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John SchneebergerCrime: Rape
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There aren’t many people in Kipling, Saskatchewan — maybe a thousand. Few enough for everyone to know everyone else’s business, or at least think they do. Everyone in Kipling knew Candice’s business — a 23-year-old single mom and a reputed party girl. Everyone also knew John Schneeberger’s business — a well-liked and respected doctor, a family man and an upstanding citizen. What everyone didn’t know is what took place between these two people on Halloween night in 1992.

Candice was working that night at her job at the gas station. No fun at all so she was already in a bad mood. And then her boyfriend stopped by and he said something nasty, she said something nasty, and the quarrel got out of hand. Thoroughly angry and upset, Candice jumped in her car before she neutered him and drove to the medical clinic where her good friend was working.

That’s what women do when they’re upset with their man — they find their girlfriends, have a good cry, decide it’s all the man’s fault and get told that they are much too good for the beast and he isn’t worth it.

Candice, however, was so very upset and agitated that her worried friend suggested she should be seen by the doctor. Candice agreed, so her friend led her to the office/examination room and left her there, still sobbing.

Hellbeast John Schneeberger

Candice knew and liked Dr. Schneeberger. He had delivered her baby daughter and seemed so nice, so sympathetic. He also wasn’t bad looking and was even kind of exotic by Kipling standards since he originally came from South Africa.

When Dr. Schneeberger entered the room, Candice was still distraught. The nice doctor talked with her for a few minutes, and then he thoughtfully suggested he should give her something to calm her down. She didn’t argue — the doctor knew best after all. So Dr. Schneeberger left the room for a minute and came back with a syringe he’d prepared for her. He closed the door, pushed up her sleeve, swabbed her arm and gave her the injection.

Instantly the drug took effect. It was the powerful anesthetic Versed. Candice went limp almost immediately. The doctor carried her to the examining table and laid her down. She found she couldn’t talk, couldn’t move, couldn’t even blink. Her eyes were stuck open. She was paralyzed and thoroughly helpless.

So when the doctor unzipped her jeans, she couldn’t object. When he pulled her jeans down, she couldn’t stop him. And when he shoved himself inside her and raped her, she couldn’t scream.

When he was done, the POS doctor pulled her jeans up and left the room. He knew Versed had an amnesiac effect on most people, which is why he chose it. He had to have known that Versed sometimes causes respiratory arrest and patients should be monitored for breathing difficulties. He didn’t care. Schneeberger just left Candice alone and paralyzed on the table. She eventually lost consciousness.

When Candice awoke, she had total recall of the rape. Dr. Schneeberger was beside her, reaching for her arm to take a pulse. When she demanded to know what drug he’d given her, he didn’t answer, but asked her instead if it gave her wild dreams. She didn’t accuse him then and there, but instead left the hospital and headed home. With great foresight she put her panties in a plastic bag thinking they might have been stained with his sperm.

Candice wasn’t stupid. She knew that Dr. Schneeberger was a big fish in a little pond, and convincing Kipling police that a leading citizen was a rapist would be a hard sell. But there was no way in hell she was going to let that f*cker get away with what he did to her, so off she drove to the nearby city of Regina to report the rape there.

Candice knew that Schneeberger had left his sperm inside of her, so she first went to a hospital in Regina to have herself examined for evidence of the rape. And all that would be needed to put the POS in jail was a sample of his DNA, so she thought.

The doctors in Regina examined Candice and contacted the police at her behest. It didn’t take long for Dr. Schneeberger and fellow citizens of Kipling to learn of her accusation. And it didn’t take long for the town to decide to side with their respected doctor and against the young unwed mother.

Candice was being given the cold shoulder by the townsfolk but she didn’t care. Her parents and friends supported her. And she knew that once the doctor’s DNA was compared with the rapist’s DNA, she would be vindicated and he would be off to jail. She wasn’t thrilled at all that the Regina RCMP had handed the investigation over to the Kipling police. She didn’t trust the local police to be impartial, but at least they went as far as to make Schneeberger give a blood sample and send it off to a lab.

John Schneeberger

It took several months to get the results, and the results shocked her. No match! The doctor was exonerated of the rape. Yes, she had had sex with someone on Halloween night, but not him, the police told her.

