Jonathon Edington

Jonathan EdingtonCrime: Murder
Written by Tiffany

In this day and age it seems as though more times than none when we pick up a newspaper or turn on the nightly news that we hear of children being beaten/tortured/raped/murdered by parents,loved ones, or babysitters. It’s really heart breaking. So let me ask you, as a parent, what would you do if you found someone had hurt your child? Would you call the police or take matters into your own hands? What if you had already called the police previously and they did nothing but write their standard police report?

The father in this story is 29-year-old patent attorney from Fairfield, Connecticut named Jonathon Edington. To most people you ask about Mr. Edington he’s a well respected young family man that loves and cherishes his 2 year old daughter. Jonathon and his wife Christina had filed previous police reports involving their 59 year old neighbor, Barry James of walking around his 1st floor bedroom naked. Some of you might say, “That is Barry James’s business how he walks around his home,” but you see it’s adjacent to the toddler’s room. In fact the toddler saw Mr. James naked and that’s when her parent’s called police. Nothing was done except for the routine police report and the advice from the police to “put up mini-blinds and/or curtains.”

A short time later Christina, and her daughter were on an outing to Rhode Island to visit her family. At that time the child confided in her mother that she didn’t want to go home because she was scared of the neighbor Barry James. When the mother questioned the child about why she was scared the little girl told her, “Barry comes into my room at night and puts “it” (she pointed to the genitals) on my belly and my nose. He also makes noises that sound like hee-haw and it feels like I got rained on.” The horrified young mother then called and explained the allegations to her husband.

On 8-28-06, Mr. Edington, furious and in a “fit of rage” retrieved a kitchen knife, entered Mr. James’s room through a window and stabbed him 13 times in the chest, heart and hand, fatally wounding him. He then left, went home, called 911 and told the dispatcher to send an ambulance and police to the home because someone had been stabbed. When police arrived Jonathon was washing blood off his hands and the bloody knife was nearby.

In June 2007, Mr. Edington pled guilty of 1st degree manslaughter but in October 2007 the judge sentenced Jonathon to 12 years in prison and 5 years probation.

Barry James’ family still deny the molestation allegations and said that their son/brother had been killed for no reason at all. They’ve filed a $5,000,000 lawsuit against Mr. Edington and have filed a civil lawsuit against Mrs. Edington for telling her husband about the abuse in which he then killed the man. The family attorney, Richard Maahan Jr., has stated that he thought it was unlikely that a child as young as Edington’s daughter could make those statements. He also stated, “I have a granddaughter that age who I think is a bright and precocious child but even she couldn’t articulate these type of accusations.” Police have also said they can not prove the allegations of sexual abuse.

So I guess just because his granddaughter can not “articulate” things such as these that neither can this child huh?!? I have a hard time believing a child of this age could make up a story such as this.

So my questions to you, our faithful readers, are: Was Mr. Edington justified for killing Barry James? Were the local police at fault, to a degree, being as how they wouldn’t follow up on the claim Mr. James exposed himself to the child previously? Should Mr. James’ family be awarded monetary damages due to the death? Finally what would you do in this situation?

A jury awarded the victim’s family $315,000 in the civil case brought against Jonathon Edington. They may never see the money but Barry James’ name has been cleared of all suspicion.

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39 Responses to Jonathon Edington

  1. cleo says:

    According to police, Barry James had none of the pornographic material in his house that’s typical of child molesters, and had zero prior history of sexual assault. The police believe that he was innocent of the accusations.

    My thoughts on vigilante justice dwell on the excess of emotion and the possible lack of proof on the part of the vigilante. I can totally understand if Edington had called 911 and accused the man and let him face the court system. I am not saying that the court system is infallible always. But I just cannot understand his acting in a way that would ultimately deprive his family of their father and husband for the bulk of his child’s childhood. Is his daughter going to feel guilty for his actions? Is his wife? And there are emotional scars and pain involved by having a murderer in the family. What was he thinking?!?!

