Jordan Linn Graham

Jordan Graham
Crime: Murder

Now when I gave my then-husband the push, it was a push out the door and out of my life. We divorced and went on living our own lives separately and much more happily.

When Jordan Linn Graham of Montana gave her husband the push, it was a push off a cliff. She survived, but her unfortunate husband, Cody Johnson, did not. Jordan Graham literally left the poor guy dead or dying at the bottom of a cliff in Glacier National Park, and drove away to their home in Kalispell.

That is cold. She didn’t even look to see if he was dead or alive. If she’d looked, she might have seen her husband lying face down in a pool of water at the bottom of the cliff.

I really truly hope Cody Johnson died instantly. I hope he died oblivious to the fact that his bride of 8 days had killed him.

That’s right, dear readers. Jordan Graham gave up on her marriage and her husband after only 8 days of wedded bliss.

Jordan Graham and Cody JohnsonThe couple was married on June 29, 2013, about two years after they had started dating. According to his friend Jennifer Toren, Cody Johnson would have done anything for her. He was crazy about her.

Maybe Jordan Graham just fell in love with the idea of having a big, splashy wedding. Maybe she just wanted to be a bride — a princess for the day. Immediately afterward the novelty had worn off and she was second-guessing her decision to marry.

We know this because in the days following the wedding Jordan Graham sent text messages to her friend about her post-wedding blues. She’d texted that she wished somebody had asked her if she really wanted the marriage. She’d texted that she just wanted to be herself again.

Well, if she considered herself to be a heartless, murderous hellbitch, then that’s what she was.

On July 7, 2013, Jordan Graham had decided to confront her new hubby about her misery. They had gone to Loop Trail in Glacier National Park, and had actually descended below a retaining wall beside the road. They wound up on a narrow ledge overlooking a ravine.

What a great place for a confrontation, especially a physical one! I don’t even know if she gave Cody Johnson any hint of what was to come. Maybe she just pushed. For him to land face down she had to have pushed him from the back.

After the evil deed was done, the evil hellbitch drove home and began to carry on with her life. She lied about his whereabouts to his family and friends. She even sent phony text messages to friends claiming that Cody’s nameless buddies from Washington had picked him up on July 7.

Cody Johnson wasn’t reported missing by his “loving” wife. His uncle was the one to do that after the young man hadn’t shown up for work.

Jordan Graham didn’t report her husband as missing because she damn well didn’t want a search. And once the search was underway she did her level best to stop it. On July 10, 2013 she showed authorities a phony email from a guy named ‘Tony’ that said Cody Johnson was dead and they should all just call off the search.

For some reason the authorities didn’t do that. And since the search was continuing, Jordan Graham just couldn’t ignore it. I don’t know why but rather than let the search drag on for weeks, months or even years, on July 11 she herself “found” the body.

Jordan Graham met up with a park ranger at the Lake McDonald Camp Store and told him she’d found the body. I’m sure the ranger was surprised — the location was at the bottom of a deep, narrow gorge that was not easily accessible to park visitors.

The whole body discovery thing raised a whole lot of questions in the minds of the authorities — including the FBI. Apparently the FBI becomes involved when murders are committed in national parks.

Jordan GrahamAnyway, it seemed to the FBI to be just a wee bit too coincidental that the wife found the body. They naturally hauled her flabby ass in for questioning.

At first Jordan Graham denied, denied, denied knowing anything about her husband’s death. She explained that she knew where to find him because that was the spot Cody had always liked to hike with his buddies.

For a few days Jordan Graham continued to deny any wrongdoing. Unfortunately for her the FBI uncovered photographic evidence — a security camera had taken a picture of the couple entering the park on the day he went missing. Ooopsie.

On July 16, 2013, Jordan Graham ‘fessed up, kind of. According to her it was all a big accident. Sure, she and Cody had argued. She’d told him she was unhappy, and he grabbed her by the arm. That made her angry and she reacted by pushing him. It was self-defense, doncha know!

“I wasn’t thinking about where we were … I just pushed,” Jordan Graham maintained.

So if it was all a big old accident, why didn’t she try to get help in case Cody was alive? Why didn’t she report it? Why did she fabricate emails and lie? Because it wasn’t an accident. It wasn’t self-defense. She had pushed him from behind!

I must admit that it pisses me off completely that Jordan Graham, the lying, murdering hellbitch, tried to blame the victim for his own demise.

Jordan Graham, 22, was charged with 1st-degree murder, 2nd-degree murder and making false statements. She pled not guilty to all 3 charges.

Jordan Graham went to trial in December 2013. Her defense attorney claimed that she was naive, and didn’t report the “accident” because she was afraid. She lied and fabricated emails because she was “running from the reality of the situation”.

I think Jordan Graham sensed the jury wasn’t buying her story. Just before the closing arguments she decided to plead guilty to 2nd-degree murder. She soon came to regret that decision when prosecutors recommended a sentence of 50 years to life in prison. She even tried to retract her guilty plea but the judge denied her request.

Jordan Graham seems to make a habit of regretting her decisions and trying to erase them.

Cody Johnson

Cody Johnson

The confessed killer got an opportunity to address the court before sentencing in March 2014. She tearfully apologized to her family and in-laws. She even claimed she still loved poor old Cody Johnson. She also claimed she didn’t intend for him to die.

“It was a moment of complete shock and panic,” she’d said. “I have no other explanation.”

US District Judge Donald Molloy wasn’t impressed by the killer. He saw no remorse, and had doubts about her honesty.

“There’s only one person in this room that knows what happened, and I don’t think she’s been entirely truthful about what happened,” the good judge said.

Jordan Graham was sentenced to 30 years and 5 months in prison and will likely serve the entire term. She was also ordered to pay $16,910 in restitution. Where that amount comes from I have no clue. Possibly it was the cost of the search.

The judge also tacked on 5 years of court supervision after the killer’s release.

I feel so bad for the victim. He was only 25 when he died. His only mistake was to love and marry the wrong woman. RIP, Cody Johnson. I extend heartfelt condolences to those who loved him.

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11 Responses to Jordan Linn Graham

  1. Aletheia says:

    Not only is this woman a hell beast, she’s dumber than a box of rocks, and thank goodness. Had she reported this as an accidental fall immediately after it happened, she would have been much more likely to get away with it.

  2. moodymagic says:

    This is one stunned BITCH 30 years is not enough. What ever happened to just saying no we can’t get married or divorce. When did pushing your spouse of a cliff become an option.

  3. Jessice11 says:

    Yeap, because not thinking about your surroundings when pushing someone whilst on a cliff, makes total sense. I only wish she got that 50 years! 25 is such a young age and he had just begun his life as a married man :(

  4. Bengalpuss says:

    Just a shame that she didn’t slip off the side of the cliff.

  5. awesomeblossom says:

    Scary how close she came to getting away with it. If only she reported it as an accident right away then nobody would believe a newlywed would kill her husband.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      That’s true awesomeblossom, if she would of gone for help straight away and said he slipped, she would of gotten away with murder, the evil twat she is.

      • bulldoggy says:

        Yes, bengalpuss, she would’ve gotten away with murder AND she would’ve been the recipient of a whole lot of support and pity for being that poor widow bride. Damn she’s evil! Good thing she’s stupid too.

  6. steve-O says:

    I remember as a kid hearing about a groom taking pictures of his bride in front of a waterfall and asking her to back up. She fell in and drowned. I wonder how accidental that was.

  7. Supermom says:

    DUH! This time the stupid came back with a vengeance! Karma’s a bitch!

  8. TimeToFaceFacts says:

    How dumb is this vapid c*nt? Senseless

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