This made Candice angry. Not Hulk-like angry, but close enough. She knew what she knew, that Schneeberger had drugged and raped her and damned if she would let him off the hook. An angry Candice was a formidably determined Candice. She suspected the police had colluded with the doctor to mess with the results, so she demanded that another sample be taken and another test be done.

Schneeberger at this time basked in the adulation and support of his wife and children, his patients, indeed almost the whole town. Candice’s parents still supported her, but her friends began to turn away.

The second blood test came back the same as the first — no match. The police closed the file in 1994 despite her vehement objections, and Candice moved to Red Deer, Alberta, away from the gossip and cold shoulders that were rife in Kipling. Candice’s parents were informed that they were no longer welcome as patients of the medical clinic where Schneeberger worked.

But now Candice was furious, and if she was determined before, she was doubly so now. She would make that f*cking rapist pay for drugging her, raping her, and getting her driven out of town. So she hired a private investigator, Larry O’Brien, a veteran of the RCMP.

O’Brien was convinced at once that his client was telling the truth. The questions remained: how did Schneeberger fool the police, and how to prove he did it. What was needed was some fresh DNA.

With a bit of subterfuge, O’Brien’s associate got Schneeberger to lick an envelope. Unhappily the saliva sample was contaminated and no good for testing.

Next O’Brien broke into Schneeberger’s car and plucked a hair from the headrest. Again the sample was no good for testing — it lacked the hair root.

Not giving up, O’Brien broke into the doctor’s car again and spotted a used Chapstick. He smeared the Chapstick on an envelope and sent off the sample for analysis in Regina, no doubt keeping fingers crossed.

After only two weeks the results were back. A positive match! Finally! After four years Candice had her proof!

With this undoubted but illegally obtained piece of evidence to act on, the police informed Schneeberger that he was to give a blood sample right in the RCMP lab in Regina, with witnesses, all videotaped. This testing finally took place in November 1996.

The technician at the lab wanted to prick Schneeberger’s finger for the blood, but he refused. He actually claimed that he had a rare disease that would cause his tissue to spasm and die if he were pricked in the finger. What a load of bullsh*t, but the technician didn’t argue. So when the POS rolled up his sleeve and offered his arm, the tech swabbed it and tried to insert the needle. It wouldn’t go in! WTF? So the tech got another needle, and with some difficulty managed to pull out a teeny tiny sample of thick, brownish blood.

Big surprise — the blood sample was too poor to extract the DNA. Blood straight from an arm was too degraded for DNA testing? Bullsh*t. And Candice wasn’t buying it either. She was writing prosecutors, phoning them, angrily demanding they find out how a blood test could be screwed up like that. She was afraid that the case would be allowed to die after all.

In April 1997, Dr. Schneeberger’s family life imploded. His 15-year-old stepdaughter disclosed to his wife Lisa that she found a condom wrapper in her bed, and that it wasn’t the first time either. Kudos to Lisa, she believed her daughter immediately. “It was the day my life changed forever,” Lisa said.

All the dots were connected. Candice had been telling the truth, and her POS husband had repeatedly drugged and raped her daughter too. She kicked him out of the house, searched his home office and found gloves, syringes, vials of medications and condoms. She remembered her daughter waking up one morning crying and groggy, complaining about an injection she’d been given in the night. The doctor at the time explained it was for a cough and she’d bought it.

Wasting no time, Lisa Schneeberger phoned the RCMP to report the rape. The police hauled him in for another blood sample — no nonsense about a rare medical condition this time. They pricked his finger, they swabbed his mouth, they took hair samples. I just hope they took handfuls of hair. And voila! The DNA matched perfectly with Candice’s rapist.

For the next five months Schneeberger begged Lisa to stand by him. He tried tears, he tried expensive presents, and he continued to proclaim his innocence. She didn’t buy it.

In September 1999 Schneeberger went to trial. He was charged with aggravated sexual assault on his stepdaughter and one count of sexual assault on Candice, two charges of administering a noxious substance to commit an indictable offense, and one count of obstruction of justice.