  2. trace says:

    Pedophiles should die, but was he really a pedophile? My little guy comes out with weird stuff that blows me away sometimes. I’d hesitate to murder someone over what a small child says. Not that they are lying, but little kids sometimes imagine stuff.

  3. Kimber says:

    I think I might have gone down to the local bar and hired a giant, hairy biker to pay a visit to Mr. James, specifically to stick his biker dick in Mr. James’ face and let him know how it feels and exactly what to expect if he even so much as looked sideways at my kid from then on out.

    But that’s just me.

    • ashl33 says:

      Sounds like a good plan to me.

    • Jake says:

      If you went to that trouble you would figure out that Barry James was an old invalid with heart trouble and diabetes that needed help walking and couldn’t climb stairs by himself. For him to climb in through a window, molest his daughter and sneak back out without detection is impossible. Jonathon Edington committed cold blooded murder without provocation and expected it to be excused with an ‘I was protecting my daughter’ story.

    • All Men Created Equal says:

      Wow, that is cool. And you would kill a man who had contributed to society, cared for his family and suffered many ailments himself. A man (who it is very evident) could have no way committed this crime. Think about this…if this neurotic woman was freaked out by some guy laying in his OWN home in his underwear and/or nude that she has to go OUT of her way to see it……would ever allow her 2 year old daughter ALONE with the door unlocked or allowed him to come in contact with her?

      WHEN IN THE HELL would this molestation have taken place.

      Now what would you get your buddy to do if …..some stranger had stabbed YOUR brother to death right in FRONT of your MOTHER and have her watch her son BLEED OUT while the murderer calls him horrible names as he lay dying? WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE DONE IN THAT CASE. Because that is what we know happened.

      If this child was ever molested it was by the Mother or Father. So if you think you are showing how cool and morally upright you are with your comments, then think again. If you are SO worried about your own children getting molested, then look around the people YOU surround YOURSELF with. It may be you hairy biker friend or a relative.

  4. angela tobin says:

    if what his little girl said is true then he was right in doing what he did in this world to meny peodofiles get away with fucking up little kids lifes i had 2 girls and i would have done the same

  5. Minx says:

    Unbelievable. I’m apposed to these sick twisted kiddy lovers like the majority of people, but to stab someone 13 times without any proof??? I wouldn’t like to be his wife!

    Sure would be an interesting psych analysis…..

  6. Lexxie says:

    I wish ALL parents did this, and then there would be NO pedophiles left!

    • Tiffany says:

      I am kind of torn on this one. I would protect my child at all/any costs but I would make sure there was proof to the accusations. Even the judge/jury evidentally felt this way or else they would have given him a longer sentence.

      This sounds terrible I know, but I’m just glad that “daddy” was on for raping/killing his own daughter. Too many times we hear about parents that WILL NOT believe/protect their child(ren) so to hear of a parent going to this degree is at least validated. Just my opinion though.

      • Tiffany says:

        The above posts wss suppose to read “I’m just glad “daddy” was not on…..

        Sorry :/

      • Jake says:

        If you read up on this you will find that he murdered a handicapped person who physically could not have harmed him or his family.

    • Jake says:

      There wouldn’t be anyone left!

  7. Larry says:

    i would put up video cameras and take them to the police, and also have one set up in my childs room. If the police didnt respond to the vulgar SOB walking around, then i would at least kicked him in the privates if nothing else.

  8. Larry says:

    Now with that said if i had proof of abuse against my child well I dont think i would kill him, even though that is exactly what he deserves, no sense in me spending years in jail. I would have tattoed sex offender on his forehead and let the POS live!!! after a little malicious wounding for my own pleasure.

  9. CHELSIE says:

    I think this father had every right to do what he did. Its utterly ridiculous how fathers get away with raping their children everyday and get pitiful consequences but as soon as a father stands up and does something that to most is considered heroic he gets such a huge penalty. Yes, maybe it was not his place but I saw more power to him now his little girl wont have to be afraid of going home to her safe haven.

    • Jake says:

      Barry Jame was handicapped. He needed help walking and couldn’t climb stairs without assistance. He simply could not climb in through the window and molest anyone. Jonathon Edington simply wanted to murder him because he thought his daughter might see him nude in his own home. The ‘molestation’ story is just an excuse.

