Jonathan Adleta, Sarah Lippy Adleta, Samantha Jo Bryant & Aaron Banks Dixon

Jonathan and Sarah Adleta
Crimes: Child Abuse, Child Porn, Incest, Pedophiles

When Jonathan Adleta of Florida began dating his future wife Sarah in 2008, he made it clear that although he was willing to have sex with her, she wasn’t his fantasy girl. To Jonathan Adleta his true fantasy girls would be his own daughters.

So back in 2008, Jonathan Adleta began showing Sarah explicit and graphic stories about fathers having sex with their daughters. I guess he wanted to show her he wasn’t alone in having those sick fantasies.

And did Sarah find these stories repulsive and break off with this perverted asshole? Hell no. She LOVED him oh so much. And she loved the financial security he offered. If incestuous sex was OK with him then it was OK with her.

Despite knowing in 2008 that the love of her life, that sick and perverted Jonathan Adleta, wanted daddy-daughter sex, Sarah stuck by him and gave birth to their infant daughter in March 2009.

Not only did Sarah stick by her lover, she was desperate to marry him. Too bad for Sarah that he wasn’t that interested in marrying her.

Jonathan Adleta made it clear to Sarah that he’d marry her only if she agreed to let him have sex with their baby girl. Sarah, the hellbitch mother, agreed.

And the monstrous hellbitch also agreed that she would have sex with their future sons.

Jonathan and Sarah Adleta got hitched in 2010. They later had a son. They also stuck by their parenting plan to sexually abuse their children.

Those poor little babies didn’t stand a chance. Their parents plotted before they were even born that they were destined forever to be sex toys.

The evil Adletas make me want to vomit — and then hunt them down and tack their hides to a barn wall — and turn their skulls into serving bowls.

Jonathan Adleta, who was an assistant training officer in the Marines, was deployed to Afghanistan. He was apparently injured and awarded the Purple Heart.

Too bad he wasn’t fatally injured or at least injured in a manner that would prevent him from sexually abusing his little girl.

When the incestuous pedophile returned to the US he moved his wife and children to California. And the sex abuse continued.

Samantha BryantIn 2011 the abhorrent couple got divorced and Sarah moved to Florida with the kids. I guess by then Jonathan Adleta was bored with her. He got himself a new young girlfriend, Samantha Jo Bryant. He met the Texas woman on a dating website.

Big surprise, the new girlfriend had a 3-year-old son and a 4-year-old daughter. And big surprise, the new girlfriend allowed the hellbeast pedo to sexually abuse the little girl.

How nice for Jonathan Adleta that he didn’t even have to marry this f*cktard bitch to get permission to rape her daughter.

WTF is wrong with these people!?! What has happened to the brains and morals and maternal instincts of these women that they are willing to hand over their own children to a pedophile baby-raper?!? How the f*ck can anybody be so desperate for a man’s affections that they would sacrifice the wellbeing and safety of their own babies?!? Again I want to vomit.

Jonathan Adleta, Samantha Bryant and her 2 children shared a home in Glenpool, Oklahoma. How cosy. And their neighbours and authorities had no clue what was happening in that home.

And what was happening? Well, Jonathan the POS pedo Adleta repeatedly molested the little girl and Samantha Bryant watched him do it. To make her boyfriend happy she took pictures and videos of the assaults. She wrote fantasy stories about her boyfriend having sex with both his daughter and hers. And most sickening of all she also performed sex acts on her own little girl.

Samantha Bryant is a bona fide, evil hellbeast in my opinion, just like the Adletas.

You’d think that with Jonathan Adleta living so far from his own children that they’d be safe from abuse. They weren’t. Sarah Adleta allowed Jonathan to use Skype to continue the sexual abuse of their daughter.

In December 2011, Sarah Adleta took her children to Oklahoma so they could all spend Christmas together. You know what’s coming.

Jonathan Adleta took his young daughter and his ex-wife into his bedroom and, with Sarah watching, he sexually assaulted the little girl.

“She seemed very resistant,” said Sarah Adleta about her daughter. She also said her weeping daughter was “really upset” and “frightened”.

Well, duh! Her daddy was raping her! Of course she was upset and frightened! And her mommy did NOTHING to help her!

I guess Jonathan Adleta was none too pleased that his daughter had put up a fuss about being raped. A few weeks after Christmas he contacted his ex-wife and insisted that she find another man to have sex with their daughter so that the little girl would become used to having sex.

Yup, Jonathan the human shitstain Adleta actually wanted another pedophile to repeatedly rape his daughter so she wouldn’t put up a fight the next time he raped her himself.

And did Sarah Adleta finally, finally have enough of this perverted piece of pig shit and turn his pasty ass in to authorities? Did she finally grow a conscience and a soul and try to protect her daughter from being raped? Hell no.

