John Myles Sharpe

Hellbeast John  Myles Sharpe
Crime: Murder

Australia has its share of hellbeasts too. In March 2004, John Myles Sharpe proved beyond a doubt he was one of them. He had what a lot of people want, but he didn’t want it. He had a family.

John Myles Sharpe met his future wife, Anna Kemp, when they both worked at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. They married in October 1994. The couple lived around the Mornington Peninsula area which is south of Melbourne.

Sharpe familyIn August 2002 the couple were blessed with a daughter, Gracie Louise Sharpe. Little Gracie was born with a problem — hip dysplacia. To treat this hip condition, the baby had to wear a corrective harness for the first three months. The condition and the treatment made Gracie a bit uncomfortable so she cried a lot and had trouble sleeping. Even when Gracie didn’t have to wear the harness any more she still had trouble sleeping and feeding, and Anna consulted experts to help with these issues.

Apparently having a cranky, fussy child did nothing to improve John Myles Sharpe’s attitude. There was a strain on the marriage that did not bode well.

In 2003 John Myles Sharpe out of the blue bought a high-powered spear gun and a spare spear. This man had never, ever expressed an interest in spear fishing, but he got this spear gun regardless. He practiced firing it in his backyard. I doubt he caught many sharks out there but you know and I know he didn’t buy the spear gun to hunt big fishies.

See, Americans and Canadians interested in acquiring a weapon would have gone out and bought a gun — a regular gun. The kind you hide in your closet or put in your night table drawer. The kind that sometimes “accidentally” go off when you clean them, “accidentally” killing the spouse. But a spear gun? I’m thinking overcompensation.

In November 2003 Anna became pregnant again. This apparently did not please John Myles Sharpe. He didn’t enjoy Gracie so why would he want another brat around the place?

Truth was, he didn’t want another brat. He didn’t want the one he already had. And he didn’t even want the wife he had. And now he had an excuse to use that spear gun.

Sharpe familyOn March 23, 2004, John Myles Sharpe and Anna had an argument. They went to bed around 10 pm, and I guess John boy was still mad. After Anna fell asleep, this POS hellbeast snuck out of the bedroom, out of the house and got the spear gun from the garage. He crept back into the bedroom, held the spear gun close to his pregnant wife’s left temple and fired a spear into her head.

Unbelievably, Anna was still breathing! This forced John Myles Sharpe to load his spare spear and fire it into her head too.

Anna, the pregnant wife and mother, was now dead.

John Myles Sharpe covered her body in towels and slept downstairs on a sofa bed. And I bet that soulless hellbeast had a sound sleep too!

In the morning, this Satan spawn tried to take the spears out of Anna’s head but they put up a fight. Apparently spears go into something much easier than they come out. Johnny boy had to unscrew the spear heads from the shafts and finally got them out of his wife’s shattered skull.

John Myles Sharpe had a busy day ahead. He took little Gracie to the childcare centre, making like nothing was wrong. A TV repair man came to the house so he had to lie to him to stop him from discovering the murder. And then he had to dig a shallow grave in his backyard and bury Anna. After all that, John Myles Sharpe picked up little Gracie from the childcare centre and brought her home.

Between March 24 and March 27 the murderous demon seed took Gracie with him to buy another spear.

On March 27, 2004, John Myles Sharpe put Gracie to bed, drank a gutful of whiskey and Coke, and then fetched the spear gun from the garage. He loaded the brand new spear and shot innocent, helpless little Gracie in the head. This did not kill her.

Gracie was still alive and screaming in agony. Her daddy retrieved the two spears he’d used on his wife and fired both into Gracie’s head. Still she did not die!

OMG I can’t even imagine! This hellbeast POS shitstain of a monster then pulled one of the spears out of Gracie’s skull. It wasn’t an easy thing to do, so how did he get it out? Why, he put his foot on his baby’s chest for leverage and then wrenched the spear out of her skull. This monster then loaded it into his spear gun and shot it into his baby again. Finally, finally the little girl was dead. She was all of 19 months old.

The next morning John Myles Sharpe pulled the three spears from little Gracie’s head. He wrapped the little body in garbage bags and a tarpaulin and used duct tape to secure the bundle.

