as possible to help the relatives of the victims find closure, although they will always be scared by what this piece of shit did to their loved ones, at least they wouldn’t have to keep going though the torment of having to sit by while these cunts cost a fortune trying to save their worthless arses.

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