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Crimes: Child Abuse, Murder

Little Jastin Conner Blue Coat didn’t stand a chance in life, and I don’t understand it. He was truly adorable, with big cheeks and a sweet, friendly smile. He loved to cuddle and give kisses and hugs. He loved animals big and small. He enjoyed watching trains and playing with his toys. He was friendly to all he met. Who couldn’t love and treasure an adorable, precious tot like him?

Sadly, tragically, inexplicably, the answer was his biological mother, Jordyn Blue Coat of Eagle Butte, South Dakota. People might argue that she did love her son, but she just had issues. IMO, the proof of whether you love someone is how you treat that person, long term, through good and bad. Anyone can say words of love without meaning them.

Loving someone does not entail breaking bones, or inflicting burns, or hitting or kicking. Those actions speak of hate. Judging by Jordyn Blue Coat’s actions, she hated her little boy.

If Jordyn Blue Coat, aka Jordyn Swan, had issues and was predisposed to battering, burning, hitting or kicking others, then the proof of her love would have been to place Jastin permanently out of harm’s way. She didn’t do that. Instead she took the toddler’s life when he was only 20 months old.

On the evening of October 17, 2014, little Jastin had a poopy diaper. Jordyn Blue Coat changed it, but disgustingly she left it on the bedroom floor when she left the room to go to the bathroom. By the time she returned, Jastin had gotten his little hands on the poopy diaper and got poop on himself and his clothes. That’s when Jordyn Blue Coat lost it. Full of rage she kicked the toddler in the head, and knocked him into a TV stand. Jastin was rendered unconscious and his head began to swell.

Jordyn Blue Coat spent some time trying to wake up the unconscious boy, but when she had no luck she took him to the emergency room at the Indian Health Services Hospital in Eagle Butte.

To cover her ass, Jordyn Blue Coat told the medical personnel that Jastin had “fallen two days ago in the park” and had hit his head. She lied about his medical history. The little guy was unresponsive — dying — and his mother couldn’t even put him first then.

The doctors figured out right away that, along with several chronic and acute burn injuries all over his body, Jastin had a serious, closed head injury. They air evacuated him to Rapid City Regional Hospital for treatment. Tragically, after 4 hours of concerted effort, the emergency medical personnel there couldn’t save him. Jastin Blue Coat died on October 18, 2014.

RIPThe autopsy on the poor little guy found blunt force trauma to the head had caused subdural hemorrhaging and “bilateral cerebral brain failure”. That’s what killed him, but there were plenty of other injuries to little Jastin. He had multiple burns, old and new, including a large one to his leg. He had contusions, abrasions and injuries to his head and feet. He had old and new bone fractures too.

In other words, somebody had been torturing little Jastin for a long time. That’s not love, people, that’s hate.

Where was Jastin’s daddy all that time he was being tortured? Francis Swan, it turns out, had been there the whole time. He knew his wife was beating, battering and burning the little boy, but he did nothing. He didn’t seek medical attention for any of Jastin’s burns or broken bones. He didn’t put a stop to the abuse. He didn’t report the abuse to authorities. Nope, Francis Swan did dick all. And that’s not love, that’s complete, heartless, cold-blooded indifference.

As I said before, Jastin Blue Coat didn’t stand a chance — not while living with parents like that. After his death is when the poor little guy caught the attention of the authorities. The FBI, the South Dakota Department of Social Services, and the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Law Enforcement Services investigated his murder.

On October 21, 2014, Jordyn Blue Coat, 21, and Francis Swan, 25, were indicted by a federal grand jury for felony child abuse, and were remanded to the custody of the US Marshals Service.

On February 2, 2015, Jordyn Blue Coat pled guilty to 2nd-degree murder. Instead of being given life in prison she was sentenced to 20 years, plus 3 years probation, and was ordered to pay a paltry $100 special assessment to the Federal Crime Victims fund.

In March 2015, Francis Swan pled guilty to felony child abuse. He was sentenced to only 30 months in prison, plus 2 years supervised release. He was also ordered to pay just $100 to the Federal Crime Victims fund.

Jastin Conner Blue Coat was born on February 10, 2013 and died on October 18, 2014. That beautiful little guy deserved so much more of a life than he got. I know there are many who loved him and wanted him very much and who mourn his passing. To them I extend my heartfelt condolences. RIP, Jastin.

To his murderous mother I hope she feels remorse and grief every day, but it takes a heart to feel those. Anyone who can repeatedly burn a toddler and break his bones doesn’t have a heart. She’ll probably spend the next 20 years feeling sorry for herself instead.