Little Gracie was disposed of at the Mornington refuse transfer station. Like garbage. John the POS Sharpe also threw away the spear gun, the spears and Gracie’s toys and clothes.

The problem John Myles Sharpe now had was the body in the backyard grave. It was considerably bigger than Gracie’s wee body, so it required some planning and tools.

On March 29, 2004, the newly single hellbeast visited a hardware store where he purchased more duct tape, a couple of tarpaulins and a chainsaw.

On March 30, John Myles Sharpe got busy. He dug up Anna’s body and used the chainsaw to cut it into three pieces. He wrapped those pieces up in the tarps, secured them with the duct tape, and dropped them off in waste collection bins at the Mornington Transfer Station (i.e. landfill). Like garbage.

He also tossed the chainsaw in the bin too. No more spear gun, no more chainsaw — guess he thought he was finally out of victims.

The problem John Myles Sharpe had now was relatives — Anna’s relatives to be exact. They lived in New Zealand so that was a bit of a break for him, but Anna kept in touch with them. Solution — John Myles Sharpe would send an email purporting to be Anna to let them know she was alive and well.

Unhappily for Johnny, the murdering POS, his solution came too late. His mother-in-law had already reported Anna’s disappearance to New Zealand police. This set out the very investigation John Myles Sharpe was hoping to avoid.

The police, unsurprisingly, paid a visit to the killer. Sharpe naturally lied to the investigators and told them his family wasn’t missing. Anna had moved with Gracie to the Melbourne suburb of Chelsea. She’d run off with another man!

Sharpe had flowers sent to his mother-in-law on her birthday in Anna’s name in order to keep up the fiction.

Police, Anna’s family and the media weren’t buying it. They all knew Anna and Gracie were missing. John Myles Sharpe maintained the fiction that Anna had abandoned her marriage and even gave media interviews to that effect.

“Anna, our marriage may be over but I still love you and you are the mother of our beautiful daughter Gracie, whom we both adore more than anyone else,” he whined on national television. He insisted that Anna had left him for the real father of her unborn baby.

On May 20, 2004, New Zealand police formally asked the Victoria police to investigate Anna and Gracie’s disappearance. So Johnny was interviewed. And he was interviewed again on June 10. Both times he spouted that crap about Anna leaving him for another guy.

On June 22, 2004, John the hellbeast Sharpe was arrested. At first he denied knowing where his beloved wife and daughter were, but eventually — after talking to his family members — he ‘fessed up. I wonder what his family said to him to make him talk.

And what exactly did John Myles Sharpe say about poor, undeserving Anna? That she was “controlling and moody” and that was why he had to kill her. And then he said, “I was thinking of taking care of Gracie by myself and just amongst all this madness… that’s when I lost the plot.”

So Gracie died because he lost the plot? What the hell does that even mean? He killed Gracie for the same reason he killed Anna — he was a selfish, soulless, spineless POS who didn’t want to be encumbered any more by anyone else’s needs or demands.

John Myles Sharpe’s family didn’t exactly buy into that “had to kill his controlling and moody wife” nonsense he was spewing. They disclosed that he probably killed Anna because she may have discovered he had been abusing little Gracie.

Apparently Johnny boy had a history of abusing and/or molesting children, which makes him even more hell-worthy.

The police — and massive kudos to them — actually located both bodies in the Mornington landfill. Wow! It took them 3 weeks to do it, and I cannot imagine what they experienced — the sights, the smells, and the vile, revolting, vomit-inducing discoveries. Just wow.

John Myles Sharpe, aka the “Mornington Monster”, pleaded guilty to the murders. On August 5, 2005, the Supreme Court of Victoria sentenced this waste of skin to 2 consecutive terms of life imprisonment with no chance of parole for 33 years. He could get out in 2037.

And these days John Myles Sharpe is kept in protective custody in prison because fellow prisoners kinda sorta want to kill him.

So rot to death in your cell, John Myles Sharpe, and then rot in hell! article article

14 Responses to John Myles Sharpe

  1. Kimber says:

    A SPEARGUN? What the hell?

