John Andrew Welden

John Andrew Welden
Crimes: Slipping girlfriend an abortion pill, Forgery

John Andrew Welden, 29, of Tampa, Florida, is a bona fide asshole. He’s a selfish, immature asshole with a complete disregard for other people’s needs, wants and rights. The fact that he was willing to trick a trusting woman into taking a drug to suit his own purposes makes him a hellbeast.

John Andrew Welden didn’t slip an unknowing woman Rohypnol. His purpose wasn’t to commit rape. His purpose was to end a life — that of his unborn baby.

What John Andrew Welden did was trick his girlfriend, Remee Jo Lee, into taking Cytotec to end her pregnancy. This major POS asshole had acquired the drug from his place of work — his father’s fertility clinic. He was fully aware that it was an abortion drug. He forged his father’s signature to get it.

John Andrew Welden’s father, Dr. Stephen Welden, was in no way involved in this evil deed. He had no idea what his son was up to.

John Andrew Welden didn’t want his girlfriend to have his baby — a baby she very much wanted and had already named. The reason he didn’t want Remee Jo Lee to have his child was because he didn’t want his other girlfriend, Tara, to find out.

The selfish bastard John Andrew Welden had told Remee Jo Lee that he and Tara had broken up. That was a lie. He told Remee Jo Lee he loved her and that was a lie. And being a completely selfish bastard, John Andew Welden never used a condom. Why he was shocked when she became pregnant is beyond me.

“Oh God, I want to die. Are you serious?” was John Andrew Welden’s text message when Remee Jo Lee sent him a picture of her pregnancy test results. Can’t you just feel the love?

“Remee, please don’t do this, I beg you. I am destroyed,” he wrote next. Yup, it was all about him. Selfish bastard.

I don’t know what her response was to her boyfriend’s objections, but Remee Jo Lee wanted her unborn baby. She named it Memphis. She was prepared to raise it by herself if need be.

Sadly, Remee Jo Lee didn’t count on her boyfriend being such a completely amoral asshole. And why would she? John Andrew Welden was working toward a degree in biomedical sciences and religion — surely that was a sign he was a decent, ethical person.

Except he wasn’t.

Once John Andrew Welden got his filthy paws on the Cytotec, he switched the label so it looked like an antibiotic. He then took Remee Jo Lee to his father’s office for a prenatal exam and then told her she had a mild infection. That’s how he tricked the poor woman into taking the abortion drug.

John Andrew Welden didn’t think at all about how Remee Jo Lee would feel emotionally when she lost her baby. He didn’t worry either about her physical pain and distress when the drug took effect.

Remee Jo Lee took the “antibiotic” for her “infection” and soon felt such a horrible, stabbing pain that she was taken to the hospital. She, of course, lost the baby.

When a doctor at the hospital saw the pills she’d been taking, he wasn’t fooled by the label. He knew exactly, precisely what they were, and told Remee Jo Lee.

I don’t know if John Andrew Welden thought beyond killing the fetus, and if he thought about what Remee Jo Lee would do. Probably he figured she’d just forget about the miscarriage, or maybe break up with him. Probably he didn’t think she’d learn about the drug switch.

What Remee Jo Lee did do was contact the police. She told them what she suspected her asshole boyfriend had done and agreed to have her conversations with John Andrew Welden recorded.

If Remee Jo Lee was clinging to the hope that the drug switch was just a mistake, her conversation with John Andrew Welden would have killed that hope. He admitted what he’d done. He admitted that his other girlfriend, Tara, had found out about their relationship and was “furious”. Awww, the poor hellbeast.

John Andrew the selfish, whiny bastard Welden also wallowed in a dose of self-pity. “My life is over,” he complained. “I just wanna kill myself.”

Yeah, but he didn’t, did he. Instead he had killed his unborn baby.

“I’m just a horrible person, Remee,” he said after he admitted his guilt. “I’m sorry I ruined everything.” Riiiight. And saying sorry makes it all better? Uh, no.

John Andrew Welden was originally charged with murder. He lucked out with a plea deal that saw his charges reduced to conspiracy to commit mail fraud and tampering with a consumer product. He could have been sentenced to life in prison if he’d been found guilty of killing an unborn baby.

In September 2013, John Andrew Welden pled guilty to the mail fraud and tampering charges. He admitted forging his father’s signature.

In January, 2014, John Andrew Welden came before U.S. District Judge Richard Al Lazzara for sentencing. He apologized, he quoted the bible, and he begged for mercy. His defense pointed out he has bipolar disorder. Eight friends and family members talked about how he was such a loving, selfless, devout young man who lived a clean, wholesome life.

John Andrew Welden’s father said, “[He] is a caring person. It’s what he does; it’s who he is.”

The 8 supporters told the court that yes, he did something terrible, but it was one single, solitary bad thing out of his otherwise exemplary life. Show him mercy, Judge, they said, and he’ll make the world a better place.

Wow, how deluded, IMO. First of all it was not ONE terrible thing he did. It was an entire pattern of behavior over a period of months. He cheated on his long-time girlfriend, Tara. He lied to Remee Jo Lee about being unattached. He forged his dad’s signature — a crime. He fraudulently acquired an abortion drug to give to his girlfriend — another crime. He even phoned her to remind her to take the pills, proof that he hadn’t changed his mind about maliciously ending her pregnancy.

Reading the bible doesn’t absolve him of these evil deeds. Quoting the bible doesn’t make him innocent and clean. Studying the bible doesn’t make him a good guy.

