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Hellbeast Jodey Wayne WaldropCrimes: Murder, Child Abuse
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I just love everything about babies. The way they smell (before the dirty diaper, of course), their precious hands and feet, the look in their eyes when they hear mommy and daddy’s voice or when they realize they have hands and feet. It used to make me get overjoyed just noticing how much my little girl was learning and becoming such a beautiful little girl.

This story is about a psychopath named Jodey Waldrop from Red Bay, Alabama. He was married to Tiffany Waldrop and they had two little boys and one on the way. Their first two children had been taken away by the Department of Human Resources (DHR) due to neglect/abuse. Their middle child, had to have surgery on his ears due to the fact he had severe ear infections that went untreated for so long that it caused permanent damage.

You would think that they would never get these little boys back but unfortunately they gave back both kids about 2 weeks before Tiffany gave birth. DHR tries to reunite the biological parents with the children as long as they go through parenting classes and say I’m sorry and pinky promise never to do it again.

Somewhere around September 1st Tiffany gave birth to her third beautiful son. He was a healthy beautiful baby they named Jodey Chanclar Waldrop. They called him Chance.

For some reason on September 22,2005 Jodey was on daddy-duty for about 20-30 minutes when Chance started to cry. Instead of loving on him or giving him a bottle he decided it would be better to either shake him or slam his fragile little head against a hard object. Which in return made Baby Chance’s head into more of a jig saw puzzle than a normal infant skull.

When Tiffany Waldrop came home she realized Chance wasn’t breathing and rushed him to Red Bay hospital where he was airlifted to Children’s Hospital in Birmingham Alabama.

On September 25,2005 the doctors at Children’s hospital discussed unhooking Little Chance from life support. Tiffany agreed but Jodey didn’t want to. He said he’d “rather visit him at the hospital instead of a graveyard”. Tiffany now says that Jodey didn’t want to unhook him because he knew they would have to do an autopsy.

Finally I guess someone talked some sense into Jodey because he signed the papers to take him off life support. It was at that point that Baby Chance gave way to his horrendous injuries and went back home where he was loved and became an angel.

Daddy was right though, they did do an autopsy. The medical examiner explained that he died from Blunt Force Trauma to the back of the head. He had bleeding on and around the brain, a bruise on the inner left side of his skull, and bleeding on his spinal cord. The ME also stated:

“The only reason for an injury of this nature would be a severe car accident or violent child abuse.” He had been abused so bad that it actually severed the nerves in his little head into.”

Over the next 4 days Jodey gave 4 different stories of how Baby Chance got his injuries. 1) He’s not sure he just found him not breathing. 2) Chance started choking so he hit him on the back and shook him. 3) He dropped him while lighting a cigarette. 4) Earlier in the day Tiffany shook the baby and that night he shook him to keep him from crying.

Due to the autopsy report and the inconsistencies in his story they charged him with reckless murder but it was quickly upgraded to capital murder because it showed intent.

Of course Waldrop’s defense attorneys disagreed and said it shouldn’t be a capital murder case because he didn’t intend to kill Chance. He just shook/ slammed his head against an object to stop him from crying. ARE YOU SERIOUS….NO REALLY? Also they tried to say that this injury wasn’t made by little Jodey but instead happened by someone else.

Waldrop decided that he would be so smart and he would write Detective Greg Pinkard from the Franklin County Sheriff Department to inform him that he’d take a polygraph. To prove that yes he had shook Chance but only after Tiffany did. Wow what great parents huh?!? Who exactly was suppose to protect this child…the mother wouldn’t so the father figured he wouldn’t either. How messed up is that.

Fortunately, the jury didn’t buy the nonsense the defense was pulling therefore the good citizens of Franklin County agreed with the District Attorney. YES he intentionally killed Chance. GUILTY. During the sentencing phase Tiffany did show her face not to give a victim impact statement but instead to plead with the jury not to sentence Jodey to die.

“That will just be another casket on me.”

REALLY TIFFANY? That’s all she’s worried about?

Again the great folks of Franklin County heard not Tiffany’s crying and begging but instead heard the crying & begging for justice from Baby Chance. They sentenced Jodey Wayne Waldrop to death.

