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Accidents are unfortunate, but not necessarily a crime. Jonathan Hope and Lisa Guerin were not the best parents on the planet — not even close, and it was how they reacted to an accident that was truly a crime.

Accidents happen. Fact of life. And another fact is they happen very easily and very often to children. The best parents on the planet need only look away for a second and something can happen to their cherished offspring. Accidents are unfortunate, but not necessarily a crime. Jonathan Hope and Lisa Guerin were not the best parents on the planet — not even close, and it was how they reacted to an accident that was truly a crime.

At 2 o’clock in the afternoon back in April, 2006 Calgary paramedics and police found themselves in a basement suite in a southwest Calgary fourplex. The suite was decidedly in a poor state according to Detective Theresa Garagan. There were numerous cats and kittens running around (which to some people is good), some cat feces on the floor (which is not so good), and one naked little dead girl (indisputably bad).

She was a pretty little thing, was Summer Hope, with red hair, cherubic face and two front teeth, laying there on her Winnie the Pooh blanket. She looked too healthy to be dead, but dead she was. Strange. And stranger yet, the baby’s father, Jonathan Hope, told paramedics that he tried to revive the girl with CPR for five hours (yes, FIVE hours). He said he didn’t call 911 because his phone wasn’t working.

Let’s just think about it. Wouldn’t you, wouldn’t everybody run up the stairs and outside yelling for help, carrying Summer’s little 23 pound body? Even I, with my bad back and bad knee, using a cane, would have scrambled up those stairs and taken her to a neighbor’s, screaming for help the whole way.

But what did Jonathan Hope do? He told the paramedics that besides performing CPR he managed to devise a homemade makeshift defibrillator using the wires of a lamp. Did you get that? A defibrillator out of a lamp! I guess the big idea was to jumpstart his baby daughter’s little heart.

Now I don’t know about you, but when confronted by a medical emergency such as an unresponsive child, my instinct would always be to get professional help and never to disassemble home appliances to cobble together a defibrillator, even if I were a trained designer of defibrillators.

Jonathan Hope is not a trained designer of anything. He’s an addict. And his whole Dr. Frankenstein-ish attempts to restart his daughter with electricity were a panicky last ditch effort to conceal what had really happened to Summer.

See, Summer Hope did not die of natural causes. Her 16-month-old body stopped working because it was contaminated with methadone. For those who don’t know, a lethal dose of the drug causes the brain to shut down and breathing to stop. Methadone is so dangerous that ingesting even a small amount could put a child in a coma in 30 minutes.

So who would be stupid and irresponsible enough have methadone around children? Why, that would be f*tards Jonathan Hope and Lisa Guerin.

Bet you were wondering when we’d mention the mother.

Dr. Ian Postnikoff, who worked at a methadone treatment clinic, testified at trial that Jonathan the drug addict had once been allowed to take home daily doses of methadone BUT the privilege to take doses home was revoked in January 2006 because of Jonathan Hope’s criminal record.

Jonathan Hope was receiving about 260 milligrams of methadone, one of the highest doses of the drug that the clinic was dispensing, said Dr. Postnikoff.

Now if Jonathan Hope was not allowed to take doses home, HOW did it wind up in Summer’s system? It seems that the f*tard drank his dose of methadone mixed with orange juice at the downtown clinic, but spit some of it into a coffee cup, which he took home.

WHY the hell would he sneak methadone to his home? Who knows, but for me the testimony of the witness Amanda MacDonald makes sense. She was a friend of Lisa, and she testified that Lisa Guerin asked Jonathan Hope to sneak some home from his treatment clinic in a coffee cup so that she could see what it would do to her. Believable, right? If the methadone was meant for Jonathan, all he had to do was swallow it at the clinic.

Regardless, the methadone was in a cup in the home and obviously within reach of the toddler. Here the story gets all he said-she said.

Jonathan Hope testified Lisa Guerin was looking after Summer while he went to a gas station and when he got back the cup was on the floor. Supposedly Lisa then told him Summer hadn’t swallowed it, and she’d rinsed the baby’s mouth out anyway. He suggested taking Summer to the hospital but Lisa nixed that and then left home. All of this transpired at 5:30 p.m. Saturday. He didn’t notice anything wrong with his daughter until the morning after, which is the day he did his heroic CPR/defibrillating thing in the hours before the paramedics were summoned.

That’s his story.

Lisa Guerin merely denied knowing anything at all about it. She saw nothing, heard nothing, knew nothing about the methadone. Completely ignorant. She believed her daughter had pizza sauce on her face, but there was no stain on her shirt to indicate she’d had anything to drink. Choking back tears on the stand, Lisa said she thought Summer had died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and didn’t find out about the methadone until much later.

That’s her story.

Her former friend and drinking buddy Amanda MacDonald testified that on that Saturday Jonathan Hope and Lisa Guerin were packing the car so Lisa and Amanda could drive to Rocky Mountain House to perform as exotic dancers. She was in the living room with the couple’s son when she saw Summer wander towards the master bedroom. She then returned, her chin damp and her shirt stained with reddish-orange liquid.

“Oh my God, Jonathan, she just drank your methadone!” Amanda told the court Lisa had exclaimed.

As Summer sat between them on the hide-a-bed in the living room, Lisa asked Amanda what would happen to her daughter. Good idea — asking the professional medical opinion of a non-professional, non-medical stripper.

