Jodi Russell

Jodi Russell
Crime: Animal Cruelty

Gotta warn you: disturbing pictures below.

Jodi Russell of Halesowen, West Midlands, UK, is absolutely one of the most self-absorbed people I’ve heard about. She’s a single mother, heaven help her kids, and seems to live her life around the bizarre notion that if she ignores something bad it doesn’t exist.

And what bad thing did Jodi Russell ignore? Well, she had two Staffordshire Bull Terriers locked in cages in her living room. Not a back room — the living room. Those poor dogs not only were not let out of the cages, they were not given any food for ages and ages.

That’s right. Jodi Russell ignored the fact that her two pet dogs were starving and suffering horribly right before her eyes. She ignored the fact they were left to lie in their own piss. She even ate her meals and snacks in front of them, without a thought of giving any to the beasts.

What’s worse is she let her own children carry on with their lives around those cages with its prisoners wasting away before their very eyes.

Apparently, according to Jodi Russell, she was going through emotional turmoil because her dad died and her relationship with her partner had ended. To that I say, “Boo frigging hoo!” How the hell does grief translate into permission to starve and neglect her dogs?

It’s safe to say that almost every single human being on the planet experiences grief and loss, but only an infinitesimally small number turn their grief into sadistic cruelty.

If you are getting the feeling that I have absolutely no sympathy for Jodi Russell, you’d be right. I understand grief, believe me I do — I have suffered plenty of loss in my life. But I absolutely cannot understand how anyone can willingly, knowingly inflict harm and pain upon their pets.

If Jodi Russell could feed herself (which she obviously did) and her kids (which she hopefully did), then she could damn well feed the dogs!

If this bitch could get off her arse and shop for groceries, then she could have shopped for dog food!

And if Jodi Russell didn’t want to bother with the poor animals (which she obviously didn’t), she damn well could have done the decent thing: handed them over to the RSPCA, or sold them, or given them away.

But no, Jodi Russell didn’t do the decent thing. Instead, she ignored them. She ignored the dogs when they were mad with hunger. She ignored their howls and growls and barks. She ignored their pathetic stares as she chowed down on her calorie-laden meals and snacks. She ignored their shockingly skeletal bodies and pitiful whines.

How the hell does anyone with a heart do that?

I think the Jodi Russell just decided to play pretend. She pretended she didn’t see the dogs, that she didn’t hear the dogs, that the dogs didn’t exist. She pretended that the poor beasts didn’t need food, and they didn’t need exercise, and they didn’t need anything because they didn’t exist. Closed her eyes, plugged her ears and went, “La la la la la la la.”

And if her children asked her about the dying dogs, “La la la la la la la.”

IMO, Jodi Russell didn’t just do grave harm to her dogs — she did harm to her children. She taught those kids by example that you can turn your back on someone who has done nothing but loved you. She taught by example that you don’t owe someone in distress the least amount of care and concern. She taught by example that causing someone to suffer and die is nothing.

In October 2012, RSPCA officials got a tip that Jodi Russell was mistreating her dogs. They arrived at the hellbitch’s home, and at first she wouldn’t let them enter. She told them that one of the dogs was dead, and that she hadn’t told the kids yet.

Russell's male dogThe RSPCA inspectors insisted and were begrudgingly allowed inside. The inspectors immediately saw the emaciated prisoners in the cages. The children were running around them.

Jodi Russell indicated to the inspectors that the male dog was dead. He wasn’t. He was barely breathing but he wasn’t dead … yet.

“It was like a skeleton. The other dog was in a similar curled-up way and was lifeless,” said one RSPCA inspector.

Russell's female dogThe dogs were immediately taken into care. The male dog sadly died within hours. The female, who was also on the brink of death, miraculously survived thanks to the efforts of the vets and their staff. She was ultimately re-homed, bless her heart. I hope she’s happy, well fed, loved and safe now.

Jodi Russell was charged with causing unnecessary suffering to the dogs and failing in her duty as the owner. And being Jodi Russell, she decided if she ignored the charges, it would all go away.

Not surprisingly then, Jodi Russell did not show up for her trial in August 2013. In her absence she was convicted of the charges, and a warrant was issued for her arrest.

Great, now she was teaching her children it’s ok to disregard the law and to hide from the consequences of your actions.

I don’t know where the hellbitch wound up, but it took until December 2014 for her to be tracked down. She was hauled to court in Dudley, West Midlands to face sentencing.

Her defense attorney, Daryll Foster, told the court how his client was suffering emotionally from her dad’s passing and the breakup of her relationship.

“Miss Russell, in hindsight, now accepts what she has done wrong and realizes she should have made steps much earlier,” said Mr. Foster.