Aaron Banks DixonWhat Sarah Adleta did was to communicate with a pedophile from Fleetwood, North Carolina. Aaron Banks Dixon is his name, and sex with children is his game.

Using Skype, that handy tool for online pervs, Sarah Adleta performed sex acts on both her children for Aaron Dixon’s pleasure. She also sent him nude pictures of herself and her kids.

And that, praise be, was the beginning of the end of this monstrous story.

Aaron Banks Dixon didn’t know it yet but he was being investigated for his pervy pedo activities.

On March 11, 2012, the 28-year-old baby raper was arrested by the Ashe County Sheriffs Office. He was initially charged with 1st- and 2nd-degree sexual offenses, and 1st-degree rape of a child. After a bit more investigation he was charged with rape of a child, 2 charges of exploitation of a minor, and an additional charge of 1st-degree sexual offense of a child.

Sarah Adleta had chosen the wrong pedophile to communicate with.

The investigation into Aaron Banks Dixon naturally brought to light the disgusting pictures Sarah Adleta had sent him. And then the FBI joined in the case.

On March 20, 2012, one Sarah Lippy Adleta, 28, found herself in the custody of the FBI, charged with 3 counts of child porn.

Under questioning the bucktoothed bitch admitted she sent the photos, and she also confessed to performing sex acts on her child for Aaron Banks Dixon’s viewing pleasure over Skype.

Yup, Sarah Adleta was feeling chatty I guess, and soon enough began to talk about her ex-husband and how she sent pictures to him too. She told the FBI that Jonathan Adleta was addicted to child porn, and that she’d sent him child porn when he was deployed to Afghanistan.

I don’t know if Sarah Adleta mentioned anything then about the incest, but no matter. The FBI searched the home of Jonathan Adleta and Samantha Bryant for child porn and found what they were looking for. They arrested Samantha Bryant first and put her children into care. Shortly after that they arrested Jonathan Adleta.

I hope and pray that with all these sick and twisted perverts locked up that their children are now safe, loved, and properly cared for. I hope they get all the support and counseling they need so they can go on to live happy, successful lives.

Sarah Adleta was charged with sexual exploitation of a minor. She pled guilty and testified against her ex-husband. The f*cktardian hellbitch mother faces 15 to 30 years in federal prison. She is due to be sentenced in October 2013.

I am hoping for the maximum sentence. It’s nice that she told the whole sordid truth at her ex-husband’s trial but that does nothing to lessen her guilt IMO.

In May 2013 Samantha Jo Bryant, 23, entered a blind guilty plea in an Oklahoma courtroom to 2 counts of lewd molestation. She also testified against Jonathan Adleta at his trial in Florida.

Samantha Jo Bryant was sentenced to consecutive terms of 30 years and 15 years in prison.

Jonathan Adleta, 25, was charged with 2 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor. He was found guilty in an Orlando, Florida court on September 12, 2013 and faces 10 years to life in prison. He is due to be sentenced in December 2013.

I am keeping fingers crossed that Jonathan Adleta never, ever gets out. I am also hoping his new prison pals know exactly what kind of monster they have in their midst and treat him accordingly.

I shall keep readers posted about the Adletas’ sentencing (reminders are welcome!). I shall also hopefully find an update about Aaron Banks Dixon’s trial.

May all of these hellbeasts fester and rot.

Sarah Adleta has been sentenced to 54 years in federal prison! She deserves that and more! I just read how her little girl was malnourished, not potty trained even, and so over-sexualized she had to be removed from a foster home right after her parents’ arrest. Sarah Adleta had done nothing a good mother should do.

Jonathan Adleta was sentenced to 2 life terms! It seems US District Court Judge Roy B. Dalton Jr. didn’t have any nice things to say about the asshole. He agreed with the prosecution that the child molester would offend again.

“This defendant is guilty of … the destruction and scarring of his own children,” the good judge said. He got that right. He also said that Jonathan Adleta brought “dishonor to the Marine Corps.”

The children are being placed for adoption. I hope and pray they have happy, successful lives ahead of them.

Thanks to Annalisa for the update.

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31 Responses to Jonathan Adleta, Sarah Lippy Adleta, Samantha Jo Bryant & Aaron Banks Dixon

  1. moodymagic says:

    Bryant this is a start for you Bitch. Jonathan it would be awesome for you to be put in a room with 75 Marines to see how they would deal with an evil prick like you. I don’t think the Marines would have any respect for a monster like you. I can only hope all three of you suffer and suffer some more. Burn in hell

    • JCS says:

      Oh please, don’t act like he’s the only marine in history to be a douchebag. Plenty of other Semper Fi jarheads have been convicted of rape or murder. If anything, it probably makes psychos like that guy worse.

