Johnny Wong, Norman Figueroa, Christian Ortiz & Andre Jones

Victim Maria Wong
Crime: Murder

Maria Wong was a nice lady. She was popular and well respected in Toronto. Her husband unhappily was not a nice man. Shu Kwan (Johnny) Wong needed money. He was a gambling addict and not a very successful one. And so he needed money. If only he had money he could pay off his massive gambling debts and realize his dream of setting up a small Nevada casino. The problem was how to get the money.

Johnny Wong had an idea — a hellish idea. It involved his wife. Maria ran a restaurant in the Spadina and Dundas St. W. area of downtown Toronto. She was a popular philanthropist in Toronto. That’s right, Maria Wong liked to give money away to worthy causes. Johnny Wong was not a worthy cause. Little did Maria Wong know just how worthless her husband was.

Johnny Wong could not get the money he wanted out of Maria, but he could get the money from her insurance policy. With her dead, he’d get out of debt and have his casino too. The gambling addict was willing to risk it all to win it all, and unfortunately the biggest loser was Maria.

On February 11, 1999, 44-year-old Maria Wong was attacked at her home in Markham, Ontario. The killer caught her in her garage and stabbed her viciously three times in the neck. He yelled, “Die, bitch, die!” as he slashed and cut her. The poor woman was almost decapitated. And Johnny Wong immediately became a widower with an insurance policy payout of $600,000 to collect.

Johnny Wong also immediately became a prime suspect and within a month scampered off to Hong Kong to avoid the scrutiny of the police investigation.

In August, 1999, the first three of the group of conspirators were in custody: Norman Figueroa, Andre Jones and Christian Ortiz. These men did not know Maria Wong, had nothing against her, but agreed to conspire with Johnny Wong to kill her for money.

Johnny Wong had first approached Andre Jones, a bouncer at the Champions off-track betting parlour who lived with his mommy. A real tough guy, is Andre.

Anyway, Andre was cool with the concept of murder for hire, so he bought a red tracksuit for the evil deed with the thinking that Maria’s blood wouldn’t show. And after all that extensive preparation, Andre Jones backed out. He just couldn’t kill the woman himself. It made him queasy.

Now that didn’t mean he thought murder was wrong and he went to authorities to save Maria’s life. Oh no, Andre Jones instead called on his good buddy James Pierce and asked if he knew of any killers for hire who could make a murder look like an accident.

Now did James Pierce go to authorities to report old Andre? Nope, not him. Andre was his pal and you don’t rat on a pal. Instead he asked around if anyone was acquainted with a killer. More and more people came to know of this evil plot including Edgar Fredericks and Jose Duenas. The circle of silence grew and not one of these soulless creeps saw fit to inform the police or warn Maria Wong.

Eventually James Pierce got the phone number of the POS Christian Ortiz.

You know, I’ve been on this planet for five decades now and I have yet to encounter any people who associate with and drum up business for assassins. It boggles my mind that anyone can blithely ask around for a killer without any concern they’ll be turned in to authorities.

To continue, James Pierce actually met with Christian Ortiz and his buddy Norman Figueroa. Both were 19 years old at the time, and totally stoked to start their career as heartless killers.

Christian Ortiz, the smarmy greedy hellbeast he was, negotiated his price. To kill a harmless, vulnerable woman would cost between $7000 and $9000. Pretty cheap, I would say, but hey he was just a beginner.

So on February 11, 1999, Norman Figueroa stood guard, acting as lookout, as his buddy Christian Ortiz attacked, hacked and whacked poor Maria Wong to death in her garage.

This was supposed to look like an accident? Like maybe Maria accidentally fell on a knife multiple times until she died?

In a nearby car, with his girlfriend yet, was James Pierce! Why? Did he want to make sure the job was done right, or maybe he got his rocks off watching a woman butchered? Did his girlfriend know what was really happening in that garage?

And where was Johnny Wong at this time? Why, he was at work, of course, giving himself an alibi. Probably busy planning how to spend the $600,000.

Imagine his chagrin when police did not rule him out as a suspect despite his alibi. In fact the whole plot was being meticulously rooted out by investigators.

Unfortunately for Johnny and his gang of co-conspirators, despite their ability to keep silent before the murder, somebody must’ve talked plenty after and the police were hot on their tails.

After a month under police pressure, Johnny Wong moved his sorry self to Hong Kong. Trouble was Canada could extradite him to face murder charges and they did. On August 31 Johnny Wong was arrested and held by Hong Kong authorities. So much for living the high life on his ill-gotten gains.

Once back in Canada Johnny Wong was charged with 1st degree murder. He was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. And so it should be!

Norman Figueroa, Andre Jones and Christian Ortiz were likewise charged with 1st degree murder and were found guilty in July 2002. They were all sentenced to life with no chance of parole for 25 years. And so it should be! But it wasn’t.

Alas and alack, these murderous hellbeasts appealed their convictions and won. The Ontario Court of Appeal ruled that the trial judge had erred while instructing the jury. Justice John McIsaac had mistakenly told the jury that the lies Norman Figueroa had told the investigators could be used as circumstantial evidence against him.

The Ontario Court of Appeal ruled that the three should have a brand new trial. Did they get one? No, instead they got a plea bargain and a real sweet bargain it was!