Magistrate Neville Jinks told Jodi Russell in response, “I understand you were suffering from emotional difficulties at the time, but this is no excuse for letting the two dogs suffer the way they did.”

Magistrate Jinks considered this case of animal cruelty as “one of the worst the court had seen.”

The magistrates subsequently handed the heartless hellbitch a prison term of 5 months. She was also banned for life from owning an animal or even caring for one.

When Jodi Russell is released from her short stint in prison, she’ll have some upset neighbours to contend with. One of them told the press, “I think it’s disgusting. She should have got 20 years for what she did, never mind five [months]. If it was up to me she would have been horse-whipped.”

Another neighbour said, “To just leave a dog in a cage to not eat is disgusting. I definitely won’t speak to her again when she’s out of prison. She’s quite a big girl. They are always having takeaways delivered and there’s junk food rubbish in their garden. It’s ironic that she’s a big one and stuffs herself but couldn’t even feed the poor dogs.”

Ironic indeed. And beyond disgusting, IMO. What Jodi Russell did was criminally callous and cruel in the extreme.

RSPCA spokesman Andy Robbins said after the sentencing, “We hope that the court’s decision means no other animal will suffer at the hands of the defendant in this case.”

That, I think, is something we all hope for. But what of Jodi Russell’s children? I hope to gawd that they have someone in their life who can teach them to value life, and to respect the moral contract we as humans have with other people and creatures who rely upon us. Those kids need to learn, if they haven’t already, that their mother’s complete lack of compassion for others and her disregard for the law are in no way something to emulate or admire.

To Jodi Russell’s children I wish happier, saner lives in a loving, caring environment. I, for one, don’t believe that is possible if they remain in their mother’s custody. Her actions have proven her to be unfit to care for animals and probably for children too. I pray somebody with the power to act is looking into and monitoring this family closely.

I don’t know if Jodi Russell can change or even wants to change. Mercifully she is banned from owning another pet, so hopefully nobody or nothing else will suffer at her hands.

The trouble is that Jodi Russell doesn’t appear to respect the law, so will she respect the ban? With any luck she just won’t want to be bothered with another pet.

Please, people of West Midlands, if you ever see this woman with an animal, turn her ass in to the authorities pronto. And if you suspect her children aren’t being cared for properly, report her without delay.

I thank the RSPCA for stepping in and trying to save Jodi Russell’s dogs. I also thank the vets and their staff for miraculously managing to save one of them.

And dear readers, if you know of or suspect animal neglect or abuse, please report it. Do not assume that someone else has already done so. Lives may be at stake.

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34 Responses to Jodi Russell

  1. moodymagic says:

    Man what a fat cow. I truly hope hope she isn’t allowed to have her children back in her life. If she can do that to her dogs her children don’t stand a chance.

  2. Jen says:

    This “woman” sickens me! My father passed away in October of 2013, and I was very sad over it, yet I did not cease feeding my beloved Chow Chow. She should be subjected to the same torturous death as her unfortunate male dog; locked in the same wire crate where he died (and let’s NOT clean it for her first), no food, no water, never allowed out, surrounded by people with plates of delicious-smelling foods. She deserves no less.

  3. disgusted says:

    Hopefully she will encounter an avid animal lover who has read this article.

  4. tony says:

    Greedy hag. Her kids should be taken from her so they won’t wind up like her.

  5. bulldoggy says:

    I suspect that those dogs originally belonged to her ex and she was taking her wrath out on the dogs. It takes a whole lot of hate to do that to any creature. We’re not talking grief, we’re talking hate and anger here. Nasty cow shouldn’t be trusted near children or animals, or vulnerable adults either.

    • 2cute says:

      Bulldoggy I think you are right. She couldn’t punish her ex so she took it out on the dogs. Grief doesn’t make people sadistic. Rage does.

  6. Rhonda says:

    Someone should lock her in a cramped cage and allow her fat loser ass to starve to near death as they consume lavish mouthwatering meals in front of her while ignoring her cries.

  7. Bengalpuss says:

    Rhonda, that would be a good idea but the chubby cunt has got that much lard and meat on her humongous body, she’d be able to survive at least a year, the horrible fat fuck she is. I really hope those kids of hers are being fed, it looks like lard arse has eaten all the pies.

  8. Vanessa says:

    It just makes me sick to my stomach that those poor babies had to lay in those cages and smell food and watch her eat and not be able to eat themselves. No food, no water and no love. Worse than that is that those children were subjected to such horrendous treatment like it was normal. What a heartless bitch.

  9. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Shocking Sickening Evil Fiendish

  10. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Anyone that is Not Angry about Animal Abuse like Starving Dogs
    Shown is Not a Decent Person but More of a Dummy than a Plastic
    Shop Mannequin

  11. de says:

    spiteful greedy horrible cruel fat bitch

  12. de says:

    greedy spitefull fatty

  13. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Mental Health Nutcases Should Not Be Allowed to Own Animals .