    • Libratine says:

      “Heroic”?? You should have your head examined.

  10. Netherwarper says:

    The only thing I have to say is that FROM THE START those parents should have been locking that window. My neighborhood is very safe and I still would never ever leave my 20 month old sons bedroom window unlocked.Apparently the creep did do it, if they were not locking the windows then I’m sure the father knew for a fact he had been in there.

    • Libratine says:

      “The creep”, as you refer to him, did nothing to the child; her POS mother made the whole thing up. Edigton and his wife are despicable people; they’re the real creeps in this sad story. edington should only leave prison feet first; he will never be able to join the bar again, at least.

  11. bengalpuss says:

    Netherwarper, i have issues with this story. 1, why didn.t they take the police’s advice and put blinds up at the windows. If that was my child i either would have gone next door and had a word with him or covered the little girls windows. 2, i find it very difficult for a 2yr old to articulate a story in the way her mother said it was worded, don.t get me wrong there are some smart toddlers out there but even then it seems like adult worded. 3, why didn.t the mother wait till she got back home to tell her husband, surely to god, it doesn’t take a brain Surgeon To work out that you tell your husband the neighbour has sexually assaulted your daughter, he’s gonna go there and kick the crap out of him or kill him. There’s just a lot of things for me that don.t ring true. And believe me i fucking despise paedaphiles ask anyone on here.

  12. aussie says:

    Nothing in this story makes sense.Who doesnt have curtains or some type of covering on their childrens windows? Especially if you have a known nudist,even in his own home, across the street.For one thing any weirdo walking past at night could see the little one in her room its like inviting some kind of trouble.Its also a little convenient that the mother and daughter werent at home when he decides to do something about what the wife tells him.I smell a rat.It all seems pretty much set up to me.Could this guy have possibly pissed them off in some other way and this is pay back?

  13. All Men Created Equal says:

    I don’t know how much more information you could need to understand that there was no sexual molestation in this case. It simply was NOT possible. Yet there seems to be this need to think that children never lie…BUT more than that that attention starved women/mothers NEVER LIE. Christina belongs in prison. SHE is a danger to society and her children.

    Her children will ALWAYS be knows and the child of murderer’s. They will be harassed and teased their entire life and have no chance for a normal life. I suspect the Mother had fantasies of sexually molesting her children. I think she was most likely sexually excited at seeing a nude man. It is clear she is a physically ugly woman who married a tine weasel of a man. And when he is released from prison, he will commit another crime. Neither one belong in society.

    It must be weird to have parents like that. To bad they will never have the love for their parents that this man had for his.

    • Libratine says:

      I know I’m late getting here, but you’ve written some excellent posts AMCE; one directly above is the best in my opinion. It’s quite troubling (not to mention, totally infuriating) to know that some people continue to view the victim, Mr. James, as the real villain.

      Endington not only stole a loving son from his parents and a caring citizen from the community, he saddled his daughters with a lifetime of ridicule, and possibly crushing guilt; I sincerely doubt that Mother feels any. I hope those poor girls are not being cared for by her; she sounds very disturbed.

  14. BENGALPUSS says:

    cleo, is pysih no longer on the net? i just tried to access it but no joy, the last time i had a peek was around 12months ago so could you enlighten me please?