You would think this story is over but unfortunately it is not. You see Mr. John Odem, Waldrop’s defense attorney filed for an appeal and the Alabama Court Of Appeals overturned his conviction due to the fact that the jurors heard about a previous assault committed by Mr. Waldrop.

The appeals court said that, “His prior conviction was presumptively prejudicial and its impact was egregious.”

Waldrop’s attorney also asked that he not be held in Franklin County Jail awaiting his new trial because he was previously assaulted by other inmates there. They want him held somewhere else for his protection pretty much.

BOO-FREAKING-HOO Mr. Waldrop!! Who protected Chance? It sure wasn’t you now was it?!?

On a positive note on this case though, Tiffany lost her other two sons. They were both adopted by loving people that won’t abuse/neglect or mistreat them in any way.

The oldest of the boys thinking like a child does, so innocent and sweet, said he was going to put on his superman cape and go get Chance from Heaven. I don’t know about anyone else but that just broke my heart into a million tiny little pieces.

Let’s hope that his new trial ends up the same way with Jodey Wayne Waldrop on Alabama’s Death Row!!!

Waldrop pled guilty and was sentenced to life in prison.

Jodey Waldrop was stabbed to death on June 3, 2014 at St. Clair Correctional Facility. No word on who his killer is. Thanks to all the readers who sent this update. article
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33 Responses to Jodey Wayne Waldrop

  1. CreepyCrawly says:

    This asshat has to fry! He doesn’t deserve to breathe. And he can take his lawyers with him.

    • amanda says:

      St. Clair County Coroner Dennis Russell said Waldrop suffered multiple stab wounds and was pronounced dead at a Pell City hospital. By Staff Updated: Jun 03, 2014 6:43 PM CDT

  2. ಠ_ಠ says:

    I can understand where the mother was coming from when she said she didn’t want another casket to deal with, even if I don’t sympathize with her or think she is innocent in all this.

    If someone killed a loved one of mine (God forbid), I wouldn’t want them to get the death penalty because it would be another death. The situation would just get gristlier, and violence doesn’t absolve other violence.

    As much as it sucks, punishment shouldn’t be based on personal feelings and knee jerk reactions. It’s a “correctional system”, and when the correction part is impossible like in the case of incorrigible shit stains like Jodey, then prison should be for repentance and more importantly, *keeping this cretin away from society*.

    • Tami says:

      You DO realize that he would basically be put to sleep, right? Like when you go into surgery? He would NEVER know he was dying and wouldn’t FEEL it. Baby Chance? He HAD to have felt his little head being turned into a “jigsaw puzzle”. No, this POS NEEDS to be put down. And at least it would be a more humane death than what he gave the baby. Sorry but people like you irritate me.

    • Kaci says:

      Jodey is, well was, my cousins son. His mother just recently died of complications from lupus about 6 months ago & then he got stabbed by an inmate who already had life in prison.
      I’m not sure exactly what happened but from what he told us tiffany had left the baby there while he was messed up off of some type of drug or something. The story he told us was that he was asleep & when she got back home the baby was dead. Not sure how true that is and I’m in no way condoning his behavior but I agree there is more to the mothers story than she is telling. She isn’t completely innocent in this matter. I mean she left a baby there knowing he was high and incapable of caring for him. We always thought she had done it & pinned it on Jodey knowing he was too messed up to remember but who knows.
      Jodey has always been in trouble. He had his issues, his father died when he was very young which had a big effect on him. I would’ve never thought he’d do this. Like I said I feel like there is more to the story.

      • Angela says:

        Jodeys father is alive and well and has been for 56 years now. Jodey had a fine relationship with his father and spoke to him on a regular.
        Sure Jodey had a troubled past but that can be said for alot of us! Anyone who knew Jodey knew damn well that he would in no way harm a child. He didnt do this! This whole situation has been a tragedy from beginning to end!
        We loved Jodey and this is a terrible thing that has happened to him

    • labrisca says:

      my mom didn’t to shit this all a lie about the ears and every thing so fuck all of yal because of this I cant live with my mom. plus your not suppose to judge people so yeah

  3. bengalpuss29 says:

    Let him out on bail because he’s been attacked, good i hope they fucking murder this baby killing cunt. And whats all that bullshit about another casket on me. I wish it were you in the casket stupid twat Tiffany Waldrop you incompetent mother in fact your not a mother your a sorry excuse. If my baby were killed by his father, put it this Way he would be going in the ground just like him, i certainly wouldn’t be pleading murder for the piece of shit. I hope Jody Waldrop gets the death sentence, like he gave that little baby. And i hope that sorry excuse for a mother that her Ovaries wither and die and stop producing eggs so that you can never have another child to misstreat, neglect or kill. And your so called husband gets beaten to within inches of his life regularly.

