John Ward & Kelly Horner

John Ward and Kelly Horner
Crimes: Child Abuse, Neglect

Some people, some hellbeastly people, should never be allowed around babies, ever. John Ward and Kelly Horner of East Yorkshire are two such people. Unfortunately it was Kelly Horner’s baby who suffered horribly while in these assholes’ care.

In April 2012, John Ward was left to “babysit” Kelly Horner’s 4-month-old infant daughter because Kelly Horner had passed out from all the booze and marijuana she’d indulged in. Because that’s what responsible 23-year-old mothers do, amiright?

Unfortunately 19-year-old John Ward of Willerby had likewise indulged in much booze and marijuana. He hadn’t passed out though, so by default he was in charge of looking after the baby.

The baby would seriously have been far better off if nobody was looking after her.

The tiny girl did survive John Ward’s ministrations, but suffered horribly through it and after it. See, what John Ward did under the influence of drugs and alcohol was to pour a bath for the baby. Unfortunately he didn’t add any cold water to the mix. The water was scalding hot.

Now I don’t know why this asshole intended to punish the baby, but what he did was to push that tiny infant’s face into that scalding water. Her FACE! Her beautiful little baby face!

The only portion of that poor baby girl’s face that wasn’t burned was her lips — and that was only because she had a soother in her mouth.

I cannot imagine the agony that tiny person felt! To have her entire face scalded must have been unbelievably painful. Very definitely it required immediate medical attention.

Right after the f*cktard John Ward maliciously injured the baby, he woke up his f*cktard girlfriend Kelly Horner to tell her the baby was hurt.

And what did Kelly Horner do? Did she respond as any mother, as any decent human being would do and rush that badly burned baby to hospital? Ummm, no.

What Kelly Horner and John Ward did was WAIT for 5 f*cking hours while her baby suffered and cried, her salty tears no doubt making her poor wee face hurt even more.

I have no freaking idea why these two assholes waited to get the baby to hospital. Maybe they had more drinking and toking to do first. Maybe they had to figure out with their few remaining brain cells an excuse for the injuries. Maybe they were praying for a miracle cure.

No matter why, monster mother Kelly Horner and her baby-burning boyfriend John Ward delayed getting that tiny little girl the emergency care she so desperately needed.

Finally, after 5 long hours, the baby was taken to the hospital and immediately transferred to a specialist burns unit.

Kelly POS Horner and John the hellbeast Ward lied to the doctors. *shock* They had made up a cock-and-bull story about spilling a cup of tea on the baby.

The doctors didn’t believe them, and for good reasons. First of all, the pattern of the burns on the victim’s face were not consistent with a spilt cup of tea. They were consistent with submersion.

And there was more. Much more. The doctors found bite marks on the baby’s arms.

WTF? John Ward the sick baby burner BIT the BABY?!?! Yup. And there was more.

The doctors found that the baby’s legs were fractured. Holy shitballs! That poor little girl must have suffered horribly in her short life.

She had endured horrible abuse at the hands of the baby-beating, baby-biting, baby-burning bastard John Ward, and her own f*cktard excuse for a mother Kelly Horner did nothing to save her!

Fortunately her life was now in the hands of the doctors who knew abuse when they saw it. The hospital staff immediately called police and social services.

The heartless hellbeasts were arrested.

Hellbeast John WardIn his interview with police, John Ward said, “I chucked her in the bath with the hot and cold taps running and when I came back she was under the hot water tap… I forgot about the bath as I was making a cup of tea. I was about ten minutes.”

Riiiight. I totally buy that *snort*. So, how do babies with broken legs manage to sit up by themselves? Hmmmm, I wonder.

The monstrous pair went to trial in November 2012.

In Hull Crown Court John Ward’s barrister Nigel Clive described his client as having a “low intellect” and being a “gullible babysitter”.

Now I for one believe the “low intellect” part because John POS sadist Ward doesn’t sound like he has too many brain cells to spare. But WTF does Nigel Clive mean by “gullible”? Gullible to me and to most English speakers means easily fooled or tricked.