  2. 2cute says:

    All four of them need to be strung up. Seriously they are a waste of space, a waste of skin, a waste of air. I hope the judges don’t give them any lenience when they are sentenced. They don’t deserve any mercy. Those poor kids I hope are now learning what normal family life is like. Bless their little hearts.

  3. bulldoggy says:

    The pedos are despicable enough but those women need a few clouts to their heads for offering up their babies to be raped. All four of these hellish creatures should be neutered without anesthetics so they’ll know something of what the babies felt when they were raped.

  4. awesomeblossom says:

    This story makes me want to cry in despair for the children, and to slaughter the beasts who hurt them. We should really cull these deviants from the population. They serve no useful purpose anyway, and maybe if we ground them into fertilizer there’d be some good to come out of them.

    • Bengalpussy says:

      Hey Bulldoggy, its a shame his army buddies didn’t find this shit out while he was on tour in Afghanistan, now that would’ve been hillarious to watch. Who knows, they might have ripped his knob clean off, divine retribution lol. As for those mothers, and i use the term mother loosely, i hope they get the beating of their Fucking lives in the clink, because those poor babies are now scarred for life, because of these evil cunts. He should have that purple heart taken away from this cunt, shame a member of the taliban didn’t ram a grenade up the nonce’s arse, now that would’ve been funny. Sick fuck’s the lot of em, hope they have a miserable existence, and then rot in hell.

      • JCS says:

        “Who knows, they might have ripped his knob clean off, divine retribution lol.”

        A few might have asked if they could join him when they get back to the States. What the hell is it with you people thinking being in the military instantly makes you an honorable person?

        • Redleg says:

          Ok we got it asshole. You hate the military. Blah, blah, blah. Move along.

        • BENGALPUSS says:

          if your reply is directed towards me? then you’ve got it wrong, i’m not in the military, and i’d be the 1st person to bury an axe in either one of these four sick bastards.

  5. Tammy says:

    Where in the HELL do these people come from and why can’t we simply kill them? Fact: They can NOT be rehabilitated! Knowing that, what makes them necessary in the grand scheme of life? NOTHING! I can’t wrap my head around a “mother” letting a maggot touch her kids, let alone touch them herself. Again, they need killing. Rot in HELL! ALL OF YOU!

  6. scrappy says:

    I had hear of these people, but Cleo, you really did a fabulous job of writing up their insanity with the appropriate amount of revulsion and repugnance.

    At first I was thinking, clear proof there is no God. What sort of Divine being would allow little children to suffer so senselessly? Then I looked on the bright side, four pedophiles (two of them blackening the privilege of motherhood)are not hurting any more children. They are going to jail for what I hope will be a loooong time.

    Damn, still stuck on my agnostic fence.

    Yay, evil is thwarted one more time…let there be more!

  7. pj says:

    So this is how stupid, ugly bitches get a man. If he wants something, no matter how perverse and wrong, you get it for him. This bastard wanted sex with little girls so presto, his women let him have sex with little girls. I suppose if he wanted to rape their grandmother they’d tie the old biddy up and let him do it. I suppose if he wanted to eat their dog they’d make a nice roast out of Rover. If he wanted a young sex slave they’d kidnap their babysitter. Trouble is that, as his exwife found out, once he gets everything he wants he still might ditch her. Stupid ugly bitches like these two deserve nothing better than daily beatings with a horsewhip.

  8. Ken says:

    I actually DID vomit while reading this. How horrific that people like this are allowed to live and have their own thoughts…

  9. Geist says:

    Skin ’em alive and throw them in a vat of salt.

    • Oscar Karris says:

      If you take all the skin off they lose the ability to feel pain quite quickly, think of this as a type of shock. However; a powered cold blade cadaver shaver, on a 2 mm accrual, identical to the ones used to create human tissue slides; solves that problem. Cocktail some tetrodotoxin with adrenaline or any muscular based paralytic. (As most neuroparalytics cause loss of sensation in the fibrous nerve bundles.) Making the salt kinda pointless. Worry not; my friend one day they will be frail and infirm… And someone will requite them in a fashion most unexpurgated.
      If you go on a journey of revenge, dig two graves; if you go on a journey of recompense dig one twice deep.

  10. Desp says:

    One of the worst cases ever…Equally terrible with the Nia Glassie abuse case, in New Zealand…But in this case, the little girl was constantly beaten and tortured, by her family members just for fun…She did not survive…And some of those bastards they only stayed for a couple of years in prison…No wonder why NZ is going that shitty in domestic violence…

  11. Charlie says:

    I love the way you wrote this story, although the details are horrid. I was relived that Sarah got 54 years. I hope the rest get the same sentence. I pray that all the children involved some how lose memory of these acts and have a good life as well. These people weren’t just sick, they were evil.