  15. Agrippina The Elder says:

    Wow….this kind of situation always tears me in half. I can understand the father getting angry by the accusations and having the urge to act upon them, but he didn’t think the whole situation through. He didn’t think about the fact that he would be held responsible for his vigilante form of justice and would deny his daughter to have her father in her life. Sexual abuse accusations are a very sensitive issue and many peoples first urge is to kill or torture the abuser. Anyone can empathize with wanting to or having the urge to act upon vigilantism, but we have laws and a judicial process for a reason. As a victim of abuse and someone who worked in helping to prosecute sexual crimes, I have seen and heard some horrific things. I have had to help bring emotions down in the courtroom for traumatized victims and their parents, relatives, and friends. It’s really hard to sit and listen to all of the details the victim alleged had occurred in their victimization without having the urge to seek and dole out an eye for an eye style of justice, but people that elect to take the law into their own hands only end up traumatizing the victim further by no longer being a constant presence in the victim’s life because they are prosecuted and the victim ends up feeling as though they shouldn’t have told because someone ended up murdered and they lost their protector to prison. Additionally, the person who commits vigilante justice also denies all of their other loved ones and friends their constant presence. Also, we use the courtroom so that we can prove without a doubt the accusations of the victim and an innocently accused person is not also erroneously held responsible for a crime they didn’t commit. All in all, we can all understand the urge to take vengeance into our own hands, but we only end up hurting ourselves and the victimized person more so in the end.

  16. Kate says:

    That horrid vicious wife was angry about her neighbor’s lying on his bed nude. Tough luck. MOVE IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT. So she MADE UP the ridiculous, blatantly untrue story to get her husband to react just as she knew he would. He is a wacko loser who could not land a full time job as a lawyer because he was so obviously a lunatic. He had past run-ins with police due to his rigid beliefs and uncontrollable rage towards anyone who did not agree with him. She is every bit as guilty as he. Hope he’s killed in jail. She should be dead too. Those children should not be near them ever.

  17. Rose says:

    Saw the story on ID Discovery. According to the show it wasn’t the little girls window opposite Barry’s bedroom, it was the kitchen window. The wife could see him when she was at the sink washing dishes. This was nothing new, the previous neighbors had seen him and just made jokes about the naked gut next door.
    Barry was a diabetic, which made him sensitive to heat, that was why he would hang out in his room naked. It had also damaged the nerves in his feet which is why it would be difficult if not impossible to go climbing in windows late at night to molest children.
    Show also claimed the Eddington’s thought there was something creepy about a man that age who still lived with his parents. Haven’t they ever heard of a caregiver? Plus he worked part-time for a funeral parlor. They thought that was creepy too.

  18. A.R.Henry says:

    All my sympathy and concern go to survivors of child molestation, the documented proven cases, and the ones where the victims weren’t believed by anyone, and submitted to ridicule over time. In the case of the Edingtons, I fully believe Jonathan and Christine are both loose cannons, and the James family are the victims, especially Barry.
    I wonder too, why neither family seemed to have air conditioning in the heat, especially Barry. A window unit would have blocked his fully unclothed state, or his boxer shorts.

  19. Jen says:

    I feel sorry for the children because they’re going to grow up with a murderer for a father and a lying psychopath for a mother. This blog is poorly researched and comes across as very inaccurate. They were looking for a way to get rid of this man and used molestation accusations in order to sway the court (and the court of public opinion). I’m glad the judge tore the mother apart in the sentencing because she definitely deserves some of the blame, but 12 years for murder is a joke and I guarantee their estate will never see a dime. It’s heartbreaking to think about what the James’ family went through.

  20. Flavio del Rio says:

    This article clearly has an agenda. The author lies about what the girl said ti her mom, all she said was she didn’nt want ti go home,her mom asked why, and she answered “Barry”, “he comes on stary nights”.
    The author fails to mention that Barry had an advanced case of diabetes that would make it impossible to climb through a window, he was practicaly handicaped.
    Also, the girl’s mother was diagnosed with postpartum depression.
    Clearly, Barry was not at fault at all, and all this lunatic got was a 12 years sentence, he will come out of jail still a young man.
    Justice was not served at all!

  21. F del Rio says:

    This article clearly has an agenda. The author lies about what the girl said ti her mom, all she said was she didn’nt want ti go home,her mom asked why, and she answered “Barry”, “he comes on stary nights”.
    The author fails to mention that Barry had an advanced case of diabetes that would make it impossible to climb through a window, he was practicaly handicaped.
    Also, the girl’s mother was diagnosed with postpartum depression.
    Clearly, Barry was not at fault at all, and all this lunatic got was a 12 years sentence, he will come out of jail still a young man.
    Justice was not served at all!

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