    People who have Delusional Fantasies about Marrying a Member of the Royal Family Hitting a Sofa calling a Member of the Royal Family a Swearword and in a Mental Strop Throwing things at Dogs and Aggressively pushing them off Sofas are Not Fit to Own Animals

  14. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Obesity and Selfishness seem to go Hand in Hand

    • killpedos says:

      @ decent peopleonly. I find that statement very offensive to say the least. Being obese does NOT make people selfish. Selfishness comes from the heart not the size of the person. You need to think before writing as I’m sure your statement will of offended many people on this site. And I’m surprised no-one else has said anything yet.

      • awesomeblossom says:

        I agree with Killpedos. Obesity had nothing to do with selfishness. If it were, then the greediest people in North America, the Koch brothers and the Walton family, would carry the equivalent of a whale’s worth of lard each. People who are fat generally aren’t eating everything to selfishly deprive others of their share. They are eating for many reasons: to cope with physical or emotional pain, issues with self-worth, even to literally insulate themselves from rape or sexual abuse. To say they are greedy is an obnoxious thing to say.

    • kobra says:

      Tottaly agree, letting u r self get fat is,also a,mental illness. They’ll abuse their kids and have fat kids too,having a lazy parent too stupid to feed your kids proper clearly any exercise with them. Hope you don’t start getting them high too.when they get older. Fat ppl are,the worst,so nasty

  15. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Well Obesity has Wrecked the Health of many People Sadly
    and King Henry VIII became a Cruel Tyrant with his Bloated
    Greed so Less of the Political Correctness and More
    Genuine Compassion such as People being in a Good State of
    Health without the Health problems from Obsessive Obesity

    • killpedos says:

      What a load of flipping rubbish. You obviously didn’t read what I said. When the fuck did king henry come into this story.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Indeed henry V111 was so fat that his dinner table had a semicircle cut out of it just to accommodate his large gut.

      • killpedos says:

        Yes but his size didn’t make him a cruel bastard that starved animals. If he was cruel it was his nature not his size.

        • Bengalpuss says:

          Killpedos, henry Vlll was a cruel and selfish cunt, he was also a fat turd, but he was this way before he became a lard arse so yes not all fat people are selfish. I used to be a beached whale some years back and i’m not selfish. In fact i was so fat that my partners had to roll me in flour to find the yet patch lol.

  16. kobra says:

    Doesn’t surprise me it’s a fat white woman. They’re the worst. Lazy.stupid gross.have,

  17. Fuck animal cruelty says:

    This bitch should die. Fuck that fat hoe

  18. Bengalpuss says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more!!

  19. Bengalpuss says:

    I hope this bitch’s life is made an absolute misery by the people who live in her neighbourhood. #JUSTICE FOR BEAU

  20. Bengalpuss says:

    Lets lock this fat bitch in a cage and starve her(which will probably take a long time cos she’s that obese) and while she’s starving we all eat in front of her, an eye for an eye.

  21. killpedos says:

    Take the cunt up the mountain with the bears and they can hibernate together!!!!

  22. Bengalpuss says:

    Killpedos, the bears would be able to feast off the fat cunt through till winter. Mind you the poor bears might get sick off the fat fuckers tainted flesh, i fucking hate people who abuse animals, it makes me want to do evil things to them like box them up and send them to isis in syria with a label saying “crusader” thats a definate red rag to an isis bull because they call christians crusaders, so lard arse would be well and truly fucked lol.

  23. Blissxx23 says:

    I’m a mother of a beautiful girl whose 2 in September.
    In February this year, the greatest father figure in my entire life and the most loving granddad to my daughter passed away, my dad in law..
    Instead of ignoring everything around me. I played ‘single mom’ to my daughter all whilst cleaning the house and washing dishes all day, feeding my daughter and brother in laws, making my brothers, mom in law, daughter all dinner, fed the dogs, made everyone coffee or juice.
    And I did this for a full month. No complaints.
    I had people who needed me.
    And this woman had two beautiful souls who needed her.
    I cannot imagine how someone can ignore the pleas and needs of someone, human or animal.
    There’s really no excuse.

  24. Tom Daly says:

    How can ANYBODY of sound mind do that to a pair of animals? I seriously hope she suffers the way she made her dogs suffer.

  25. AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

    Stupid fat bitch. When I left my psycho ex I damn well took my cat (he’d killed his and was trying to kill mine. I feel horrible every day that I couldn’t save Boss. He was a loving, trusting sweetheart of a cat 😖). I hate people like this, using tragedy to justify cruelty. I hope the fat pig starves to death.

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