  4. bengalpuss29 says:

    Bullshit, this fucker will never repent plus individuals like this fucker that get life with no parole don.t have nothing to lose, now i don.t know if you know the statistics, but offenders on life with no parole are 5 times more likely to kill another inmate or guard than anyone else. Now what would you say if one of your relatives or friends ended up doing a couple of months lets say for driving offences and one of these life no parole fucker’s killed your family member, im quite sure in fact certain you’d be the one wanting to know why this piece of shit was not on death row in the first place. Now you may think im a little harsh but believe me i know how it feels when these murdering cunts get their hand slapped, i wish the death penalty was brought back where im from, because i can guarantee you that the murder statistics would fall rapidly. When theres no deterent then theres going to be high murder statistics, its about time we stopped pissing about with these idiots and show them we mean business.

  5. against stupid people says:

    funny how murderers always cry they don’t want to die..isn’t it? this guy and the mutha “tiffany” need to be sterilized IMMEDIATELY

  6. Nicole says:

    Theres no way that Jodey did this. He is a wonderful person and would never purposefully harm anyone much less an innocent child!

    • 2cute says:

      Guess that’s why he pleaded guilty. Innocent people always do that so they can look forward to spending the rest of their lives in prison.

      • bengalpuss says:

        2cute, some people are so stupid, even though he plead guilty nicole still thinks he’s innocent, “in denial” springs to mind!!! some people are just brain dead.

    • Rhonda says:

      Well, In my opinion both the mother and the father should been thrown in prison and left to rot there for the rest of their natural lives just for being scumbag enough to get their first two children taken away from them. They should have never have been given any opportunity to be in the presence of any minor children or any other vulnerable persons ever again.

      Just for abusing their two older sons enough to cause them to be removed from the home in a fair, decent and moral society those lousy, worthless POS scumbags would have received the death penalty. If not then at least life in prison where hopefully people bigger, meaner and more criminal than them would waste no time raping them, beating their faces beyond all recognition and then finally, ultimately murdering them in cold blood.

      Much to the delight of tax payers who shouldn’t have to be forced to support these money sucking, resource consuming, waste of oxygen, useless drones just because said idiots are stupid, deranged and can’t figure out how to behave themselves, aren’t worthy of being trusted out in society around among young, helpless children and other vulnerable people the way normal, decent, sane human beings are.

      Whether he killed that last child or not in my mind really becomes immaterial when you considered by all reckoning he and the boys mother should have lost their freedom for life the very first time they abused and or neglected their very first son. I’m glad he’s rotting in prison and hopefully the children’s mother will wind up there soon, before she has time to breed any more children to abuse and/or neglect herself or torture in tandem with some new Jodey the clown Bozo boyfriend/hubby substitute idiot.

      • BENGALPUSS says:

        rhonda, couldn’t agree with you more, this pig and piglet should both be put to sleep, scumbags they are.

    • ragahemi says:

      bullshit i know the fucker to and he use to beat on friend of mine’s daughter when they were married. so don’t even dry and go there about that fucker

    • Hopeless Pedantic says:

      Everyone is capable of doing harm. Everyone!
      The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

      If you make overblown, impossible claims of the impossibility of wrongdoing in a confessed child abuser’s defense, it actually makes you look less credible. It does not make the person you’re defending look harmless. It makes you look like you have a huge blind spot, or are willing to lie to protect someone you know (abetting, accessory, accomplice… all crimes too).

      Maybe dumb bunnies like “Nicole” and “angela” explain why cons find women with poor judgment to marry them in prison or send photos of their abused children to POS manipulators.