Francis Swan will be out of prison much too soon, IMO. I don’t know that he’ll have learned anything from his stint behind bars. I really hope that anyone who ever considers having a family with this man will realize that he’s proven not to be good father material.

I wish I could say that there’ll never be another child murdered by a parent — I wish that with all my heart — but there will be another one and I’ll be writing about it. I’m truly heartbroken just looking at Jastin’s happy face. He was capable of such joy and love. The world without him is a lesser place.

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19 Responses to Jordyn Blue Coat & Francis Swan

  1. Angry Dad says:

    Having children of my own (my youngest boy is 2 years old) and to read about this just made me sick to my stomach. The most painful part was to read that he was physically abused prior to the last moment where his pathetic POS mom took his life.

    This might sound horrible, but it almost seem like it was better for Jastin now that he’s with the lord instead of the continuation of physical abuse and neglect from his Sh*t face parents. Else the abuse might go on for another 4 years. I know he deserves to have a good life but it doesn’t sound like any help was going to come soon.

    They got off way too easy. Should have been life sentence for both. I pray and hope that both parents will suffers throughout their miserable pathetic lives. May they never ever reproduce again. And when they do pass away from earth, I pray that they both go straight to hell for eternity. Might sound pretty mean but I am so fed up and tired of child abuse and murderous parents/adults. May they all go to hell.

    R.I.P Jastin. I’m so sorry you never get to live the life you deserves.

  2. Deb says:

    This quote: …”the proof of her love would have been to place Jastin permanently out of harm’s way” is the best, most truthful response to any excuse these enabler/relative of the abuser or the abuser their self choose to use. The proof of their love (or lack thereof) is that they chose NOT to prove how much they loved this sweet child. I hope and pray little Jastin had some good days. I hope he had grandparents that showered him with kisses and goodies. I hope he had SOME joy in his life because he sure didn’t get it at home. RIP Jastin.

  3. moodymagic says:

    20 years what a joke. Child abusing bastards burn in hell.

  4. Bengalpuss says:

    Twenty years is an abomination. Disgusting, she kicked a toddler in his head because he had gotten his hands into the shitty diaper that “she” left on the floor, what did she fucking expect the stupid cunt. Who kicks a baby in the head to hard that it kills them? Who kicks a baby in the head anyway? As for the father he is one useless dumb arse to sit by and allow his son to be abused. His sentence was a joke same as the mother (i use that term loosely) 20years for taking that cute little boys murder, what a travesty.

  5. Dawn says:

    Part of the punishment of abusive parents, in addition to prison time, should be mandatory sterilzation.


  6. bulldoggy says:

    Too bad you don’t have their photos Cleo because they’ll be out of prison sometime carrying on with their lives. They shouldn’t be allowed to forget. Jastin should be remembered.

  7. karen says:

    when will social services start doing their job, what a sweet little angel r.i.p

  8. Msm says:

    Don’t even bet me started. My late husband’s people are from Eagle Butte – this crime doesn’t shock me at all. I did my undergrad internship with SD CPI. The biggest problems we had were on the rez – child abuse, physical and sexual is rampant, even so more neglect was common.

    I worked in an office with SEVEN other social workers, ALL of them Native and they fought HARD for the kids they had to pull. Unfortunately, the ICWA gets in the way – Native kids have to go to Native foster parents but that’s kind of hard when you’ve got hundreds of Native kids in need of foster care and (at the time) only eight registered Native foster families in the entire state and they’re full to the brim.

    I cannot count the times we sat in court waiting for a relative, ANY relative to show up to claim a child after they were removed for whatever reason. It was rare anyone ever showed up and if they did, they only wanted to know how much money they’d be making to keep the kid.

    If’s been six years now and NONE of those social workers still work for the CPI system. They couldn’t take it anymore. Corrupt tribal legal systems returning children back to abusers just because they were Native – uncaring families who might have loved the child but refused to take responsibility. One of them told me that she just couldn’t stand to see her people destroy themselves so she left the state entirely.

    This poor child never had a chance – many rez babies don’t. Drugs, alcohol (even on dry rez’s) and poverty are prominent and many of the mothers I worked with had their child after some snag at the local powwow. They never wanted a child in the first place and now that the child was in the state’s care, they cared even less. It’s a horrible way to have to grow up but, unfortunately, as long as tribal sovereignty is allowed to run amok children like this will be abused and murdered because nobody wants to be responsible for the child.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      MSM, i don’t understand why they can’t place a native child with a white or black family if they don’t have any native foster carers, surely a loving home is better than no home but the jobs worths that have the power to do this makes slack arse decisions, it must be soul destroying for the genuine people who actually give a shit about these poor kids. Like you said this poor little boy never stood a chance, poor little love.