Pleading guilty to 2nd degree murder in August 2008, and hence saving the justice system the cost of a new trial, these three — the actual cold-blooded heartless killers — were sentenced to 14 whole years. They are also banned from possessing weapons for the rest of their lives. (Yeah, a weapons ban always stops killers from getting and using weapons.)

Mr. Justice Ted Minden rightly called these murderers cold, calculating, heartless and dangerous. He said they were guilty of “an unspeakably brutal execution of a totally innocent victim.”

And these three are going to be eligible for parole on August 31, 2013. Not a comforting thought. I sincerely hope the parole board has the sense to keep them locked up for their full sentences.

For a pocket full of cash they were willing to take an innocent life, and I sincerely doubt that these soulless creatures will manage to grow a soul ever, much less by 2013.

Edgar Fredericks and Jose Duenas pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder in connection with Maria Wong’s killing. May they rot in hell along with their pals Johnny, Andre, Christian and Norman.

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York Region article

19 Responses to Johnny Wong, Norman Figueroa, Christian Ortiz & Andre Jones

  1. Kimber says:

    The main reason I refuse to take out a life insurance policy. It’s a terrible thing to say, but I don’t trust anyone with the idea that if I just died, they might be rich, not even my husband. Especially my husband. Who I love and trust but apparently not enough to say on my deathbed, “Gee, honey, in a few days I’ll croak and you’ll be half a million dollars richer!”

    • Cleo says:

      I agree. It might plant the seed in a loved one’s thoughts that this is an option, and turn a spouse into a target. And I’m too easy to kill with my nut allergy — no need to hire a killer. All someone has to do is slip me an almond and I’m toast. How would anyone prove murder by nut?

  2. moodymagic says:

    This is a total injustice. Poor Maria what a lovely woman. Johnny burn in hell.

  3. MISS FIGUEROA says:


    • cleo says:

      He pled guilty to 2nd degree murder. That’s good enough for me to conclude he was guilty.

    • ayouhavenusbreath says:

      so naive of his wife to believe him, he was there and he knew of the murder… is all that matters. hes just a guilty as everyone. hes really nasty short fat man…. yuk

    • jessica says:

      You talk alot of shit i know who you are and i know that your not his wife .If you are why are you fucking next man. ..i know you live in peel region. …bitch stop with your big mouth you and your fat dum Spanish fat bitch ……..and for all you people your not god so don’t talk it judge anyone got you yourself us sining

    • Rude Gal says:

      Did Christian, Norman or Andre get parole in August ? Are they coming out of prison anytime soon?

    • Joe says:

      Tell Normz Joe is out and is looking for him please

  4. Rude Gal says:

    Did Andre, Christian or Norman did parole in August?

  5. Matty says:

    Norm didn’t have anything to do with the murder. He plead guilty to 2nd degree murder to save the last half of his life. I know. I lived with him in prison and we became close friends. He’s guilty of being loyal to a friend. As for Andre. He is rehabilitated. I met alot of wackos in my short trip to prison. These 2 definately dont pose a risk to the community.Free Normz!

  6. Shane says:

    Free up normz he is my nigga. This is Shane aka shizzal

    • Bengalpuss says:

      “free up normz he is my nigga” no wonder society is going down the pan. Did you not learn anything at school? And i am astounded that you think normz is innocent, he sat by and did nothing while an innocent hard working woman was brutally murdered. Your loyalty is skewerd.

  7. wildchild says:

    So great of you cons to have such loyalty to each other. Can you feel my dripping sarcasm?, maybe ya boy Normz should have had loyalty to another human being and maybe saved this poor ladies life! Ya know maybe tell someone about the plot, even an anonymous call would have worked, but no Normy just had to be the lookout, huh? How cool is Norm to actually be so close to someone being murdered he could hear her dying, and not intervene? I wonder how loyal u cons would be to each other if it was a plot against someone you loved? As for Andre, you think he’s rehabilitated? Let me laugh at that, while I hope no one ever offers him money to murder again. Why don’t you guys let them come live with y’all, when they are (hopefully they won’t be) freed? I bet you y’all won’t get any sleep knowing they were in the next room.

  8. wildchild says:

    By the way, you said “people make mistakes, we eventually grow up”, These “people”as you call them, I prefer scum, were grown ass men, when they committed this horrendous crime, how old do they have to be, to be considered grown enough to know you don’t hurt or kill another human being! What age? 50, 100? And another thing, This lady wasn’t a mistake! She wasn’t a question that you got a wrong answer on a test, a mistake is forgetting your keys, she was a person, a human being, and its such a travesty in todays society we have “people” like you…..

  9. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Indeed Present Society is an Evil Travesty of a Society Filled
    with Murderers Rapists Child Abusers and Animal Abusers

    Scum Infested

  10. wildchild says:

    Decent People Only, I agree with you…I feel that they are Society’s Scum,…and everyone knows what to do about Scum, you clean house, you eradicate the Scum, so as to prevent spreading their infection further in society…

  11. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Indeed Wildchild I Agree .

    To Stop the Infection it Needs to be Eradicated.

    This is why the ultimate scum cleaner the Death Penalty for
    Murder Rape Child Abuse and Animal Abuse is Necessary .

    Canada Needs the Death Penalty just like the UK and Australia

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