In court, he continued to proclaim his complete innocence. He said he had been framed; that someone, Candice or her accomplice, had stolen some of his ejaculate and used it to accuse him of rape. (Is it so easy to steal ejaculate?) Because DNA evidence is so convincing, Schneeberger said, he knew that he was trapped. “The only way I could distance myself from the complaint. . .was to provide a false blood sample,” he testified.

John Schneeberger

No sense being a doctor if you can’t use it to your own benefit. What Schneeberger did was steal blood samples from one of his patients. He then surgically inserted a six-inch-long plastic tube filled with the stolen blood into his arm. When it came time to give a sample, he always offered that arm for the needle. The blood was very old by the third blood test. And remember, he’d only gone to those lengths to avoid being framed by that wicked evil Candice.

Judge Ellen Gunn thought his testimony was “inventive, fanciful and imaginative.” But not credible. She found Schneeberger guilt of assaulting Candice, but because his stepdaughter didn’t remember her assaults, she dismissed that charge. WTF? She did find him guilty of injecting the girl with the anesthetic, though. So the sum total Schneeberger got was six years, which meant he could get out on parole after two! An outrage even by Canadian standards!

The Saskatchewan College of Physicians and Surgeons stripped Schneeberger of his medical license after his conviction. No more playing doctor for Schneeberger, at least not in Canada. But he did get the chance to play silly buggers with his wife Lisa.

Oh yeah, not content to sit in jail quietly serving his time, Schneeberger decided to demand visitation rights with his two daughters. That’s right, he wanted to force Lisa to take the 5- and 6-year-old girls to prison to visit their rapist father, the man who raped their sister.

Lisa was aghast at the very idea, and dead set against it, but the Canadian courts didn’t see it her way. Schneeberger won a court order for visitation, and Lisa got slapped with a $2000 fine when she refused to comply. She appealed the decision to a higher court, but lost again in 2001. The judge told her she must take her daughters to the prison or else. He said there was no proof that the girls would be harmed by the situation.

Lisa Schneeberger relented and took her two sobbing hysterical girls to see their POS father. The court-appointed social worker took pity on the girls and let Lisa take them home. Schneeberger finally stopped demanding to see them — about the only unselfish thing he’d done for years.

But Lisa was now mad and very determined to fight back. First she divorced the monster, and then she set about getting him deported. Poor Schneeberger — what bad luck to have two very determined women messing up his life. Boo-effing-hoo.

In 2003, Schneeberger was released on parole after serving a whole four years in prison. He was stripped of his Canadian citizenship on the basis of not mentioning the police investigation against him in his citizenship application and deported to South Africa in 2004. He moved to Durban to live with his mother.

Lisa said of him that he “has no remorse for what he’s done. He was a doctor when he was at the office, and he was husband and father when he came home — and then he was a monster when he wanted to be.”

Here’s hoping the monster that he is will isn’t finding new victims, and will ultimately roast in pieces.

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19 Responses to John Schneeberger

  1. Kelli says:

    A man who goes to such lengths to commit such appalling acts will never have remorse, and will always find new victims. Just wait, we’ll be hearing about him again.

  2. scrappy says:

    The scary thing is, people this brazen often just go back to their old habits. I could envision him beginning to practice medicine in S.A. completely unencumbered by a sense of need for a license. I hope someone is checking on his current activities.

  3. bengalpuss29 says:

    Good on Candice, she wouldn’t let it go and persisted in getting justice from that fucker. How devious to surgically implant, a six inch plastic tube in his arm to get away with it. So glad candice didn’t let this one go. Its sad though that the stepdaughter couldn’t get justice though at least the exwife made sure he got deported. You’ve got to ask yourself this question though, how many other women has this raping fucker drugged up and raped or assaulted, all he had to say to them is the same as he said to candice, ” did the drug That i have you give you bad dreams” Planting the thought that, no my doctor wouldn’t rape me it was the drug thats made me imagine things. Hope that bastard doesn’t. Turn up in my country.

  4. bengalpuss29 says:

    Whats also annoying about this is that this mofo commits Dispicable Acts on his patients and stepdaughter, gets convicted for it after trying to evade arrest by being cunning and sly, but gets rights to make the ex wife bring the two traumatised girls to the prison so he can visit with them. Why is this cunt even given any rights to see those girls. For all we know he could well have abused them. And no one will ever know. Yet again the victims suffer and the scumbag’s have more rights, its so unfair. A lot of the human rights camp is bullshit and needs turning upside down on its head. Give the victims and their families the rights not the scum sucking bastards.

