John Fawcett & Jacqueline Fawcett

John and Jacqueline Fawcett

Crimes: Pedophiles, Rape, Sodomy, Incest.

I honestly wish we could look somebody in the eyes and determine if they have a soul, a conscience, a healthy sense of morality — anything that could separate hellbeasts from humans. Alas, there are no outward signs, unless of course they have tattooed themselves with things like satanic and nazi symbols. We typically have to wait for the evil within to seep out in their actions, and by then the harm is done. By then there are victims.

John R. Fawcett and his wife, Jacqueline Fawcett, of Monticello, Kentucky, look extremely ordinary. They look like a middle-aged couple with a mortgage, car payments and kids. They look so average, but they’re not. The Fawcetts here are harbouring dessicated souls, shriveled consciences, and a total lack of morality. They have proven by their actions that they are hellbeasts that belong in the flames of hell for eternity.

John Fawcett and Jacqueline Fawcett had 2 young children. And instead of being decent parents, the monstrous pair chose instead to use their own child (or possibly both children) for sexual purposes. That’s right, both John and Jacqueline Fawcett are depraved, incestuous pedophiles. Gawd, I hate pedophiles, especially the incestuous sort!

Starting in 2012, the Fawcetts both began raping and sodomizing their own young offspring. Raping and sodomizing. Repeatedly. Day after day, month after month, year after year. There was no escape for the victim. Home was the hellhole where evil ruled.

The child wasn’t even 12 years old yet. I cannot imagine how this child coped with the physical and psychological pain of being abused by the very adults whose job was to protect their children!

I’m sure John Fawcett and Jacqueline Fawcett thought they had the perfect setup. They’d produced their very own victim, and had control over their victim, so presumably they wouldn’t have to worry about anyone finding out. WRONG!

See, even though John and Jacqueline Fawcett had “persuaded” their offspring not to tell anyone about their sick family secret, they forgot that there are other ways of raising the alarm. Children who are sexually abused often act out sexually and/or aggressively.

Lo and behold, one of the Fawcett children began to act up at school and on the school bus. The child was spitting, biting, and bullying other children. Alarming behaviours, really, that succeeded in raising the alarm.

The local police began visiting the Fawcett home (more of a filthy pig sty) frequently at the beginning of 2015. In mid-March, 2015, allegations of sexual abuse emerged and both children were placed in protective custody. Thank gawd!

The Kentucky State Police investigated the allegations of sexual abuse.

John and Jacqueline Fawcett decided that then was a good time to get out of Dodge. They hoofed it, thinking they could evade the law. Hah!

Jacqueline Fawcett must’ve done some pondering, and she rethought her plan. She turned herself in on March 18, 2015.

John Fawcett didn’t rethink his plan. He made it to Panama City, Florida. But then, being a stupid ass fuckturd, he got himself arrested on a drug charge. Busted! On April 10, 2015, his pedo butt was in Bay County Jail. He was extradited back to Kentucky to face the music.

Jacqueline Fawcett was charged with 3 counts of sodomy 1st-degree, 6 counts of incest, conspiracy to rape, and conspiracy to incest. In February, 2017, the hellbitch pled guilty to those multiple counts. The 34-year-old POS pedophile was sentenced in Wayne Circuit Court to serve 15 years in prison.

John Fawcett, 40, was indicted in April 2015 for 12 charges including incest, sodomy and rape. On August 2, 2017, in Wayne Circuit Court, he pled guilty to 6 counts of incest, 3 counts of rape, and 3 counts of sodomy.

Judge Vernon Miniard Jr. sentenced the beast to 20 years total. When he’s released, John Fawcett will have to register as a sex offender and will remain on the registry for the rest of his worthless life.

I am so relieved that these two vile, disgusting pedophiles are separated from their children now. I hope and pray that the children are in a safe, loving, supporting home environment where they are getting all the nurturing and therapy they need. Bless their hearts, I hope they can overcome the evil they’d experienced.

I hope also that Jacqueline Fawcett and John Fawcett experience daily misery for the rest of their lives. They deserve nothing better and a whole lot worse.

It’s disconcerting for me to realize that my mind can visualize a whole lot of punishments for these two, most involving rusty implements and neutering. Good thing for the Fawcetts that they are safe from what I think should happen to them. Still, I’d like very much for them to live in fear of being abused every single day from now on. And who knows, maybe some day their fears are justified.

Long may these two hellbeasts rot.

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8 Responses to John Fawcett & Jacqueline Fawcett

  1. Tom Daly says:

    Some people should NEVER EVER be allowed to have children. I hope this pair of monsters are abused and made to suffer like the animals that they are

    • Susan says:

      Please Tom…do not compare them to animals; animals do not carry out such twisted acts, they are the victims of them though.
      I prefer the term sub-species, as there is no other way to describe such barbarians.

  2. MoodyMagic says:

    These 2 sick monsters need to suffer dearly and I truly hope they don in prison. Sick pedos. I truly hope the children never see these 2 pedos ever again and are in a loving home now.

  3. Stacy Williams says:

    15 and 20 years? It’s the legal system, not the justice system, obviously. They should be locked away forever, at the very least. Smh

  4. Ann says:

    I was married to the stupid ass 15 yrs ago have a daughter with him the signs were started to come out .i keeper telling the court system he was going to hurt someone else. No body listen and my daughter and I got away from him in 2002 and safe.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Ann, thank god you managed to get away from this shit bag, because he woulda probably abused your daughter like he did with the child he had with that other shit bag. Good for you Ann, you did what was right for your daughter, just a shame that his next wife hadn’t done the same.

  5. Ann says:

    I’m glad I got away from but I feel so sorry for the children. John is a dangerous man and both should stay in prison. He is a piece of shit and more. My daughter are living a better life without him

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