And there was more evil — John Andrew Welden was recorded on his jailhouse phone calls threatening to ruin Remee Jo Lee’s reputation. Such a stand-up guy! How Christian of him! How selfless and loving!

Remee Jo Lee took the stand and called her asshole ex-boyfriend a “dunce”. How restrained of her. I wouldn’t have blamed her if she used real profanity.

“The only thing I want now,” the unfortunate woman said, “is for the court to show [John Andrew Welden] the same amount of mercy he showed me in my pregnancy.”

On Monday, January 27, 2014, Judge Richard Lazzara handed down the sentence. The judge declared that the defendant was “not an evil person, but he committed an evil act.” He also considered that the defendant had deprived Remee Jo Lee of her baby in “the most cowardly way”.

The judge followed the sentencing guidelines and sentenced this nasty POS to 13 years 8 months in a federal prison. The maximum was 14 years, but the plea deal called for less than the max.

The judge also ordered $28,000 be paid to Remee Jo Lee as restitution.

John Andrew Welden stated in court that he deserves punishment, but said, “I’m scared of what awaits me in prison, honestly.” He also said he is “overwhelmed with the crushing fear today … that the person I am and hope to be will vanish forever” if he’s in prison for a long time.

Well, John Andrew Welden, I for one hope the person you’ve proven yourself to be — a convicted criminal and confessed cheater and liar — does vanish, and in his place is a decent human being who respects other people’s rights and choices.

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15 Responses to John Andrew Welden

  1. moodymagic says:

    How could this dirtbag be ok killing is baby like that. I hope he suffers every single day in prison.

  2. Bengalpuss says:

    what an utter low life piece of shite. I hope he has the most awful time in jail, dumbfuck he is.

  3. Bengalpuss says:

    Don,t think his father did himself any favours by claiming his wonderful son as a caring individual, worst advertising ever for a fertility clinic lol.

  4. 2cute says:

    Bipolar disorder? I think this guy has worse problems than that. The fact he can come across as such a great guy and still be plotting to do such self-serving and evil things without regard to others’ rights, health and lives makes him a sociopath does it not? He is a complete fraud and an accomplished liar. Too bad his dad and other supporters are letting him whitewash the evil he’s done.

  5. pj says:

    Know what I think? I think that Remee is lucky this arsehole decided to solve his problem by eliminating only the baby. He could easily have decided to eliminate her too. I doubt he would have any conscience about doing that. He had access to drugs. He could easily have made her take an overdose since she trusted him completely and believed he loved her. All he’d have to do would be to switch the container with the pills showing the real label. People might have thought she’d committed suicide then.

    • cleo says:

      I am so excited! We have just reached 250,000 unique visitors to! A quarter of a million people have visited! Awesome! Thanks to all!

  6. kim says:

    i know it says his father was innocent in all this but i would think the fact he took her to his father and his father had to have confirmed she had an infection wouldn’t you think with patient doctor privelage and all? i know i would not take a medication my bf just popped up with unless he was picking it up at the pharmacy. i thought i read in earlier articles the father told her she had an infection

    • cleo says:

      The victim said that Welden took her to his father’s office for a prenatal exam and the next day Welden, not his dad, called her to tell her she had an infection. “He worked for his father, at his father’s clinics. So it wouldn’t be strange or uncustomary, you know, to call me personally,” she said. Remee Lee was too trusting of him by far.

  7. claudia says:

    Ugghh…what a top notch douche bag. Self serving and selfish. He will get his in the bowels of prison.

  8. Matt says:

    13 years…..excellent work judge..

  9. Teresa says:

    I’m Remee Jo Lee’s Aunt. John Andrew Welden showed no remorse in the courtroom for what he did. It was all about him and Tara. He didn’t have a clean record. It was told that he had been arrested before. And that his had a drug problem since the age of 12 years old. John wasn’t a good guy. Just like it was said in court he lived two different lives. A life with Remee then a life with Tara. He was a Dr. Jerkal and a Mr. Hyde. That’s what the courts pretrade him to be. He didn’t want Tara to know about the baby. Remee’s family told John he didn’t have to take care of the baby. He was asked to just leave Remee alone. We just wanted John to sign over his rights. And go his own way. John Andrew Welden is sitting in jail where he belongs.

    • 2cute says:

      Thanks for the additional info, Teresa. I hope Remee Jo Lee’s doing OK now. It’s lucky the bastard didn’t decide to kill her too because I think he’s totally capable of being that evil.

  10. V says:

    I have to admit that I’m a little confused about the law. Is abortion illegal? Is it seen as a murder? How far a long was she? To me it seems he killed a fetus, not a “baby”. If the woman had decided to have an abortion against her partners wishes, would she have been charged with murder? I’m just trying to understand.. What he did was clearly how this worked. He obviously did something cruel, but it was probably for the better to not have a child with someone who absolutely didn’t want it and was willing to go to such lengths to prevent it.

  11. V says:

    Sorry about the mistakes, I’m writing from the phone.. I was trying to write; I’m just trying to understand how this worked. What he did was clearly inexcusable, but having an abortion is not the same as killing a born child. Of course in this case it was an involuntary abortion, but the rules confuse me when it comes to the murder charge.. I don’t live in America and I’m not sure how the rules would be in my country either.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      V, it doesn’t matter if she was one week or twenty weeks, the fact remains that she wanted that baby and what he did was tantamount to murder. A fetus is fully formed by twelve weeks, has a heart brain and arms and legs, it doesn’t matter how many weeks a person is because abortion is wrong imo.

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