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I was spanked only once in my life by my parents, and I was apparently so brokenhearted about it that they never spanked me again. My mother used to say that she had only to give me a stern look and I’d cry. In my childhood home closets were for hanging clothes in, belts were to hold your trousers up, and chains were to go on your tires in winter. The same could not be said for the home of John and Linda Dollar.

I daresay that the spacious house in Florida they lived in was not a home. It would be far more accurate to call it a torture chamber. Not of course for John and Linda Dollar, but certainly for five of their eight children.

When John and Linda Dollar went looking for three children to adopt in 1995, they gave every appearance/ of being great parental material. They were already raising five adopted children who seemed happy. John was a commercial real estate appraiser and Linda was a former businesswoman with a master’s degree in education.

The Dollars were also known to be religious — deeply religious, ULTRA religious even. In 1999 they opened a private Christian school called Mountain View Christian Academy in Strawberry Plains, Tennessee. At that time they attended Mount Harmony Baptist Church where most of their children were baptized.

Remember back in 1999 and the big dark cloud on the horizon was Y2K? People were predicting outages and civil unrest and they spent big money on generators? Well the Dollars took Y2K more seriously than most — they were convinced it was the End of the Earth. Their pastor did not agree with them and so the Dollars left the church.

Yes, the Dollars apparently had a direct pipeline to God, and He was telling them that they were right, Armageddon was coming, and everyone else was wrong. I wonder what explanation God gave them when Y2K fizzled into nothing.

Regardless of how Y2K turned out, seven of the eight poor Dollar children found themselves trapped in hell with no escape in sight (the eighth child was grown up and living on her own). The children were being “home schooled” and “home churched” by their parents as they were moved around between Tennessee and Hillsborough County, Polk County and Citrus County in Florida.

What with all the moving, and no school or church, there was nobody on the planet to notice what was happening to the children. And what was happening to them was John and Linda Dollar’s special brand of Christian living.

Now I’m not quite sure which bible they were using. Not mine. Mine says, “Suffer the little children to come unto Me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.”

Apparently John and Linda Dollar didn’t get past “Suffer the little children,” for indeed they made those little children suffer.

See, my version of the bible does not instruct parents to commit monstrous acts upon children. It does not say, “Thou shalt shock thy children with cattle prods,” or “Thou shalt pulleth thy children’s toenails out with pliers.”

OMG can you imagine that? They pulled their children’s toenails out with pliers! And that’s Christian behavior to these f*cking hell beasts?

The bible also does not condone hitting children’s feet with mallets and canes. And it cannot be used to justify starving them nearly to death while locked in a closet. Yet that is precisely what those obsessively religious pieces of sh*t did.

Nobody saw this happening to the children. The neighbours didn’t even know the Dollars had children — they were never outside. Nope, they were locked up in a walk-in closet being taught that they deserved every bit of punishment that was meted out to them.

Nobody knew anything until January 21, 2005 when the Dollars’ 16-year-old son was taken to hospital in Crystal River with a head wound and red marks on his neck. It wasn’t only the head wound and the red marks that tipped off the medical personnel that something wasn’t right — it was also the fact that a 16-year-old hadn’t achieved puberty and weighed a whopping 59 pounds. I’ll let that sink in. Fifty-nine pounds. The skeleton of a grown man weighs about 30 pounds. A brain comes in at around 3 pounds.

To put 59 pounds into my personal perspective, I had a dog that weighed almost double that! My healthy 16-year-old nephew weighs triple that.

So the authorities were advised that something was oh so very wrong with this scenario. Within two weeks they made the trip to the Dollar home to check it out.

The Dollars lived in a spacious house 70 miles north of Tampa. They owned a luxury SUV and a top-of-the-line mobile home. Obviously it wasn’t lack of money that made them cut back the calories for their son. And the pair of them certainly didn’t restrict their own caloric intake. Chubby bastards.

The investigators knew right away they were dealing with a seriously f*cked up situation. The 14-year-old twins were tiny — they weighed 36 and 38 pounds and looked 8 years old. We’re talking years of malnourishment and starvation here.

The children, ages 12 to 17, had a horrifying account to tell. Five of them were spanked with belts, paddles, switches and whips. They were kicked and locked in the closet if they were caught stealing food, and then of course there was the cattle prod. Very Christian upbringing, wasn’t it.

Wait, there’s more. They were taped to chairs, they had chains wrapped around their torsos and they’d be hung until they passed out. Yup, suffer the little children all right, just like the bible says.

Two of the children were given preferential treatment and weren’t punished like their siblings. (Reminds me of Elva Bottineau and Norman Kidman.)

One of the twins told police that his toenails had been ripped out with pliers, and that that had hurt “very bad.” He said he would scream to make the bastards stop.

Police found the toenails and the pliers and the cattle prod. They found blood smears and the mallet and the cane. There was no doubting the stories the children told.

Apparently the physical torture mostly ended the summer of 2004 when John Dollar’s elderly mother moved in with them. You can’t tell me they didn’t know what they were doing was evil if they had to hide it from Mom.

However, the children still didn’t get anywhere near adequate food and sleep. And I can find no explanation for the head wound and neck injuries sustained by the 16-year-old boy. His injuries must have been fairly serious if they were enough to scare the hell beasts into getting him to a hospital.

John and Linda Dollar hit the road and were arrested in Utah after two weeks of being on the lam. They were brought back to Florida to face aggravated child abuse charges.