  12. Bengalpuss says:

    Cleo, now thats what i call a sentence, 54yrs for that bitch sarah adleta, shame british sentences are not like the american ones. I love american justice, they don’t fuck about when it comes to sentencing their nonce’s. And when the jails become over crowded, they don’t release prisoners to free up some room, they just build more jails, i like that concept.

  13. iloveshoes says:

    I have been a silent fan of your website for ages and haven’t commented before (mainly because the comments I read are saying eactly what I think) but I just had to talk about this story because of the effect it had on me, half way through reading I was physically sick. I then sat next to my loo sobbing for these poor vulnerable littlun’s and still feel heartbroken for them and what they were subjected too.

    These depraved, diabolical, worthless pieces of scum should get a one way ticket to every type of hell there is where they will face the punishment they truly deserve, where they aren’t protected by human rights lawyer’s/activists and no protective custody units in sight! Until then they deserve to be tortured every single day including what they put their victims thru. The best thing about this idea is the government won’t have to worry about paying anyone as there would be queues of people more than happy to do it for free!!

    I just cannot fathom how an adult male could do these disgusting things to a tiny baby/toddler but what is even more disgusting and harder to come to terms with is the mother (I use the term loosely) does not only allow it, not only take part in the abuse but to actually agree to get pregnant, agree to bring lives into the world for the fucking purpose of just using them and treating them as little more than sex toys!!!! Then as I’m reading and hoping this evil woman is a rare one and a minority in having babies just for abuse he has then found another one that agrees he can abuse her flesh and blood!!! Then when I think I’m about to burst with disbelief and unbelievable rage I read the line as the dad isn’t around he insisted she find another guy to rape his daughter so she gets used to sex because she was crying and frightened last time!!! Oh my fucking god the big vein in my temple is about to burst!

    I live in the UK and without this coming across the wrong way (as we also have the worst of the worst) I’m so pleased these particular people are being convicted in the USA because our justice system is so pathetic (a couple of years ago they did some figures and there is currently about 87,000 people in UK prisons and only around 50 of them actually have been given a full life tariff and will die in prison! I’m fighting the urge to rant about how fucked up that is!!) that these evil, despicable twats sentences would be so paltry that justice is never truly served here nor is it ever truly about the victims or the publics safety because Great Britain just has to come across so fucking ‘Great’ that they never give the punishments these despicable twats deserve as it is all about rehabilitation and release! Fuck that!! These people need to never get out and never ever be able to have access to another child – ever!!

    I’m a true believer that the only rehabilitation any male or female pedophile, child abuser, nonce scum deserve is to be castrated so when they are sent back to be among us they can never procreate nor have the ability to have any type of disgusting thoughts and urges so we can keep all the vulnerable helpless children from ever being a victim to the scum of the earth again!!!!!

    • Agrippina The Elder says:

      You typed everything that I was thinking! The last two stories I read made me physically vomit and I vomited again after reading this story! These sick bastards deserve nothing short of death, but their all probably being coddled somewhere in a protective custody unit for their safety! FUCK THAT! Let them all see what it’s like to be sexually violated against their will on a repeated basis by other prisoners and live their lives being at the mercy of other prisoners sick and twisted desires! That would be true justice! I hope these children can go on to positive and loving environments. HOW IN THE HELL DO THESE ASSHATS FIND EACH OTHER????

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      I love shoes i could tell your british because you used the nonce word, couple of years back i had to explain to my fellow bloggers what a nonce was, its the first time that i’ve seen another comment with nonce in. And your also correct when you say that these scumbag pigs can’t be rehabilitated, they should be put to sleep forever in my opinion.

  14. Marie says:

    The only “good thing” to come out of this is that these creeps will have nothing but hell in prison. I hear that pedophiles are lower than pond scum among prisoners…they will get hell from fellow inmates

  15. sharon says:

    Not only do I hope they rot in hell. I hope they are taken care of in prison – killed. They are the worse of the worse – to prey on defenseless children.

  16. pearl says:

    I work for Sarahs father.Like everyone here,we are all disgusted.From what I understand he received 2 life sentences.Sarah and the kids lived with her father and if this man wasn’t involved,we can see that the apple hasn’t fallen far.

  17. Disgusted says:

    I am scarred for life just by reading this, those poor children.

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      They didn’t stand a chance with those pigs as parents, very sad, hope they are getting all the help and love they need, and have a normal life.

  18. Catalina Pizzafrola says:

    They will soon die in prison. Wait and see…

  19. butterfly120 says:

    I know the children that were abused by the sicko Aaaron Dixon. Thank God they are doing good after time & therapy.

  20. butterfly120 says:

    I know the children that were abused by Dixon. Thank God they are doing good after time and therapy.

  21. Tom says:

    Are there any updates on the Aaron banks Dixon case. I see that he is in court now and can’t find any updates on his sentencing. If anyone knows can you post an update thanks so much.

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