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Hellbeast John Thompson
Crime: Pedophile

Holy freakin’ hell! I had a gander at The Mail today and saw this unbelievable instance of British “justice”. It makes me want to puke.

John Thompson, an asswipe dipshit road turd pile of pedo perversion, got a SUSPENDED sentence after he claimed in court that his 7-year-old victim had pinned him down and forced herself on him!

To be clear we are talking about John Thompson, a 61-year-old grandfather from Hartlepool, County Durham.

John POS pedo pervert Thompson was, according to him, assaulted by a flirtatious, oversexed 7-year-old girl who forced her tongue into his mouth! She not only asked for it, she gave him no choice! Oh, the poor wee pedophile!

John Thompson had told the police that the girl had been coming onto him, I guess because he is such a sexy 61-year-old that no 7-year-old girl could resist! *snort*

The poor man had been innocently sitting on the bed and this insatiable pint-sized nympho came towards him, sat astride him and pushed him back onto the bed! He was helpless, doncha know! And then she overpowered him and forced her tongue inside his unwilling mouth! Oh the horror!

“I knew it was wrong,” Thompson told the police, “but somehow our mouths became open. I could not push her off.”

Riiiight. Totally believable. If you haven’t got a brain, that is.

Are we to believe that a CHILD of 7 physically overpowered this grown man? That a child of 7 is so sex-starved she couldn’t resist John Thompson’s aging manliness? Are we to believe this child had the superhuman strength to overcome and sexually assault that poor, helpless John Thompson?

He could not push her off! So either this child weighed 400 pounds OR he doesn’t have the strength in his arms to carry a cat or stir his tea. Pathetic!

I for one do not believe all that bullshit. And that’s what it is — bullshit, bullshit, bullshit!

The case was heard in Teesside Crown Court with Judge Gillian Matthews presiding.

So here’s what happened. The victim’s grandmother had called in the police January 2011 when she found out that John the pedophile Thompson had been behaving inappropriately with the victim.

Yeah, I’d say having a little girl in a bedroom, joining him on the bed and french kissing her is inappropriate! IF that’s all that happened. Which I doubt, but fervently hope is true.

A probation report indicated he had been grooming the girl who was apparently vulnerable and craving attention.

Not true! said his lawyer Tamara Pawson. The girl had been the instigator.

“He accepts that he should have stopped her there, rather than reciprocating and kissing her back,” said Ms. Pawson. “But it cannot be said he had an intention to exploit or groom a vulnerable young girl.”

WTF, did she just say he kissed her back? He reciprocated? So his tongue did wind up in a 7-year-old’s mouth? He french kissed a child! And that would make him …. a pedo!

“It is clear,” continued Ms. Pawson, “that Mr. Thompson does have a somewhat worrying attitude towards the offence, and that’s something that needs to be addressed.”

Well, I am glad I’m not the only one who considers an old man making out with a child to be worrying! Damn straight that “attitude” needs to be addressed! John Thompson needs an attitude adjustment which I would suggest needs the application of a baseball bat to his head. That’s the best cure for pedophilia, so I’ve heard.

John the perv Thompson pled guilty to a charge of sexual assault. Guilty but not his fault, it sounds like he’s saying.

Know what? If that child had been naked and giving him a lap dance, and if that child had spread her legs for him and begged him to give it to her, it’s still not her fault! Because the victim is a child and he is the adult! End of story! HE was responsible to remove himself from the situation!

Reciprocating a french kiss with a child is not allowed! Ever! Even if I believe his cock and bull story were true, which I don’t.

His attorney Ms. Pawson appealed to Judge Matthews not to send her client to prison because he would have to get a whopping 4-year sentence in order to get the treatment he needs behind bars.

Ummmm, and what’s wrong about sending a pedophile away for 4 years anyway? I see no problem with that.

But there is a problem. Ms. Pawson pointed out that John Thompson is the full time caregiver for his disabled partner. Oh…

That makes it sound like in backward, primitive Britain there are no provisions in place to care for disabled people. I used to think Britain was civilized but if its handicapped citizens have to depend upon convicted pedophiles to care for them, I guess it isn’t.

So Judge Matthews handed down a sentence of 8-months in prison, suspended for 2 years. John Thompson is also on the sex offenders’ register and is banned from hanging out with under-aged girls without supervision. He also has been ordered to attend a treatment program.

Incredibly Judge Matthews told John Thompson, “You are a man of good character and that is an important feature in the sentencing assessment, and also you have pleaded guilty.”

WTF? He’s a man of good character? Where did that come from?

Judge Matthews continued, “I note what has been said about that child and her background. However, it is very clear to me she is an extremely vulnerable victim… I know not whether you selected her deliberately, but it seems to me you should have been able to withstand such attentions as she was giving you.”

Sounds like Judge Matthews believed the codswallop about the oversexed nymphomaniac 7-year-old coming on to poor John Thompson. But she is right to say that HE should have withstood the child’s flirtatious behavior, if it happened.