  7. Nicole says:

    First off, the two boys aren’t his children and Tiffany already had problems with DHR before she ever became involved with Jodey.I wasn’t there just as none of you were but I do know Jodey and he just is not that type of guy, a picture can be painted any way you like and Tiffany was just as much at fault as he was. I have heard the details personally and while he was wrong and made some very bad choices if anyone should be jailed it should be the both of them. He did not commit the actual crime but did make bad choices but theres no reason for him to spend a large portion of his life in jail. Have a great day and God bless!

  8. Angel Vanderford says:

    Just to let everyone know, it was just reported that this sack of crap was stabbed multiple times today in prison and died as a result! Guess there was some kind of Justice for Baby Chance!

  9. Angel Vanderford says:

    Just so y’all know, justice was served! I live near where this happened and it’s being reported he was stabbed multiple times today and died as a result!

  10. Kim says:

    Waldrop was stabbed to death this morning (Tuesday, 6/3/2014) at St. Clair Correctional Facility.

  11. jay says:

    Nicole you are one dumb bitch!!! I knew Jody pretty well to and he was a blood sucking piece of shit! All he ever did was leach off of other people and stay messed up on drugs. He killed that baby!! All I can say is the world has been ridden of one more peice of shit!!! Have a good day dumbass!

  12. BENGALPUSS says:

    Thats one less baby killer on the planet, would like to extend my gratitude to the fella who did justice for chance, thanks guys :)

  13. ragahemi says:

    yahooo the baby killer is dead lmfao

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      I know, when i found out that the turd would be pushing up the daisies, i did a couple of happy laps around my sofa, and then i thought “sue that’s not right” but then thought “fuckit” he was a baby killer, and did a few more laps for good measure, now i just hope he burns in the pits of hell with satan roasting marshmellows on his toasting fork.

  14. angela says:

    I have known Jodey since he was 17 years old. This man didn’t kill his child. You people are not God and judgment should be his….Jodey was a wonderful man he loved kids….He made some bad decisions when he was younger but who hasn’t. He has grown alot as a person in these last years and there’s nothing right about him sitting in prison nine years for a crime he didnt commit and then getting senselessly killed while he was in his cell not bothering anyone. My family and I loved and supported Jodey and this has truly been a tragedy.

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      yes angela, we do all make mistakes, but killing a defenceless baby isn’t a mistake, its downright evil. baby chance hadn’t even had a taste of life, because this pig took it away from him. He is where he should be rotting, save your sympathy for someone who truly deserves it.

    • labrisca says:

      yes he did my step dad needs to rot in hell…

  15. goatgirl says:

    That update put a smile on my face. .

  16. LawyerChick says:

    I tried a baby death case once. 7 week old infant abused to death. His father had some stupid “a rival gang member was in my neighborhood and must have done it” defense. Ridiculous. The jury didn’t buy it, and they gave that guy a 55 year prison sentence. He was 18 when he killed his son. All baby death cases should have that kind of justice.

  17. BeenThere says:

    The son of a bitch and daughter of a whore are both a waste of good air and space. Fucknut is dead!!!
    Tramps kids adopted by good families and we did a happy dance.
    I’ll take up a fund to sterilize the cunt because no child is safe from her nasty ass…ROT IN HELL!!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    I happen to personally know the mother “Tiffany” I will not go as far as to say that she had anything to do with the killing of the child but I will go as far as to say she didn’t deserve any of those kids. Unfortunately the life of a innocent child was taken and never given the chance to live bc the mother was a whore caring more about whether or not Jodi gets the death penalty or not for abusing and murdering her child. No tears where shed for the lose of her own flash and blood but so much concern shown for whether Jodi would have his worthless life taken or not. And child services call themselves doing their job and what’s in the best interest of the child but she had previous kids that were taken from her then placed back in her care only to have another one die, she has since then had another child in which she doesn’t have custody of and abuses her oldest daughter. I fuckin hate the system and worthless whores who care more for a deadbeat worthless bottom feeding child murdering man then she does for her own innocent life she created only to have that child suffering the abuse of jodie loving hands. The piece of shit got what was coming to him but it still doesn’t help justify the lose of this child’s life. I pray she gets her day as well and should never be allowed to ever have anymore children. R.I.P CHANCE

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