“She just drank watered down heroin,” Amanda said she replied. “She’s going to get sick but I don’t think she’s going to die.”

She also said she told Lisa they should not go to Rocky Mountain House because Summer needed medical treatment, but Lisa Guerin was adamant. Besides the stripping gig, there was a lover waiting for her there. She had her priorities!

The couple then fought with each other for a bit but neither sought medical attention for the little girl. The women hopped in the car and drove off without looking back.

Remember how methadone would have rendered the sweet little toddler comatose within 30 minutes? It boggles the mind that in less than half an hour after ingesting methadone Summer Hope was out of sight and out of mind for that pair of f*tards. Lisa was long gone, and heaven only knows what Jonathan Hope was doing but it sure wasn’t bothering with Summer.

And the saddest thing of all, a drug called naloxone could have reversed the effect of her overdose if she’d gotten it in time. She needn’t have died at all! Her parents hadn’t intended to kill her — the overdose was accidental after all, but undoubtedly their callous disregard and stupendous stupidity following the overdose did kill her. And for that may they suffer in hell.

Jonathan Hope and his now former partner, Lisa Guerin, were brought to trial in March 2010.

Jonathan Hope really impressed the court when he showed up drunk on the opening day of his trial. Way to go, idiot!

Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Earl Wilson found them guilty of failing to provide the necessities of life in the death of their 16-month-old daughter. He acquitted them of two other, more serious, charges of manslaughter and criminal negligence causing death. The Crown failed to prove their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, said Justice Wilson. Testimony from Amanda MacDonald, the prosecution’s star witness, was not entirely believable, he said.

Defense lawyers had argued Amanda was not credible because she admitted to using cocaine daily for many years.

In handing down the conviction, Justice Earl Wilson said that regardless of whether or not the couple knew for certain that their child had ingested methadone, a responsible parent would have sought medical assurances that she was OK.

“Common sense exercised by the prudent parent is to take no chance when there’s even a possibility that a child’s been poisoned,” said Justice Wilson. “No real willingness was shown by either parent to do that.”

“”[Hope] couldn’t even get off his hindquarters and go down the street. An abandonment of parental responsibility is perhaps the understatement of the year,” said Justice Wilson.

Failure to provide the necessities of life carries a maximum prison sentence of five years. So they got five years, right? Wrong! Jonathan Hope was sentenced to a whopping 2½ years in prison. He got credit for the months he spent in pre-sentence custody so that reduced his time remaining to two years. He gets out in March 2012.

Hope will serve his sentence in a federal penitentiary so he can have better access to addictions programs.

Lisa Guerin, now 30, read a written statement from the prisoner’s dock before sentencing:

“There is not a day goes by that I don’t think about Summer. Every day, I think about that day four years ago. Knowing what I know now I could have stopped this tragedy from ever happening. The pain never goes away and never gets easier to manage. It hurts and never stops hurting. Losing my baby caused wounds that will never heal. I wish I could trade places with her.”

As to Lisa Guerin, Justice Wilson said her “callous and cavalier attitude” to her daughter swallowing the opiate was “stunning, and that it was “unfathomable” that she then left. “But such is the narcissistic character in the nature of Lisa Guerin,” the judge said. While her moral culpability was high, he thought the sentencing range of three to four years sought by the Crown prosecutor was excessive.

Lisa Guerin was sentenced to 2½ years in prison, and with DOUBLE credit for her pre-trial detention (2 days credit for every day served), she had six months left to serve. So as of September, 2010, Lisa is free to carry on with her life.Jonathan Hope and Lisa Guerin

And Summer is still dead. She’d had 16 months on this earth and was entitled to decades more. It’s a crying shame that she had such a hopeless father in Jonathan Hope, a pathetic addict who wouldn’t get his daughter real medical help to save her life. And it’s downright criminal she was dependent on a mother who purposely chose a stripping gig and a lover over her own baby’s welfare. Maybe as Lisa Guerin ages, wrinkles and sags, and the stripping gigs and lovers dwindle, she’ll finally realize that she’d thrown away the most precious thing of all.

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  1. bengalpuss29 says:

    That amount of methadone he was on was enough for a horse i know this because i used to work at an outreach center for drug users, the highest dose i’ve ever known is 140ml that amount is ridiculous. And to spit it out and bring it home is just fucking stupid. The pair of selfish bastards, home made Defibrilator The dumb arse. They didn.t ring an ambulance because they were thinking of their own sorry arse’s. And if he was supervised taking that methadone, they can.t have been watching carefully because he was able to spit some back into a cup. When we used to supervise we used to make them open their mouths to check it had all gone down their necks where its supposed to go, so the clinic should be held accountable. But those two slack twat’s should have been given a whopping sentence, and silly fuck should have electrical wires held to his balls and see if it makes his heart beat faster or better still stops it then we’ll all be happy.

  2. WTHH says:

    “Court A warrant has been issued for the arrest of two people, including a woman jailed three years ago in connection with the methadone death of her 16-month-old daughter, after they failed to show up in court for trial on Monday.Lisa Kristine Guerin, 33, and Jeffrey Donovan Roberts each face 12 weapons charges related to the firing of a sawed-off shotgun at her Bowness apartment building on July 16, 2011. Both also face three counterfeiting charges.”

    Anybody know if she’s been arrested?

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