      • Msm says:

        Bengal, we have a law here in the US called the Indian Child Welfare Act. It states that Native children should only go to Native families. It was created with the preservation of Indian ways in mind but it’s been nothing but abused since its inception.

        Some rez’s have plenty of Native foster parents, SD doesn’t. This is because SD reservations are some of the poorest and neglect filled locations in the country. There’s also the reality that Native society is insular. If anything I learned after 30 years in Indian Country it’s that Natives talk a good game but the majority of them could care less – and that’s by white man’s design, not their own, they have just become so comfortable with it they don’t try to change it. They’ll bitch at the top of their lungs that white people shouldn’t be caring for their kids but try to get them into court to take care of one of those kids and they can’t be bothered to show up. THEN it’s the white folks fault for taking the kid from a loving mother – even IF the mother was stoned out on meth and letting the on year old play out in the snow at 2 in the morning with nothing but a diaper on. Yep, totally our fault. (See? I said don’t get me started. lol)

        My husband hated the ICWA. He was taken away from his mother when he was three and placed with a loving white family who wanted to adopt him. He could have had an awesome life with them. About two years later, his mother showed up at their door waving the ICWA in their face and they had no choice but to hand him over. Thus he grew up with an alcoholic mother who hated his guts and made his life miserable.

        The Baby Veronica Case is an excellent example of the ICWA run amok:

        • Bengalpuss says:

          Omg msm, that poor little girl was yanked out of the only family she had ever known and put with her father who signed away his parental rights and who the little girl never knew. Are they still hiding her? And are the adoptive family going to get her back? I’m suprised lifetime hasn’t made a tv movie about this case. Absolutly horrendous even the guardian ad litem was in favour of the adoptive family. That archaic law is bullshit.

          • Bengalpuss says:

            Oh she’s back with her adoptive family, but veronica should never have been removed in the first place, thank god sense prevailed.

          • Msm says:

            Yes, she was finally able to go back to her adoptive parents but not until the Supreme Court AND the Tribal Courts hashed it out.

            The ultimate issue here is that on paper the ICWA is a good thing – but how it’s executed leaves a lot to be desired of. Depending upon the state and the tribe, things can get very tricky.

            Sadly, there are literally hundreds of cases like Veronica’s that don’t make the news and the kid is almost always the loser.

            There’s also another aspect that people aren’t hearing because it’s an open secret so to speak, but a lot of pregnant Native women who have issues will sell their babies and act as if there is no father at all – snag and move on. (Indian for hookup and run.) A case I worked on happened that way. The couple drove onto a specific rez, offered some drunk pregnant girl twenty grand for her baby and cut a deal. It’s a VERY common occurrence and IF the father of the baby finds out, the ICWA gets yanked into the process and there’s this poor little baby in the middle. It’s horrible and does more damage than good.

  9. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Yes the Native Americans have Sadly been ILL Treated in
    ” The Land of the Free “

    • Msm says:

      That’s true Decentpeopleonly but only to a point. My hubby and I had a lot of talks about it over the years. He felt that his People were wallowing – and this was a man whose family assisted in the start of the American Indian Movement in the 60s. One of his sisters was born during the Alcatraz Occupation while one of his aunts used to date Russell Means AND Dennis Banks. (I know people outside the US have no clue who those people are, trust me, you don’t want to know…)

      And, in reality, he was right to a point. Natives today are split into two distinct factions – those that want to move forward while fighting for the rights of their people and keeping their traditions while the other is more comfortable sitting and whining about all the wrongs that have been done to them without ever attempting to find a solution to the issues that exist. In the last three decades Natives have received more reparations from the US Govt. than they ever have before – we’re talking about being awarded in cases worth billions of dollars. Here’s an example of just one (and the largest)

      Did they deserve it? Yes. Did any of them use it to help their own people? By and large, no. Should they be allowed their casinos? Considering only about 22 out of 540 federally recognized tribes have them, sure – but the corrupt tribal govts. who are using their power to steal money from women and children need to be stopped. Given tribal sovereignty, there is no one to stop them and so it goes on.

      I’ve written about and worked with Natives for years. I was even married to one. In thirty years I saw a lot that led me to believe that it was all far more complicated than anybody realizes – white or Native.