Does Nigel Clive think his client was tricked into breaking the baby’s legs? Into biting the baby too?

And there is no doubt, what with dental impressions as proof, that it was John Ward who bit the infant girl.

Prosecutor Rachael Harrison produced evidence in Hull Crown Court that the baby’s burns were caused by submersion.

A plastic surgeon testified that “due to the uniformity of the injuries and the fact the scald injuries were to the head and body it was more likely the face had been held in hot water in relative isolation”.

John Ward pled guilty to grievous bodily harm with intent, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, and child cruelty. That’s probably the first responsible thing he’s done in his entire useless life — pleading guilty I mean.

On November 23, 2012 the sadistic bastard John Ward was sentenced to eight and a half years.

Judge Jeremy Richardson QC had some harsh words for the baby beater. “Having consumed a cocktail of drugs and alcohol you ran a very hot bath and it appears you placed the head of a 4-month-old baby into that water.

“She was badly burned. The terror that infant must have experienced is incalculable. I do not doubt she was in agony by reason of her head being submerged in hot water.

“She must have struggled and you did nothing. You were aware of what had happened and you took no action for five hours to alleviate the suffering of a helpless infant.

“Five per cent of her total body surface was burnt. I have seen images of the suffering of that infant due to the facial burns, which leap from the page.

“She is so young and could not explain her suffering.

“What you did was thoroughly wicked. You should never have any responsibility for any child in the future. The drug and alcohol backdrop to this case is truly appalling.”

Hellbeast Kelly HornerKelly Horner, the heartless mother, had pled guilty to child neglect for her failure to take her baby to hospital, and for lying to the doctors about the injuries.

The evil bitch explained that she had lied to the doctors because she didn’t want to get her boyfriend into trouble.

Riiight, that was her priority. Spoken like a true shitstain. She chose her boyfriend over her baby.

Judge Richardson QC had some words for the hellbitch too. “She (the baby) was a vulnerable victim… There has been an ongoing affect on her. She has had to undergo a lot of hospital treatment.”

The judge told Kelly Horner that she was “comprehensively unfit” to be a mother. He then sentenced the evil bitch to 21 months in prison for child neglect.

Now that’s not much of a sentence — not even 2 years. But British justice wasn’t done with Kelly Horner yet.

On February 27, 2013, at London’s Criminal Appeal Court, Sir John Thomas, Mrs Justice Swift and Mr Justice Macduff decided to CUT her sentence down to 12 months.

And, as it is with British justice, Kelly Horner will serve only half of that — 6 freaking months — before qualifying for automatic release.

WTF were the judges thinking?!? How can they justify such a paltry sentence for someone who allowed her baby to be beaten, bitten and burned by her boyfriend?

Well, Mrs Justice Swift said, “She (Kelly Horner) was cruel to allow her (baby) to suffer for so long. Six months later, she still appeared to have little appreciation or interest in the effect of her actions on the baby.”

And then Mrs Justice Swift said, “However, the sentence imposed would have been appropriate for a prolonged period of neglect, which was not present here.”

I gather from that the judges only considered the 5-hour delay getting medical attention for the burns. But what about the baby’s broken legs? When did those happen?

Why didn’t the judges hold Kelly Horner responsible for neglecting to get any medical attention for the leg fractures?

So it would appear that Kelly Horner will be out and about, free as a bird in the summer.

Her baby, thankfully, is making a “miraculous” recovery and will hopefully not be scarred for life. Bless her wee heart.

I do not know if Kelly Horner will be denied access to her daughter permanently — I hope so. I hope her baby is being raised in a safe, loving, nurturing environment.

Too bad the courts couldn’t impose mandatory sterilization for Kelly Horner and John Ward. Those two hellbeasts should never, ever be allowed near babies, children or any vulnerable person or animal for the rest of their useless lives.