“I have read the pre-sentence report and noted the factors in there carefully, and you reveal some worrying traits in your beliefs about this matter,” said the judge. “Therefore, it is impossible for me to assess fully the risk you pose and I have to err on the side of caution that you are potentially a high risk of offending against other female children.”

Ummm, wouldn’t erring on the side of caution work best if he were put away in prison, away from young girls? The judge did just say he’s potentially a high risk!

“Therefore,” the judge continued, “it is vital that you are subject to a sex offenders’ treatment programme.”

Yeah, like those work. Ever. But for the sake of future victims, I truly hope that the treatment sex offenders are getting does some good.

John Thompson said after his sentencing, “I regret it and can assure everyone that nothing like this will ever, ever happen again.”

I hope not. And I hope that all eyes will be on John Thompson to make sure that no other child is exposed to him and his “worrying attitude”.

Judge Matthew’s decision to suspend Thompson’s sentence sparked outrage from British children’s charities. They argue that the pedo Thompson should not have been allowed back on the streets.

Peter Saunders, CEO of the National Association of People Abused in Childhood, is quoted as saying, “It is outrageous that he got a non-custodial sentence. The man is clearly a danger to society, and particularly to children, and shame on the judge for passing what we consider is such a despicable sentence.”

So John Thompson of Hartlepool, County Durham, watch your step. The world now knows you for what you are. IF this child is your only victim and all you did was french kiss her, you might be redeemable. I highly doubt that you have reached the age of 61 without other victims, but none have come forward so it might be possible.

Behave yourself John Thompson and avoid becoming a fully fledged hellbeast pedophile. Get some good out of those treatment programs you’re being sent to. BTW if you find your “worrying attitude” doesn’t change, do us all a favor and jump from the tallest structure in Hartlepool.

Word is, as of October 29, 2012, this f*cktard molester is planning to sue his 7-year-old victim despite admitting in court to sexually assaulting her.

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27 Responses to John Thompson

  1. Eve says:

    The judge actually bought that fairy story he told? I’d love to know what planet that judge is on. DISGUSTING! That vile nasty creature should be locked away for life.

  2. 2cute says:

    I wonder if his disabled partner is so thrilled to have him back now that he’s admitted to sexually assaulting a little girl. I’d think almost anyone else would be preferable as a caregiver, short of a murderer and rapist.

  3. bengalpuss29 says:

    To be clear on this just so know it isn.t a miss print the child fell on top of him stuck her tongue in his mouth and the fat bastard couldn’t do nothing about this, he was restrained, and the actual judge bought this? Well then the judge obviously needs removing from the bench he he’s believing and absolutely insane story. What the fuck is that saying to other abused children, don.t bother saying anything because the abuser can come out with some Outlandish Excuse and be believed. The judge needs to have a labotomy performed, mind you with sentences like that, it sounds like he’s had one already. And that fat cunt of a paedaphile needs to have his bollocks chopped off then stripped naked and tar and feathered with a big sign around his neck saying beware dirty stinking fat fuck of a Nonce.

  4. Steve-O says:

    I’d be interested in learning how this creep fit into the victim’s life. If he was grooming her then he had long term unfettered and unsupervised access to her. That suggests he’s a family friend, mom’s boyfriend or a relative. And it was the grandmother who turned him in, not the mother. I’d put my money on his being the mom’s friend. And if the child was as sexual as he claims, she’s been exposed to and molested by other perverted friends of her mom. I hope that kid gets help and counselling so she can have a shot at a happy life.

  5. Nathan says:

    There is something wrong with that judge. Something very wrong indeed. How the fuck can he believe his bullshit story? The nasty pedo probably wanted that young girl on him.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      When stupid arse judges come out with verdict’s like this one it makes me think that the judge is probably a nonce, otherwise why would you sympathize with a fat cunt who comes out with the worst excuse ever.

  6. Steve-O says:

    Yeah, he’s a regular babe magnet, trouble is the babes are really babies. Sick fuck. Stupid judge.

  7. bengalpuss29 says:

    Just Googled The word nonce, so i didn.t make an arse of myself and yes its listed in the urban dictionary as uk slang for paedaphiles, as in “That john thompson is a right nonce” And what makes it worse is the dumb arse judge and nonce are from my neck of the woods. I think the prosecution need to take this to the unfair sentencing, because that sentence is ridiculous. I don.t know what that judges problem is but its seems to me he hasn.t got a grasp of reality. Maybe if he was abused he could actually empathise with the victim, but at the way he’s sentencing these bastards at the moment then he needs to be removed from judging child molestation trials, to a nonce he’s like santa claus giving out presents as sentences dumb arse.

    • cleo says:

      The trouble with using nonce as an insult is it sounds so genteel, as in “please pass me the nonce” or “your nonce is very becoming” or “would you care for some nonce with your scones.” All said with a British accent of course.