The pair, if convicted at trial, could have faced 150 years in prison. However, the prosecutor offered them a deal that gave them each only 15 years in prison. The offer was made to protect the children and spare them the ordeal of facing their tormentors in court. And as much as I’d like to think of that pair of hell beasts rotting their whole lives away in a cell, I applaud the prosecutor for putting the children’s needs first.

In court, dressed in jumpsuits and chained at the waist, the Dollars admitted they let the situation get out of hand.

“We are sorry that the children are hurt,” John Dollar said. “We are firm believers in the God almighty … because of those principles we were led to do certain things.” Certain things like torture?

“It was not intentional that they be harmed in any way,” said John Dollar. “They were not responsible. We love them, wish them well.” And then he started to cry. Boo effing hoo, bastard.

Their lawyer claimed they were overwhelmed by adopting eight children, some of whom had special needs and came from dysfunctional families. Well, their parenting skills certainly made sure that if the children didn’t have special needs before, they sure do now.

Some of the children were placed in a residential treatment program, and others were placed in foster care. Some understandably stopped using Dollar as their surname. The court psychiatrist testified that they were like POWs, suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Poor kids.

I wish the children a lifetime of health, happiness and peace. I hope they are so blessed in the future. And I think you can guess what I wish on John and Linda Dollar — yup, a toasty place in hell.

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21 Responses to John and Linda Dollar

  1. NavyCop says:

    I know I saw this on pysih, but it still shocks me when I visualize the pain these children went through.

  2. bengalpuss29 says:

    The cheeky twat “We were overwhelmed” Yes right when im overwhelmed with my children and not having a good day i certainly don.t starve them lock them in a closet and beat them and tie them up, i have 5 minutes on my own and think about them and eventually i laugh at them because you know what i’d be lost without them and couldn’t picture life without them being in it. When i had my kids i chose to love and cherish them. Thats why when i read story’s like this i don.t understand why, its not like it was forced upon them, they made a conscience decision to have those children placed in their care, and to then torture them is beyond me the only thing i can think of why they would do this, is for the money that foster carers get for fostering a child or just being plain evil vindictive bastards. I truly hope the children can move on and eventually lead normal happy and productive lives.

  3. birdie says:

    14 years old and 36 pounds wtf my two ye,ar old son weighs 35 pounds. he’s a big kid and constantly mistaking for being older then he is because of it. mind you when I stand next to him it doesn’t help I’m 5’5 and my son stands 3′ but he is two these kids are seven times his age. these are down right horrible people.

    • robin says:

      My 6 year old daughter weighs about 55 pounds!! If these fucktards were overwhelmed they shouldnt of adopted 8 damn children wtf i get overwhelmed with my daughter and thats 1 child BUT id never hurt her or torture her in any way shape or form i hope they go to prison and get tortured on the daily starve these pigs they kook like they could be starved for months without dying fat nasty bastards

  4. That girl says:

    Actually the twins doing quite well now . They’re friends of mine and they don’t feel anything toward the whole situation and they lead perfectly normal lives. Very awesome, friendly, incredible people. The Shevlins adopted them and they’re great people, too

  5. against stupid people says:

    hiding behind religion not a good excuse and im pretty sure GOD doesn’t condone these kooks behavior, sooo ROT IN HELL

  6. Malinda says:

    Hey! Would yоu mind іf I share ʏour blog wіth my facebook ցroup?

    Theгe’s a lot of folks that I think would really enjoy your content.
    Ƥlease let mee know. Cheers

  7. Jonathan says:

    How do I get these f**kin bastards to stop using my grandparents I told my grandparents that these r evil people (the dollars)but they won’t listen to me they started being pen pals with the dollars years ago thanks to the church they go to they r using my grandparents for there money they get out of prison next year what can I do about this before something bad happens to my grandparents when they get out of prison the dollars need to rot in hell and need to have there toenails ripped off with pliers and be starved to death like they did to those well behaved children that did not deserve what was done to them can anyone help me out on what to do I live in Daytona Beach FL please let there be something that can be done before it maybe to late I love my grandparents

    • anonymous says:

      hi this is one of the children from that home.. im just curious what is your concern? if u dont mind sharing ..a little worried honestly..if you could share some insight on what or how they are getting released? or why u are so worried?
      please thank you

      • Erica says:

        They are slated to be released today from prison

      • Grace Cardona says:

        Hello anonymous this is Grace who picked you up from the dollar house and brought you to all your doctor’s appointments. I am so happy that you are doing well and think about you often.

  8. Tom Daly says:

    I agree with you. It’s so annoying, people who commit despicable acts have two sides to them: acting like they’re all sweetness and light to their neighbors and their friends but acting like complete b******s when no one else is around. If the neighbors had seen how they treated the kids, John and Linda would have their a***s in jail in a heartbeat.

  9. anonymous says:

    hi i am replying to jonathon the comment that says anonymous btw

    • V says:

      Family through marriage. All that I ever met were abusive in the family. Many resid8ng im indiana. All have cgarges of domestic violence and abuse. All gteat at hiding it and all absolutly crazy behind closed doors. My son and I barely made it out from the bowlings. I wish all you kids the vest and tyank god you and all of us made it out alive

      • Mike says:

        I grew up the next house down from his grandfather….who poisoned our family’s dog….and a stone’s throw from his parents’ home. His mother was my eighth grade English teacher.

        I wish they had gone for the 150 year sentence instead of letting them off with 15.

  10. Erica says:

    They are slated to be released today from prison

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