Daily Mail article
Hull Daily Mail article

11 Responses to John Ward & Kelly Horner

  1. bengalpuss says:

    I know this case very well indeed! You see im from west yorkshire, fuckwit’s are from east yorkshire, and what i can confirm as true is that fuckwit John ward did leave the little baby under a hot running tap and where the dummy(British for smother) Had been the shape of the outside of the dummy was left un burnt. Fuckwit kelly Horner, has been given a good few slaps while locked up in newhall women’s prison in wakefield west yorkshire, and the young offenders institution that john Ward is in, he has had to go on a vulnerable prisoners wing, because he kept getting beat up, ah pwoor wittle bwoy. And i can confirm that the baby has been freed for adoption, thus leaving her safe away from fuckwit’s until when she’s 18, if she wants to find them, and with her knowing what her parents did, the chances are highly unlikely.

  2. bengalpuss says:

    One more thing that i forgot to put in, kelly horner will probably serve even less than six months cleo, because britain’s prison’s are full to bursting, and instead of doing what the americans do “Build more prison’s” They release offenders who they deem as “not a threat to society” On tagging home curfew, so she’ll probably only serve about 3months. Disgusting isn.t it.

  3. bulldoggy says:

    That is absolutely rotten that the bitch gets out after such a short sentence. I hope her stint in prison is teaching her what suffering is about. And the sentence for the bastard who bit and broke and burned the baby is no great shakes either. British justice sucks.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Bulldoggy, it makes my blood boil also. That bitch of a mother, will probably be released now. I truly hope that this bitch, cannot breed again, because she obviously can.t even grasp the most basic, needs of a baby. And getting drunk and drugged up, isn.t one of them. Maybe if she wasn.t sleeping off a hangover, and coming back to earth from a drug induced high, her baby girl would still d hear, selfish, narcissistic bitch.

  4. 2cute says:

    Why do the british let their courts get away with sad pathetic sentences like this. They should be up in arms that sadistic critters like these 2 are released back into the population while their victims are still suffering.

  5. FlyingLeadChange says:

    You need a license to drive a car.

    You need a license to go fishing.

    You need a license to own a freakin’ dog in some places.

    But there’s absolutely, 100% no restriction, qualification, or standard of ability to have a child.

    Yes, I know there’s probably no way to really implement it, but after reading stories like this, I kind of wish there was.

  6. hairy says:

    Both of these assholes need neutering and eviscerating. They should never be allowed to reproduce. Stick both their fugly faces under the hot taps and maybe nobody will want to breed with them again. It’s what they deserve considering what they did to that baby.

  7. bengalpuss says:

    2cute, you don.t need to tell me british justice is a joke. If i ever get the urge to commit a crime, i probably wouldn’t give a shit if i was caught, because judging by the sentences, our british judges dish out, you could say “Im home free” Fucking ridiculous sentences, justice in britain needs updating to the 21st century.

  8. moodymagic says:

    May these 2 pricks not have anything good in life ever.Burn in hell both of you

  9. Anon says:

    Whilst I in no way excuse the pairs’ despicable actions, simply calling them “hellbeasts” or saying they should “burn in hell” isn’t the way to tackle the problem.

    I agree, the pair should never have been in charge of a child and I’d even go as far as to agree with FLYINGLEADCHANGE that some sort of child licensing could aid child protection if it could be implemented.

    Many child abusers have a history or abuse themselves – victims turned perpetrators. It is this cycle that needs to be broken, and this is done through lifelong support and supervision.

    If we continue to simply proclaim such people as sub-human, it does nothing to address the underlying issues.

    Hopefully the child from this case has been rescued from this cycle in time. Many others are not so fortunate.

  10. MrsMotorMouth says:

    Sick evil scum! There aint enough words in the english dictionary to describe these 2 animals! I live in Hull & i swear to god i EVER EVER see that kelly horner i’m gonna do her what she allowed her retard fella do to that poor baby then IF i get jailed (high chance i won’t) then i’ll lay on my bed do my jail with a smile knowing i wiped hers off her evil cruel face. No doubt i’ll only do a few months but DAMN it be WELL WORTH IT

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