  2. Trace says:

    Guess spearguns aren’t the best weapon to use unless you’re killing fish. Anything would’ve been kinder.

  3. moodymagic says:


  4. 2cute says:

    He should get the chair! Do they have the chair there? What kind of animal would treat his wife and baby that way?

  5. jill says:

    Such horrific stories! It would be nice to believe they are fiction, but sadly some humans are capable of anything. I’m Western Australian, but I never heard of this guy… not that doubt he exists and did such a heartless thing. The reason he would have chosen a spear gun is that fire arms are very difficult to obtain in Australia, since the Bryant massacre of 1996. I guess he thought a spear gun was the next best thing? Evil people like him and others, who’s evil works you describe on this site, should be put down. They are just a waste of good oxygen! No death penalty in Australia sadly zcute… that is only for the innocent it seems.

    • Jess says:

      I live about half an hour from there. Agreed that he would have purchased a spear gun due to the laws on guns. I remember this happening, and i remember turning to my mum (when he was on tv making that statement) and saying, i think he kiled them…. I wish id been wrong :(

      • bengalpuss29 says:

        I don.t know how they have the cheek (The murderers) To appear on tv and do an emotional appeal, knowing the’re the one’s that have done it. If i killed someone, i couldn’t do a tv appeal, i’d drop myself into the proverbial shit. Just recently in the uk, a young girl called Tia sharpe went missing, and the last person to see her was her granny’s boyfriend, stuart hazel. He did a tv appeal he even did an interview with itv news, about what he did the day tia disappeared. Then it turned out she’d been dead all along and her body was finally discovered in the attic/Loft. But this guy actually did those appeals knowing that 12yr old was dead. This only happened 2 weeks ago. Google tia sharpe Murder, new Abbingdon london. I feel quite happy knowing that this piece of shit john Myles Sharpe will forever have to look over your shoulder just to check that you ain.t got your worse nightmare behind you, you scummy bastard baby killer. Rot in hell.

  6. Lourd says:

    do us a very good and nice favor mr.sharpe DIE IN YOUR CELL alright.

  7. bengalpuss29 says:

    He probably didn.t kill the toddler at the same time as mom because he probably thought i’ll abuse grace for as long as i can. Even his own family said they thought he’d killed his wife because she discovered that he was sexually abusing their daughter. This piece of crap should be let out with gen population. Then he could suffer a little of what he’d made little grace suffer shooting her 3 times in the head with a crossbow and then standing on her chest to pull one out the lowlife bastard. I don.t understand when we have killers like this that have so little respect for human life, why do we then have to pay to feed these bastards and put a roof over their heads and protect them from other people who view their crime like we do. I believe once you cross over that line of committing heinous murder’s then you should be put to death, plain and simple, you forfeit the right to breath the same air as we do when you commit cruel senseless murders. Its about time the victim’s families were supported.

  8. John Hunter says:

    Worst killer I have ever heard off and I wished I’d never had ….. It pops up in my mind now and then and turns a good day into a sad day. If there would been someone that at least the killing of that poor little toddler would have been prevented. This guy had the most PRECIOUS asset you can imagine and he just destroyed like that. I wonder how he had imagined his life would be on his own in that house with all those terrible memories of his wife and kid (assuming he would not have been caught of course). How could this guy expect to have even one minute of joy after this ??? I do not understand it …..

    • bengalpuss says:

      John, this scumbag could quite easily commit these murders, because he’s narcissistic. He’s the only person that he gives a shit about in his world. The wife and little grace didn.t fit into what he wanted to do, in fact in his mind, they were a hinderence. So what does a narcissistic person do to get rid of someone he sees as impeding his life? Well any normal person would have left them, but not this scumbag, he had to get rid of them forever, so that they definately wouldn’t be coming back into his life, for loose ends like child support. Yes this guy is probably one of the worst killers i’ve read about also.

  9. Punisherv says:

    Why not try to get him in an open area and cut him so deep he is left a eunuch or invalid ?

  10. Maureen says:

    Let the other prisoners into his cell then shut the door and walk away ….. Piece of slimy disgusting shit …

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