  5. against stupid people says:


  6. Sad Sack says:

    It is a shame and a sin to do what he did. We are all sinners and we have to ask God to forgive us everyday. We can only pray for people like that. I hope and pray it does not happen again. He has started a new life. hopefully he has rehabilitated. My sentiments and praise go out to the victims who have suffered by this man, because he got punished, not enough by any standard, he got away. Look at it this way, he lost a family, we lost a doctor. Stupid, this will haunt him the rest of his life. He wont ever see his children again, that’s Gods’s punishment for doing such an evil deed.

  7. Lesley says:

    I saw this case on 72hours and if they hadn’t kept stressing it wasn’t true, I wouldn’t have believed it. Thank god Candice managed to get a private investigator to confirm her suspicions (although it didn’t make much difference in the justice system). What a crafty little so-in-so. I am concerned he is out and doing something again, because he is so cunning. Candice was made to feel like a liar and had to move miles away from where she lived. I am just glad he eventually got caught, but if he had been in the US, his sentence would have been much longer.

  8. nettie says:

    Was he ordered to pay any money to his victims? Or do they not do that in Canada? He deserves to have to pay for the rest of his life to them! Alot of women would have given up. I have a lot of respect for Candace. I hope she is doing well after all she has been through.

  9. VickyMc123 says:

    Schneeberger was my camp counselor! He tucked me in every night at Camp Wanarapeyah, OMG he was my fav!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. patricia win says:

    I saw this on t.v. and admire Candace so very much. I would love to write to her personally because not enough girls and women stand up like this. I understand why…the women hurt by Trump is a good example. It takes guts, persistence and support, which I’m so glad Candace had, to do this. What an amazing young woman. I’m sure whatever she chooses to do with her life, she’ll succeed because she is a great fighter. The whole town against her. The police against her… and she kept going. What an amazing woman.

  11. Karen B says:

    I watched this on forensic files tonight..Kudos to Candace for not giving up..and to Lisa for believing her daughter..Shame on the justice system 6 years for raping a child? I wonder if he had to register as a sex offender in Africa? I’m sure he’s still doing it’s a disease

  12. The Equalizer says:

    Center of mass. Double tap.

  13. j says:

    Candy came across as an arrogant, foul mouthed skank on TV. Her attitude toward the people who understandably didn’t believe her-including calling the doctor’s wife “stupid”, for choosing to support the husband she had no reason to disbelieve because as far as she knew he had passed not one but two DNA tests-absolutely stunk. Yes, they were wrong and she was right, but, again….two DNA tests and all the evidence seemed to point to his innocence, so can you blame people for thinking she was lying? Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he sort of got what he deserved-six years isn’t nearly enough-but it was really hard to feel sympathy for someone who seemed to direct as much anger toward people who had no reason to beleive in her innocence, as toward the man who really was to blame for it all.

    • Liberty says:

      Hey genius— the town turned against her BEFORE the first DNA tests. Oh, she came across as an arrogant and foul-mouthed skank—- well now, let’s see how angry (arrogant) you would be if someone got their rocks off with your body as you lay there drugged and powerless….and you knew you were assaulted yet you couldn’t prove it. Oh, and not to mention all the while the world was against you.

      Please close your eyes and pretend just for a moment that Candy was your own daughter, sister, mother, friend. Is she still an arrogant, foul-mouthed skank?? Could you imagine how this assault would forever change her personality and life. Could you possibly look in your daughters eyes (if she was a victim in this monster) and tell her that 4 years is good enough for raping her– but you really had a bad attitude toward people who didn’t believe you.

      I wish for you a better sense of empathy.

  14. mose says:

    Why all the fuss about Harvey Weinstein ? He just does what many rich and famous men try.
    We need to find all those Gyno’s giving drugs to patients and raping them.

  15. Brock Smith says:

    What is the authors name for this story??

  16. Cindy says:

    God can forgive this crime.

    • AngryLittleMexican says:

      Cindy, then let God get to it, but while this vile shithead is on earth we don’t have to forgive shit and I am sure his victims aren’t too keen to forgive.

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