  10. Bengalpuss says:

    Wow Msm, you’ve really had me reading quite a lot over the last two days, thanks for the links. I never realised how low people can stoop and use a law for their own benefit or agenda. The rez leaders are quick to jump in and throw the icwa around without giving a single thought to the poor children that are unfortunately involved. I can’t even begin to feel how poor veronica felt that day that she was taken from her family and placed with a man she didn’t hardly know. Obviously he didn’t have veronica’s best interests at heart because he denied her access to her adoptive parents and even stopped the presents they were sending, that to me is a spiteful act. I had to smh when the tribe made a statement after veronica was finally to be returned to her family, they said “its disgusting that the little girl is being ripped apart from her father”, but thats exactly what they did to that little girl and placed her with a man she didn’t know. It was amazing when the supreme court slammed their law and said it didn’t apply in this case. The adoptive family seem a really lovely couple who shown that they were willing to fight for their daughter, thats real parental love. Funny how dusten brown didn’t seem devastated at having to hand veronica back, but when he failed to turn up with veronica for a contact session with her parents, i wonder who really was hiding her? The father or the tribe?

    • Msm says:

      No doubt, both – it’s free PR for the tribe and “sends a message”, at least they think it does. That poor little girl is going to need years of therapy to get past this. She had a good life, her mother signed her rights away willingly, the mother really took a back seat through a lot of this but she DID do some affidavits for the adoptive parents, which I think was exemplary because I’ve seen cases where the mother has done a 180 and lied, saying that the adoptive parents lied to her or whatnot. This, of course, damages the adoptive parents even more and, of course, the child is the ultimate loser.

      I’m glad you’ve been researching – many times people look at the ICWA and throw their hands up because it can be VERY confusing and just as many times white folks are like, this doesn’t apply to me…Native folks are like, kids need to stay with us yet they’re not willing to take responsibility for those kids unless it pushes them into the National limelight.

      The hard thing about the Baby Veronique case is that my sisterinlaw is married to a Chahta from Oklahoma, they were VERY much involved with case and the publicity surrounding it. Thankfully it didn’t damage our relationship any but there WERE some tense discussions over time – thankfully Rob was alive for a good chunk of it at the beginning and they knew how he felt about it so they kind of let him go. (You’ve never seen a pic of my late hubby, he was not a small guy, lol. Unlike a lot of Lakota, he was 6 foot 4, 250 pounds, 12 years Army Special Forces – he wasn’t somebody you’d want to argue with. lol)

      It is a great misconception that ALL natives are buds and related but that’s not true. Out of over 500 federally recognized tribes only about 275 to 300 of them are actually intertwined. A lot of tribes freaking hate each other so getting them to agree on anything is near next to impossible. A good example – the Pechanga in CA? They could care less about the ICWA or keeping kids within the tribe. They have one of the largest money making casinos in Indian Country and if somebody needs their kid taken away and placed with a white family they’re all for it. Every tribe in North and South Dakota? Just the opposite. It’s the end of the world, the end of them AND all the white guys’ fault if somebody needs their kid taken away and placed with a white family because there are not enough Native foster parents available.

      It’s these different attitudes between tribes that cause the most problems. They’ve passed this law yet nobody can agree with what to do with it, how it works and where it will go in the future.

  11. Deinazeke says:

    well i mean she should’ve thought about having a kid in the first place, i mean if she isn’t responsible enough to even think about how much of hell her son had gone through she should’ve just never had a kid. i’m sorry but if parent’s are going to be abusive cunts then maybe take the kid to adoption? not have kids? i have no idea. i went trough abuse by my mother and after years of being in court, i live with my father,that was the best that court could do. parent’s don’t always need to hit a child for it to be abuse. not taking responsibility, drinking alcohol or doing drugs , etc can be a form of mental abuse. Child abuse should stop, if you’re not stable get help, if you refuse to get help don’t leave an innocent creature suffer your problems because they’re the ones who have the minimum fault over your issues. have a great day (:

  12. CRST Resident says:

    I live in the area and know baby Jastins grandmother and great grandparents. Jastins great grandfather was the late Rev. Norman Blue Coat, he was a good man, a man of God. The family was devasted by all this. While he spread the word of God to many families, the devil was attacking his. As a mother and grandmother I am enraged and sickened by the way this poor baby was tormented by the people who were supposed to love and protect him. Both SD Child Protection Services and ICWA failed to protecNd The ICWA failed to monitor the reunification with his monster and falter. He is safe in the kingdom of heaven where he will never feel pain, fright, loneliness or unloved again. As for the monster and the coward the 1st chance they get the need to kill themselves so they can began their damnation in hell

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