      • bengalpuss29 says:

        Yes its not as harsh as dirty stinking paedaphile or god damn scum sucking child molester. Best just stick to paedaphiles and use nonce with the brits. While looking thru the internet earlier i found a site called nonce watch, it did make me laugh.

  8. bengalpuss29 says:

    Its a sorry state of affairs when the clueless mother either does nothing, or is too blind to see whats happening to her child. As cleo would say “Kudos to the grandmother” Lets hope the grandmother takes over care of this little one, because obviously she’s not safe with the mother. And i hope she’s not to screwed up after this horrific event in her life.

  9. bulldoggy says:

    This judge — a woman yet — is seriously out of touch if she thinks the sentence was justice. And she is also seriously mistaken if she thinks a treatment programme will help. Paedophiles do not change except to get worse, to get craftier, to get more twisted. Best treatment for them is neutering.

  10. Trace says:

    What was that judge smoking? A man of good character? Never met a man a good character who had no problem French kissing a child. Ask every man of good character you know if it’s ok for a man to lie on a bed French kissing a little girl and every single one of them would say no. Because it is something pedos do and pedos are not men or women of good character! The judge needs some counselling if she thinks this jackass pedophile deserved a suspended sentence.

  11. ashl33 says:

    This is disgusting. It’s bad enough that women who have been raped have to fight to be believed, and have to bear the unfounded innuendo that they somehow asked for it, but now this little girl has basically been told by the court that the assault on her is her fault, that she’s a slut and she deserved it. The judge should be taken off the bench! How DARE she give credence to anything that monster said over the testimony of the girl and her grandmother. That judge should hang her head in shame for slut shaming a child!

    • Lillith says:

      Amen to that! Perhaps that judge should be place unsupervised in the sex offenders shower room for 30, butt naked, then be informed that whatever happened was her fault. Because we all *know* rape and molestation victims ask for it (For all those who lack a brain, I am being sarcastic). I’m gonna go cry for our society at large and pray that that poor 7 year old gets the proper counselling and help she needs.

  12. bengalpuss29 says:

    No wonder a large majority of women and children don.t say anything. That little girl told bless her and thought that the bad man would go to jail and she was let down by a female judge who should have known better. It takes a lot of courage for a young child to tell someone and when they do they hoped to be protected by the law, this sentence is not only a Travesty But an absolute insult. What a load of bollocks the young girl pushed him down, he’s a fat bastard for one so i find that difficult to believe. She kissed him and put her tongue in his mouth, 7 year old girls don.t know this unless she’s around conversation’s that are inappropriate in front of someone so young. And she was flirting with him. And that slack twat of a judge actually bought this bullshit of a story, she needs removing from the bench and shouldn’t be a judge, only someone with half a brain cell would buy this shit as a defence stupid cunt she is.

  13. moodymagic says:

    The judge makes me sick in this one for buying this one. I agree with Cleo that this little girl was not his only victim. I hope real justice is served on you Thompson until then I hope you suffer.

  14. Lillith says:

    Stories like this are sometimes the worst! How in the hell does a 7 year old child overpower a fully grown man? And why would a 7 year old even attempt something like that unless they had already been exposed to such previously? Something is horribly wrong with the world when the victim gets the blame for the predators actions and the predator gets a slap on the wrist! The only cure for this sick fuck is castration! Either that, or a bullet to your brain stem!

  15. bengalpuss says:

    Cleo, i thought i’d update you on piece of shit john thompson. He’s pleading thats he’s innocent, and you’ll never guess what he’s gonna do? He plans to sue the seven year old girl that made the allegations about him. I tell you what, if he manages to get that little girl into a courtroom to actually sue her for putting his tongue down her throat, which she forced him *Snort* Then the justice system is really fucking screwed in england. The cheeky piece of shit bastard he is.

  16. bengalpuss says:

    Apparently he’s refused to meet with his probation officer and when he was forced to go, he had an attitude and has refused to go on a sex offenders programme. So he’s been hauled back to court and the judge said to him “You avoided jail earlier this year because i wanted you to get help, your probation officer has told the court that your attitude towards the programme’s is unworkable, engage with the probation mr thompson or you will be sent to prison” He said his solicitor at the trial was crap and he’s planning to sue the school girl who made the accusations against him. He’s got to go back to court in a month to see if he’s engaging with the probation and sex offenders group. If they would have jailed this piece of shit in the first place then we wouldn’t be hearing about him not behaving himself. This is the 2nd time he’s been to court and he still hasn.t gone to jail, whats he got to do, fucking kill someone before he gets sent to jail. Tut,tut the mind boggles.

  17. bengalpuss says:

    Cleo he’s saying he only admitted it in court because his barrister told him to. Ha ha doesn’t he mean he admitted it, because he did do it. I find it hard to believe that a 7year old can pin a man down, “and he looks to be a big man” Stick her tongue down his throat, all the while trying to fight her off. He is a disgusting piece of shit cleo.

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